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Clapham Manor Primary School Prospectus

Home/School Agreement Our aim at Clapham Manor is to create a secure, happy atmosphere in which all children, whatever their race, gender or class, are able to develop to their maximum potential. To achieve this aim, teachers, parents and children need to work in partnership. We encourage and expect the children to show/develop the following behaviour and qualities: · To co-operate · To take responsibility for their own actions · To develop self-control · To be polite and well-mannered · To be honest · To follow our school and class rules · To respect the feelings of others · To learn to sort out difficulties without using physical or emotional violence · To respect other children’s and the school’s property · To listen when asked and wait their turn · To work hard, not waste time and allow other children to do the same. · To do their best in all aspects of school life. We consider all of these qualities to be extremely important and we aim to teach and encourage your child to develop at all times. Your child’s class teacher may send a letter or a certificate home informing you that your child has worked hard in any of the ways listed above. We do not tolerate physical violence, abusive language, racism, sexism or bullying in school. Our aim is to give the children skills they can use to sort out conflict without resorting to violence, and encourage them to come to an adult with their problems. We expect parents to support us in this role, and not encourage children to take matters into their own hands. If your child is involved in unacceptable behaviour, you will be informed by letter and asked to speak to your child, or to come in and talk about it with us. This helps us to get a full picture of the problem, and lets the children see that we all care about their behaviour. Sanctions sometimes take the form of staying in at playtime under supervision, or keeping a child after school (normally up to 30 minutes for children in years 1, 2, 3 & 4 or up to 1 hour for children in years 5 & 6). If your child is detained after school, you will be notified by letter the day before. Section 5 of the Education Act 1997 gives schools legal backing to detain pupils after the school session on disciplinary grounds. Of course most children at Clapham Manor manage their own behaviour well. A separate parents’ leaflet which explains our behaviour policy in more detail is available from the Headteacher, Deputy Head or School Administration Officer. 9 Clapham Manor Primary School

School Development Plan and Governors The School Development Plan The proposed development of the school is set out in the School Development Plan, produced by the staff and approved by Governors. This is accompanied by action plans to show how and when these aims are to be achieved. These plans are reviewed each year. Parents/Carers are consulted through their representation on the Governing Body. Governors The role of the Governing body is absolutely fundamental to the effectiveness of our school so we can deliver the best possible education for every young person in our care. Clapham Manor’s Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability. Governance is about overseeing the success of the school. It is about agreeing priorities and monitoring progress towards them. It is not about running or managing the school - that is the job of the teachers and leaders. Governance is about providing constructive support and challenge to the leaders and teachers to enable them to do their job to the best of their ability. Strong governance is becoming essential as schools become more autonomous. The Government and Ofsted have high expectations of governing bodies to: Set the vision and ethos Establish strategic direction Promote high standards of educational achievement Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives Appoint a Headteacher and Senior Teachers and hold them to account for the performance of pupils and staff Oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure money is well spent. All our Governors are highly committed to the school and come from all walks of life in our community. Governors are appointed for a period of four years and fill different positions. We have: Two elected parent governors One teacher governor One Headteacher 10 co-opted governors (people from the community) One Local Authority governor You can find pictures of each Governor on our “Who’s Who” board in the foyer. All Governors are available to be contacted through the school office. A letter is best outlining your views of the school or if you have a matter for consideration. The school website has a Governor page where documents relating to the work of the governing body can be found. Clapham Manor Primary School 10

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