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Volume XXII, Issue 9 April 2018

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Volume XXII, Issue 9

April 2018



Re/Max Estate Properties founder

Sandra Sanders

Photo by David Fairchild








Belle of the Bay

by Kevin Cody Sandra Sanders emerged from a small town

in Louisiana to become the most successful real estate broker

in one of the nation’s most competitive and expensive real

estate markets.

Hello muddah, hello faddah

by Ryan McDonald An app for helping seniors keep in

touch with their families draws the attention of “Shark Tank.”

Home game

by Stephanie Cartozian After nearly two decades in the

National Hockey League, Stanley Cup winner Brad Stuart looks

forward to staying home with his family.

An app for horses

by Yvonne Liu Horse lover Lindsay Douglass uses her

Stanford engineering degree to design an app that simplifies

the paperwork required of owning a horse.

Old school Italian

by Richard Foss Luna Rossa’s food lives up to the promise

of its formal, old school, Italian dining room.


12 Richstone Masquerade Gala

14 Sanders awarded Norris Keys to the Heart

22 Girls Night Out at Comedy and Magic

32 Providence Little Company honors

Priscilla Hunt

48 Las Madrecitas Ball

50 Coach ‘Dozer’ remembered

56 Peninsula Heritage celebrates the

Kentucky Derby

60 Vistas for Children Cirque by the Sea

64 Mad Hatter Tea Party


50 Peninsula calendar

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Moonlight Masquerade Gala

Richstone Family Center benefit

The 23rd Annual Affair of the Heart Gala was attended by hundreds

of South Bay residents at mega-car dealer Michael Sullivan’s Audi

Pacific Torrance Center. This year’s honorees were Chuck Stain and

Gary Houston, both Palos Verdes Peninsula residents. The attire was

masquerade and guests were treated to a special evening of wine, martinis,

dinner and an auction full of unique experiences including a

Goodyear Blimp excursion, a Hawthorne City Police helicopter ride and

an unforgettable experience at the Hearst Castle for two. Richstone is

dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse and trauma, strengthening

and educating families and decreasing violence in families,

schools and communities. For more about Richstone Family Center visit

1. Corey and E.J. Wicketts, Denise

and Russell Tyner and Jeana Cabotaje.

2. Gary and Nan Houston.

3. Courtney Houston, Gary and Nan

Houston, Jenny Houston and Shelby


4. Mathew St. Cloud and Lindsey


5. Terry Dibble and Mark Smith.

6. Jack Whalen, Cathleen and Chuck



7. RL and David Peters, Larry and

Candy Poindexter.

8. Fred Grant, Tara Hubbard Grant,

Britney and Nick Brandeau.

9. LAcarGuy’s Mike Sullivan and

announcer Rossi.

10. Barbara and Roger Van Remmen,

Rita and Doug Mockett.

11. Randy Burt and Deslie Guthrie.

12. Eric and Nicole Santiago.


2 3

4 5 6





11 12

12 PeninsulaApril 2018


Palos Verdes

Performing Arts

Reach for the Stars Benefit Gala

An evening of shimmering splendor and

dazzling entertainment awaited guests at

the “Reach for the Stars” Gala at the Harlyne

J. Norris Pavilion. The black-tie event commemorated

the 35th anniversary season of the

Norris Theatre and honored supporter Sandra

Sanders, who was presented with the “Keys to

Our Heart” award for her service on the board

and generosity to the Palos Verdes Performing

Arts (PVPA). Among the many highlights of

the evening was the “Reach for the Stars Musical

Revue,” which celebrated music from

Broadway spanning eight decades.




3 4

1. Julie Moe Reynolds and Abby Douglass.

2. Keys to our Heart honoree Sandra Sanders.

3. Honoree Sandra Sanders and children James,

Diane and John.

4. John, Sandra, Julie and Jocelyn Sanders.

5. Adam Wagoner, Sandra Sanders, Sadie Sanders,

Jocelyn Bennion and Annika Smith.

6. Kehrl Blenko and Mary Carroll.

7. Steve and Lisa Hansen.

8. Dr. Allen Ginsburg and Charlotte Ginsburg,

Quinn and Rochelle Fregeau.

9. Dr. Greg Ginsburg and Valerie Neuner, Danny

and Simone Ginsburg.

10. Chuck and Marylyn Klaus.







14 PeninsulaApril 2018

Chris Adlam


Originally completed in 1931, this Kirtland Cutter home, in Palos Verdes

Estates, features over 5,000 square feet with a style and elegance that is

almost impossible to duplicate today. $3,500,000.

Beautiful 6 bedroom home in the heart of Palos Verdes Estates. Ocean and pastoral

views. Over 5400 square feet with pool, spa, 3 car garage, and large, open living spaces.


Chris Adlam


Beautiful Malaga Cove location. This charming, 3 bedroom home features over

2300 square feet, a large, private courtyard, vaulted ceilings, stone fireplaces

and more! $1,999,000

Brand new construction in Palos Verdes Estates. Panoramic ocean views, beautiful

contemporary design and details, an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, elevator and more!


Chris Adlam


Beautiful Cape Cod in the heart of Valmonte with 2400 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2

baths. Large backyard with grass, patios and spa. Sparkling city lights view too!



of the Bay

by Kevin Cody

The old boys’ club was no problem for Southern born Sandra Sanders

Sandra Sanders opened Re/Max Palos Verdes in a medical building at

Palos Verdes Drive North, and Crenshaw Boulevard in 1984. Re/Max

(Real Estate Maximums) was a franchise founded a decade earlier by

Denver-based Dave Liniger and his future wife Gail Main.

Prior to Re/Max, real estate offices split sales commissions 60-40, with

the 60 percent going to the agent. The broker provided agents with an office,

logistical support and marketing.

Re/Max upended this business model by introducing “rent-a-desks.” Instead

of closely split commissions, agents paid brokers a flat fee, plus a

small percent of their commissions. In return, brokers gave agents a desk

and logistical support. Re/Max predated today’s shared offices by half a century.

The rent-a desk model attracted top producing agents, leaving conventionally

structured offices with the less productive agents. Re/Max brokers

were discouraged from keeping low producers because their franchise fee

was based on the number of agents they had.

“Everyone has to contribute. If an agent isn’t selling, I bring them in and

tell them, ‘You’ve got to sell,’” Sanders said in explaining how the system


Within five years Sanders had over 40 agents, and had opened a second

office in Malaga Cove.

Then, in 1989, longtime Peninsula broker Ron Florence sold his Carriage

Realty to Coldwell Banker, a national, split-commission brokerage. Over 70

agents promptly left Coldwell Banker and joined Re/Max Palos Verdes.

“Agents were loyal to Ron, but they weren’t loyal to Coldwell because it

was from out of the area. And Carriage’s office was right across from ours,

in Malaga Cove. So, I got lucky. But you have to be somewhat good to be

lucky,” Sanders said.

Two years prior to Sanders opening Re/Max Palos Verdes, Bob Todd converted

his Spring Realty offices in the Beach Cities to Re/Max. Todd’s

Re/Max Beach Cities enjoyed even faster growth in his hyperactive market

than Re/Max Palos Verdes. By the time Todd retired in 2005, he owned 14

Re/Max offices with over 700 agents in the Beach Cities and West Los Angeles.

Todd’s rival in the Beach Cities was Shorewood Realtors, a conventional

commission broker, founded in 1969 by Arnold Goldstein and Larry Wolf.

To stem the exodus of their agents to Todd’s Re/Max, Goldstein and Wolf

adopted the rent-a-desk model. The two companies battled for dominance

in the Beach Cities for the next three decades, until the Great Recession of


During their expansion years, both Re/Max Beach Cities and Shorewood

attempted to expand to the Peninsula, without success.

“You’re looking at her,” Sanders said by way of explaining why they failed.

Todd’s Malaga Cove office was one of nearly a dozen offices she bought in

her consolidation of the Peninsula market.

When the Great Recession hit and home prices plummeted, Sanders

closed her San Pedro office and put her own money into her company to

keep it afloat. But her chief rivals fared worse, providing her another lucky


In 2010, Todd’s daughter Kelly Amundson, who took over Re/Max Beach

Cities after Todd’s conviction on loan fraud cost him his real estate license,

called Sanders’ son James.

“Kelly told James she was filing for bankruptcy and even though we were

competitors, she wanted what was best for her agents and thought we

would be a good fit. So, for just $200,000, we acquired their 200 agents and

their offices in the Beach Cities and West Los Angeles,” Sander said.

The sale left Shorewood as Sanders’ biggest rival. Like Sanders, Shorewood

founders Goldstein and Wolf were approaching 80. Unlike Sanders,

they were ready to retire. In 2014, they sold Shorewood, with its nine offices,

and 250 agents, to Denver-based real estate mogul Roger Herman.

18 PeninsulaApril 2018

Sandra Sanders with

other top Peninsula real

estate brokers Steve

Watts, Raju Chhabria,

and Chris Adlam in


Photo by David Fairchild

Two years later, Shorewood was dissolved during Herman’s bankruptcy

and its assets acquired by Vista Sotheby’s.

Peninsula brokers Adlam and Associates, and the Edler Group, and Realtors

Gerard Bisignano and Darin DeRenzis formed Vista Sotheby’s in

2007. In 2015, they established a Beach Cities beachhead by merging with

South Bay Brokers, which, like Re/Max Beach Cities and Re/Max Palos

Verdes, was formed in the mid 1980s by Jim Van Zanten and Jack Gillespie.

The Shorewood and South Bay Brokers transactions made Vista

Sotheby’s the second largest Peninsula real estate broker and the third

largest in the South Bay, behind Keller Williams and Sanders’ Re/Max.

Sanders said she chose not to bid on Shorewood because she thought

she could win over a significant number of Shorewood agents without paying

for the company’s assets.

“And we did. 75 to 80 Shorewood agents joined us,” she said.

In 2012, as the Great Recession receded and South Bay home prices rebounded,

Sanders rebranded Re/Max Palos Verdes as Re/Max Estate Properties

and ditched the cheesy, red, white and blue Re/Max business cards

in favor of black cards with the Re/Max balloon embossed in silver, to reflect

her increasingly wealthy market.

Last year, Re/Max Estate Properties accounted for over 40 percent of the

Peninsula’s 1,280 home sales and over 30 percent of the South Bay’s 7,896

homes sales.

Sanders’ 17 offices, 725 agent and more than $5 billion in annual sales

have surpassed Todd’s levels during the pre Great Recession South Bay

real estate boom years.

Sanders explains her success to new agents by telling them about the

first time she went fly fishing.

“My husband and I went to a lodge in Montana, and I caught 21 fish the

first day. Back at the lodge the other guests were complaining about not

Getting rid of your frown lines is no

different than getting your nails done.

Treat yourself!

April 2018Peninsula 19

catching any fish. So the next day, I studied why I was catching fish and

others weren’t. The first reason was I had a good guide. He went up and

down the river looking for the best holes to cast in while the other guides

settled in one place.The second reason was I cast left and right. I worked

really hard.

“A good coach and a good work ethic is all you need.”

