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Las Vegas one more

Las Vegas one more chance! PART 2 - PART 2 24th January - 8th March 2018 What are the odds of you being offered a five-star trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World simply for working a little harder? In a standard job, not great! However, in Kleeneze, the odds can be in your favour! On 24 January, we launched Las Vegas Part 2. The final push that will see your business grow, your income grow and the reward at the end of it – Las Vegas! IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT! 14 ISSUE 1, 2018

Las Vegas one more chance! One Distributorship from each of these groups will qualify to join us in Vegas for a trip of a lifetime! BELOW GOLD GOLD & SENIOR EXECUTIVE SED PREMIER • The main criteria is based on OVERALL GROWTH, you must demonstrate the highest increase in Bulk Sales within your group compared to Period 1, 2018 • Initiate and Activate THREE new people with a minimum of 250BP • Personally retail a minimum of 500BP • Achieve a minimum of 18% PSG in Period 2 or 3 The criteria is open to everyone at every sales plan level and runs from 24th January to 8th March. Winners will be announced week commencing 12th March 2018 WILD CARD! After the group winners have been revealed, there will be one final place up for grabs! • Every distributorship achieving the LV 2 minimum entry criteria* will receive one entry ticket in the LV2 Prize Draw. • For every additional initiation achieving the minimum target of 250 BP you will receive an extra ticket in the draw, giving you even better odds for success! The winner will be drawn LIVE on Monday 12th March – watch this space for more details… Make sure you (and your passport) are ready to fly high in 2018! *Minimum entry requirement – Three initiations achieving 250 BP, 500 BP Personal Retail, 18% PSG in Period 2 or 3 ISSUE 1, 2018 15