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July 2016

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thomAs J. henderson, m.s., ccc-A Kathryn J. henderson, hearing instrument specialist, CaohC Certified technician Dedicated to providing quality hearing care we aCCept and We are proud to be an authorized dealer file insuranCe - of Siemens Hearing Aids & products. Call for details 330 Camden Cswy All of our elizabeth City instruments now come (252) 331-2437 with A 4-yeAr wArrAnty. A locally owned and operated business with over 30 years experience. Grandma Swain’s Creamed Chipped Beef (S.O.S for the ex-military folks) Grandma Swain had lots or mouths to feed so she made do with what was on hand. Creamed chip beef is easy, filling and cheap to make. Popular during the Depression, some say this recipe dates back to the civil war. Now available at: Circle II Restaurant - Elizabeth City Tony’s Pizza - Elizabeth City Downtown Cafe and Soda Shop - Edenton Carol’s - Robersonville coming soon: other locations from Windsor to Durham. $10 per copy Ingredients: 3 c Dried Beef (cut up into strips) 7 1/2 c Milk 1/3 c Butter or Bacon grease 1 c Flour 1/2 tsp Pepper (or to taste) All you need is some butter, flour, milk, and dried beef. Nowadays, dried beef comes in jars, look for Hormel or Armour. Dried beef is salty so make sure that you dont add salt until after cooking. Melt butter (or Bacon grease) before adding flour to form a roux over medium heat. Whisk in milk slowly and stir on medium-high until it thickens. Wait until it boils before stirring in beef and add pepper. Serve on slices of toast (shingle). 22 Albemarle Tradewinds July 2016

Cobia Fishing by Jake Worthington When you are reading this article, the month of July has arrived. If you are Cobia Fishing off the Outer Banks or the Chesapeake Bay, you can thank a grassroots movement of some dedicated Cobia anglers and Charter Boat Captains from North Carolina and Virginia. During the early winter, I know many of us were respooling our Cobia rods and stocking up on Cobia jigs for the upcoming 2016 Cobia Season. This season could also be nicknamed the “2016 Cobia Season That Almost Wasn’t”. Early in 2016, the SAMFC surprised many fisherman with an ACL(Annual Catch Limit) which said they had determined that anglers had overharvested Cobia, and this would trigger the closure of Cobia season in Federal Waters on June 20, 2016. This came as a complete surprise to many anglers and charter captains. They realized that the number of catches of Cobia from their season in 2015 and the data the Council were providing were not even close to what the season really was. In NC, the NC Division of Marine Fisheries is tasked with regulatory authority to set seasons for fishing within the three mile limit of the shores, track catch data, set creel limits, and enforce the rules and regulations set by the Division. NCDMF has been under fire for the way they conduct their public and private business over the last couple of years. Their Director stepped down in the beginning of 2016. In Virginia, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission—similar to NC-- has the responsibilities of regulation and enforcement of the state water from within three miles of its shoreline. Both NC and VA had high stakes in this season-ending Cobia Closure. The economic impact of the many people who make their living targeting Cobia, as well as the individual fisherman who pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to land Cobia each year, was at stake. VA had the most to lose in the closure because their season really doesn’t start until a couple of days before the June 20, 2016 closure. Both states had a choice; they chose to ignore the Federal Government and set their own season and limits on the fishery. This act is known as” Being Noncompliant” or” Out of Compliance” and is their right, but it may come in the form of less federal money to their states as a result of not following the federal guidelines. Many anglers and charter captains mobilized from both states to form a grassroots movement to keep the season open. Their argument was that the harvest numbers were not correct and because of this, their data was flawed and that triggered the closure. One man who enjoys Cobia fishing is Jonathan French, and he would become the leader of the fight to stop the closure. I will report next month on what occurred to keep the season open in next month’s column. You already know the plan was successful because the season was saved and hopefully you are enjoying it. Next Evolution Wrestling by: Tracy Anderson June 18th, Elizabeth City, National Guard Armory, cheers and boos rang out all night. It was a night full of action and drama. Did you miss it? Well no fear! Saturday August 20, the armory will once again come alive with pro wrestling action. Come out and watch Beau Crockett defend his evolution championship. He has now carried the championship for a year and many are gunning to take it from him. The Pain Train Preston Quinn threw out a challenge to the locker room., willing to face anyone in order to prove he is the baddest in town. Kevin Cross decided to accept his challenge last month, sadly the night didn’t end well for Cross. Who will be next to step up to the challenge? Come out August 20th to see! Mention the Tradewinds and get $2 off at the door. Be sure to check us out on Facebook. Elizabeth City National Guard Armory Ron Ben-Dov Photo Albemarle Tradewinds July 2016 23