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The Weekly Times - 7th March, 2018


6 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 7 March, 2018 hould the boriginal ag y at issing oint beah H boriginal ag should be own at the sot where olonial era indigenous leader ennelong is said to hae died, ity of yde lr oy aggio said on riday. No one knows how Bennelong died but there is a legend he was killed in a fiht on anuar and was buried a few hundred etres aa in the orchard of the brewer aes uire. n arh r eter ithe of auarie niversit used round reain searh euipment to locat the actual grave site in the garden of a private house in present da utne. here is a paue at the end of atson treet in utne aout fro where Bennelong’s grave is thought to be located at the corner with Hordern treet. ounior aio hopes to follow the English tradition of recognising the site here a historia fiure died and said an Aboriginal a oud e an appropriate eoria. “It would also recognise that we are on Aboriginal land and would further recognise the strong link beteen enneons peope and this site he said. ut there is a proe. understand aor eroe aae ants the support of the residents ho ive there he said. ersona ant see ho an oriina a an osure anones ater vie and dont ho an ustraian an e anthin ut proud of the oriina a. Bennelong was an Aborigine who befriended the first oonists ived for a hie as overnor hiips guest and visited England where he became the toast of soiet. enneons peope mourned his death with a traditiona paa atte on the Parramatta River at Kissing Point which was itnessed a passener on the schooner Henrietta ho reported it in a etter to the aedonian erur in otand. Pictured is Councillor Roy Maggio at Kissing Point. PUBLIC NOTICE ABLE'S BETTA GLADESVILLE CLOSING DOWN he magi of dane brings olour to ladesille ady ueen of eae atholi hool amily duator nna lessi oined the shools olourful dane team for this onthesot H last wee. he ear dane tea perfored a aia version of ‘This Is Me’ and created their own choreoraph. he rehearsed durin reess and unhties usi eaher eona ash said. “Their enthusiasm and their talent are outstandin. he shoos ai du- ator nna essi praised CLEARANCE SALE FINAL WEEK!! ALL STOCK MUST GO FIXTURE AND FITTINGS HOTLINE 9879 6433 the school’s commitment and as reent featured in he ee ies hen students collected gifts for the t inent de au o- iet hristas ppea. ur ad ueen of eae riar hoo pro- otes ounit invovement at all levels and our students are enthusiastic in arin and sharin. FINAL WEEK 1 Massey Street, Gladesville (Cnr Victoria Rd)

Wednesday 7 March, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 7 Council responds to alarming youth unemloyment gure H ity of yde will tae ation to ght loal youth unemployment, which has left more than one in ten school leavers out of work. The latest Census statistics reveal that 14.7 per cent of Ryde residents aged 15 to 24 years of age are unemployed and there are not enough local jobs to meet demand. The council’s action follows a plea from Ryde Young Citizen of the Year Rhett Prado to urgently work to reduce this alarming statistic . “Youth unemployment and underemployment is an alarming issue facing the community of Ryde,” he said. “With housing prices pushing up the cost of living, Ryde’s younger citizens are findin it harder to make ends meet.” The City of Ryde has an intern program to support young workers as well as a partnership project with the University of Technology for newly uaified enineers will now investigate opportunities to expand its current intern program. “Providing more opportunities for local graduates and apprentices to gain vital work experience will provide a great stepping stone for those struggling to find or r Laxale said. “Expanding the Council’s intern program is just one initiative and I will be working with Coun- iors and sta over the next year to try and identify ways in which we can address youth unemployment in the City of Ryde.” Bennelong MP John Alexander has been a strong advocate for creating job opportunities for young, unemployed locals but Mayor Laxale wants a reater eort. “More needs to be done at all levels of government to assist young people in findin epoent opportunities.” We want work! Michael Paine, Rhett Prado, Mayor Jerome Laxale, Rebecca Lahanas and Clr Dr Peter Kim have called on all sectors of government to work together to help reduce Ryde youth unemployment rate. TWT on-thespot PHOTO Do you have a nurse to assist you? Life's made easier at Hunters Hill Lodge with a prestige & vibrant community of serviced apartments where you can start each day knowing things are taken care of. The care team are fantastic - Resident Short stays are available if you would like to trial living at Hunters Hill Lodge, or just come and join us for a meal! Contact us on 02 9879 6355 for more information. • 02 9879 6355 PERSONAL CARE COMMUNITY QUALITY D INING HOUSEKEEPING RECREATI O N

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