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Looking for What You

Looking for What You Already Have? “I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called—his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance. I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him.” Ephesians 1:18-19, NIV Have you ever had the experience of trying to find something, desperately searching, only to find out that the desired object was close at hand all along? Perhaps you were looking for glasses that were on top of your head, a pencil that you had left behind your ear, or something that you were carrying in your pocket without realising it. Many times, in these cases, we won’t find the object which we thought was lost, until someone else (hopefully) graciously points out to us where to look. Could it be that sometimes, on a spiritual level, we’re also desperately looking for things that in fact we’ve already been given? When we receive God’s pardon, we become His children, and the Bible tell us that, in Jesus, we’ve become heirs of all of God’s promises (Ephesians 1:3). For example, you might be frantically searching for approval, either by calling out to God, or by looking to people. You might even get really desperate in this search, until God shows you that, the moment you accepted Christ, He says, “You’re My beloved child”. One of the biggest keys in our search for our genuine needs (such as unconditional love, acceptance, affirmation, and security) is that we need God to open our eyes, so we can see what we’ve already been given when we came to believe in Jesus. This truth was powerfully brought home to me by way of a practical object lesson a few years ago. I was foraging for mushrooms and spent most of the day searching far and wide. I wasn’t successful, and had grown rather frustrated, until I returned home that is. There on the bank, right in front of my door, was an incredible crop of the best mushrooms I could have wished for. I realised that many times we look far afield for things that are, in fact, close by. But we need our eyes opened. We need God’s illumination. Today’s prayer is practical and based on Paul’s prayer in Ephesians. I believe that, if we pray in faith, God will most certainly answer. Prayer: Father, please open my eyes so I may see more of the blessings You’ve given me in Jesus. Please help me understand more of what I already have in Him. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Lieve oom Vluppie Ek sit nou skelem op my ma se pie-sie en skruif fur jou wantlat sy hette storie virrie koerand gaan doen. Sy willie hê ek moet op haar pie-sie skruif as die koerand nog nie af is nie, want sy is bang lat ek die goetirs ytfee mar ek moet fur jou skruif want ek moet die briev nog gan pos vandag. My ma het my sakgelt weggefat vir die week wantlat ek was so klyn biekie stout en ek het my sissie se skooltas fur haar fursier met prenkies toe is my sissie glat nie eers blui nie, sy sê ek verwoes haar iemietsj met my kinndertyn prenkies whatevir that my mien. My sissie hette baje groot iemietsj my ma mag haar nie foor die skool aflaai nie wantlat sy sê ons kar lyk sose agtien abram model en die kinnirs sal hille breek as hille sien waarin sui ry. Ek weet nie hoe kinners breek nie maar dis baje baje ernstig wantlat my ma laai haar omtrent ‘n blok fannie skool af so bang is my maa lat die kinners breek. My pa sê my sissie is banger fir haar iemietsj as fur slange. My sissie sê aslat mens in die hoorskool is moet mens ‘n iemietsj hê anners sal jy nie oorleev nie - sjym lyk fur my die hoorskoolkinners is in groot gevaar byrie skool, ek worrie eintlik daaroor maar my pa sê ek hoefie te worrie nie wantlat dis net allis ansit en prietent en hille moet lievers worrie oflat hille deerkom. My outste sissie is biekie ly fir leer - sy sê sy kannie furstaan hoekom mens giskiedenis moet leer nie wantlat sy worrie nie oor wat jare trig gebeer het nie en dit sal haar nie help aslat sy moet gan werk nie. My ma sê soelank die kinners net kan skruif en spel en kan wiskinde doen is alles reg want sonnir dit is daar nie hoop nie. My pa sê geleerthyt is ampir so belangrik soos kerk toe gan en hy issie lis vir kinners wat nie kan dink fur hilleself nie - hy sê my sissies dink net an booivriends en mykap en dieheete en dis sommer flak. Hy sê hy issie fan plan om fur groot uitgefreete kinners te sorg oor hille ly is nie. My ma sê dar is baje min werk innie lant en die kinners moet intriprineers word whatever that my mien. Ek ganne koerandmens wort wanneer ek grood is wantlat dit luik baje lekkir om allie stoories te skruif mar my ma sê die stres is genoeg om enige mens sewe waspoppies te laat kraam - sjym, ek wonnir of my ma al waspoppies gekraam het van stres? Ek moet nou gan wantlat my ma het nou net hier ingekom en haar gesig is alweer opgepof van kwaatgyt. Lievte, Netie Today’s Writer : Peter Brokaar (Co-Director of Ellel Ministries Scotland) Tennis 4 Jesus! Hoërskool Nico Malan se tennis-spanne het die langpad gevat om aan die “Tennis 4 Jesus” dubbelstoernooi in Bredasdorp te gaan deelneem. Nico Malan het teen Hoërskole Framesby, Bellville, Bredasdorp, Strand en Langenhoven gespeel en is 8ste in die toernooi geplaas. Op die foto: Ruben Pretorius, Alex de Jager, Dylan Gusch, Heinrich Radloff, Michael Muller, Elanke Lordan, Esti Steenkamp, Jané Uys, Janke Steenkamp, Hanneke Lordan

JBay Recycling Project On the 19th of Feb, Jbay Recycling Project had a great day where Driftwood Cafe provided lekker sandwiches and Food Lovers Market supplied apples and pears. Well done to the many, many volunteers and donors - you helped 220 kids to trade in nearly 2 tons of recyclables; and there was even time to read! The JBay Boat Company Beach Clean up The Jeffreys Bay weather was showing off again, in all of its splendour when 20 volunteers from around the area took to the beach on Sunday 25 February 2018 to assist with keeping one of JBay’s finest beaches in pristine condition. Beach clean ups are becoming more common place around the globe, not only as an awareness tool on how important it is to preserve them, but also the vital importance of the impact of what lands on our beaches and oceans has on our precious marine life. A shocking statement recently released from Greenpeace said the following “Destructive fishing, climate change, man-made pollutants and waste such as plastics and oil are threatening our global marine life to a detrimental state. As humans, we take far more out of the oceans than what we put in, and if we continue in this manner, our oceans will soon be akin to nothing more than a wasteland!” One local JBay based company, The JBay Boat Company; has decided to take matters into their own hands and encourage members of the public to give of their time, once a month and get involved in one of their beach clean ups. “We are passionate about our beaches and marine life, and we believe it to be the duty of each and every one of us, as custodians of this planet, do all do our bit. If all of us just do something small, in our immediate environment, before long it all starts to add up, and we will start to see a different world around us. One that we can be proud to leave to our children, and our children’s children.” said Michael Petrelis, from the JBay Boat Company. Residents of the beautiful seaside town of JBay are encouraged to support such initiatives, as it can only be to the benefit of all living here, when so much of the town’s economy is centered around the beaches and the oceans. Yesterday saw a group of concerned residents selflessly giving two hours of their time, to collect approximately 30 garbage bags full of plastics, cigarette butts, fishing gut and a number of other waste, on the stretch of beach between the Walskipper restaurant and Dolphin Beach. “The garbage bags were kindly donated by the Kouga Municipality and we feel that two hours of your time, once a month is a small contribution to make to your community. We will be doing this every month, and would like to invite all citizens to get involved.” said Petrelis. The next beach clean up will be held in March and interested parties are asked to keep an eye on the JBay Boat Company’s Facebook page, at the same name.

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