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Roof Windows ROOF WINDOW INSTALLATION: GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME If not selected and installed correctly, a roof window can be a potential point of leaks and affect the thermal performance of the building. Lee Griffiths, Technical Sales Manager GBI at Dakea, discusses the factors to consider when selecting a roof window, and provides a stepby-step guide on how to install a roof window and get it right first time. Establishing the customer’s exact requirements from the outset sounds obvious but most definitely avoids disappointment further down the line. Consider the size and number of roof windows A good starting point is establishing the size of the roof window and the number of windows required. Bigger windows, of course, admit more daylight, but it is also worth considering a number of smaller windows instead, as a better overall effect can sometimes be achieved. Other factors worth discussing with your client If thermal performance is a priority there are roof windows that keep houses warm in the winter and prevent heat build-up in the summer. Systems that feature double-pane window glazing units filled with krypton and covered in a double low emission coating will achieve this. 1 Reviewing how the room will be used can also throw up questions when it comes to noise protection. At Dakea we have introduced our Noise Block technology - a 6mm thick, toughened outer pane, flashing system and inner pane with two layers of noise-reducing film. This means external noise is reduced 50% more effectively than comparable windows on the market. Installing correctly first time There are also a few challenges to combat when installing a roof window and it depends on the particular situation. This step-by-step guide focuses on an outside-in sequence for the Ultima window. Firstly, remove the battens to the extent of the framed area. The aperture on the roof must be at least 6cm wider and 12.5cm (for tile roofing) higher than the outer size of the window. Cut out the roofing underlay and fix it with staples, cutting away the excess. Determine the correct height of the window “An un-insulated gap between the rafter and back of the window frame means water and air can pass through” installation (for tile roofing only) and fasten a batten to support the frame – level and position 8cm above the tiles. It is essential to repair the roofing membrane. An un-insulated gap between the rafter and back of the window frame means water and air can pass through. Exposed gaps can cause interior surface damage and colder room temperatures, compromising energy efficiency and a resulting rise in heating costs. Meeting various regulation requirements is also important. Filling the un-insulated gap between the rafters and the roof window will ensure it is compliant with Part L1B of the Building Regulations. Many installers choose to use rigid foam cut to fit from larger, premium priced sheets. While this leads to a secure and tight fit around the frame, it The impact to which the window will be exposed is also worth considering. With increasingly extreme UK weather conditions, options that offer storm resistance and glass protection against impact from both the exterior and the interior are advisable – some include a lifetime guarantee against hail damage for the pane. 2 36 TC MARCH 2018

Complete Building Envelope Solutions featuring Kingspan RW Pitched Roof System Superior build speed Options for PV integration Precision extruded daylighting LPCB-approved membranelined insulated gutters Height safety and fall arrest systems Specialist support from Kingspan Technical Services Bespoke flashings and fabrications for design flexibility Kingspan’s own complete range of structural steel products Kingspan Insulated Panels RW Roof system is a factory-engineered single component system for very fast installation. The system comprises a complete range of structural steel products, high performance panels, insulated gutters, superior polycarbonate daylighting, height-safety systems and a bespoke range of corners and flashings. As a manufacturer of the complete roof system including all components, we’re with you all the way with services to help save time and maximise project value and performance. The system can be protected by the Kingspan Warranty. Kingspan Insulated Panels Greenfield Business Park No.2, Holywell, Flintshire CH8 7GJ Tel: +44 (0) 1352 716100

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