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| INFINITY COMPENSATION PLAN FAQ INFINITY COMPENSATION PLAN FAQ 1. WHAT IS THE INFINITY COMPENSATION PLAN? It’s a best-in-class compensation plan that empowers you to start earning right from the moment you join. No special skills are required. We offer 9 different bonuses, so your profits grow as you grow your business. And here’s something truly special: you can earn infinitely deep within your organization and in multiple ways on the same volume! These are exciting features, but let’s start at the beginning. 2. HOW DOES ONE WORK THIS PLAN? You progress in this plan through the following four phases: • Getting Started The new Sunrider compensation plan streamlines a clear path to success. It’s designed to get you off to a fast start and to progress steadily. • Growing Your Team Share your passion and knowledge with your team to build a robust, sustainable business. • Developing Your Leaders By inspiring and guiding rising stars to success, you reap the rewards when you help others succeed. That’s extraordinary. • Maximizing Your Potential Reach the top levels to take full advantage of the plan’s incentive-rich structure and incredible earning potential. 3. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PLAN BONUSES? HOW ARE THEY TIED TO EACH OF THE PHASES? Our plan pays out 9 different bonuses, which are tied to the 4 phases as shown below: • Getting Started: 1. Retail Sales Bonus 2. Fast Start Bonus, 3. Unilevel Bonus, and 4. Star Elite Advancement Bonus • Growing Your Team: All of the above plus 5. Ace Royal Advancement Bonus and 6. Development Bonus • Developing Your Leaders: All of the above plus 7. Turbo Infinity Bonus and 8. Check Match • Maximizing Your Potential: All of the above plus 9. Icon Bonus 4. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PAID-AS TITLES IN THE PLAN? Independent Business Owner (IBO), Star Star Prime Star Elite Ace Ace Prime Ace Elite Ace Royal Hero Hero Elite Hero Royal Icon Icon Elite Icon Royal 5. HOW DOES A NEW IBO MAKE MONEY? OR HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS PLAN TO A NEW IBO? A new IBO should just focus on the following 4 bonuses, which rewards selling and starting a team: 1. the Retail Sales Bonus, 2. the Fast Start Bonus, 3. the Unilevel Bonus, and 4. the Star Elite Advancement Bonus These bonuses are straightforward and easy to explain. Just teach how to sell products to customers and how to start building a team to earn these bonuses. The “Getting Started” guide in the Starter Pack and Sunrider University will help you train others in the principles of selling and sponsoring. 18 | SUNWRITER SPRING 2018

INFINITY COMPENSATION PLAN FAQ | 6. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PV AND DV? Personal Volume (PV) is the qualifying volume of you and your customers (retail and preferred). Downline Volume (DV) is the qualifying volume of you, your customers, and all of the IBOs in your organization and their customers. 7. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BUILDER LEG AND THE MAX VOLUME RULE? WHY DO YOU HAVE THEM? A Builder Leg is a leg with one Active IBO (200 PV) and at least 1,000 DV in a given month. Max Volume Rule applies to DV only. Only up to 50% of the total required monthly DV may be counted from any one leg or from the IBO’s own PV for qualification purposes only. These are introduced to help IBOs create more stability in their organization and to discourage inventory loading. Having 4–6 strong legs is much more stable and sustainable than having just 1 strong leg. 8. WHY IS THERE A TIME LIMIT ON THE FAST START BONUS AND STAR ELITE ADVANCEMENT BONUS? A new IBO’s first three months is the most important time period for their retention and success. These bonuses incentivize the IBO and their sponsor to help them start selling and sponsoring right away. It also gives them immediate, reachable goals for success and makes the business worth their time. 9. WHY SHOULD YOU WORK TOWARD DEVELOPING LEADERS? Sunrider’s leaders are heroes to their downline, and we reward them for inspiring and mentoring others. As a Hero or above, you not only deepen your Unilevel Bonuses to 5 levels, but start qualifying for our amazing Turbo Infinity Bonus, which allows you to earn from Level 6 down infinitely deep within your organization, and Check Match, where you can earn on your Ace Royals and above. These bonuses are so powerful because you can earn in multiple ways on the same volume. 10. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS NEW PLAN? There are 4 steps to successfully “work the plan”: 1. Be an example of selling and sponsoring, 2. Find your rising stars (the IBOs who are actively selling and sponsoring), 3. Help your rising stars advance in rank, and 4. Overbuild so you have multiple legs and depth for a strong foundation. WHAT OUR IBOs ARE SAYING ABOUT THE NEW PLAN "Sunrider has made it really simple for us to share the new plan with everyone. I simply use the PowerPoint slides and videos they have prepared to spark interest. There are many ways to earn and that get people very excited.” – Bobbi H. Icon, USA “The new plan truly rewards your efforts! We worked harder during the past three months and our income increased in great proportion.” – Esti and Joseph K. Newly qualified Ace Royal, Israel “The plan has bonuses and promotions that help the new IBOs grow faster. And when your downline grows you grow, and everybody wins.” – Lokshina L. Ace Royal, Russia “I love the new plan because the new ranks are achievable. I qualified to Hero Elite in November 2017, and my goal is to reach Icon this year. Sunrider is the best!” – Saihlupii Hero Elite, India. “Thanks to the new plan I feel ambitious and empowered to grow my own business like never before. I’m holding business meetings every week, and people are signing up. We’ve always had great products, but now we also have the best-in-its-class compensation plan.” – Lee Yin-Chiang Ace Royal, Taiwan. “The new plan supports growth at every level. Whether I’m talking to new people or helping a new IBO reach the next level, I feel excited, because seeing others succeed is very rewarding.” – Leenanondat J. Hero Elite, Thailand. “It’s wonderful to help and see people getting to the next level. The results we’re having are keeping me focused and building momentum within my organization. I’m looking forward to an amazing 2018, and I’m working on reaching a new rank next year.” – Linn D. Hero, Australia. WWW.SUNRIDER.COM | 19

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