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The Weekly Times - 7th March, 2018


24 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 7 March, 2018 ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING & TAXATION SERVICES 0414 658 956 hartered ountant eistered a ent rovided at reasonae rates AIR CONDITIONING MM BROWN PTY LTD 9874 5541 aes ervie nstaation. oesti oeria ndustria. eadin rands. i ACE AIR CONDITIONING 0411 967 333 aes epair nsta pit utin . i TOWN & COUNTRY AIR CONDITIONING UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT 9481 0667 aes ervie nstaation of a doesti oeria air onditionin euipent. i T & G AIR 0414 565 076 ervie nstaation . . eeends. i o AIR CONDITIONING 0447 760 652 ir onditonin epairs. ree uotes a aes odes a areas. a ann o. h. i. ALTERATIONS LINDA’S DRESSMAKING & ALTERATIONS est. . 9876 3985 peiaisin in dressain a repairs to adies ents othin. a ride t ppin. i ANTENNA STARLITE ANTENNAS 9802 7700 0414 897 236 e inst repairs etra outets diita uprades pens. dis. or teed. ov pp nst i. MCA DIGITAL ANTENNA SPECIALIST 0431 444 111 oa eh free uotes u ns ens is ov app rs arrant. ARCHITECTS PETER HALL ARCHITECTS P/L 9878 5850 a o rh. periened fir apae of handin a tpes of or oth residentia and oeria aterations or ne. NATHALIE CURTET ARCHITECT 0412 494 341 niue desin soutions arhitetura servies reatin spaes to enhane ife uait. e aterations residentia oeria proets. rh. e. oard ASBESTOS REMOVAL ASBESTOS AWAY on 0405 317 807 tpes of sestos reova arae hed eoition sestos i ps nspetions ree uotes u iensed nsured aeoo asestosaasdne i.ass ASBESTOSPLUS.COM.AU 1300 365 300 etaied residentia deoition speiaists shedseaveshoes. ruone ased. ree uotes. ef. i BALLUSTRADES WARD STEEL & ALUMINIUM 9645 6358 anufature insta stee auiniu stainess stee ass austrades. oo arden fenin auto ate. usto desin servies free uote hepfu servies. BATHROOM RENOVATIONS ALL TILE & BATHROOM RE-GROUTING ihae 0402 624 247 euvenate and resea eain od athroos. a ihae. i Handy BATHROOM RENOVATIONS SPINRYDE HOME RENOVATIONS 9879 4855 eautifu athroos. eiae tea. ffordae top uait or fu uaranteed. AJ Constructors Pty Ltd T/A Spinryde Home Renovations i BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM RENOVATIONS 9804 0576 0421 307 242 esin op. eno. erviin the oa area. rs ep. i APS BATHROOM & KITCHEN RENOVATIONS 0410 454 165 esin upp onstrut. ver ears periene. i . u nsured opetitive ries. ropt ervie. or ree uote a hiip ANDREW’S BATHROOM RENOVATIONS 0414 577 574 ver ears periene in athroo ithen renovations. uaified nsured oranship. roets avaiae on our esite. a for free easure and uote. i BEDDING BEDS ‘N’ SECONDS PAUL GILES 9879 4226 uait ustraian nner prin attresses ines fr oues fr ueens fr . ast oa deiver. ue rane of attresses eds anhester. our oa ed shop au es e eonds attresses. 