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The Weekly Times - 7th March, 2018


4 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 7 March, 2018 Purple Day for Epilepsy Dear Sir, For Purple Day 2018, coming up on Monday March 26, Australians with epilepsy are encouraging friends, family members, colleagues and the wider community to become better informed about epilepsy to reduce the fear and misconceptions often associated with the condition. Around 250,000 Australians are diagnosed with epilepsy, and more than 65 million people worldwide, making it the world’s most common serious brain disorder. More people have epilepsy than have Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy combined, however epilepsy remains poorly understood – and often feared – by much of the community. That’s why we’re using the tagline “Know epilepsy. No fear” this year, to promote the idea that knowledge is power when it comes to understanding and assisting someone with epilepsy. Epilepsy Action Australia has developed an extensive suite of online resources designed to increase understanding and awareness of epilepsy in the community, inudin seiure first aid advice, with most material available free of charge on our website www.epilepsy. Ideas and suggestions for ways to get involved in Purple Day this year can also be found on the website. On behalf of all Australians living with epilepsy, thank you in advance to the people in your region for supporting Epilepsy Action Australia. Your support helps to ensure people living with the condition can lead optimal lives. CAROL IRELAND CEO, Epilepsy Action Australia Guest artists at Pop u p bar Dear Sir, For Purple Day 2018, coSome friends and I run a pop up cocktail bar in Hunters Hill out of Le Village. LETTERS to the Editor Each week we let a young person play music for a couple of hours, usually a singer/ guitarist but sometimes more eclectic genres such as Spanish guitar. Often we are the only venue in our region where these young musicians can build experience and develop their performances. A lot of our cocktails also focus on local distillers which is a bit of fun! We would love you to do a piece on us so more people can come and listen and aso find ore oa usicians. Hope to hear from you Kind Regards, Angus Ph:0424683186. ANGUS McCAFFREY Hunters Hill Give public say on immigration Dear Sir, A couple of weeks ago former PM Tony Abbott suggested that we scale down our immigration intake from the huge unsustainable present numbers we now take in. He was immediately hounded down by some politicians, lefties and do gooders. The voting public is not given the opportunity to voice their opinion on this topic. We are forced to accept whatever numbers of migrants the government of the day feels like allowing in every year and from whichever country they want to favour, for whatever reason. Last year when you add all the dierent ateories over 247,000 migrants were allowed in to our country. In order to be able to say to the world «look how successful a multicultural country we are, aren›t we good» our politicians are responsible for letting in basically any one and every one. Our infrustructure is shot to pieces and we are now madly trying to catch up. It is too late. Parts of Sydney resemble the third world. On a recent visit to Cabramatta the smell emanating from one premises would make sewers smell like perfume factories. Over 58 percent of asylum seekers/refugees allowed in over the last few years are on some sort of Centrelink enefit. LETTERS Welcome TWT welcomes letters from our readers. Full name, address and telephone number MUST be supplied, even if not for publication. Send to: TWT PO Box 123, Ryde 1680 or email: contactus@weekly Less than 30 percent of ne irants are profiient in the English language. Asians and Arabs are taking over whole suburbs. Traditional Australian suburbs like Epping and Ryde and dozens of others around Australia have been devastated by development stripping these suburbs of their character in my opinion. More units for more Asians,Indians etc. What are our politicians doing about it? NOTHING. One was obviously too us havin an aair ith one of his staers. Another had to resign after being exposed that a wealthy Chinese businessman paid his bills. Others over the years have rorted tax payer funded trips, whilst others have failed to declare pecuniary interests. What a sad shambolic lot in my opinion we have representing us. TONY IKONOMOU Hunters Hill Repairs needed on Wood Street Dear Sir, The City of Ryde recently ‘rewarded’ its residents with a signiant hie in their rates. In the lead-up to this, ouni sta ared ith a ratepayer-funded glossy brochures and PR campaign, argued for a “special rate variation” of four consecutive annual increases of seven (7) per cent starting from 2015/16. Council’s argument was essentially that to maintain the existing level and quality of council’s services, an increase was necessary. It would have been reasonable for my neighbours - and fellow rate-payers - in Wood Street, Eastwood and I to assue the finania hit oud at least ensure Council would continue the core tasks of maintaining/upgrading roads, footpaths and open spaces and managing waste. Sadly, we appear to have been let down - our street is in a shocking state with the bitumen riddled with holes and an inconsistent, uneven surface and desperately in need of an upgrade. The driving and cycling hazard presented by pits and ditches throughout the street is exacerbated during wet weather and - with more than 15 children living in the street’s 29 houses - the absence of a footpath potentially puts younger members of the community in harm’s way. Given the pressing need for a footpath and road upgrades/repairs, the overwhelming majority of my neighbours were frustrated and disappointed to hear of plans to build a walking track in the reserve adjacent to Terry’s Creek, behind homes on one side of the Wood Street. We believe Council