Peninsula People Apr 2018

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Volume XXII, Issue 9 <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 3


Volume XXII, Issue 9<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong><br />

P A L O S V E R D E S P E N I N S U L A M O N T H L Y<br />


Re/Max Estate Properties founder<br />

Sandra Sanders<br />

Photo by David Fairchild<br />

(DavidFairchildStudio.com)<br />


18<br />

26<br />

36<br />

44<br />

66<br />

Belle of the Bay<br />

by Kevin Cody Sandra Sanders emerged from a small town<br />

in Louisiana to become the most successful real estate broker<br />

in one of the nation’s most competitive and expensive real<br />

estate markets.<br />

Hello muddah, hello faddah<br />

by Ryan McDonald An app for helping seniors keep in<br />

touch with their families draws the attention of “Shark Tank.”<br />

Home game<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian After nearly two decades in the<br />

National Hockey League, Stanley Cup winner Brad Stuart looks<br />

forward to staying home with his family.<br />

An app for horses<br />

by Yvonne Liu Horse lover Lindsay Douglass uses her<br />

Stanford engineering degree to design an app that simplifies<br />

the paperwork required of owning a horse.<br />

Old school Italian<br />

by Richard Foss Luna Rossa’s food lives up to the promise<br />

of its formal, old school, Italian dining room.<br />


12 Richstone Masquerade Gala<br />

14 Sanders awarded Norris Keys to the Heart<br />

22 Girls Night Out at Comedy and Magic<br />

32 Providence Little Company honors<br />

Priscilla Hunt<br />

48 Las Madrecitas Ball<br />

50 Coach ‘Dozer’ remembered<br />

56 <strong>Peninsula</strong> Heritage celebrates the<br />

Kentucky Derby<br />

60 Vistas for Children Cirque by the Sea<br />

64 Mad Hatter Tea Party<br />


50 <strong>Peninsula</strong> calendar<br />

63 Around and About<br />

68 <strong>Peninsula</strong> Home and Garden<br />

73 Home services<br />

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6 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 7

8 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 9

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Moonlight Masquerade Gala<br />

Richstone Family Center benefit<br />

The 23rd Annual Affair of the Heart Gala was attended by hundreds<br />

of South Bay residents at mega-car dealer Michael Sullivan’s Audi<br />

Pacific Torrance Center. This year’s honorees were Chuck Stain and<br />

Gary Houston, both Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> residents. The attire was<br />

masquerade and guests were treated to a special evening of wine, martinis,<br />

dinner and an auction full of unique experiences including a<br />

Goodyear Blimp excursion, a Hawthorne City Police helicopter ride and<br />

an unforgettable experience at the Hearst Castle for two. Richstone is<br />

dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse and trauma, strengthening<br />

and educating families and decreasing violence in families,<br />

schools and communities. For more about Richstone Family Center visit<br />

RichstoneFamily.org.<br />

1. Corey and E.J. Wicketts, Denise<br />

and Russell Tyner and Jeana Cabotaje.<br />

2. Gary and Nan Houston.<br />

3. Courtney Houston, Gary and Nan<br />

Houston, Jenny Houston and Shelby<br />

Houston.<br />

4. Mathew St. Cloud and Lindsey<br />

Perkins.<br />

5. Terry Dibble and Mark Smith.<br />

6. Jack Whalen, Cathleen and Chuck<br />

Stain.<br />


7. RL and David Peters, Larry and<br />

Candy Poindexter.<br />

8. Fred Grant, Tara Hubbard Grant,<br />

Britney and Nick Brandeau.<br />

9. LAcarGuy’s Mike Sullivan and<br />

announcer Rossi.<br />

10. Barbara and Roger Van Remmen,<br />

Rita and Doug Mockett.<br />

11. Randy Burt and Deslie Guthrie.<br />

12. Eric and Nicole Santiago.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11 12<br />

12 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Palos Verdes<br />

Performing Arts<br />

Reach for the Stars Benefit Gala<br />

An evening of shimmering splendor and<br />

dazzling entertainment awaited guests at<br />

the “Reach for the Stars” Gala at the Harlyne<br />

J. Norris Pavilion. The black-tie event commemorated<br />

the 35th anniversary season of the<br />

Norris Theatre and honored supporter Sandra<br />

Sanders, who was presented with the “Keys to<br />

Our Heart” award for her service on the board<br />

and generosity to the Palos Verdes Performing<br />

Arts (PVPA). Among the many highlights of<br />

the evening was the “Reach for the Stars Musical<br />

Revue,” which celebrated music from<br />

Broadway spanning eight decades.<br />

1<br />

2<br />


3 4<br />

1. Julie Moe Reynolds and Abby Douglass.<br />

2. Keys to our Heart honoree Sandra Sanders.<br />

3. Honoree Sandra Sanders and children James,<br />

Diane and John.<br />

4. John, Sandra, Julie and Jocelyn Sanders.<br />

5. Adam Wagoner, Sandra Sanders, Sadie Sanders,<br />

Jocelyn Bennion and Annika Smith.<br />

6. Kehrl Blenko and Mary Carroll.<br />

7. Steve and Lisa Hansen.<br />

8. Dr. Allen Ginsburg and Charlotte Ginsburg,<br />

Quinn and Rochelle Fregeau.<br />

9. Dr. Greg Ginsburg and Valerie Neuner, Danny<br />

and Simone Ginsburg.<br />

10. Chuck and Marylyn Klaus.<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

14 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

chrisadlam.com<br />

Originally completed in 1931, this Kirtland Cutter home, in Palos Verdes<br />

Estates, features over 5,000 square feet with a style and elegance that is<br />

almost impossible to duplicate today. $3,500,000.