1A / 28 Buffalo Road, Gladesville BLINDS SUNSET WINDOW FURNISHINGS 8765 1733 ree easure uote ood uait. oand inds vertia drapes venetian inds at fator pries. ashin repairin of venetian inds sae da servie. BURRA BLINDS AND SHUTTERS aeron 0401 805 534 antation hutters oer inds ertias and ore. ree uote. a aeron. BRICKLAYERS BRICKLAYER/BLOCKLAYER 9874 7911 0411 762 242 rs ep. rofessiona. a to ediu os insurane or onrete renderin. ree uotes. BRICK & BLOCK LAYING teve 0409 124 751 tensions ront fenes arden as et. us heritae or. a teve. i. QUALITY WORK GUARANTEED ar 0431 163 114 riain et as s esser os. or propt reiae servie a ar. i o LEE BRYCE CONSTRUCTIONS P/L 0424 359 426 peiaists in a tpes of ri o ain. o o too sa. i BUILDING CONTRACTORS TASSONE DESIGN & CONSTRUCT 0418 493 789 or a ne or etensions aterations renovations or refurishents. uait or. i SPINRYDE HOME RENOVATIONS 9879 4855 eroas es enovations dditions terations. ffordae top uait or fu uaranteed. AJ Constructors Pty Ltd T/A Spinryde Home Renovations i BUILDERS BP CONSTRUCTIONS 0411 420 011 rett 9684 6948 uidin or inudin renovations etensions des peroas arports athroos. i To advertise Phone Narelle: 9807 6666 Phone The Weekly Times 9807 6666 Guide BUILDERS WARATAH CONSTRUCTION 0417 100 049 terations additions des peroas etensions. i ALTERATIONS 0418 484 216 9674 7527 round st foor additions des peroas. ans dran fro onept to opetion.I. S. Giltinan Builder P/L. i CUCEK CONTRUCTIONS uiano u 0418 647 641 ith over ears ep. peiaisin in rann fats aterations additions des peroas. i CARPENTER/BUILDER LICENSED CARPENTER 9807 6595 eore 0414 250 173 es eroas oors enovations arpentr or epairs. a eore i MJD CARPENTRY atthe 0414 418 248 or a arpentr proin paintin and aintenane ors. BUILD OR RENOVATE 0411 703 057 uidin ors ousin oeria e uids rann ats ffie it outs enovations tensions epairs aintenane rades ALLEN’S ALTERATIONS oss 0418 411 101 pes of uidin arpentr or. ears periene. oa i o CARPENTRY & JOINERY JADE CARPENTRY & JOINERY aes 0428 581 542 or onstrution of repair of des pero- as doors ne uidin or a aes i CARPET LAYING BILL ROWE CARPETS 0404 803 496 e arpet aid restrethin repairs. rs eperiene. CELEBRANT SERVICES MICHAEL PARSONS CMC JP 0410 500 735 e presented artiuate enthusiasti responsie. on ter eer of arriae eerants ssoiation rofessiona pui speaer ith etensive radio eperiene. opan iretor. e estaished ith dnes orporate ord espeted usiian. ontat ihae CEMENT RENDERING J PRESTIGE RENDERING 0410 746 378 enderin repairs ueoard et uait servie teed no o too i or sa. CLEANING ALBERTO’S CLEANING & CARPET SHAMPOO 0418 489 627 9832 7254 oe ffie trata S & A CLEANING HUS & WIFE 0411 627 847 9630 8722 oner sefHome/professionalsprin reuar ovin indos. rs ep. CLEANING - HIGH PRESSURE RELIABLE & PROFESSIONAL 8677 4141 0404 397 198 ressure ean sea das paths verandahs as roof poo surrounds. p to off ond app NORTH RYDE HIGH PRESSURE CLEAN 9888 5406 0414 765 181 riveas s oo surrounds eaer. o o too sa SKY PRESSURE CLEANING 0418 605 025 ouse ashin ater astin driveas paths roofs et. CLEANING - HIGH PRESSURE AFFORDABLE PRESSURE CLEAN aues 0438 758 901 est ries for ouse ash riveasaths oofs utters etainin as ens.isount. areas rs p. COMPUTERS GLADESVILLE COMPUTERS 0401 339 402 ree servie a oe offie support .. speiaist or uaranteed COMPUTER REPAIRS TOP I.T. EPPING 9869 8611 TOP MOBILE NTH ROCKS 8872 5870 aptopaetorhones epair ied ate. DOES YOUR COMPUTER NEED HELP? re 0422 169 313 oe usiness aes ervie irus pare reova. etorin or a a re COMPUTER TUITION COMPUTING MADE EASY anette 0401 908 111 ne on ne uition easonae our ates iadsestopsaptopsart hones nternetpeeahotooos a anette. CONCRETING AAA ALL AREAS CONCRETE harie 0413 777 239 Concrete Driveways Sydney a tpes of