Sanders’ coach, she said, was the legendary motivational speaker Jim


“I listened to his tapes and what I learned was ‘Work harder on yourself

than on your business.’”

Nothing in Sanders upbringing portended her becoming the most successful

real estate broker in one of the nation’s wealthiest, most competitive

real estate markets.

Beginning with the fact that she is a woman in a field long dominated

by men.

Sanders acknowledged having had her “me too” moments, but insists

they never hindered her career.

“There was an old boys’ club that I was not included in,” Sanders said.

“I can’t say it hurt me, but I certainly noticed that I wasn’t included.”

“When I started, Re/Max had almost no female brokers. And most of

them were partners with their husbands. It’s still that way,” she said.

“But I was never motivated to break through the glass ceiling. I was motivated

to do the best job I could every day of the week,” she said.

“My advice to women is the same I give to men. Color, creed and gender

don’t matter. It’s what’s inside you.”

Sandra McConnell grew up an only child in Minden, a town of 8,000 in

the northeast corner of Louisiana, near Shreveport and the Red River. It

bequeathed her a disarming Southern accent, a supportive husband and

not much else.

Her father, an oil field supervisor, died when she was nine, leaving her

to care for her English-born, epileptic mother Fairy Maurice Barnes Mc-


“I had no ambition. I just wanted to be get married and be a housewife.

When it was time to go to college, my mother told me I could be a teacher,

a nurse or a secretary. She was a teacher and hated it and I didn’t want to

be a nurse, so I studied business at Louisiana Tech University.”

At 22, she married Glover Sanders, her highschool sweetheart, who possessed

an engineering degree from Texas A&M.

“Part of the reason I married Glover was he agreed to have my mother

live with us. He must have really loved me because mother was crazy as

well as epileptic,” Sanders said.

When Glover was offered a job at Union Carbide in Torrance, the couple,

with young children John and Diane and her mother moved to a small

home on Spring Creek Road in Rancho Palos Verdes.

After their third child James entered St. John Fisher in 1973, Grover suggested

to his wife that she apply her formidable energy to selling real estate.

“I was bored and just wanted to make some extra money. But, being

competitive, I wanted to do well. After eight months, I had six homes in

escrow, so it became a career.”

She started with the Rockoff brothers’ Robert’s Realty and over the next

10 years worked for a half dozen other Peninsula brokers before starting

Re/Max Palos Verdes. She said she affiliated with Re/Max because she

thought its commission structure would enable her to attract the Peninsula’s

top Realtors.

In recent years, Sanders has relinquished responsibilities to her sons John

and James and daughter Diane. She’s dialed back her 24/7 days to 10 to 4,

Monday through Friday, leaving her time to swim in her pool at her ranch

style Rolling Hills home.

As her fortune grew Sanders became one of the Peninsula’s principal

philanthropist. She served on the Norris Theater Board of Director for a

dozen years and has also contributed to the Palos Verdes Art Center, Marymount

College, St. John Fisher, Rainbow Services and Torrance Memorial

Medical Center. In 2013, The Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce named

her Woman of the Year and last month she received the Norris Theater

Key to Our Heart award.

At 82, Sanders credits her energy to a positive attitude, exercise and moderation.

“I take life as it comes. I think stress ages people,” she said with her understated

Southern sensibility. PEN

20 PeninsulaApril 2018


One of the LOWEST price single family home in the area. 3BR, 2 Updated Baths, modern kitchen with granite counter, spacious family

room. 1,692 SF living area. Zen-like courtyard & tranquil backyard. Walk to Peninsula High School, shopping, library.

PRICED TO SELL $ 1,080,000







BRE# 01729186



LET THE VIEW SPEAK FOR ITSELF! Panoramic queen’s necklace view from Santa Monica, downtown LA,

PV Golf Course to Long Beach. GATED PROPERTY, 6BR, 6.5baths, 9884 SF living area, 48,353 lot size.

North-South facing TENNIS COURT. An aesthetic balance of comfort and design is found in every room of this house.

702VIALACUESTA.COM $8,750,000


Cancer Support Community

Exceeds fundraising goals

This year’s event surpassed our fundraising goal by more than

$60,000,” said Judith Opdahl, CSCRB executive director and cancer

survivor. “This would not be possible without our generous sponsors,

auction donors, and guests who truly get in the spirit to make Girls Night

Out a tremendous success every year.” Girls Night Out featured its customary,

festive “Rock Your Pink” theme. Attendees donned their fanciest

pink attire to honor the women in their lives who have been touched by

cancer. Each evening kicked off with a silent auction followed by dinner

and a live auction from the stage. Highlights included stays in Mexico

and Palm Springs, jewelry by Kendra Scott, VIP tickets to Ellen, Judge

Judy, and Dancing with the Stars shows and VIP Lakers and Kings tickets.

1. The “Super” ladies of Malaga Bank

Rock their Pink.

2. Judith Opdahl and Rene Gilbertson.

3. Nancy Forman, Pearl Kaperl and Jill


4. Karen Beck, David Plakos and Judy


5. Jennifer Bernier, Debra Faber, Amy

Friedman, Irma Rendon, Britt Wanek,

Christine Winkler PhD, Beth Bowen

and Suzie Winkler.


6. (Back) Diane Kazan, Larissa

Sonnen Lisa Myers and Betty Peterson.

(Middle) Maria Kazan, Elyse Linn and

Sutha Sachar. (Front) Jan Schlesinger

and Barbara Roth.

7. Sophie Rietdyk, Maureen Hazard,

Jackie Halverson, Marianne Cuttic and

Alicia Henderson.

8. Charmaine Wilson, Charlotte

Ginsburg and Paula Moore.

9. Janet Glazier, Jacqueline Glass and

Jamie Born.


2 3

4 5





22 PeninsulaApril 2018

1560 Via Leon, Palos Verdes Estates

Contemporary home built with open floor plan by renowned architect, Ralph Nieto. This sophisticated, mainly one story- split levels Lunada Bay custom residence boasts

lovely ocean, coastline & Catalina views from all main rooms, as well as the master bedroom. High, vaulted ceilings add ambiance & drama to the entry and living room. The

home features a large open formal dining area and a generously-sized family room with fireplace overlooking the pool and spacious backyard. The remodeled kitchen includes

granite counters, Viking appliances, custom cabinetry and two pantries. There is also a spacious master suite with walk-in closet with built-ins and an elegant remodeled

bathroom with separate tub and shower. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout most of the house. A unique atrium in the middle of house, provides light and a

serene atmosphere. Two remodeled baths are shared by three bedrooms -all with modern designs. The backyard is great for group entertaining or just enjoying a relaxing

moment. It has multiple sitting areas and a custom pool with built-in bar stools/swim up bar and spa. This turn-key view home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac near the center

of PVE with wonderful open floor design plus an easily maintained private backyard; truly a great value that can never be duplicated at this price!!! A must see!

Offered at $2,599,000

1414 Paseo La Cresta, Palos Verdes Estates

Up a long and circular driveway is where you will find this outstanding estate on a spacious 1-acre lot, it was designed to feel like you’re "10 miles West of Versailles." The

interior of this approx.10,000 sq.ft. residence blends visionary design, bespoke attention to detail, and understated elegance. In addition to 7 BR and 11 BA, there is a grand

formal living room and family room with 2-story ceilings, elegant formal dining area, state of the art chef's French country Kitchen that includes a large 6" solid Maple

Butcher Block island and Wolf and Subzero appliances, hidden study and gym, wine cellar, movie theatre, game room, pub, and library. The open floor plan allows living

areas to capture breathtaking views of the ocean, city, sunset, and tranquil picturesque landscaping views. Despite its scale and grandeur, the home remains warm and inviting,

making it a unique retreat for intimate family life that is also appropriate for large-scale entertaining. Exquisite custom finishes, unique features, dramatic and intimate

lighting, and clever details make this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Considered a landmark property in Palos Verdes Estates, this recently updated contemporary classic

home is a perfect reflection of this special community. Great opportunity and exceptional value!

Offered at $8,399,000

550 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 240, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275


by Ryan McDonald

Amber Corwin and Franklin Farrow have developed a “telepresence” device to tackle loneliness among the elderly. Photo by Ryan McDonald

Call Grampma simplifies calling family while addressing an epidemic of loneliness

Call Grampma’s video phone connects to phones and devices through an app. Photo courtesy Amber Corwin

Amber Corwin started training from an early age to become a champion

figure skater. The sport’s demanding travel schedule meant she

was often a continent away from her Peninsula family. Calls to her

grandparents were a rare treat when travelling.

Franklin Farrow grew up in the United Kingdom, where his father

worked was a doctor and saw many of his patients on house calls. The trade

brought him to the homes of rich and poor, and one ailment appeared to

strike the elderly with an equivalent lack of class discrimination: loneliness.

Corwin and Farrow are now married partners in Call Grampma, an easyto-use

device that beams sound and images from a phone or other device

to a tablet repurposed as a video phone.

Corwin and Farrow frame their sales pitch around “Joe and Frida,” a fictional


“They’re good through their 60s. But as they get into their 70s, they start

to lose some of their appetite for ‘technological complexity,’” Farrow said.

The typical customer for their product is a middle-aged adult looking to

buy the device for a parent — someone like Joe or Frida.

The simplicity of the product, they say, is part of its allure. Call Grampma

26 PeninsulaApril 2018

comes with all the software uploaded. There are no menus to navigate. On

the videophone, each contact is identified by a picture of the person. That

person, presumably a younger family member, downloads the Call

Grampma app to a smartphone.

The ease of the Call Grampma is what sold Anna Gould, a Redondo

Beach resident whose mother lives in Temecula. She visits her mother

twice a month, and uses the Call Grampma to fill the time in between.

Gould bought the product for her mom as a Christmas present. Her children

had tried to show their grandmother how to use video chatting on a

cell phone, but it never seemed to work. Now, up to four generations of

the family commune without having to battle traffic on the 91 East.

“They were trying to teach her how to Facetime. They probably tried to

show her 100 times,” Gould laughed. “But when we saw this, it was, ‘Oh

my gosh, she just has to push one button?’ When our cell phone rings and

when we pick up she sees our faces and we just talk to her. She absolutely

loves it.”

Fittingly for its low-tech ethos, the humble stand was one of the design

elements Corwin and Farrow tinkered with the most. They initially thought

about including wheels, but worried it would tip over. The current version

is sturdy but lightweight, and is easily positioned at eye-level for a person

sitting down. Most of the weight is in the tablet’s lithium ion battery, which

can hold a charge for as long as three weeks.

The product arrives at a time of increasing concern about the effects of

solitude. Last year, in Farrow’s native United Kingdom, Prime Minister

Theresa May appointed a “Minister for Loneliness.” In the United States,

about 25 percent of men and 45 percent of women over 75 live alone, according

to census data.

Loneliness in this group is associated with a host of medical issues. Some

of these problems stem from physical infirmity, like not having someone

to help with grocery shopping. But other associated conditions, including

higher blood pressure and a greater incidence of dementia, are harder to

explain, and seem to be rooted in the simple lack of people to talk to.

