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PURPOSE: SIGNS OF PROGRESS Historic Highway Marker 23 at the Intersection of North Franklin Street & Scattergood Drive in Christiansburg, VA THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 30

ROAR! “LIFE IS ONE BIG ROAD WITH LOTS OF SIGNS. S O WHEN YOU RIDING THROUGH THE RUTS, DON'T COMPLICATE YOUR MIND. FLEE FROM HATE, MISCHIEF AND JEALOUSY. D ON'T BURY YOUR THOUGHTS, PUT YOUR VISION TO REALITY. WAKE UP AND LIVE! BOB MARLEY 24 Historic signs are only created when it has been proven that something or someone has made a significant contribution to our history. According to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, “Virginia's historical marker program is the oldest such program in the nation, beginning in 1927 when a handful of markers were erected along U.S. 1 between Richmond and Mount Vernon.” 25 A search of their database in May of 2016 yielded seventeen results for highway markers in Montgomery County. Of these, there is only one for an African American institution and it is in Christiansburg, VA. According to the National Register of Historic Places, Montgomery County, VA, has about seventy designated historic spots maintained by the National Park Service. 26 Of them, only a handful have a direct connection to the African American experience. ROAR! TALKING ABOUT PROGRESS IS CHEAP, IF THERE IS NO VISIBLE EVIDENCE OF SUCH. LOOK FOR PROGRESS YOU CAN SEE, HEAR, AND FEEL WHEN IT COMES TO INVESTING TIME AND MONEY IN YOUR COMMUNITY. When it comes to our history, many of the people and places are no longer around to let us know about what happened during their time. Because of organizations such as the National Park Service and historical highway marker programs, it is easier to discover our shared history through featured key landmarks. Each record of progress started with a purpose, which is still a foundational component for accomplishing things of value today; however, when things are not getting done it is often a result of an absence of a clear purpose. Yet, with the right leadership in charge, things that are seemingly impossible can become possible. ROAR! “PROGRESS IS THE ATTRACTION THAT MOVES HUMANITY” MARCUS GARVEY 27 THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 31

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