needs to prioritise the much-needed upgrade and repair work to Wood Street before embarking on any mission to essentially duplicate the walking track that already exists on the northern side of Terry’s Creek. Accordingly, we urge Council to postpone consideration of the walking track, at least until it attends to the more fundamental, pressing need to bring Wood Street up to the standard residents expect. Wood Street has recently only been attended to for a few pothole repairs, but hasnt enefited fro an sinifiant repairs uprades or maintenance for several years. While I represent residents’ collective frustration in ain this issue more than happy to work with Council to discuss, review and facilitate feedback from my Wood Street neighbours. I hope to be able to secure Council’s commitment to necessary works that will allow the residents of Wood Street to commute safely and smoothly and reinforce safety provisions for younger members of our community. LIAM COOPER Eastwood Hunters Hill Guest Column Striving on the field to the best of my ability TO RECEIVE an Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year Award is an honour which I am very grateful for. The selection criteria for the Award focuses naturally on sporting success but also extends to making a positive contribution, previous recognition, community service and local sporting memberships. My biggest success so far has been with soccer, both indoor (FUTSAL) and outdoor. To date I have been selected in five ustraian teas (U/14, U/15, U/16 and U/21 twice) for FUTSAL (indoor soccer) and have toured the United Kingdom and Italy. Representing NSW at eight Australian FUTSAL Championships and winning the Australian Championship with the NSW U/21 Youth team in January 2017 has been a lot of fun and has provided the opportunity to play in tournaments throughout Australia and make a lot of friends. This year I’ve also been selected to play in the NSW Premier League 1 representative competition for North West Sydney Koalas which I’m very excited about. Each time I play in these rep teams, there is the opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new ones and then be coached and play at a very high standard. These international and state competitions are the times when I am stretched and have to be at my best. * * * IN ADDITION to soccer, I have been fortunate to achieve success in a variety of team and individual sports hih inude fied hockey, touch football, Oz Tag, cross country and athletics. My favourite moments are winning as part of a team. Being recognised for To The POINT with ALANNA FISHER these achievements only makes me more appreciative of these opportunities and motivates me to use my taents to fufi potentia through expert coaching and continued selection in representative teams. In addition to my sporting achievements I am actively involved in community service as a Netball Umpire for Eastwood Ryde Netball Association (ERNA), Assistant Coach for Hunters Hill All Saints Soccer and coach for Villa Maria Netball. When asked what motivates me, it is the belief that e a have dierent taents and it is our responsibility to make use of these talents and opportunities we are given. For me it’s about striving to the best of my ability, to make the most of every chance we have, not to let people that think they are better than you set you back and making the most of now! My training program is pretty demanding with a combination of morning and afternoon training during the week and games on the weekend. Most of the training is related to soccer skills, teamwork and game play combined with core strength and sprint work along with healthy eating and stretching. * * * AFTER RECEIVING the Australia Day award I have been contacted by other newspapers and have been nominated for other sporting awards. I am very happy and proud of this success and will continue striving to do my best. I am extremely thankful to everyone who’s helped me reach these achievements, including receiving the Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year Award. Special mention should go to my family, coaches, team mates, Marist Sisters College Woolwich, Hunters i ouni and speifia the finania support fro the Ryde Sports Foundation and Club Six and ongoing sponsorship from Allan Rickerby and the team at This is important to me because I love doing well, being recognised for the hard work and dedication I put into my sporting activities and I really appreciate everything that has been done in order for me to get to where I am. In regards to my goals, in the short term I’m training for cross country and working towards a successful 2018 with the Koalas soccer team by improving and building so that I can be the best version of myself on and o the fied. I would love to have a career in sport. I think that if I could, I would continue to play soccer, representing my state or country, knowing that hard work and hours of practice will allow me to compete at the highest level. ALANNA FISHER is the 2018 Hunters Hill Council Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year and a Grand Finalist in the 2017- 18 TWT Club Six/Ryde Sports Foundation Sports Star of the Year Award. Information Evening on Gladesville Shopping Village H U NT ER’ S H I L L C O U NC I L HU N TE R ’ S HI L L C O U N C I L E X P R E S S I O N S O F I N TE R E S T I N TE R N A L A U D I T C O MMI TTE E ME MBE R Council is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced persons from within the community, to fill the role of two independent members of a newly formed internal audit committee. One of these two members shall also be the committee Chairperson. The committee will meet at least four (4) times each year on a day and at a time agreed by the Committee. The roles and requirements for members are outlined in the information pack available on the Council web site or from the Customer Service Centre. Expressions of interest will be received until 4.00pm Friday 6 