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Industry News COST OF COWBOYS New research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) claims the UK economy is missing out on £10bn each year because homeowners are so fearful of hiring a cowboy, they simply don’t commission building work. Key findings from the FMB’s research into consumer confidence in the UK’s builders include: • Anxiety over cowboy builders is causing the UK to miss out on £10bn of activity each year. • One third (32%) of homeowners are put off doing major home improvement works requiring a builder because they fear hiring a dodgy builder. • If all homeowners had full confidence in the building industry, they would typically spend on average £40,000 on major home improvement projects over the next five years. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, explained: “A third of homeowners are so anxious about the possibility of choosing a builder, they don’t commission any building work whatsoever. This means that the UK economy could be missing out on £10bn of activity every year. Indeed, the FMB’s latest survey shows that on average, your typical homeowner would spend £40,000 on major home improvement projects over the next five years if they could be guaranteed a positive experience. We need to end the cowboy builders’ reign of terror so we can give all homeowners the confidence they need to invest their cash in building work. The Government should consider introducing some form of mandatory licensing system for domestic builders so that consumers know that all building firms have a base level of skill, competence and professionalism.” FIRST ROOFING TUTOR DAY DELIVERED The team at the BMI National Training Centre (NTC) have announced that an already successful year in 2017 continued right into Christmas week with the launch of the first Roofing Tutor day. This day brought together tutors from a number of the colleges Redland supports with training materials across the country, alongside industry representatives from CITB and the NFRC, to discuss best educational practice and standards for their learners. Mat Woodyatt and Alastair Blant of the BMI NTC hosted a dozen representatives from key colleges Redland supports, alongside Simon Dixon of the NFRC who gave an update on the NFRC’s role in the pitched roofing sector both during 2017, as well as its plans for this year. Simon stressed that some of the most interesting news going forward is the Government’s plans to develop a new Technical – or T Level – to encourage school leavers to enter the construction industry. The team at BMI NTC explained that the launch of the Roofing Tutor Day marks yet further support Following the collapse of Carillion, Findley Roofing & Building says it has made it its mission to help as many of Carillion’s North East-based apprentices as possible. The roofing company explained that hundreads of 16-18-year olds have been unable to finish their apprenticeships following the collapse of Carillion and have been left without answers. A spokesperson for Findley explained: “We want to offer a helping hand to those affected by providing them with a place on The Findley Academy, our apprenticeship training scheme. “We currently have a partnership with TyneMet College and South Tyneside College, enabling us to offer the very best training to our apprentices. Redland’s Roofing Tutor Day with Mat Woodyatt (front left), Alastair Blant (front right) and Simon Dixon (top right) for the roofing industry from the BMI Group, following on from the Redland Apprentice of the Year Award (APOTY) – which has grown to include Icopal’s product offering for a Flat Roofing APOTY – and the Group’s on-going student support network helping “invigorate and bolster education and training” in the pitched and flat roofing sectors.” The decision has been taken to meet every six months, with the next meeting due to take place at the Apprentice of the Year competition which will be held at the NTC in June 2018. Look out for further updates on the Redland’s APOTY competitions in future issues of Total Contractor. A day in the life of a Roofing Tutor: p.32 APPRENTICE CALL AFTER CARILLION CRASH “We have recently relocated to new headquarters in Hartlepool, and here we have designed a brand new training centre to ensure our apprentices receive the very best Findley Roofing can offer. We believe our academy offers the perfect route into a career in roofing and building.” The spokesperson concluded: “Any Carillion apprentices who have been prevented from completing their training will not need to start their training again. With Findley you can develop the skills you have already learnt. If you are someone who can thrive in a dynamic environment, we want to hear from you.” Contact Findley Roofing and Building on 0191 417 3422 or to send a CV to: 10 TC MARCH 2018

Handrails:- EasyGuard free-standing Guardrails *CurveyGuard – an aesthetically pleasing curved rail. *EasyGuard – raked or straight legs dependant on application. *FoldGuard – folding handrail. Trip hazard reduction – long thin base-plates with Counterweights used on un-secured ends only. Placed at 2m centres maximum to enable use for leading edge protection. Galvanised or powder coated finish. Protective mats 5mm bonded to the base plates. Standards – Exceeds Class A EN13374- Class A; For leading edge protection HSE/SR 15, September 1988. Nationwide delivery or contract installation. – Free material quantifying service – Ladders:- Easy Fit Compliant to both BS/EN 5395 and 14122 – To comply with the standards for permanent ladders all mild steel then hot dipped galvanised to BS/EN 1461. All typical ladders bespoke – email for a survey check sheet. Easy Fit, all ladder components are Easy to assembly; in manageable parts Easy to handle and install. Rest Platforms and ladders with special fixing requirements; solutions provided by Safetyworks in house. (All components for British Standard compliant ladders require steel components with timber and aluminium recommended for temporary use only) HANDRAILS - LIFELINES - WALKWAYS - FALL GUARDS - FLEXIDECK - DEMARKATION - LADDERS - STEELWORK - Tel: 01487 841400

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