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EWI: Q&A “GOOD IDEAS CAN FALL FOUL OF POOR EXECUTION” Chris Kendall, Field Engineer for Baumit, answers Total Contractor’s questions on his role, the market in general, training and funding for the energy efficiency sector TC: Could you tell us a bit about Baumit and its offering for contractors and installers… CK: Baumit offers a wide range of innovative, tested products from external wall insulation systems to façade renders, paints and healthy living indoor plasters. Our brand was created in 1988, following collaboration between two Austrian building materials companies. Since then we’ve become one of Europe’s leading brands with a presence in more than 30 countries. Images: Baumit has recently opened an EWI training facility in Kent. Email: for more information TC: You’re a Field Engineer at Baumit, can you describe what this role involves... CK: Dealing with customers and helping them overcome on-site installation issues and offering support where necessary. TC: What was your path into construction and your current position? CK: I was introduced to construction through my father’s business. I went to Germany in 1991 and worked there for nine years on external wall insulation and internal renders and plasters. When I returned to the UK, I branched-out into site management, then after a number of years moved into contract management. From there, I was offered a field engineer’s position at Baumit. TC: There still seems to be some outdated perceptions regarding a career in construction; how have you found your time in the construction sector? CK: Construction is a fantastic trade to be in. It’s given me a great career path and I’ve always been in work. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people at all levels, and no two working days are the same - there’s always something to learn. TC: Baumit has recently opened a new training facility in Kent – what prompted this decision? Was it because the market is buoyant, or is it to bridge the skills gap when installing EWI? CK: A bit of both, really. With the Government focused on improving the UK’s energy-deficient housing stock, the EWI market is undoubtedly buoyant. Yet, according to contractors, architects and the like in response to a recent industry-wide survey, a lack of insulation installation experience is seen as a major obstacle in bridging the current skills gap. TC: Who are you looking to attract to the new training facility? It’s open to those within the industry who are looking to gain further theoretical and practical experience in a range of EWI systems and practices. Our experts are fully-equipped to ensure clients come away better informed of the processes and systems involved. TC: What are the different courses on offer? CK: Three course levels are available – bronze, silver and gold – offering the following: Bronze is for those with minimal experience in EWI systems. It’s mainly theory-based and ideal for site managers, site supervisors and contract managers looking to extend their knowledge of external 70 TC MARCH 2018

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