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| THE SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE UNWANTED WEIGHT, PREPARE TO DISAPPEAR THE SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE IS ON Hundreds around the world are accepting the challenge, and the results are nothing short of amazing. The Slim Down Challenge is one of Sunrider’s MAPs (Marketing Approach Plans). These highly effective tools are helping IBOs and ABOs grow their businesses like never before. Filled with fun and camaraderie, and backed by Sunrider’s best plant based products for weight management, the Slim Down Challenge is becoming an inspirational way to demonstrate that good nutrition and group support make anything possible. WHY THE CHALLENGE WORKS The Slim Down Challenge is based on 4 pillars for success: Socialization, Results, Recognition, and Follow-Up. People meet every week to share their stories, their ups and downs, and their determination to win. They talk about our products, give and receive support from one another, and hold each other accountable. “The fun part was receiving feedback from group members and the supportive setting,” says Limor H. from Israel, who completed her first Slim Down Challenge right after Grand Convention 2017. “Being part of a group really helped me stay on track. Plus, it has been a great promotional tool for my Sunrider business.” When the challenge ended, Limor showed to some of her friends her “before and now” photos, and the award she received. They all got super excited. “I made 2 new customers along the way and have 4 people ready to join me on my next Slim Down Challenge,” she adds. HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS • People willing to enter the Slim Down Challenge pay a small participation fee of $40 to create a money pot • They commit to lose 4% of body weight during a period of 4 weeks • The participants who accomplish their weight loss goal will split the pot that comes from the $40 participation fee, minus 10% ($4) that will be used toward recognition and rewards • IBOs and ABOs will host a weekly meeting to share nutritional and fitness tips, and to encourage the use of 4 Sunrider ® products: SunTrim ® Shake, SunFit ® Protein Plus, Fortune Delight ® , and VitaTaste ® • Participants are encouraged to post their recipes and results on Social Media using thehashtags: #IacceptTheChallenge #Sunrider, #SlimDownChallenge, #LoveShareLead • IBOs and ABOs running the challenge will create followup groups using instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. “After taking the Slim Down Challenge training at 16 | SUNWRITER SPRING 2018

THE SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE | SIMPLY PUT: 40 dollars. 4 percent. 4 weeks. 4 products! Grand Convention 2017, I decided to launch one with my group,” explains Violet F. from Canada, who successfully completed her first challenge. “We met each week. We shared information and encouraged each other, and the support we received from one another kept us focused. It was a time well spent, and we’re ready to do it again.” 3. Create a group on Facebook, WhatsApp, or a similar platform to inspire and encourage each other 4. Invite your downline, friends, and customers to join you 5. Get the social media ads, flyers, and invitations available at under the MAPs section, or at Sunrider University 6. During and after the challenge, share your actual results. This can lead into a launch of another challenge 7. Post pictures of your shakes and products 8. Make the challenge fun from the beginning to the end 9. Keep inviting people PEOPLE GET RESULTS “I started feeling and looking better from week one.” - Joan S. “I find it very difficult to lose weight on my own, but the group setting was perfect.” - Patti L. WHAT DO YOU NEED? To run a fun and successful Slim Down Challenge you’ll need: 1. Great attitude 2. Digital scale and digital camera (or smartphone) 3. Pens, receipt pads, folders, and forms 4. Hot and cold water to prepare Sunrider ® products 5. The 4 essential products for the Slim Down Challenge: Fortune Delight ® , SunTrim ® Shake, SunFit ® Protein Plus, and VitaTaste ® (or the SunFit ® Pack). You can also have snacks like SunBar ® and NuPuffs ® 6. Cups, spoons, napkins 7. Tape measures 8. Giveaways like Shaker Bottles, Sunrider ® Gift cards and products (optional) 9. Copies of the Sunrider ® Product Catalog 10. Slim Down Challenge invitations, flyers, and social media ads, as well as Certificate of Achievement and/ or Certificate of Participation available at your Business Center ( HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR CHALLENGE FOR BIG SUCCESS 1. Participate in the challenge yourself so you have a success story to share 2. Promote your challenge on social media YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS What: Slim Down Challenge When: Your days. Your schedule Where: 4 corners of the world—and a place to hold weekly meetings How: 40 dollars. 4 percent. 4 weeks. 4 products. Why: Because with Sunrider anything is possible! Go to your Business Center at Business.Sunrider. com to download tools and learn more about the Slim Down Challenge and other Sunrider MAPs. WWW.SUNRIDER.COM | 17

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