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Clapham Manor Primary School Prospectus

Computing and DT At

Computing and DT At Clapham Manor we are committed to developing learners who are fluent users of technology. This is underpinned by the acquisition of computing skills, an awareness of the opportunities presented by technology and the confidence to work resourcefully with this knowledge. We believe it is essential to prepare children to not only thrive in but also contribute to life in the 21 st century. The Computing curriculum is delivered through timetabled lessons and technology enhanced learning opportunities embedded in different subjects. Pupils develop skills within the strands of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Teachers deliver units of work using mobile hardware that enable all pupils to have access to their own personal device. In the Early Years, classrooms are resourced with technology that facilitates learning through play with a range of toys and devices that promote achievement in all areas of learning. As well as a central hub of equipment shared across the school, each classroom is equipped with tablets which allow pupils to access technology during any lesson. Teachers skilfully plan in opportunities where technology can be used to deepen learning in all curriculum areas. Pupils too, are actively encouraged to independently utilise resources in order to maximise the progress they are making. Subject leaders ensure that software that supports curriculum outcomes is available on devices, and is reviewed frequently. Empowering learners through technology enables young people to shape their futures and respond innovatively to the challenges of their generation. This philosophy is the heart of our provision at Clapham Manor. 15 Clapham Manor Primary School

Natural Thinkers We believe in giving children as many opportunities as possible to engage with and learn from nature and the outdoor environment. The learning is cross curricular and children develop their knowledge and skills not only in specific National Curriculum areas but also growing in confidence, team working skills and communication. We worked incredibly hard to fulfil the ‘Ten Commitments’ in order to become a ‘Natural Thinkers School’ awarded this in June 2015. 1. Children have access to a range of natural areas and materials outside. 2. Children have opportunities to grow, pick and taste produce. 3. Children have access to gardening or digging area available at all times. 4. Children care for their natural environment. 5. Children engage with weather and seasons. 6. Children have opportunities to engage with wildlife. 7. Children have daily access to the outside. 8. Settings ensure that no child is excluded from outdoor activities. 9. Settings ensure parents have opportunities to get involved with natural thinkers activities. 10. At least 1 staff member must have attended the natural thinkers training or Forest School Training BTEC level 1 or 3. Clapham Manor Primary School 16

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