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Malta Business Review ICT DELIVERING PROJECTS ON TIME AND WITHIN BUDGET By Charlie Williams Business software projects are often complex and require a high degree of commitment from both the customer and supplier – commitment to effort and commitment to change. This is an area of Information Technology that is full of failed projects and of projects which fall short of meeting customer objectives. In fact, a recent CIO survey placed the level of customer satisfaction with ERP and CRM projects at the very lowest levels of all IT projects. At Computime Software we understand these challenges and implement strict best practices to circumvent potential project pitfalls. In doing so, we enjoy a consistently high customer satisfaction rating. In fact, 96% of our clients say that Computime exceeds their expectations, while 99% would recommend Computime to their peers. Proven track record Computime have a positive track record of 35+ years in successful business software implementations. Our philosophy is to be completely transparent with our clients from day one to completion – ensuring they understand the amount of time, effort, and cost required to implement a successful software project. Clear and consistent communication The client engagement process that we adopt starts with our first meeting and builds one layer at a time. The main objective is always delivering the maximum benefit at the minimum risk and cost to the client. Cutting edge technologies We utilise cutting edge technologies from leading suppliers, along with our own IP, to optimise the use of the various technologies available nowadays. At the same time, we provide our clients with choices, as we understand they each have unique technical requirements. First-class project management We firmly believe that most software projects should deliver value in stages. Expecting a project to meet all objectives in one single ‘big bang’ is often a recipe for failure and it puts a massive burden on both the client and the implementation team. As a result, we recommend to initially focus on delivering a few small, but measurable objectives. Together with the client, we ensure these are met, and then move on to subsequent phases, always at the client’s pace. The main objective is always delivering the maximum benefit at the minimum risk and cost to the client. Experienced consultants and developers We employ an experienced and multidisciplined team of business and technology consultants. Our technology specialists ensure that the solution is built using technology that is fit for purpose, performs well, and integrates into the client’s environment. Our usability experts certify that the software is easy-to-use by non-technical users. Our industry consultants interface with the client’s business users to ensure that their objectives are met. Our project managers oversee the entire implementation process and work together with our account managers to keep the project on time and within budget. MBR All rights reserved - Copyright 2018 For more information visit email call +356 2149 0700. Business Software & Integration Solutions 20

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