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Learning and Social life

Learning and Social life in university. The notion of ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ is a debated concept as university consists of diverse people who engage and learn for specific interests. Interestingly, this educated space allows indirect “I also learning through debate of such notions. Research has shown that students hard w who actually put in the work succeed regardless of their talent, IQ and EQ. Therefore as a second year now having been through the experience of a first year, I sense that all have fu these words such as talent, IQ, and EQ do not determine university success fully, although they have been proven to have an effect, but the willingness to put in the work matters the most.

‘Work hard’ is described and defined differently by students, for instance, some define it as working productively which suggests that a student is sure of the work, hence understands the work after labour (often they do not consider the labour hours). However, others measure hard work in terms of the labour hours initiated and then decide “I deserve a break”. This is inconsiderate of the study method which influences whether the learning is effective or not. “Play Hard” on the other hand, is defined as fun, whether it is movies, social media, games etc. This could be worrying for parents who may stalk their children on social media as they would prefer to see their children studying instead of having fun. What I have realised is that ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ is more influenced by choice and peers. It is very risky to decide to watch a movie the day before a test, and tell yourself that you have done the work, without revising. Additionally, to consider a friend who claims that “you can study later” and tempts you to work go out on days close to a test is also risky especially if you have not put in the work. hen I University allows us to grow a thick skin, to say no and yes, to listen to instinct and to make the right choices on our own. It is therefore n” good to question, and investigate and take thorough thought into these clichés particularly if you get the opportunity to be given university entrance, which simple translates to independent responsibility. Masiziba Hadebe

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