Corwin and Farrow have partnered with Little Brothers, a San Franciscobased

charity that matches volunteers with the elderly. The organization

is launching a pilot program to use Call Grampma to increase contact between

volunteers and the elderly. Cathy Michalec, Little Brothers’ executive

director, said that loneliness among the elderly has long been a

problem. What’s changed, she said, is the graying of the population.

“This organization has been around 27 years. Maybe seniors can’t go to

the senior center because they can’t get down the stairs. Or they can’t drive

anymore. Or they lose their social network when they retire,” she said. “As

baby boomers age, that’s what’s happening. In San Francisco, 25 percent

of population by 2020 is going to be elderly. People are just living longer.”

Locally, the Beach Cities Health District is establishing similar volunteer

programs and crafting long-term plans to address the “Silver Tsunami.”

Corwin and Farrow are discovering applications beyond what they initially


“It’s not just for a younger person communicating with an older person.

It can be used to set up networks, with multiple elderly people talking together.

Imagine recreating the feel of a family dinner, with a bunch of different

people together,” Corwin said.

The product recently became available on Amazon, and they hope to be

selected for “Shark Tank,” the popular television show in which entrepreneurs

compete for funding. They are looking to attract investors to increase


Corwin and Farrow view their product less as a phone enhancement

than as means for “telepresence.” With its larger screen and elevated position

on the stand, it mimics the feeling of having another person nearby,

like a neighbor, even if the two aren’t talking to one another the whole

time. Farrow said that, by allowing for these more passive interactions,

“hopefully a bit of that wisdom of the elderly will rub off.”

Michaelec, of Little Brothers, said that she too is interested in the “telepresence”

possibilities. She said that at orientations in the organization’s San

Francisco office, she notices that many of the young volunteers seem lonely

themselves. They are often tech workers new to the city, whose work environment

does not provide the social connection humans crave and need.

“This device that Amber and Franklin have shared with us, it’s reciprocal:

both sides are getting something out of it.”

To learn more, visit PEN

April 2018Peninsula 27


Providence Little Company of Mary

Honors the Hunt Family

Over 150 donors, executives, physicians, Community Ministry Board and

Foundation members of Little Company of Mary gathered at the Doubletree

Hotel to honor Priscilla Hunt and her late husband, Donald G. Hunt.

The Hunts made a $20 million, transformational gift to the Cardiac Center

of Excellence. This donation is the largest in the history of the medical center.

The hospital’s Heritage Tower will be renamed the Donald and Priscilla

Hunt Tower in honor of this landmark contribution. Priscilla was serenaded

by tenor Ryan Gallagher and presented with over 100 handwritten thank

you notes and a personalized silver heart locket. Dr. Rod Hochman commented

on the strength of the two petite women in the room: Priscilla and

Sister Terrence Landini, LCM. Priscilla shared her views on philanthropy,

and then observed, “Wow. Little Company of Mary really knows how to do

it right. I am truly honored.”


1. The Hunt grandsons Sean

Williams, Saxon Nowotka and Ryan


2. Hunt daughter Brenda Nowotka,

Providence Little Company of Mary

chief executive Mary Kingston, and

Priscilla Hunt’s granddaughter

Melissa Moore.

3. Priscilla Hunt explains her

approach to philanthropy.

4. Carolyn Elliott, Paula Del Vicario,

and Debbie and Steve Dinsmore MD.

5. Steve Morikawa and Yvonne Liu.

6. Michele Del Vicario MD, Ron

Johnson and John Armato MD.

7. Janice Brandmeyer and Maureen


8. Debbie Greene, Ed and Alanna

Kennedy and Patty Sullivan.

9. Marlene Young, Priscilla Hunt

and Sean Armstrong.

10. Tenor Ryan Gallagher, Sister

Nancy Jurecki OP, Sister Terrence

Landini LCM and Providence Little

Company of Mary chief executive

Mary Kingston.

11. Priscilla Hunt and CEO

Providence St. Joseph Health Rod



2 3

4 5 6



9 10 11

32 PeninsulaApril 2018

April 2018Peninsula 35

Skating away

by Stephanie Cartozian Photos by Tony LaBruno

Daughter Stella’s Princess nursery.

After nearly two decades in the NHL, Stanley Cup winner

Brad Stuart, with sons Logan and Jake, is honored by the Colorado Avalanche upon his retirement

in 2016. Photo courtesy of the Stuart family

In 1998, 18-year-old Brad Stuart, of Rocky Mountain

House, Canada, population 7,000, was drafted

third overall by the San Jose Sharks. Ten years and

five trades later, the top-four defenceman won the

Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings. Stuart recently

retired after playing over 1,000 National Hockey

League games, including a season with the LA Kings.

He said he’s enjoying his new, stay-at-home lifestyle.

“I missed a lot of important school events. I missed my

kids birthdays. You find yourself not wanting to go on

the road,” Stuart acknowledged.

He and his wife Melissa relocated to Palos Verdes

from Los Gatos and selected a home in the Estates at

Trump National Golf Course that was designed by the

architectural firm Archlite and was being built by

Michael Mulligan.

“We were awed by the seaside beauty and having

Catalina Island as the backdrop for our view sealed the

deal,” Melissa said.

The couple, who has three children, was equally impressed

with the Palos Verdes Peninsula school system.

During construction, the family rented a nearby home

so they could oversee the construction and the work

with interior designer Lori Dennis on what they call

“kid friendly, California Coastal.”

Brad’s hometown of Rocky Mountain House is close

to Banff and Jasper National Parks and is described as

a “cozy, high altitude, charming town with a main

street peppered with quaint coffee shops and art galleries.”

36 PeninsulaApril 2018

The game room features table hockey, and pool and family photographs.

Brad Stuart is ready to enjoy his family and the ocean view

At, 14, he left home for Red Deer, Alberta to pursue his

NHL dreams. “I moved in with my grandparents to play a

better team with more exposure to scouts,” he said.

Stuart described his ice hockey career as a “crazy adventure

of trades.”

“I learned to never order drapes because by the time they

came, we were already packing up and moving to our next

location,” Melissa said.

The Stuarts said they made many friends with coaches

and team managers. But in the end, Brad said, “You are just

a number. We learned never to get too comfortable in our

environment because it was always changing. Two months

after I was granted a two year extension with the San Jose

Sharks, I was traded to the Boston Bruins.”

His new, stay at home lifestyle, is a welcome change for

his family. “This is what a family feels like, this is what normal

is,” Melissa said.

Their new home reflects their new lifestyle. The colors

are warm, it’s open and spacious and the kitchen has a 14-

foot, granite island where the family gathers for meals.

The couple put the barbeque right outside the great room

to make it easily accessible from the kitchen for family gatherings.

Evidence of her husband’s adaption to his new

lifestyle, Melissa said, is “the other day he came home with

a new crock pot.”

The floors are a combination of polished limestone and

wide plank, walnut hardwood. Double, leaded glass entry

doors open to a grand foyer lit by a massive, green tinted

chandelier. Extra wide stairs lead to the second level, which

is spacious and generously lit by skylights. Daughter Stella’s

The Stuart family at the beach having just taken up residence on the Peninsula.

(Photo by Heidi Walter)

April 2018Peninsula 37

RPV Residents

Backyard balconies overlook the ocean and Catalina Island.

Do you change your automobile oil and filter? If you do,

call EDCO your trash/recycling hauler and arrange for a

free pickup. Then, place your used oil in a tightly sealed

container and your filter in a sealed ziplock bag. EDCO

will pick them up and drop off a free oil recycling kit that

contains a 15-quart drip pan, empty 1-gallon container,

funnel, shop rag, cardboard floor mat and information

on used oil and filter recycling. Call EDCO at 310-540-

2977 or go to

nursery is a Princess room with a crown on the wall by the head of the

crib and a delicate, crystal chandelier that hangs in the center of the room.

The taupe and pastel pinks along with natural cotton and linen fabrics create

a warm feeling in the small room, marked with a capital “S” on the

wall. Boys Logan and Jake have a huge, ice hockey mural in their bedroom

with bunk beds and sports equipment expressive of their love of the sport.

Stuart coaches both boy’s Junior Kings Teams at the Toyota Sports Center

in El Segundo.

The downstairs has white, coffered ceilings with modern details and

wide open living spaces conducive to keeping an eye on the children while

tending to other activities. The kitchen is well appointed, with five bar

Leaded glass doors open to the the grand foyer, featuring a scaled glass


Composting Workshop

Sat. April 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Hesse Park, Fireside Room

Document Shredding Event and

Electronic Waste Roundup plus

Free Mulch Giveaway

Sat. April 21 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

RPV Civic Center, 30940 Hawthorne Blvd

(for RPV Residents Only)

Household Hazardous Waste Roundup

Sat. April 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

RPV Civic Center

For More information on Used Oil Recycling, go to:


For Weekly Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

(including Sharps, Used Oil and

Electronic Waste Disposal) go to:

Gaffey SAFE Center

1400 N Gaffey St, San Pedro, 90731

Phone: 800.988.6942

Open Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

38 PeninsulaApril 2018

stools in sea green, an extra large,

stainless steel refrigerator and a

butler’s pantry to hold a bounty of

kitchen essentials. The game room

features family photos, a sign that

says, “Family Love,” table hockey

and a pool table. The room opens

up to the backyard playhouse, slide

and pool.

Melissa said there was a lot of

stark white on the walls when they

moved in, and after living with it

for awhile they decided to repaint

with warmer, light seagreen and

peach walls that blend seamlessly

with the furnishings and decor.

The upfront ocean view and

Catalina Island at the back door

step is different from the mountain

where Stuart grew up with and

also a world away from Silicon Valley,

where they last lived.

Stuart said he’s fully satisfied

coaching his sons’ hockey teams,

playing golf, helping with the children’s

carpools and spending time

with his family.

But he hasn’t forgotten how he

got to where he is.

“It’s not about scoring the goal.

It’s about working hard. That’s all

we ask for, I tell my kids,” the Stanley

Cup winner said. PEN

April 2018Peninsula 39

Our neighborhood,

your home.





2204 Via Pacheco Palos Verdes Estates $2,449,000

Horse cents

by Yvonne Liu

PonyApp co-founder Lindsay Douglass competing in Chantilly, France, at the Longines Global Champion Tour in 2017. Photo courtesy of

“Equestrians needed an app, and we were the best people to do it.”

-- International show jumper Lindsay Douglass

When she was a sixth grader growing up in Rancho Palos Verdes,

Lindsay Douglass would hop on a bus from school to the Rolling

Hills riding stables, where she would ride her palomino pony

Oscar until dark. Now, the 25-year-old international equestrian and Stanford

engineering graduate is developing an app designed to bring order to the

business side of the equestrian world.

One day in 2015, Douglass and her Stanford classmate Lucy Davis, an

Olympic silver medalist, were at the campus stable, the Red Barn, staring

at piles of months-old invoices — many scratched on small bits of papers

— for horse owners. In that moment, the idea for PonyApp was born.

