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PCI Media Brochure 2018


OUR INNOVATI PHASE ONE PHASE TWO Coalition Building & Formative Research We identify and recruit a diverse group of coalition members. Familiar with audience culture, language and needs, they drive formative research in the local context. Training & Program Design We host in-country workshops with coalition partners to analyze formative research, provide Entertainment- Education training and initiate campaign development. We value monitoring and evaluation, a process we call le audience’s needs as they evolve and change throughout th

VE APPROACH PHASE THREE PHASE FOUR Mentoring & Production We mentor coalition partners. We help them develop and produce scripts and media materials using available radio, television and digital platforms. Broadcast & Community Mobilization With our partners, we broadcast and implement all components of the program, including interactive radio and TV call-in shows and community action campaigns. arning. As communicators, we focus on understanding the e program, and adapting our interventions accordingly.