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May 2016

Looking for a way to

Looking for a way to introduce new people to archery and bowhunting? Why not try bowfishing! It is a great way to especially interest kids who are not quite old enough to hunt but may be bored with accompanying someone else into the field just observing. Bowfishing is fast paced action, typically done in warm weather, and you can make all the noise you want because the fish don’t mind. If you want to fish in lakes, rivers, or ponds the fish you would be seeking are carp, gar, suckers, and eels. Anytime of year is good fpr bowfishing but it is best during the spawn. This is when most of the fish are in the shallows and are on the move. If your bowfishing desires lean towards bigger gamefish then Alligator gar, sharks, or stingrays is where you should be concentrating. This type of bowfishing is rarely done without the use of a boat, although some guys have been succeeful stalking the shores. Saltwater or brackish water is where you will find these species of gamefish. Tip: in order to be successful you must adjust your shots in water because of light refraction. The fish will appear higher in the water than you realize so shoot below the fish!!! What I tell people is to aim for the bottom of the fish, and then drop down 10”. This is not entirely accurate since the closer your angle is to 90 degrees, the closer you would aim at the actual fish - still it seems to help most people just starting out. The NCBA is hosting :Annual Bowfishing Tournament Conducted by volunteer NCBA members Date: May 15-16, 2014 Where:Jordan Lake See the NCBA website for details. You can also check us out on facebook. The NCBA is there for you, the bowhunters of North Carolina. If you aren’t a member please consider becoming one. Try bowfishing I guarantee you will love it!! Respectfully submitted, Talmage L. Dunn, District 1 NCBA Wildlife Representative 30 Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016

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