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| ATTENDING EVENTS FOR SUCCESS ATTENDING EVENTS I S CRUCIAL FOR SUCCESS Amazing things can happen when positive people come together who share the same goals and dreams. If you’re serious about success, attending Sunrider events should be a top priority. Self-motivation and learning about the business from training materials is good, but it’s not enough. Going to events can benefit your business in powerful ways. Meet people, gain knowledge We are a product of our environment—who and what we surround ourselves with plays a big part in our success. When you attend a Sunrider event, you’ll be able to network, learn from accomplished Sunriders, and experience things you never would at home. Build confidence, establish belief Attending events allows you to see that you’re part of something much bigger than yourself. Attending Sunrider’s Grand Convention gives you a deep understanding of our culture and vision; this in turn makes you more committed and confident to share Sunrider with others. Plan to hold events with your leaders Teach others how to hold their own events. Build and promote your events so everyone grows together. Energize yourself and your business You’ll have the chance to interact with other people who are excited about making incredible things happen. Where else but at a Sunrider event can you share ideas and inspiration with so many like-minded, goal-driven people? Reinforce relationships Events are a great time to bond with people on your team and create a team culture, aspects that can’t be replicated with video/conference calls. Events are also the perfect time to recognize others for their achievements, which instills motivation to grow further. Lead by example Remember your team is going to move at the speed of its leader—YOU. As the leader, you need to set the example. So the next time you’re thinking about making an excuse to not attend an event, remember that your team will probably follow your lead. Sunrider is a business of the heart It’s not just about receiving information—it’s about making an emotional connection and inspiring change and action. It’s about fellowship and shared dreams. Events are where all this and more happens. 22 | SUNWRITER SPRING 2018

ATTENDING EVENTS FOR SUCCESS | GRAND CONVENTION— THE MUST-ATTEND EVENT OF THE YEAR Learn from the best Only the best of the best speak at Sunrider Grand Convention. You’ll be able to learn from the top leaders and earners in Sunrider from around the world. You’ll gain insights about their keys to success. And you’ll realize you too CAN succeed. Remember your “why” Sometimes you just need to get away from your routine and remind yourself of your dreams. Convention helps reignite your passion and remind you why you joined Sunrider in the first place. Stay current and connected There are always some BIG reveals at convention. It’s where new products and marketing tools are launched and new trends and technologies are explained. Tour our Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant See the immense size and complexity of this onemillion-square-foot facility, which houses research labs, pharmaceutical-grade equipment, and everything else needed to create the world’s best herbal products. Invite everyone on your team Go to convention to learn from and be inspired by other IBOs. Another person’s story can be exactly what they need to hear. EVENTS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES: • Small parties and meetings at home with a few people • Weekly events and larger monthly events • Events at community centers and in hotel meeting rooms • Corporate incentive cruises, regional meetings, grand convention WWW.SUNRIDER.COM | 23

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