Bookkeeping for horse management is complicated by the fact that multiple

professionals are involved in a horse’s care and training. Douglass

grew up using a binder stuffed with bills from trainers, veterinarians, and

other equine service people.

“Equestrians everywhere deal with this problem. The possibility of taking

the biggest pain point out of their day made us excited. At the very least,

we would solve our own problems,” Douglass said.

Douglass and Davis envisioned an app that would enable everyone involved

with horses — professionals, young riders, old riders, trainers, farriers

and veterinarians — to connect efficiently. They could keep abreast of

the industry and competitions, and most importantly, simplify invoicing

and payments in one place.

Douglass and Davis began while they competed on the western horse

show circuit by asking fellow horse enthusiasts what they would like in an

equestrian app.

Douglass and Davis incorporated the app into their Stanford engineering

Capstone project, an independent senior project that requires students to

address real world problems. Professors and advisors provided guidance

on how to structure their company and raise funds. Douglass and Davis

did the early app design work and then outsourced the engineering to a

Chicago design firm.

Last year, after two years of research and development, PonyApp was

launched at a glittering affair at Two Swans Farm, a luxury horse farm in

Wellington, Florida. Wellington serves as the equestrian hub during the

winter show jumping season when international competitors and trainers


“Wellington was the ideal place for us to market our app. When the people

leave, they go to the four corners of the world, and they take PonyApp

44 PeninsulaApril 2018

with them.”

Douglass said that PonyApp has been downloaded 32,000 times and

there are 50,000 horses in over 50 countries on the app. The app’s revenue

comes from premium subscriptions, transaction fees, an online store and

partnerships with equestrian media outlets such as Horse and Hound and


Professional international show jumper Alden King Giacopuzzi of Rolling

Hills Estates uses PonyApp for her business Alderin Sporthorses, located

at Palos Verdes Stables. She teaches children and adults and trains horses.

“I am trying to organize my business and find an easier way to keep track

of my clients’ lesson counts because I sell my lessons in packages. And I

want a way for all my staff to get all the information needed through the

app on their phones.”

After graduating from Stanford in 2015, Douglass worked in product design

at BMW for a year before turning her attention full time to PonyApp

and to competing in show jumping.

“Growing up in RPV, I was just one of those girls who was absolutely

obsessed with horses,” Douglass said. She started riding at the Portuguese

Bend Riding Club at five years old, and later moved to Rolling Hills riding

stables. Douglass started competing in horse shows at age eight. When she

was 15, she entered her first show on the East Coast and progressed to international

competitions five years later.

Has your home turned

into a “fixer”

over the years?

It happens to the best of us homeowners. Time is taking a toll on

our California houses built and purchased in the rush of the 60’s

as the Traditionalists/Silent Generation born before 1945 started

their families and worked toward their American Dream. Termites

and soft wood, rust in the galvanized pipes, poor quality of copper

water lines, and weeds growing in the seams of terracotta main

sewer lines, our soils that shrink and expand with drought one

year and pouring rains the next causing settlement. The enemy.


Olympic individual bronze and team gold medalist Beezie Madden (center)

with PonyApp co-founders Lindsay Douglass and Lucy Davis at the PonyApp

launch party last winter at Two Swans Farm, in Wellington, Florida.

Douglass decided to specialize in jumping rather dressage or other types

of horse competitions because, she said, “There’s nothing quite like the

adrenaline and excitement of jumping.” She would sneak her horse to

parks and fields so that she could jump higher than her coach would allow

during practices.

While still a teenager, she won the Seahorse Classic Grand Prix at the

Portuguese Bend National Horse Show. “The PBNHS is the show I’ve gone

to for the longest; it’s just so special because there is so much tradition at

the show. You hear about people who competed when they were kids and

now they’re grandparents.”

On the international show jumping circuit, Douglass, who is coached by

renown equestrian coach Mickey Hayden, won a Grand Prix event in Belgium

in 2014. Last year she placed sixth at the China World Cup league

final in the 1.4-meter jump. Douglass and Davis were invited to compete

in China with other top equestrians from around the world. “No one spoke

English, but people were still caring for their horses in the same way. It

reinforced our belief that horse care is universal,” she said.

“Show jumping. It’s our sport, our lifestyle, our everything. It’s all one

and the same. This industry needed an app, and we were the best people

to do it,” Douglass said. “You need just as much passion to start a company

as you need to go to the top levels of a sport. Luckily for me, they are one

and the same.”

Visit PonyApp at PEN

Over the last several years only “HGTV House Hunter” model

homes were selling. Sellers are investing $25,000 to fix up a house

before putting up the For Sale Sign. But times are changing. The

price of homes are so high that the Millennials are buying the Fixers

again at lower prices to remodel themselves over time. That

is what this Baby Boomer did all through the 70’s and 80’s. My

daughters thought everyone washed their dinner dishes in the



1. Clean the home, mow the grass, pull weeds, wash down

exterior cobwebs.

2. Hire a Certified Home Inspector and Termite Inspector and

provide their Reports to prospective buyers.

3. Your Realtor will find comparative homes that have sold in

the near by area that were in similar original condition or in

need of updates/repairs, using the square footage and lot

size to reasonably price your home.

4. Have the home appraised. Optional. You must do this

normally if the home belonged to a deceased loved one.

5. The more information you provide good or bad, the more

buyers will feel comfortable and safe about making an offer.



7. If priced right you will get multiple offers, my Seller

certainly did.


Realtor DRE#01294739

(310) 544-8455

Coldwell Banker Palos Verdes and Beach Cities

“Life is a Journey measured and

remembered by the Homes in which we live”

April 2018Peninsula 45

46 PeninsulaApril 2018


Front row (left to right): Julia Davis, Madeline Babros, Emily Warter, Adelaide Brannan, Emily Levin. Second row: Catherine Mihm, Marissa Hong, Michelle Renslo, Mia

Daly, Mia Gioiello, Julia Cotter. Third row: Melia Harlan, Helena Ruzic, Tate Robinson, Natalie Watts, Hanalei Emnace; Top row: Kara Lee, Audrey Yun, Daniella Cooper

Evergreen Ball

Las Niñas Gala

Las Madrecitas, an auxiliary of

the Charitable Children’s

Guild of the Orthopædic Institute

for Children (OIC), held its 52nd

annual Evergreen Ball in the

Grand Ballroom of the Beverly

Wilshire Hotel on Saturday, January

6. The evening recognizes

19 high school girls for their community

service and volunteer

service to OIC. Dr. Anthony

Scaduto, OIC’s president and

chief executive officer, presented

each Las Niñas honoree with a

white gold medallion in recognition

of their service. Each member

of the Las Niñas senior class

has contributed several hundred

hours of volunteer service to OIC

and their community throughout

their high school years. PEN

The father daughter dance.


48 PeninsulaApril 2018

Anne St. Cyr


BRE # 01930136

Selling the Neighborhood

We Live, Work & Play

Peninsula baseball

mourns Coach ‘Dozer’

by Randy Angel

Peninsula High School was hit

hard when former Panther

player and current freshman

baseball coach Brett Mendoza passed

away, six days following a traffic accident.

Mendoza, 31, suffered traumatic

head injuries during the March 4 accident.

His wife, Savannah, escaped

serious injury during the accident,

which occurred on the border of Redondo

Beach and Hermosa Beach.

The couple resided in Redondo


During his senior year at Peninsula Peninsula freshman coach Brett Mendoza

(right) with player Edward

in 2005, Mendoza led the Bay League

with a .485 batting average. He was

Rosas. Photo courtesy of Heston

a four-year letterman and two-year


captain for Coach Dennis Gonzalves

and a three-time All-Bay League selection

Following high school, Mendoza played baseball for Loyola Marymount

University and then was asked to help the Peninsula program by varsity

head coach Brian Bowles.

“He was tough on our kids. He challenged them to work hard and do

better, but he was also like a big brother to them,” Bowles said in a Daily

Breeze interview.

Mendoza began as an assistant coach for the Panther freshman team in

2016, and became an assistant varsity coach last season.

He served as the freshman head coach this year and also coached middle

school players.

A GoFundME page set up for Mendoza’s family has surpassed the goal

of $15,000.

In addition to his wife, Mendoza is survived by his parents, Martha and

Rudy Mendoza, and sister, Lauren.

A memorial service was held Thursday, March 22 at St. John Fisher

Catholic Church in Rancho Palos Verdes. The Peninsula High baseball

team is also planning a ceremony to retire Mendoza’s No. 7 jersey. PEN

Brett Mendoza and wife Savannah. Photo courtesy of GoFundMe



Compiled by Teri Marin

You can email your event to our address:

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.

On Going

Tidepool Wonders for the Month

Explore low tides on the rocky shore with Cabrillo Marine Aquarium: April

1, 3 to 4:30 p.m.; April 14, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.; April 15, 2 - 3:30 p.m.

and April 28, 1:30 - 3 p.m. with a walk offered in Spanish April 15, 1:30 -

3 p.m. Meet in the aquarium’s John M. Olguin Auditorium for a slideshow,

followed by a walk led by CMA Staff. Free; reservations required for groups

of ten or more. Young children must be accompanied by an adult. Non-slip

shoes and outdoor clothing recommended. Discover more about the ocean

in the aquarium’s Exhibit Hall, Exploration Center, Aquatic Nursery and touch

tank. Open weekends 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday, noon

to 5 p.m. 3720 Stephen M. White Drive in San Pedro.For reservations, further

information, or to receive a calendar of events, please call (310) 548-7562

or visit our website at

Saturday, March 24

12-Steps to a Spiritual Awakening

Identify sources of suffering and unhappiness, experience the resources and

process for healing, learn skills and actions to establish and foster a stable

sense of well-being. This 12-Step methodology promises enlightenment for all

who embrace and incorporate this way of life. 1-5 p.m. $25. (310) 377-

4867 or Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest Rd.,


Gathering for the Grand

This marks the 10th annual Gathering for the Grand Gala Fundraiser, celebrating

art, inspiration and education. This year's event, themed: The Beatles:

All You Need is Love, will be held at the Palos Verdes Golf Club at 3301 Vía

Campesina, Palos Verdes Estates, 5 p.m., and features a cocktail reception,

extensive silent auction, elegant dinner, live entertainment, dancing and speakers

and guests. This year GVF will honor Andrew and Adela Silber of The

Whale & Ale British Pub & Restaurant in San Pedro. Attendees are encouraged

to dress in ‘60s psychedelic and mod fashion. Advanced payment and

RSVP required. (310) 833-4813 or

House of Yahweh “Irish Spring” Gala

House of Yahweh holds its first fundraising gala at the Norris Pavilion, 501

Indian Peak Rd., Rolling Hills Estates, at 5:30 to 10 p.m. Sit down dinner, entertainment,

live auction including two trips, and silent auction. For more information

Kathy Bradford at (310) 265-9812.

Sunday, March 25

ESL Class

No fee; cost of textbook only. Emphasis on conversation and pronunciation.

Learn not only English language but American culture, history and geography!

Adults and high school students are welcome. Sundays, 10:30 a.m. - noon,

thru May 20. Peninsula Community Church, 5640 Crestridge Rd., RPV.

www.pccpv. org.

