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icat Stronger together Issue 1


SUZI BLAIR Silver Distributor I’m so grateful I’m not missing out on precious moments “I joined Kleeneze when I was 8 months pregnant with my son. I remember sitting at home one day thinking to myself that I really needed to sort my life out. I couldn’t bring a new life in to this world without sorting my own out first. I was up to my eyeballs in debt and doing nothing about it. I knew that we’d need some extra income coming in to the house with me being off work on maternity leave and I needed something that would work around having a new-born baby too. I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity and thought to myself, if it doesn’t work it’s only £25 and at least I know that I gave it a go. Boy, am I glad I did! So I joined on 29 October 2016. I got my first Welcome Reward just 2 days later and my second on the 12th November. I then got my final welcome reward and became a Kleeneze Star on 21 November - not even a month into the business. My first cheque was for £244.25 for 2 weeks work (now 8.5 months pregnant!). I took some time off after I had my son, but quickly came back to the business. I started getting into sponsoring at this stage and was quickly learning all about the highs and lows of that! But from all the personal development I was reading and listening to, I was learning, and I didn’t let the setbacks phase me. In August I made the decision to not return to my full-time job after maternity leave and now I’m able to raise my son at home without having to rely on family or spend a fortune on childcare! This has been the most rewarding and satisfying thing I’ve been able to do in my adult life. Every day my son does something new I’m so grateful that I don’t have to miss out on these precious moments! I absolutely love attending our team meetings with my amazing upline Stacey Thomas and all of Team Aspiration. I love putting together trainings and book reviews and sharing them with the team. I get such satisfaction from it. I’ve decided this year to read a minimum of one personal development book a month and then do a book review on it for the team, so that’s keeping me massively inspired. Stronger together! 26 ISSUE 1, 2018 So fast forward to January 2018 and the Birmingham Showcase. I’d been to the Dublin Showcase before, but nothing prepared me for the ‘Keep on, Keeping on’ mindset of Birmingham. The atmosphere, the speakers, the excitement - it was all mind blowing. The speakers that day really ignited a spark in me that hadn’t been there before. That and personal issues at the time really spurred me in to action. I began reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen and if no one takes anything else from his testimonial please let it be that you make an effort to read this book. I promise you if you read it and implement the principles of the book, your life will never be the same again. I’ve now got 5 fabulous team members in my own team and I’m massively looking forward to sharing their successes in 2018. I have a number of goals set in place for this year; to go 18% in 2018 (June FYI). To go Gold in August (see you on stage!) and to maintain that Gold level for the rest of the year. It’s such an exciting time to be in the business. I’m focusing mainly online and sponsoring at the moment and my Facebook marketplace sales have been incredible. I retailed 10% last period in marketplace sales alone! This month’s target is personal retail of 13%, so watch this space. See you on stage!”

“This has been the most rewarding and satisfying thing I’ve been able to do in my adult life. Every day he does something new I’m so grateful that I don’t have to miss out on these precious moments!” ISSUE 1, 2018 27