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Selwyn Times: March 21, 2018

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5 [Edition datE] Wednesday March 21 2018 36 Latest Christchurch news at HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Canterbury Lawns Hydroseeding is the spray-on application of grass seed in a mulch, in the case of Canterbury Lawns, of wood fibre, fertiliser, and a tackifier, a kind of glue that holds it all together. In usually four to six weeks, a lush, green lawn is well established. It does depend on the weather, the soil, and a proper watering regime, says Canterbury Lawns director Kirk Macfarlane, but in most cases the process is fairly straight forward. With over 10 years of experience in ground preparation and hydroseeding, Kirk uses products of the highest standard and follows it up with comprehensive aftercare information and advice, and a guarantee of his work. Hydroseeding is the most efficient, cost effective method of seeding, and, in Kirk’s opinion, produces the best quality lawn. For a decade he’s been hydroseeding residential properties – both existing lawn areas and new builds and has produced consistently high quality results. A simple, but extremely important thing to remember is, “no water equals no grass”. The success of your lawn depends on watering the new grass regularly and correctly. In addition to the aftercare information, Kirk recommends considering an automated irrigation system. He works with Freeman Irrigation, specialists, also based in Rolleston, who design and install irrigation systems optimal for a hydroseeded lawn. The initial costs may increase, but are mitigated over the long term of owning your home and maintaining its value. An irrigation system will care correctly for your lawn, and use less water than manual watering and Kirk says, “you can go away at Christmas for three weeks and come home to a healthy, green lawn, while your neighbour’s lawn may have died off ”. Ground preparation is another important factor in the success of hydroseeding. While Kirk will work on already prepared sites, it is probably best to allow him to do it. From site scraping to removal of weeds and other impediments, to soil levelling and “fluffing” the surface, he can guarantee the best environment for hydroseeding. The long term benefits are, again, obvious. There is more information at www.canterburylawns. and you can contact Kirk via the website or calling him on 027 456 7779. AUTUMN is here... so its a great time to start thinking about your new lawn. Give us a call and we can come and give you a free quotation! Kirk Macfarlane, Canterbury Lawns Ltd 347 4000 | 0274 56 7777 Your hydroseeding specialists!! Lagoon Pools 03 349 2160 0800 92 72 82 LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION & GARDEN MAINTENANCE YOU can have your gardens, trees, shrubs, plants and lawns maintained to look their BEST all year round, for a great price. RESIDENTIAL, NEW HOME LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE P: Ross Legg - 027 222 0388 E:

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday March [Edition 21 datE] 2018 37 6 HOME PROFESSIONALS AUTUMN Optimum Planting Time Now is the best time to plant. Autumn is the best time of year to do a number of things in your garden, especially planting. With the still-warm temperatures, but also the increased moisture, planting now will give plants and trees a healthy start before winter sets in and the soil temperature drops. When spring arrives, root systems will be well established and ready to take advantage of the warmer weather. It’s a busy time of year for Southern Woods plant nursery. One of the South Island’s largest plant nurseries, it has everything you need to do some tidying LET’S GET GARDENING INTELLIGRO OFFERS: Expert gardening advice High quality products South-Hort growing mixes VIP rewards Buy in-store and online Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: up in the garden, and to do that autumn planting. On the corner of Robinsons Rd and SH1 near Templeton, it is already wellestablished in its new, purpose-built premises. It’s a larger space, with display gardens, a fern house, and rows and rows of beautiful native trees, shrubs, planter boxes, landscaping plants and flowers. “It’s just a nice place to walk around,” says Southern Woods’ marketing manager Rico Mannall. Southern Woods supplies literally millions of trees and plants for a vast range of projects throughout New Zealand, including native revegetation plantings, and to landscapers, developers, councils, and contractors nationwide. Knowledge and advice are also in great supply at Southern Woods. “We have a great team, experts across a whole range of 261 Manion Rd, Weedons | | Phone 03 347 9415 horticultural areas, to help with residential or commercial projects,” Rico says. There is also a wealth of information on the website – dozens of fact sheets, planting tips and tricks, advice on eco-sourcing and of course, the opportunity to purchase any of Southern Woods’ plants and products online. Plant categories are listed or the search tool enables you to find the perfect plant for your project. In the unlikely event that Southern Woods doesn’t have the plant you are looking for, they can probably source it for you. With freighting and delivery options, Southern Woods truly is a one-stop shop for everything you and your garden needs. Autumn is also a good time to do some trimming and tidying up in preparation for the colder months. There’s a consultation space where you can talk to the experts, a great selection of planting tools and accessories, compost and potting mix and so much more. The 2018 catalogue will also be out soon. You can pick one up, or order one online. Southern Woods is open 7 days, times are on the Contact page on the website New plant centre open! Selwyn’s plant specialists - Landscaping plants for all projects - Ornamental & Specimen trees - Canterbury’s largest range of natives - Hedging & Topiaries - Fruit & Nut plants Get great planting advice from our friendly team - Open 7 Days Corner SH1 & Robinsons Rd - 0800 800 352 - Sharon CroftS LandSCape d e S ign • Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans Paving, Irrigation, Lawns, Planting, Fences, Pergolas, Water-features, Outdoor fires, Raised Vege beds, Decks, Artificial grass & more... Call Aaron & the team today! Phone: 03 3474422 or 021542402 Email: P. 329 6229 M. 0274 311 558