Parent-Child High Tea

Seated high tea party for a maximum of 30 people under the olive trees on

the terrace of Villa Narcissa. Followed by book signing and storytelling of

Katrina Vanderlip’s new book “A Tail of Twin Peacocks”. 4 p.m. Dress for a

party. One child per adult. Adults $100, children $50; includes one book.



Join printmaker and painter Pamela Smith Hudson for a workshop to learn to

make your own mono print, a fun method for kids or first-time printmakers.

50 PeninsulaApril 2018

Just listed on everyone's favorite street (Via Palomino in PVE) is this gorgeous 5 bedroom 3.5 bath completely

remodeled (and not cheaply) Cape Cod style home. Meticulous attention to every detail is evident throughout

— all you have to do is move in. There is even a charming outdoor entertaining area with fire

place and barbecue. See all pictures on my website and call me for a private showing.

Dana Graham

#1 Berkshire Hathaway Agent in PV in 2014

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman's Circle

Prudential Legend

33 years experience

310 613-1076 (cell)

Palos Verdes Resident Since 1947

DRE #00877973

$2,389,000 $2,289,000

William J. Wickwire, M.D.

Certified, American

Board of Dermatology

Neal M. Ammar, M.D.

Certified, American

Board of Dermatology




Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat....

Two Coolscuplting Devices to Treat Two Areas at Once!

Specialists in Skin Cancer Detection

• Skin Cancer • Mole Removal & Mohs Surgery

• Reconstructive Facial Surgery and Scar Revision

• Acne & Accutane Treatment

• Warts, Rashes and Cysts • Leg Vein Sclerotherapy

• Hair Loss & Propecia • Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane,

Juvederm & Sculptra • Botox and Dysport Injections

• Age Spots & Sun Damage • Laser Surgery

• Microdermabrasion • Glycolic and Chemical Peels

• Ultraviolet B & PUVA • Pediatric Dermatology


Redondo Beach —

520 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 302

Palos Verdes —

827 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 101

Buy One, Get One


South Bay’s

best equipped



All PPOs Accepted

Evening & Sat.

Appts. Available


Hudson’s mixed media paintings, on exhibit, show how she incorporates printmaking

with collage and other art processes. Free. 2-4 p.m. South Bay Contemporary

SoLA Gallery, 3718 W. Slauson Ave., LA, (310) 429-0973.

Wednesday, March 28

Birding with Wild Birds Unlimited

At George F Canyon. Explore the birds in nesting season making a home in

the canyon. 8:30 a.m. Free and all ages welcome. 27305 Palos Verdes Drive

East, Rolling Hills Estates RSVP at:, Events & Activities.

Pen Seniors Lecture Series

In addition to being the weekday weatherman since 1984, Fritz Coleman is

a comedian and will make you laugh out loud. This talented celebrity is also

a writer, philanthropist, former disc jockey and radio personality. 10:30 a.m.

Arrive early as seating is limited. Hesse Park, 29301 Hawthorne Blvd., RPV.

Mac Users Group Meeting

Lomita VFW Hall, 1865 Lomita Blvd., 6:30 p.m., Beginners Q & A 8 p.m.,

presentation on a subject of interest to all Mac users. See website

for more info, or call (310) 644-3315 email: Free. All

Mac/iPad/iPhone users and potential users are welcome.

Friday, March 30

Nature & Me Storytime

Share the joy of reading with your children and introduce them to the beauty

of our natural surroundings. Geared for 2-5 years. 9:30 – 10 a.m. For more

information contact Marisa Perley at (310) 377-9584 x 238 or

George F Canyon Nature Center, 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. E.,

Rolling Hills.

Saturday, March 31

Oh What A Night!

The exhilarating musical revue, Oh What a Night! returns with the musical

tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. The production has thrilled audiences

across the country with its is boundless energy, nostalgic choreography

and classic hits. 8 p.m. $80-$75. or

(310) 544-0403. Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris Center Dr., RHE.

Music Legends Live

Legends of R & B share the stage for one night in a benefit for St. Jude's Children's

Hospital Foundation. The Dazz Band, Evelyn Champagne King, Side

Effect and Ozone and a bevy of comedic hosts will have you dancing and

singing all the way home. 7 p.m. Tickets $21 - $86 at

Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. 6th St., San Pedro,

(310) 548-2493.

Sunday, April 1

Terranea Brunch

Holiday brunch offers a selection of food, an “eggstravagant” Egg Hunt and

activities are included in admission. Seatings 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Adults: $85,

Children 5-10: $47, Children under 5 complimentary. Grand Ballroom. (310)

265-2836. 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes.

Easter Brunch

Continue your family tradition or start a new one! Enjoy a delicious buffet

brunch and celebrate Easter with family and friends. 10 a.m. Reservations required

by Tuesday, March 27. Adult $27; Children 4-12 $14; Children under

4 Free. (310) 377-4867 or Mary & Joseph Retreat Center,

5300 Crest Rd., Rancho Palos Verdes.


Music, fun and games on the Terranea’s Meadows include a petting zoo, egg

52 PeninsulaApril 2018


hunt, arts and crafts, and more! The

Terranea Easter Eggstravaganza

Egg Hunt is complimentary for all resort

guests and included in the price

of the Easter Ballroom Brunch and

brunch at Catalina Kitchen and

mar'sel. The Easter Egg Hunts occur

at 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 2 p.m.,

to accommodate all dining reservations.

Other fun activities 10-11

a.m., 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and

1-3 p.m. For more information:

(310) 265-2836. 100 Terranea

Way, RPV.

Monday, April 2

Floral Designers

The South Coast Floral Designers

meet the first Monday of the month

at South Coast Botanic Garden, with

the exception of July and August.

Classroom A. 9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. For

additional information contact Gudy

Kimmel at (310) 530-2382 or Judy

Unrine at (310) 378-0227.

26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos

Verdes Peninsula.

Narcissa paint out

Focus on the art of sketching under

the direction of Katrina Vanderlip

and local artists. Week-long workshop

by advanced reservation only

and will take place at Villa Narcissa.

Katrina Vanderlip will give a tour of

the house and tell you some of the

history throughout the week. Please

contact Katrina at

to learn how to be a

participant in the paint-out. All profits

from the painting week will go towards

much needed repairs and

maintenance of the estate.

Friday, April 6

Grunion run

Dr. Karen Martin of Pepperdine University

presents Surf, Sand and Silversides.

California Grunion will be

compared with other beach-spawning

fishes to show how the rewards

of this behavior may outweigh the

risks. Free, reservations required. 7-

9 p.m. RSVP to lecture@cmaqua.

org. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium,

3720 Stephen White Dr., San


Saturday, April 7

Cactus, Succulent Show

Today and Sunday, Francis Young

Hall will overflow with thousands of

St. John Fisher Catholic Church

Holy Week Services - March 29 - April 1

Wednesday, March 28

Penance Service 7:30 pm

Holy Thursday, March 29

7:30 pm

Good Friday, March 30

3 pm, 7:30 pm

Holy Saturday, March 31

8 - 10 pm

Easter Sunday, April 1

7 am, 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm

Top of the Hill at Crenshaw and Crest

Rancho Palos Verdes


April 2018Peninsula 53

sculptural, rare, colorful and beautiful

cacti and succulents. Cactus & Succulent

Society members and growers

will be on hand to help you select

plants to best meet your needs—indoors

or outdoors and for drought-tolerant

landscapes. Free with Garden

admission. southcoastcss. org for

more information. South Coast

Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw

Best of The Beach 2017 Winner

Best Eclectic, American Contemporary

Daily Breeze “2015 South Bay’s Favorite”

American Restaurant & Bar

“ Best New Restaurant”- Richard Foss of Easy Reader

Favorite Soul Food of 2015- Daily Breeze( yeah, we were surprised


Hey! We like to party, especially with YOU! Call us for your next

Occasion. We’ve got a Banquet Room perfect for any celebration

Call 310-378-8119 for details


"Its Like You’re There All Over Again"

Blvd., Palos Verdes Peninsula, (310)

544-1948 or

Family Guided Walk


Sunday, April 8

Family Science & Stories

Gather the kids for a hands-on science

experience about the elusive

gray fox of Palos Verdes. See rare

footage of local foxes, examine taxidermy

specimens and pelts, and

learn about how this beautiful animal

thrives in our canyons and hills.

Followed by related storytime. 10

a.m. Free. All ages welcome.

George F Canyon, 27305 Palos

Verdes Dr. E., Rolling Hills. For more

information, (310) 547-0862 or

RSVP at:

Second Sundays At Two

Rolling Hills United Methodist

Church's concert series presents:

Berlin-based Israeli pianist Einav

Yarden at 2 p.m. Admission is free.

26438 Crenshaw Blvd, Rolling Hills


Finalists perform

Have you ever heard a tuba concerto?

Are you ready for a high-qualeventcalendar

Bring children for an easy, beautiful,

walk in George F Canyon. Free. 9

a.m. 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. E.,

Rolling Hills. (310) 547-0862 or

RSVP at:

Volunteer Day

Help restore the unique canyon habitat

at Alta Vicente Reserve, home to

many threatened and endangered

wildlife species. 9 a.m. to noon.

30940 Hawthorne Blvd., RPV. Sign

up at

Going native

Featuring guided tours of 3 native

and drought tolerant gardens in

Palos Verdes. Great opportunity to

see and learn about California native

plants from experts. $25 members

$30 non-members. 9:30 a.m.

or 1:30 p.m. For info and reservations

call: (310) 629-0500

At South Coast Botanic

Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd.,

Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Ultimate Eagles

Thrill to the high-flying harmonies,

stellar songwriting and guitar riffs of

the most authentic Eagles tribute

group in the country, On the Border.

8 p.m. $75-70, plus facility fee.

Please note: there is no elevator for

balcony access.

or (310) 544-0403 x

221. Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris

Center Dr., Rolling Hills Estate.

54 PeninsulaApril 2018

This tastefully refined home located in the Malaga Cove section of Palos Verdes Estates has a timeless elegance

that shows class and quality both inside and out. The 4,919 square foot home’s original Spanish villa theme was

redesigned and expanded by well known Hollywood architect Gerard Colcord in the 1970s. Sitting on nearly a

half acre lot, this two story home has ocean, city, and mountain views from both levels, and all 4 bedrooms and 3

of the bathrooms are downstairs. On the upper level is the expansive grand salon with beautiful high open beam

ceilings, and and impressive mezzanine, along with the 4th half bathroom. Your chance to own a home for the

ages is here now. For a virtual tour, please visit

Laurie Hurley-Fuszard & Tim Hurley

(310) 994-7250 or (310) 982-5628



CalDRE #01044261 CalDRE #01956953

2720 Via Elevado, Palos Verdes Estates

For an actual tour, please call us and we will be happy to personally show you more!