onrete or riveas and athas et. a or are os eoe. ver ears periene. i. URBANCRETE CONCRETE CONTRACTORS 0414 764 349 riveas paths steps stenis staped pain oour onrete. onest reiae uait oranship. i TCP CONCRETE 0404 770 791 onrete orsain taped ten- ied ooured the esurfain of od and ne onrete surfaes. oesti oeria. ree uote. i RYDALMERE CONCRETE SERVICES 0419 423 032 9808 3067 aare os deorative onr. finishes. eav. rs ep. i G RIGHETTO & SON 0419 282 402 arden heds aths atios riveas et. i CONCRETE CUTTING MASTER CHASING SERVICES 0403 111 758 peiaisin in onrete uttin ore driin road sain and a sain. CURTAINS RUDIA CURTAINS & BLINDS 9887 1004 as tai peets oan inds. ertia venetian oand tier inds shutters. ree uote fai usiness. teration. DECKS & PERGOLAS SPECIALISING IN DECKS & PERGOLAS 0419 447 126 ates raiins retainin as. and advise. DENTIST PUTNEY DENTAL SURGERY 9809 7110 ver ears eperiene in utne enoned for enteness and are eptiona uait at affordae prie ropt appointents. das isit us on or aeoo putnedentasurer

DENTIST (CONTINUED) PUTNEY DENTAL CARE 9808 2588 ente arin faifriend dentists offerin uait are and speiaised treatents os- eti dentistr orthodontis denta ipants. ptodate ith the atest proedures ith odern state of the art faiities. pen das ith eeren appointents avaiae. DOLL REPAIRS 9808 6314 d and odern dos repaired eaned and dressed. oa fai tea. vonne and her phone DRAINER RYDE SEWERFIX 9809 4230 0412 200 939 earin and repaeent of seer and stor- ater pipes. ears oa eperiene. i. PURE PLUMBING erra 9188 1543 ipe nspetion rain eanin ipe einin oed eer oed rain s o a ut ee hen ou ention this DRIVING SCHOOLS RYDE CITY DRIVING SCHOOL 0419 991 658 BUY 5 lessons & receive the 6th one FREE earners verseas onversions ver s e efresher essons. a patient nstrutor. ass ate DRY CLEANING ASHBY’S DRY CLEANING 9870 8955 our oa speiaist. i up and deiver servie. radin hours ondarida ap aturda a p unda a p. pe parin at rear. hop ida hoppin entre orth d enistone ast DUST & MITE REMOVAL DUST AND MITE REMOVAL/CLEANING Darren 0411 559 218 ust and ite reova fro arpets eddin furniture et. onest reiae and affordae . h . ELECTRICIANS R A ELECTRICAL & ALARM SERVICES 9816 1471 0418 224 924 etria or. oe detetors sensor ihtin seurit interos eiin fans safet sithes poer and ihtin points. o o too sa free uotes. i MPV ELECTRICAL 9817 0333 oesti oeria or. eires afet ithes ata oeutoation ner ffiient ihtin ears in the rea. i GEOFF NASH ELECTRICAL SERVICES 9807 1957 0419 200 011 eetria instas. repairs. servie opetitive rates. i o EASTWOOD BRUCE KENNARD PTY LTD 9809 7001 0417 690 627 oesti oeria repairs. nstaation repairs house reirin seurit ihtin fans. ropt servie. ver rs eperiene. 22 Thorn St Ryde i EASTWOOD ELECTRICAL SERVICES erard 0408 447 882 eirin od houses soard or a insta. repairs. a erard i RAW ELECTRICAL 0404 454 643 onest reiae or a eetria teephone needs. a no. o sies. u insured i RYDE DISTRICT ELECTRICIAN ae 0488 800 871 o aut ee oa de istrit etriian a ai ned un usiness our eren ervie eniors isount atisfation uaranteed aptain oo etria. redit ards eoe i NO POWER NO LIGHTS ? 