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CBJ's Lure 3.2018

Pots that Pop Area

Pots that Pop Area Experts Talk Container Trends BY CINDY HADISH Corridor garden centers are seeing an increased interest in container gardening, both for practical purposes and aesthetics. Lucy Hershberger, owner and founding partner of Forever Green in Coralville, said part of that interest comes in growing fresh produce in pots – such as tomatoes and cucumbers – while another trend involves changing containers with the season. "As people get busier and have less time to spend gardening, they seem to be focusing on getting more for the time they spend, so having containers around the patio or front door makes sense," she said. Containers have come a long way from the orange/brown terra cotta pots of the past. Here are some of the popular choices from Corridor garden centers and nurseries: Forever Green 125 FOREVERGREEN ROAD, CORALVILLE PHOTOS LUCY HERSHBERGER Lucy Hershberger, owner: "While the flowers may be the stars, the containers set the style. Glazed pots used to be the only nice-looking option and are still the most popular. But we are seeing a lot more people who want a modern look using the higher end plastic and cement-based composites, which are lightweight and frost-resistant. They can get more sizes, shapes and textures on those materials than you see on clay or glazed, so they suit different styles." 20 LURE SPRING 2018

Earl May Nursery & Garden Center 5155 NORTHLAND AVE. NE, CEDAR RAPIDS (AND OTHER LOCATIONS) Traci Olson, store manager: "(Manufacturers) are coming up with new things all the time. Some look like concrete, but they're plastic and are easier to move around because they don't have the weight." She points to the Crescent line of pottery, which can be special ordered in different colors; Tru Pottery, offered in different patterns and textures and Japi, which she describes as "pretty stylish. People really like it." PHOTO CINDY HADISH From inspiration to sensation, we create custom kitchens, baths, and more! Custom Cabinets & Millwork Inc. 295 12th Street Marion 319-366-8331 LURE SPRING 2018 21