Offered at $3,990,000


Kentucky Derby gala

For Peninsula Heritage School

Parents and friends of Peninsula Heritage School

joined faculty and administrators at the annual

“Kentucky Derby” Winter Gala on February 24 at

Brouwerij West in San Pedro. A silent auction, a rousing

live auction, along with dinner, dancing, and even several

video horse races provided the Derby-attired guests

a delightful evening. Proceeds will benefit the school’s

science and visual and performing arts programs.


1. Scott and Zisha Yamano.

2. Jett and Aubrey Abramson.

3. Maria and Art Auerbach, Patricia and Alain Cailler.

4. Melissa Camouse and Nicole Tangen.

5. David and Kylie Esturain, Faith and Bruce Trotman.

6. Brian, Melissa, Nancy and Fred Lovell.

7. Erik and Rachel Swanholt.

8. Goran Visnjic and John Teng.



3 4 5

6 7


56 PeninsulaApril 2018

April 2018Peninsula 57


ity, free concert? The five finalists in the Peninsula Symphony’s 2018 Edith

Knox Young Artists Competition will perform for professional judging. Firstprize

winner announced at the end of the program and will solo with the Peninsula

Symphony at its June 17 concert. Free. 2 p.m. Redondo Union High

School Auditorium, 631 Vincent St., Redondo Beach.

Beethoven with a C

Beethoven carried the tradition of Joseph Haydn’s Masses with his Mass in C,

work commissioned by the Esterhazy Family. This Mass is scored for soloists,

chorus and orchestra. Join the Joanna Medawar Nachef Singers as they salute

this giant of the Classical world of Music with this magnificent masterpiece. 7

p.m. $40-$20, plus facility fee. 310-544-0403 Ext 221,

Theatre, 27570 Norris Center Dr., Rolling Hills Estates.

Tuesday, April 10

AARP Driving Classes

Join the sponsored program to receive a state mandated discount on auto insurance.

You must call (310) 377-3003 for a reservation. Bring your CA driver’s

license and attend both sessions (today and Thursday, April 12) to obtain

the certificate for insurance discount. 8:45 a.m. $15 for AARP members; $20

all others. (310) 377-3003 or for Peninsula Newsletter for Active Seniors go

to: Hesse Park, 29301 Hawthorne Blvd., Rancho Palos Verdes.

Wednesday, April 11

Woman's Club

The Palos Verdes Woman's Club meets at noon at the Rolling Hills Country

Club, 1 Chandler Ranch Road, Rolling Hills Estates. For the program Peter

Small will present "Historical Characters Brought to Life." $38. For reservations

and information call (310) 378-1349.

Kiss Me

Brush up your Shakespeare with Cole Porter’s musical comedy Kiss Me, Kate,

presented by the Palos Verdes High School Drama Department. Performances

April 13-22. April 13-14 and 21 at 7 p.m., April 15, 21-22 at 2 p.m., and

April 20 at 3 p.m. $20 for adults; $15 for students and can be purchased at or at the door if seats still available. In the MPR at Palos

Verdes High School, 600 Cloyden Road, Palos Verdes Estates. For further information,

visit the website, or call (310) 378-8471, ext. 237.

Thursday, April 12

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes is Robin Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christian

Wargo, and Morgan Henderson. 8 p.m. $45. Warner Grand Theatre, 478

W. 6th St., San Pedro, (310) 548-2493.

Saturday, April 14

Guided Walk

Appreciate some of the best wildflower viewing and geological formations on

the cliffs of a former basalt quarry. See faults, folds and igneous intrusions.

Moderate to strenuous walk. 9 a.m. Free and open to the public. Park along

Forrestal Dr. or park in lot at Ladera Linda Community Center. Meet near gate.

32201 Forrestal Drive, RPV. For more information, contact (310) 541-7613

ext. 201 or sign up at

Outdoor Volunteer Day

At Portuguese Bend Reserve, Ishibashi Trail, RPV., 9 a.m. – noon. Help restore

important wildlife habitat while looking out at a beautiful view! Sign up at

White Point Stories

Share the joy of storytelling with your children with retired Children’s Librarian

Carla Sedlacek for stories and activities featuring nature themes, exciting props

and songs. 10 a.m. Free. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro.

58 PeninsulaApril 2018


Wed., April 18


Explore the birds in nesting season

making a home in the George F

Canyon. The program is free and all

ages welcome. Presented by the

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

and Wild Birds Unlimited.

8:30 a.m. 27305 Palos Verdes

Drive East, RHE.

Can you Dig it?

The Diggers Garden Club meets the

second or third Wednesday of the

month, 10 a.m. to noon. For more

information, contact Sharon Ratterree

(424) 558-0919 or South Coast

Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw

Blvd., Palos Verdes Pen.

Friday, April 20

Soulful Living

Weekend retreat provides opportunities

to access your inner wisdom

through prayer experiences, ritual,

dreamwork and film. Renew, nourish

and energize. 7 p.m. to Sunday at

1:30 p.m. Shared $245 ($230 if

paid by March 30); single $340

($325 if paid by March 30). Mary

& Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest

Rd., Rancho Palos Verdes, (310)

377-4867 or

Saturday, April 21

Earth Day Celebration &


The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land

Conservancy invites the community

to a special Earth Day Celebration

and film. The two-part event begins

with volunteer day and choice of

family activities at White Point Nature

Preserve, 1600 W. Paseo del

Mar, San Pedro. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. At

5 p.m. enjoy free screening of acclaimed

documentary JANE at the

Warner Grand Theatre, 478 West

6th St., San Pedro.

Nature with a Naturalist

Enjoy coastal views and learn more

about the plants, animals, restoration

area and more! 9 a.m. Meet at the

information White Point kiosk between

parking lot and Nature Center.

1600 W. Paseo Del Mar, San

Pedro. RSVP (310) 541-7613 or

Temple Emet ~ Feel the Difference!!


for all

We are more than a Synagogue

We are a Family!

They say you can't choose your family

But, you can choose your friends

We are there for you when others can't be

We travel together, dine together, go to movies, theatre, cruise, bowl,

do paint & game nites, we are there for simchas and shivas, hospital and home visits,

we share, care, and are truly there for each other.

Are you ready for something more in your life? Something different?

Try us! Temple Emet! We are Truly Unique.

Youth to those

young at


April 2018Peninsula 59


Cirque by the Sea

Vistas for Children Fashion Show

Over 350 guests gathered for a spectacular 18th Annual Vistas Boutique

and Fashion Show. Vistas has been helping children for over

40 years. This year they celebrated at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza

Hotel’s Coral Ballroom in Redondo Beach. Guests shopped the more

than 25 carefully selected vendors for the Vistas Boutique. During the

luncheon guests enjoyed a fashion show organized by Suzanne Von

Schaack and the magical theatrical Vistas children production. Dancers

and models showcased the latest LA fashions by designers who included

Kentaro Kameyama, winner of the 16th season of television’s Project


1. Velveth Schmitz and her children.

2. Mayra Harris and Lori Burzminski.

3. Gretchen Privett, Julie Beckman,

Carolyn Perry and Linda Perry.

4. Pat Heybl, Cindy Percz, Vanja

Kapetanovic, Jenna Hills and Brenda


5. Kim Vallee, Judy Brilhart, Selmira

D’Angelo and Pam Secor.

6. Diana Ozolins, Guadalupe

Doumerz, Loretta Thompson and

Nancy Ozolins.


7. Madeline Jordan and Antonia


8. Susan Brooks and Cindy Percz.

9. Pam Branam, Cindy Percz, Rene

Berliner, Brenda Betty and Olga Arana.

10. Alex Angelino and Pam Branam.

11. Claire Campbell, Kylie Lazar and

Olga Mangual.

12. Cirque By The Sea Performance.


2 3

4 5 6





11 12

60 PeninsulaApril 2018

Coming Soon: Luxury Ocean View Malaga Cove Home

Visit for more information

Coming Soon in Valmonte ▪ Visit for more information

Kyle Daniels ▪ Ericson Beach Real Estate ▪ 310.483.3998

Earth Day Composting

Join the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

for an composting presentation by Denise Epport of

Triformis Corp. Free. 11 a.m. White Point Nature

Preserve, 1600 Paseo del Mar, San Pedro. (entrance

only via Western Ave.) RSVP:

Piano music

Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay concludes its

season at the Norris Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Featured

soloist is pianist Rufus Choi, Gold Medal winner of

the 2007 Iturbi International Competition. Preview

Talk by Stephen Richards starts at 6:45 p.m. Single

tickets $63 (includes facility fee) and available

through the box office, (310) 544-0403, ext. 221

or online at

Sunday, April 22

Wonderland Tea Party

Put on your Cheshire grin and imagination cap (or

top hat) for an adventure through the South Coast

Botanic Garden’s wonderland of trails and hidden

treasures. Search for rabbit holes, dare to play an

Eat Me, Drink Me game, and brew and sip rose tea

in the Rose Garden. 1-4 p.m. Free with membership

or Garden admission. RSVP highly encouraged.

26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos Verdes Peninsula.

(310) 544-1948 or

Wednesday, April 25


Explore the birds making a home in the George F

Canyon. Free and all ages welcome. Presented by

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy and

Wild Birds Unlimited. 8:30 a.m. 27305 Palos

Verdes Drive East, RHE.

Thursday, April 26

Spirit of Ireland

Las Candalistas presents Celebrate the Spirit of Ireland.

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enjoy the history and culture

of Ireland, performance by the Celtic Irish

Dance Academy, traditional Irish music by

singer/guitarist Denis Murray. Enter a chance to

win a trip for two to Ireland, valued at $5,250!

Enjoy a gourmet luncheon, shop boutique vendors,

Las Candalistas Creations, Garden Shoppe and

Gourmet Pantry and silent auction items.

for online reservations or call (310)

798-7499 for more information. Catalina View

Gardens, 6001 Palos Verdes Dr S, RPV.

Friday, April 27

H.E.L.P. Gala


H.E.L.P.’s Wild, Wild West Gala Fundraiser begins

at 6:30 p.m. and will be filled with music, auctions,

lots of fun and dinner. To make reservations call

(310) 533-1996. Held at the Palos

Verdes Golf Club, 3301 Via Campesina, Palos

Verdes Estates.

42nd Street

Come and meet those dancing feet in a glittery and

glamorous production of the classic of a small town

dancer who becomes a Broadway star. $80-$30.

Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday,

2 p.m., through May 13. Palos Verdes Performing

Arts Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris Center Dr., RHE. or (310) 544-


Saturday, April 28

Ritual and Labyrinth

Using media, music, art and your feet, experience

a day filled with ritual and fun with Sue Ballotti.

Dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. 9 a.m.

to 3 p.m. $50 ($45 if paid by April 20) Lunch included.

Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest

Rd., RPV. (310) 377-4867 or

Needle Artists by the Sea

Shoreline Stitchers’ Showcase, a judged needlework

show and boutique. A variety of needlework


• Are you in or approaching retirement?

• Do you want to stop worrying about your

investment portfolio?

• Do you lose sleep wondering if you may

outlive your nest egg?

• Do you want to know if you are on the

right path financially?