April 2018 If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the operations of the committee and/or the role of committee members, please contact the General Manager Barry Smith on 9879 9430 (email genmanager@, or the Group Manager Governance Debra McFadyen on 9879 9421 (email Barry Smith GENERAL MANAGER AN INFORMATION evening was held last Tuesday when around 90 people attended Hunters Hill Council to be briefed on the current Gladesville Shopping Village planning proposal. From this date, no devThe planning proposal is being publicly exhibited until March 20, 2018 and during this period the exhibition documentation including an explanation of the Planning Proposal, Traffic Impact Assessment and background information will be available at www. GPP or at the Council Administration Centre. As expressed at the meeting, residents are encouraged to forward their submissions on the proposal to Council before March 20. There are also three Development Applications for new development on Victoria Road and if you have not as yet forwarded, your submissions, Council encourages you to do so as soon as possible and will now accept late submissions. (1) 219-221 Victoria Road Gladesville (existing Commonwealth Bank). Demolition of existing two-storey commercial building, reinstatement of the Heritage facade and construction of a five storey shop top housing development with 2 levels of basement parking and associated landscaping. (2) 223-227 Victoria Road Gladesville (existing Gladesville Arcade). Demolition of all existing improvements/ structures, erection of six storey shop top housing consisting of 30 units, 10 retail spaces, 66 parking spaces. (3) 233-235 Victoria Road Gladesville (existing BWS shop). Demolition of existing buildings, construction of 24 six storey shop top residential units, 3 retail spaces, 1 office space and 44 parking spaces. * * * THE NSW Container Deposit Scheme, Return & Earn, commenced on December 1, 2017 and as of February 20, 2018, some 120 million containers have been returned through HUNTERS HILL HAPPENINGS with Mayor MARK BENNETT the scheme. The overarching goal of Return and Earn is to reduce litter in the environment with a 40 per cent litter volume reduction by 2020. Collection points are being rolled out across the state and currently our closest Reverse Vending Machines are at Woolworths on Badajoz Road Marsfield and at the Briars Sports Club Concord, adjacent to Massey Park Golf Club. Hunters Hill Council has been talking to TOMRA/Cleanaway about possible sites where it could locate an RVM but a lot of logistics go into selection of locations including noise levels, safety issues, accessibility and access to power. In addition to the RVM’s there are over the counter locations but some of these locations have pulled out due to logistical difficulties in managing the scheme requirements – the IGA Hunters Hill is no longer participating. Check the website at but always call over the counter locations first to check if they are operating. The scheme is not designed to change your kerbside recycling behavior - the overarching goal of Return and Earn is to reduce litter in the environment with a 40% litter volume reduction by 2020. The idea is to encourage people to take their eligible containers away with them when they visit public spaces and to return and earn.

Wednesday 7 March, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 5 Ryde Scouts Clean Up at Burrows Park Ryde FIRST CONSULTATION FREE WE COME TO YOU BTF Lawyers has developed a strong reputation for excellence in legal practice. Both Suzanne Bilbe-Taylor and Paul Foster are professional and approachable. Through years of experience in dealing with people in need, they have adopted a client comes first approach that for example will have them seeing their clients at a location of their choosing. BTF Lawyers offers legal services in the areas of Civil (Family Law, Property Law, Conveyancing, Wills & Probate), Criminal and Migration Law. So give them a call today to speak to a lawyer whom you can trust at a most critical time in your life. BTF Lawyers’ receptionist can be contacted on 02 9617 0737. For urgent matter only contact the mobile on 0413 504 439 (Civil) or 0413 320 028 (Criminal/Migration). 42 Carlingford Road, Epping, NSW 2121 Telephone: (02) 9617 0737 | Facsimile: (02) 9868 4899 Email: | RYDE Scouts participated in the annual Clean Up Australia activity by cleaning up Burrows Park last Thursday in Princes Street Ryde. The Scouts have been doing a clean up at this location for over 20 years, under the guidance of Scout Leader Leasa Clark with Assistant Scout Leaders Sylvia Coumpos and Josh Lay. Scouts provide this community service instead of their regular Thursday night Troop meeting. The photo shows members of the Scout Troop with bags of collected rubbish from the park. Senior Low Risk Driving Workshop Come along to a FREE Low Risk Driving presentation by a Qualified Driving Instructor and Senior Assessor. • Learn how to be a low risk driver • Update your knowledge of road rules • Understand new vehicle technology • Prepare for the Aged Driving Test When: There are two workshop dates to choose from: Thursday 15 March 2018, 10.00am - 1.00pm or Thursday 5 April 2018, 9.30am - 12.30pm Venue: Level 1A, 1 Pope St, Ryde (above Ryde Library) Cost: Free, light refreshments included Bookings: Phone 9952 8222 Lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep Do you have your own chef? Life's made easier at Hunters Hill Lodge with a prestige & vibrant community of serviced apartments where you can start each day knowing things are taken care of. I love the fresh homemade meals - Resident Short stays are available if you would like to trial living at Hunters Hill Lodge, or just come and join us for a meal! Contact us on 02 9879 6355 for more information. • 02 9879 6355 PERSONAL CARE COMMUNITY QUALITY D INING HOUSEKEEPING RECREATI O N

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