1300 88 10 39 etria or u uaranteed ast servie ith oess oer oints ihts ot ater ithoards eephones eiin ans oe ars ios etria i Handy ELECTRICIANS (CONTINUED) GRANT HEDLEY ELECTRICAL SERVICE rant 0403 868 457 / 9489 3543 oa etriian. o o to sa. ver rs eperiene. ensioner disount. or i CJM ELECTRICAL Jason 9807 2455 / 0411 749 838 etria or. oesti oeria. eires safet sithes ihtin and data. erviin the oa area sine . a ason. i TREND ELECTRICAL SERVICES 0422 636 180 residentia oeria instaation repairs. erviin a areas ree uotes. i. GET SPARKED ELECTRICAL & COMPUTERS re 0422 169 313 o aout a safet sith e instaations or renovations ata eetria oesti oeria industria ast reiae servie. erviin rea i DENISTONE ELECTRICAL SERVICES inadin 0451 899 622 ndreetriian 0417 909 407 eetria or prade sith oard eirin ein fan oe aar ata teephone. i EXCAVATIONS EXCAVATIONS, DEMOLITION DEMO POOLS, BACK FILLING 0418 250 404 9817 3911 tonne eavator ith haer. o e. oat ippers. FREE FILL DELIVERED. EXCAVATION AND RUBBISH REMOVAL 0405 554 855 enera rip outs sestos reova deo- ition tipper hire. ree uotes FLECK RUBBISH REMOVALS & MINI EXCAVATIONS en 0418 268 040 arro ess avation. avators fro ide up to ide. uper ippers ide. oats onne rus. reas. est ates. a en FENCING LOCAL FENCING 9807 2367 uait tier ond ates piets poo o as. ree uotes i PRIMO FENCING 0417 468 166 peiaist in treated pine hardood oranship uaranteed ANDREW SPIES FENCING 0410 534 692 peiaises in a tpes of fenin. View website @ FENCING INNOVATIONS 0419 447 126 tpes of fenin ri tier oor- ond poo. rs eperiene. JASON FENCING & GATE REPAIR/INSTALL 0400 842 488 ier and oourond enin and ates. ACTIVE FENCING atri 0400 598 403/9457 7893 oundar ain oourond enin. so ates piet fenes rouht iron. h atri ativefeninai.o KOALA FENCING artin 0412 010 212 orionta riva enes. oo fenes ates. ier oourond fene repairs. a artin FINANCE Cliveden Finance Group Andrew 0409 526 741 peiaists in a tpes of finane inudin esidentia propert oeria ndustria propert usiness oans ehie uipent oans rivate endin oans under Phone Phone The Weekly Times 9807 6666 Guide .FLOORS CRYSTAL FLOOR SANDING SERVICE 9804 1900 James 0419 491 648 d foors ade ie ne est prie ner operatin tain ie peiaist. Call James Lic 110835c FLORISTS BLOSSOM HOUSE FLORIST 9874 1577 uti ard innin orist oers ifts for asions eer nterfora hop astood entre hi i hao ai JOANNE’S FLOWERS GALORE AWARD WINNING FLORIST 9809 3082 ora rraneents ants ifts. ear ane ove d de FLYSCREEN FLYSCREEN & GLASS REPAIR 0412 503 020 eurit oor sreen indos. so ass repairs roen indos doors sash ords et. ardenin or an oin et. SABA SCREENS 0413 770 150 eurit fsreen doors fsreens seurit indo ries repair reesh. FURNITURE REPAIRS & CABINET MAKING TRADITIONAL FINE FURNITURE 0417 457 897 8765 8949 usto ade furniture and speiaist repairs restoration or. ears eperiene. GARAGE DOORS RYDE GARAGE DOORS 9809 1965 nstaation saes servie. eaer. a for free uote. SYDNEY WIDE GARAGE DOORS Andy 0423 156 789 nstaation repair a tpe arae doors arae otors sidin ates sin ates arae reotes sprin sae da servie free uotes. GARDENING ABLOOM ACE GARDENING 8819 4980 a or had 0410 774 647 estore overron ardens and ard earin riin eedin anoin urfin ree oppin tup eova andsape ants urne ash uish reova. euar aintenane Pens Discount. Fully Insured, 7 Days, Best hourly rate. Free quotes. Call a or had A & A ABSOLUTE BEST PRICE 9439 8550 a 0411 351 161 iin eedin and ard earin tree oppin triin prunin restore overron arden. ensioner