• Do you want to take control of your


• Do you feel you need a second opinion on

your portfolio?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the

above questions, you may need to contact

me, to provide you with a personal financial

plan designed to help you take control

of your finances, reduce anxiety and ultimately

achieve your financial goals. There

is no cost or obligation for the initial meeting,

as it is an opportunity for you to learn

more about me, and for me to determine

if I can help you achieve your financial

goals and objectives.

As a fee-only financial planner I will be

compensated solely by my clients, I do not

accept commissions, referral fees, or

compensation from other sources, and I am committed to acting in

your best interest.

Abbas A. Heydari, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner

and Registered Investment Advisor.

Providing Financial Services

in Torrance since 1986

21515 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 1020

Torrance, CA 90503



Phone: (310)792-2090

62 PeninsulaApril 2018


will be on display. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Admission $10. Sponsored by Needle Artists by the Sea, of the American

Needlepoint Guild. www.needleartistsbythesea. org. South Coast Botanic Garden,

26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos Verdes.

Native Plant Sale

At White Point Nature Education Center, noon – 2 p.m. Plants sold on firstcome,

first-serve basis. White Point Nature Preserve located at 1600 W. Paseo

del Mar in San Pedro. For more information call (310) 541-7613.

Spring Fling

Destination: Art’s first big exhibition of 2018. Gala Public Reception, 4 – 7

p.m. for a special show and sale celebrating local natural beauty and the

work of local artists. Explore your “personal art signature” as you begin, or

enhance, the use of art in your home. 1815 W. 213th St., #135, Torrance;

(310) 742-3192.

Sunday, April 29

Strings vs Winds

Peninsula Symphony’s 51st season concert, A House Divided, features Händel’s

Music for the Royal Fireworks (version for winds), and Shchedrin’s Carmen

Suite for strings and percussion. Doors open 6 p.m. Pre-concert lecture

(members only) at 6:15, concert at 7 p.m. Concert and parking are free. Redondo

Union High School Auditorium, 631 Vincent S., Redondo Beach (PCH

at Diamond). For information call the Symphony Office at 310-544-0320, e-

mail, or visit

Full Moon Yoga

Enjoy yoga for all levels on Terranea Resort's Ocean Lawn overlooking the

Pacific Ocean. Bring your own mat. 7 p.m. Suggested donation $20 to support

the PVP Land Conservancy. 100 Terranea Way, RPV. PEN


Freedom4You youth contests

n Winners of the Freedom4U Youth Photography contest had their work exhibited

at Paul’s Photo in Torrance during March. On May 22, Freedom4You and Hitchcock

Automotive Resources will host the annual South Bay Teen Idol Vocal Contest.

The entry deadline is May 1 for submissions of one minute, one song videos. Entrants

must be from the South Bay/Harbor area and be ages 13 to 18. For details


30 Year Anniversary

The Palos Verdes Flower Talking Clock donated by

Michel Medawar and his family, celebrated its 30th

Year on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Your clock reminds you of its presence every time

you wind it. If the accuracy of the clock is not

what it used to be, or the chimes are not as

strong or rhythmic, or maybe it just stops; that means

your clock is talking to you and telling you that its endless

life is in jeopardy.

It is imperative to maintain and service your clock

regularly. Oil gets old and dry forcing the train of gears

to work twice as hard to accomplish their goal. This results

in damage that drastically shortens the life of a

fine timepiece.

Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of

timepieces for over sixty years as his father did sixty

years before. He is the inventor of the first talking clock

in the world. He is a graduate from Patek Philippe in

Geneva, Switzerland, The Theod Wagner Clock Co. in

Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Howard Miller Clock

Co. in Zeeland, Michigan. Call him so that he may

come to your home and offer you a free estimate for

servicing your clock. Or bring your wall or mantel

clock to our store to see our showroom and receive the

same complimentary diagnosis.

We are located at 810C Silver Spur Rd., in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca.

90274. Or call us at (310) 544-0052

Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday

810C Silver Spur Road • Rolling Hills Estates • CA 90274

Call 310.544.0052

April 2018Peninsula 63


Mad Hatter High Tea Party

Villa Narcissa Style

The Portuguese neighborhood guests and curated outliers were the invitees

to the Katrina Vanderlip Mad Hatter Tea Party to benefit the Vanderlip

Heritage Fund. Joan Shriver had the funniest get up with a spoon

faced mask and top hat while her son Steve sported a flourescent yellow

and black striped spider hat with orange fluff and a blue feather scarf. The

venue was the Villa Narcissa, and the guests were asked to share one of

their most embarrassing moments at the dining room table. After a few

glasses of champagne, the roars of laughter could be heard from outside.


1. Steve and Joan Shriver.

Edward Perlberg and Jackie Balestra.

2. Brian and Diana Anderson, Corinne 4. Sharing stories.

Gerrard and Katrina Vanderlip. 5. The tea.

3. Katrina Vanderlip and husband 6. The bites.

Betty Raley Wing

7/21/1923 ~ 2/4/2018

Wing, a prominent business

man and inventor. Together

they traveled the world and

supported many worthwhile


She was preceded in death by

three husbands, one brother

and two sisters. From her first

two marriages she is survived

by sons Edward and Stephen

and three grandchildren. From

her marriage

with George, she

is survived by his

children from a

Betty Raley Wing passed

away on February 4,

2018. She was ninety


Born in Colorado,

Betty was

a long time resident

of the South

Bay and deeply

involved with

the Palos Verdes

Art Center. She

was a founding

member of The

Circle, a key support

group of the

Center and

served as its

president twice.

She also served

on the Art Center board of directors.

Betty was married to George

previous marriage,

George IV,

Suzanne, Zola

and Judi, six

g r a n d c h i l d r e n

and ten great


Betty was an

elegant, gracious

lady, always imp

e c c a b l y

dressed. She dazzled

a wide range of people

with her sparkling conversation

and sharp wit.

She was loyal to friends and

family and a fierce defender of

deeply held principles. Donations

may be made to fund established

in her name at the

Palos Verdes Art Center.

1 2

3 4

5 6

64 PeninsulaApril 2018


Ek Kardia Serving the Community

n The 2018 high school senior class members of Ek Kardia were recently honored

for their service to the South Bay. Ek Kardia, which means "from the heart" in

Greek, is a faith-based mother-daughter service organization designed to foster a

lifelong practice of giving from the heart.


After practicing law in the

Manhattan and Hermosa Beach area for

over 28 years I'm pleased to announce the

relocation of my offices to Palos Verdes.

Please call for a free consultation.


Attorney At Law

655 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 125

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

(310) 544-2255



(Front row) Natalie Watts, Leah Heffernan and Emma Wendorff. (Middle

row) Hayley Zakman, Megan Colaruotolo, Rebecca Schubert,

Angelina Norris, Kara Lee, Kaitlyn Tang, Karly Galosic, Eliza Steere,

Amanda Houtz and Claire Malit. (Back row) Nicole Yee, Nicole Vogel,

Christina Vogelzang, Christine Miller, Elise Hall, Camille Fechner,

Alyssa Yeh and Rachel Hood.

Trojan League South Bay

n Fun Times and the “Fight On” spirit were shared at the Trojan League of the

South Bay Luncheon at the Palos Verdes Golf Club. Celebrating their 44 year anniversary

as well as their two-term past presidents who have contributed their time

and resources so generously. Eighteen of the twenty-two presidents were in attendance

including four of the charter members: Sigrid Allman, Jea Baran, Donna

Gibbs, and Regina Leimbach. They reminisced how times have changed before

email, technology and Facebook. But what has not changed is their life-long

friendships and support of their alma mater… USC! PEN

Front Row-Sara Jane Bettge, Pam Bowers, Jody Murdock, Alice Remp, Jea

Baran, Suzanne Krapf and Regina Leimbach Back Row-Melody Nishida,

Dale Harbour-Day, Nancy Lovell, Paula Hawkins, Julie Haynes, Sigrid Allman,

Kathie Chapman, Donna Gibbs, Beth Petak-Aaron, Helaine Lopes

and Patti Johnson.


APRIL 22, 11:00am – 2:00pm


Palos Verdes Golf Club - 3301 Via Campesina, PVE


Call for details



Meeting- Tuesday March 27, 2018

11:00am – 2:00pm

Palos Verdes Golf Club - $40




Cleaning up the corruption in the voting process in

California. L.A. has approximately 144% voter

registration. It is impossible to have more people

registered to vote than are eligible to vote.

Join Mark in his quest for Election Integrity.



RSVP – (310) 544-9810 or

April 2018Peninsula 65



The housemade crusty bread

served on seating

shows Luna Rossa is putting its

woodfired oven to good use

Luna Rossa manager Augusto Cali.

Photo by Brad Jacobson (

by Richard Foss

Iwas reminded to visit a restaurant by an eclipse. No, really.

You might remember that we had a super blue blood moon a

while ago, and my wife and I got up before dawn to see it. It

was worth a few moments of contemplation before going back

indoors to get warm.

Somehow, when we went out for dinner the next evening it

must have been in my mind. We went to Luna Rossa, which of

course is Italian for red moon, on the second floor of the Peninsula

Promenade. I had last visited in 2012, about a year after they

opened, and at that time the food was uneven but showed promise.

I had meant to get back soon to find out how the place matured,

but somehow it took an eclipse to jog my memory.

It had been so long that I actually forgot where the entrance

was – the first sign you see as you exit the parking structure is

for their private dining room. (They really ought to have a sign

somewhere near the bottom of the stairway pointing to the main

entrance, because we weren’t the first to go all the way to the

top of the stairs and then discover that you can’t get in there.)

Go around the building to the right and you’ll find the escalator

that will actually get you to their second floor location.

Once you‘re inside the atmosphere is old-school Italian, with

a formal looking dining room just past the clubby bar by the

entry. The yellow walls and natural light make the environment

stylish and comfortable for a mall location.

The menu is slanted toward Northern Italy and includes the

traditional pastas and both grilled items and pizzas from a woodfired

oven. This isn’t the place to go for arcane regional dishes,

and the comfort food is a good match for the décor. They bring

out very good housemade crusty bread to start, which shows that

they’re putting that oven to good use.

My wife and I were decided to start the meal with the salmon

and potato salad but decided that something lighter was in order

and split a small Caesar. A generous portion of anchovies is $3.50

extra and worth it, because the sharp flavor completes what is

otherwise a very mild dressing. I added a gentle sprinkle of pepper

too, and my wife who usually prefers hers without agreed

that it was an improvement. The portion was generous as a salad

for one person and enough for a light starter for two.

We had ordered the small salad because we liked the look of

two of the entrees but also wanted to try something from that

oven, so had pizza as a second course. The thin, crisp crust was

very good and the portion of sauce and topping moderate so no

one element overshadowed another, which is true to the tradition

of Naples rather than the Italian-American more-is-better idea.

We had chosen the pizza that is a house specialty, a vegetarian

item with eggplant, zucchini, artichoke, olives, tomato, onion,

and bell pepper, and though we asked for the bell pepper to be

omitted it was still a well-balanced set of flavors. The pizza was

quite large and with a salad would have been a good lunch or

light dinner for two.

For main courses we chose a mushroom risotto and a bowl of tortellacci

pasta filled with wine-braised short rib meat in a truffled Alfredo sauce.

