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Hola MaHigh-School - February 2018 - email ready

Advertorial Respublica:

Advertorial Respublica: A new start Avoid the budget blues If you’ve moved away from home for your studies, chances are that this is the first time you’ll be completely responsible for your own budget. Now’s the time to make sure you’re fully aware of all your costs, so that unexpected surprises like laundry costs or Wi-Fi in res don’t break the bank. Better yet, choose a residence that offers all-inclusive packages that cover all the essentials (including uncapped WiFi, on-site gym, laundry service and weekly housekeeping) in the monthly cost, and you’ll avoid having to choose between food and clean clothes at the end of the month. Healthy body = healthy mind The mythical first year fifteen is more of reality than many expect as many stu- dents find themselves stopping all physical activ- ity once they get to varsi- ty to attend classes, study and embrace newfound social lives. Remember to keep up with your exercise regime, even it’s an ear- ly-morning run around campus a few times a week. Alternately, choose a res that has an in-house gym with no extra membership fees, and you can make sure that you get a full-body workout, when it suits you. All Respublica residences include free uncapped WiFi, a computer lab and study rooms, a gym, a games room, a chill room, laundry facilities and a swimming pool, making sure that there is space to do anything you choose - whether it’s socialising, studying, or keeping fit and healthy.

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