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| WHY CHOOSE SUNRIDER? THE WHY OF OUR WHY PAGE Are you using and sharing the new Why Choose Sunrider? web page daily to grow your business? If not, why not? Thousands of Sunriders already are! L O V E the products that transform the way you look, feel, and live. Switch from the products you normally use to the products you love. SHARE the products and the business opportunity. Use the tools like the Why Page and share them with prospects. Share your story and have your team members share their stories. LEAD others to success. Mentor and guide your team to help them grow their business and advance in rank. Teach others how to Love, Share, Lead...and watch your business grow! WHAT IS IT? The “Why Page” is a content-rich web page that makes it easy to share Sunrider. It’s only one page, but it provides a comprehensive and compelling overview of Sunrider, plus insights into what makes the company better than the rest. WHY CAN’T I JUST TALK ABOUT SUNRIDER? To use an analogy, it’s the difference between you telling someone about a great movie and someone actually going to watch the movie. Seeing it for yourself is always more immersive, impressive, and impactful. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? Sunrider is all about engagement: This means talking to people— your family, friends, acquaintances, and people you run into when you’re out and about. In fact, eighty percent of your time doing Sunrider should be spent inviting new people to look at Sunrider and following up with them. The Why Page is the perfect tool for this. WHAT’S ON IT? It features curated content that informs, excites, and engages prospects. Four videos cover key areas of the company. There’s also a downloadable brochure that explains Sunrider’s compensation plan and a downloadable Fast Start Program Guide that details a step-bystep path to success. • Why Choose Sunrider? (video) • Meet Dr. Tei-Fu Chen (video) • The Sunrider Product Difference (video) • 2017 Sunrider Grand Convention Highlights (video) • Infinity Compensation Plan Brochure (PDF) • Infinity Compensation Plan Fast Track Guide (PDF) We speak your language. And here’s more great news. The Why Page is available in multiple languages! 10 | SUNWRITER SPRING 2018

WHY CHOOSE SUNRIDER? | HOW DO I SHARE IT? Why Choose Sunrider?: Discover how Sunrider empowers you to define your own future and reach goals you never thought possible. There is no quicker or easier way to introduce prospects to Sunrider. Just copy the link onto an email or text message and hit send. Conversational examples: Meet Dr. Tei-Fu Chen: Sunrider’s founder talks about his lifelong mission of helping others improve their health and longevity by creating the world’s best herbal foods. Sharing: When you’re talking to someone you know, you can say something like: “Hey ____, I really respect your opinion. I’m involved with something that I think you’d really be interested in. Can you watch a five-minute video?” Make sure they commit to watching it: “Will you watch it? Great, when will you watch it?” And then follow up accordingly. “Great, I’ll call you at ___ to see what you think.” The Sunrider Product Difference: Discover how 5,000 years of Chinese herbal study synergize with cutting-edge technology to create products that promote balance and optimal health. Follow-up “What did you like about the video? I’d love to share more info with you. So, when can we get together?” 2017 Sunrider Grand Convention Highlights: The next best thing to attending Grand Convention is watching this highlight video that captures the power, passion, and the people that drive this transformative event. The Why Page will eventually be available for all IBO countries. If your country doesn’t currently have it, please visit user/SunriderIntl and click Playlist to find the The Why Page Playlist. WWW.SUNRIDER.COM | 11

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