That latter item is probably the most unusual item on the menu, since it’s

a bit counterintuitive to braise beef in red wine and then stuff it in pasta

in a white sauce. It works well because the shaved truffles in that sauce

add a slight muskiness that is a very good complement to meaty flavors.

Our server offered some grated parmesan. It wasn’t essential but added

nicely to the flavor.

The risotto was well-made and had a rich, full mushroom flavor balanced

with garlic in the white wine sauce. I think I might have liked a dash more

herbs in it to add complexity, but it was quite decent as it was.

We paired our meal with glasses of wine from an unexpectedly short

and California-centric list. There are a many very good Italian wines available

at a price that makes them an attractive proposition by the glass, and

it was surprising not to find them in a place that otherwise celebrates Italian


We had just a little room left for dessert so decided to split what was referred

to as a mini-tiramisu. The portion was actually larger than we expected,

and even though we liked the light but rich cake we wouldn’t have

wanted a larger portion. Unlike most of the rest of the desserts, this one is

made in house and made very well, with the sweetness of the cream, slight

wine flavor, and bitterness from chocolate and espresso all harmonizing.

We were also offered a complimentary last item of a fritter called a frappe.

This is just fried dough topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, a crisp

little finish to the meal.

Dinner for two with three glasses of wine ran $130, about what I’d expect

for this caliber of food in this location. Luna Rossa isn’t groundbreaking

but the cooking is solid, and you shouldn’t wait for a sign from the

skies to stop in.

Luna Rossa is at 550 Deep Valley Drive in Rolling Hills Estates. Opens daily

11:30 a.m., closed 9 p.m. Sun.-Thur., 10 p.m. Fri.-Sat. Full bar, corkage $25,

some vegetarian items. Menu at (warning: website blasts

music). Phone 310-377-0202. PEN

JoAnn DeFlon

SRES, Palos Verdes Specialist

310.508.3581 call/text

CalBre #01943409

Home is what you choose to surround yourself with,

Family, Friends, History, Views,

Vista Sotheby's International Realty-Uniting extraordinary

homes with extraordinary lives


Call me to discuss your extraordinary adventure.

Each office is independently

Owned and operated

April 2018Peninsula 67

• Serving the South

Bay for over 35 years

• Full Service Contractor

• Complete Installation

• New Construction

• Remodeling

• Second Floors

• Additions

• Cabinets

4203 Spencer St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310)214-5049 •

Appointments Are Recommended

Showroom Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-5 • Friday 9-3 • Monday by Appointment

Closed Saturday and Sunday • License #381992

Visit Our

Kitchen &







1st Windows low prices, high quality

Find 24/7 convenience at or visit the Signal Hill showroom. 1st

Windows promises the best prices in the South Bay. No games, no commissioned

salespeople, no high-pressure sales. A volume, repeat-business dealer since 1995,

1st Windows is known for its straightforward and efficient service as well as its

quality products, lines and workmanship.

(562) 494-9069

1858 E. 20th Street, Signal Hill

Catalina Paint

Catalina Paints, formerly known as Supreme Paints, is a destination for top quality

house paints as well as wallpaper and window coverings. The Manhattan Beach

location recently started carrying Farrow and Ball paints, and both the Redondo

Beach and Manhattan locations carry Benjamin Moore, Cabot Stains, Hunter

Douglas and a whole lot more. For a complete list of products and locations,

please visit:

1002 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach, (310) 540-4456

708 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, (310) 376-2444

Custom Design & Construction

makes remodeling fun and easy

Custom Design & Construction takes the stressful process of home remodeling and

makes it fun and easy. Beginning with the Discovery phase, CDC’s award-winning

team works with you to explore all options within your budget range. By working

Highest Quality at a Fair Price

1815 W. 213th St, #135, Torrance


• Stamping

• Driveways

• Pool Decks

• BBQ/Firepits

• Patios

• Stonework

• Pavers

• Foundations


Casey Lindahl - Founder & President of Lindahl Concrete Construction, Inc.

] u




Showroom Available

68 PeninsulaApril 2018





with a single company that provides both design and construction all under one

roof, you don’t have to be the middleman and your exact final price is in place

before work even begins. That means no surprises down the road. Ask about

easy in-house financing and if you aren’t sure where to start, please attend a free

home remodeling seminar or stop by the Design Center. Call Custom Design &

Construction today! License #524561

(310) 815-4815

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Vinyl Windows

Replacement and New Construction





Lowest Prices Up Front • No Games

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70 PeninsulaApril 2018




Best Paints and

Window Coverings

1002 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach | (310) 540-4456

708 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach | (310) 376-2444


Destination: Art

Experience Destination: Art’s first big art exhibition of 2018, “Spring Fling.” Art

lovers, interior designers, and home and garden enthusiasts are invited to a Gala

Public Reception Saturday, April 28, 4 - 7 p.m. for this special show and sale,

celebrating the natural beauty of the South Bay and the work of local artists. This

event can help you explore your “personal art signature” as you begin, or enhance,

the use of art in your home. Visit this unique studio and gallery concept,

open Thursdays through Saturdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays noon to 4


(310) 742-3192

1815 W. 213th St., #135, Torrance

Beautiful pools, spas and outdoor

living space by Horusicky Construction

Beautiful swimming pools, creative spas and artistic masonry work of all sizes are

offered by Horusicky Construction. Started by Michael Horusicky, Sr. and now

run by Mike Jr. and his sons, the family has been in business for over 45 years

and is known for its quality work. Offering complete new pool and spa construction

and remodels, hardscape, decking, outdoor kitchens, brick and stone projects of

all sizes as well as landscaping. Horusicky Construction can meet all of your

hardscape needs with the experience and expertise that you can trust. Log onto to see their photo gallery and customer comments and reviews.

Call or email to schedule a free estimate.

(310) 544-9384

Whether it is real wood Or composite wood

Call The DexPerts at Learned Lumber

South Bay’s oldest lumber yard.

South Bay’s oldest lumber yard

• Trim

• Doors

• Siding

• Decking

• Lumber

• Windows

• Hardware

• Referrals

Free parking in our 6th Street lot

635 Pacific Coast Highway - Hermosa Beach


Stocking Dealer

April 2018Peninsula 71

Suzy Zimmerman, Agent

Insurance Lic#: OF71296

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite


Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

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Since 1990 • License # 770059, C-36 C-34 C-42

D E P E N D A B L E • P R O F E S S I O N A L • A F F O R D A B L E

w w w . m a t t u c c i p l u m b i n g . c o m

That’s when you can count on

State Farm®.

I know life doesn’t come with a schedule.

That’s why at State Farm you can always

count on me for whatever you need –

24/7, 365.



1101198.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

V ilicich

Watch & Clock

Established 1947



70 th


(310) 833-6891

We Buy


714 S. Weymouth Avenue

San Pedro, CA 90732

Not affiliated with Rolex USA


$ 9 8 0

Residential Water Heater

40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available)

Includes hot & cold water supply lines

Expires May 31, 2018





$ 7 5

Rooter Service - Main Line

Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply.

Expires May 31, 2018



M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n

s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t .

3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1




Kitchen Collection team creates timeless results

Jackie Balint, CKD, has been a designer in the kitchen and bath industry since

1981 and is the owner of The Kitchen Collection in Riviera Village in Redondo

Beach. She and her daughter Debra offer years of expertise in practical and personalized

kitchens and baths. They work with clients and contractors to create

timeless projects, utilizing quality products and providing personal attention from

concept to completion. Jackie and Debra have worked on projects throughout the

country and have had many of their projects featured in architectural publications.

The Kitchen Collection is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association

and the Bath & Kitchen Buying Group. Jackie has served on the boards of both


Thank You

For Your





72 PeninsulaApril 2018



(310) 540-4090

241 Avenida del Norte, Redondo Beach

Lindahl Concrete’s work is legendary

Lindahl Concrete is the leading concrete and masonry company in the South Bay.

They value good relationships with their customers and produce the highest quality

work. View their work of driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, barbecues,

city work, stone work, and more at their website. They are stamping, pavers and

sand/washed finished concrete specialists. Visit their garden showroom to see

samples of colors and finishes. Workman’s Comp & General Liability Insured. Call

Casey Lindahl, Founder and President of Lindahl Concrete Construction. Lic.


(310) 326-6626

Mattucci Plumbing

At Mattucci Plumbing, the level of service you receive is a guarantee. For plumbing

repairs and installations in the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles, Mattucci’s professional

technicians are all about making services and equipment work as great

as possible. Customer satisfaction is their #1 priority. Call today or book an appointment

online. Their professional team is available whenever you need them

and a live person will gladly assist you 24 hours a day. Call today for your free


(310) 543-2001

Pete Fer Plumbing,

Heating & Air offers

repairs, remodels

Pete Fer Plumbing is a complete mechanical

contracting company, providing

plumbing, heating and air

conditioning for new construction, remodeling,

service and repair to commercial

and residential customers.

They provide 24 hour service, seven

days a week through an automated

emergency dispatch paging system.

Mention Peninsula People to one of

their service technicians and receive

$20 off your first service call.

(310) 831-0737

2020 S. Mesa St, San Pedro


Classifieds Your Local Expert Community 424-269-2830






Concrete & Masonry

Residential & Commercial


Lic. #935981 C8 C29


Thank You South Bay for

50 Years of Patronage!

Residential • Commercial • Industrial



New Construction

& Remodeling

Excellent References

Horusicky Construction


Credit cards accepted

Lic #309844, Bonded, Insured

Two Month Classes

One Day Class

Private Classes

Catering is available

for parties




Concrete • Masonry

Landscape • Pools

Spa • Waterfall

BBQ • Firepits



Call us to Discuss the



Hillside Specialist

Foundation Repair Experts

Grading & Drainage

Retaining Walls,

Fences & Decks


Lic. #906371






your space in

the next

Call direct 424-269-2830

Pub Date: April 28

Deadline: April 13









• Residential


• Remodel Specialist

Scott K. Lynch

P.V. Native

Licensed & Insured



Office & Fax


Lic 701001





Fix It Right


First Time

What we do…


Electrical, Drywall,

Painting & more.

Valente Marin




Vocal Technician

Piano Teacher


Jeannine McDaniel

Rancho Palos Verdes

20 year experience

All Ages




Plumbing 24/7 • Heating

Air Conditioning

800-354-2705 • 310-831-0737

Your Ad Here

25,000 Readers


• Venetian Plastering

• Ceiling Removal




Tile Reroof and

repair specialist


Family owned

business since 1978

Lic 831351



Patch Master Plastering

Patch Plastering • Interior • Exterior

• Drywall Work

• Acoustic Ceiling Removal

• Water & Fire Restoration


Lic. # 687076 • C35-B1







Room Additions

New Construction

Charles Clarke

Local Owner/General Contractor

Ph: (310) 791-4150

Cell: (310) 293-9796

Fax (310) 791-0452

“Since 1990” Lic. No. 810499
















Lic. #770059

C-36 C-20 A


April 2018Peninsula 73

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