disounts. in a NORTH RYDE GARDENING 0414 765 181 Alan 9888 5406 our reiae ardener. eed di tri ean tree trioppin stup rind o turf ruish reova aintenane hih pressure ea. a an DOWN TO EARTH GARDENING SERVICES i 0408 688 949 uaified hortiuturaist peiaisin in arden aintenane arden ae overs and orani veetae ardens. u insured. a i. JOE HANDY GARDENER 8021 9351 0416 005 291 arden aintenane eed di tree opp turf rreova sapin AL’S COMPLETE GARDEN CARE Al 0414 753 258 uaified hortiuturaist opete arden aintenane. an oin hedin fertiisin eed ontro hih pressure ater eanin oestrata a ONE TOUCH GARDEN CARE & MAINTENANCE hris 0423 518 909 or a our oa ardenin needs oin hedin prunin uhineed reova sprain uh ore. ree uote ease hone hris r eai onetouhardenareai.o u nsured. Wednesday 7 March, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 25 GARDENING (CONTINUED) JUST GARDENS 8866 0954 Mark 0411 548 503 Is your garden overgrown. Call Mark for your garden needs. ABLE GARDENING Andrew 0415 756 713 prie this onth ens. is. ardenin andsapin urfin ree tup reova arden restoration triin eedin u ns. a ndre GARDEN MAINTENANCE & HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING nthon 0412 912 761 enera arden upeep edin runin oin antin ut sa trees ressure eanin. u nsured and prefer reuar oa or. REVIVE GARDENS haron 0433 250 026 rani arden are ortiuturist. ardens esined td instaed. u ins. hone haron. AARONS ALWAYS CHEAPER GARDEN SERVICE 0406 251 150 ree oppin eedin prunin triin turf ain ard earin ruish reova aintenane hih pressure eanin. a ihae . M&M TREE LOPPING & GARDENING SERVICE da 0452 453 705 . GAS SYDNEY LOCAL GAS SPECIALIST 0414 837 679 Phil 9715 1804 eafindin fies repairs reneas ne onnetionsserviinoissionin of roo entra heaters fae oaofires oeria ithens ootops ovens stoves hotater heaters a aesodes innai hee ro onair verdure etrou estinhouse hef iee e osh uan u etaster reafae enesis aonets fitted onversions aron onoide testin. ae da ervie reiae professiona effiient. All work Guaranteed. 25 yrs exp. C/ Cards, Eftpos 24/7 Emergencies. i GLASS PALMERS GLASS 9808 1344 indos shoersreens irrors ass roofs austradin. nsurane or. GLADESVILLE GLASS SERVICE 9817 3416 9816 3055 ass repairs o. o. hoer sreens irrors ass reuireents ree easure and uote. itoria d adesvie. EXCELL GLASS SERVICE 9874 9555 our ain needs. irrors taes safet ass or repairs. itoria d est de. GET GLAZING 0420 996 778 ast ass repaeent. ree easure uote. a att GRANNY FLATS AT DESIGN BUILDING DEVELOPMENT nthon 0419 419 186 esin pprova onstrution ne top hop uaranteed no headahes eer of ousin ndustr f ustraia GUTTERING GUTTER-SNIPE GUTTER CLEANERS 9477 5943 e ean roof utters no ess oa uaranteed insured RYDE DISTRICT GUTTER & DOWNPIPE SPECIALISTS 0418 265 530 9808 6060 ■ eain utters ■ utters eaned onpipes drains unoed ■ e uad o utters ■ oorond utters repairs sa repairs a speiat ■ utter donpipe renea. ■ ue rane of ain ater ans. ■ Seniors Card Welcome, Visa & MasterCard ■ ar enouf uin i GUTTER, DOWNPIPE CLEANING SPECIALIST 0414 837 679 Phil 9715 1804 oa eient reiae neat tid insured on tie. utter esh uard instarepae eafindin utters donpipes vaes ashin insta repairs hirird ventin raintans roof siht eas. 25 yrs exp, eftpos, C/Cards Accepted i

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