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Integral Coaching Model V6


Why Integral Leadership? A Brief History of Leadership – Cont. In the last two decades, more focus has been given on the bidirectional relationship between the leader and the environment. This included focus on how the internal worldview of leaders (Upper- Left quadrant) relate to the world around them (Lower-Left quadrant), and on how the leader personality (Upper-Left) and behavior (Upper- Right) can influence the culture (Lower-Left) and social environment (Lower-Right). More than ever, the leaders’ role is considered key to creating a highperformance culture through role modeling, decision-making and communication. Rackel Valadares - All Rights Reserved - 2014

Integral Leadership Coaching Model The Integral Leadership Coaching Model presented herein aims to support leaders in developing their capacity for systemic, integrative, holistic thinking, and positive influence to their environment. The integral perspective helps the leader to understand the dynamics behind change, diagnose complex organizational situations and decide what leadership strategy is needed, as well as to decide if and when he needs to promote changes in the culture and social environment. Rackel Valadares - All Rights Reserved - 2014

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