Beautiful 6 bedroom home in the heart of Palos Verdes Estates. Ocean and pastoral<br />

views. Over 5400 square feet with pool, spa, 3 car garage, and large, open living spaces.<br />

$2,999,000<br />

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

chrisadlam.com<br />

Beautiful Malaga Cove location. This charming, 3 bedroom home features over<br />

2300 square feet, a large, private courtyard, vaulted ceilings, stone fireplaces<br />

and more! $1,999,000

Brand new construction in Palos Verdes Estates. Panoramic ocean views, beautiful<br />

contemporary design and details, an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, elevator and more!<br />

$3,850,000<br />

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

chrisadlam.com<br />

Beautiful Cape Cod in the heart of Valmonte with 2400 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2<br />

baths. Large backyard with grass, patios and spa. Sparkling city lights view too!<br />


Belle<br />

of the Bay<br />

by Kevin Cody<br />

The old boys’ club was no problem for Southern born Sandra Sanders<br />

Sandra Sanders opened Re/Max Palos Verdes in a medical building at<br />

Palos Verdes Drive North, and Crenshaw Boulevard in 1984. Re/Max<br />

(Real Estate Maximums) was a franchise founded a decade earlier by<br />

Denver-based Dave Liniger and his future wife Gail Main.<br />

Prior to Re/Max, real estate offices split sales commissions 60-40, with<br />

the 60 percent going to the agent. The broker provided agents with an office,<br />

logistical support and marketing.<br />

Re/Max upended this business model by introducing “rent-a-desks.” Instead<br />

of closely split commissions, agents paid brokers a flat fee, plus a<br />

small percent of their commissions. In return, brokers gave agents a desk<br />

and logistical support. Re/Max predated today’s shared offices by half a century.<br />

The rent-a desk model attracted top producing agents, leaving conventionally<br />

structured offices with the less productive agents. Re/Max brokers<br />

were discouraged from keeping low producers because their franchise fee<br />

was based on the number of agents they had.<br />

“Everyone has to contribute. If an agent isn’t selling, I bring them in and<br />

tell them, ‘You’ve got to sell,’” Sanders said in explaining how the system<br />

works.<br />

Within five years Sanders had over 40 agents, and had opened a second<br />

office in Malaga Cove.<br />

Then, in 1989, longtime <strong>Peninsula</strong> broker Ron Florence sold his Carriage<br />

Realty to Coldwell Banker, a national, split-commission brokerage. Over 70<br />

agents promptly left Coldwell Banker and joined Re/Max Palos Verdes.<br />

“Agents were loyal to Ron, but they weren’t loyal to Coldwell because it<br />

was from out of the area. And Carriage’s office was right across from ours,<br />

in Malaga Cove. So, I got lucky. But you have to be somewhat good to be<br />

lucky,” Sanders said.<br />

Two years prior to Sanders opening Re/Max Palos Verdes, Bob Todd converted<br />

his Spring Realty offices in the Beach Cities to Re/Max. Todd’s<br />

Re/Max Beach Cities enjoyed even faster growth in his hyperactive market<br />

than Re/Max Palos Verdes. By the time Todd retired in 2005, he owned 14<br />

Re/Max offices with over 700 agents in the Beach Cities and West Los Angeles.<br />

Todd’s rival in the Beach Cities was Shorewood Realtors, a conventional<br />

commission broker, founded in 1969 by Arnold Goldstein and Larry Wolf.<br />

To stem the exodus of their agents to Todd’s Re/Max, Goldstein and Wolf<br />

adopted the rent-a-desk model. The two companies battled for dominance<br />

in the Beach Cities for the next three decades, until the Great Recession of<br />

2008.<br />

During their expansion years, both Re/Max Beach Cities and Shorewood<br />

attempted to expand to the <strong>Peninsula</strong>, without success.<br />

“You’re looking at her,” Sanders said by way of explaining why they failed.<br />

Todd’s Malaga Cove office was one of nearly a dozen offices she bought in<br />

her consolidation of the <strong>Peninsula</strong> market.<br />

When the Great Recession hit and home prices plummeted, Sanders<br />

closed her San Pedro office and put her own money into her company to<br />

keep it afloat. But her chief rivals fared worse, providing her another lucky<br />

opportunity.<br />

In 2010, Todd’s daughter Kelly Amundson, who took over Re/Max Beach<br />

Cities after Todd’s conviction on loan fraud cost him his real estate license,<br />

called Sanders’ son James.<br />

“Kelly told James she was filing for bankruptcy and even though we were<br />

competitors, she wanted what was best for her agents and thought we<br />

would be a good fit. So, for just $200,000, we acquired their 200 agents and<br />

their offices in the Beach Cities and West Los Angeles,” Sander said.<br />

The sale left Shorewood as Sanders’ biggest rival. Like Sanders, Shorewood<br />

founders Goldstein and Wolf were approaching 80. Unlike Sanders,<br />

they were ready to retire. In 2014, they sold Shorewood, with its nine offices,<br />

and 250 agents, to Denver-based real estate mogul Roger Herman.<br />

18 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

Sandra Sanders with<br />

other top <strong>Peninsula</strong> real<br />

estate brokers Steve<br />

Watts, Raju Chhabria,<br />

and Chris Adlam in<br />

2010.<br />

Photo by David Fairchild<br />

Two years later, Shorewood was dissolved during Herman’s bankruptcy<br />

and its assets acquired by Vista Sotheby’s.<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> brokers Adlam and Associates, and the Edler Group, and Realtors<br />

Gerard Bisignano and Darin DeRenzis formed Vista Sotheby’s in<br />

2007. In 2015, they established a Beach Cities beachhead by merging with<br />

South Bay Brokers, which, like Re/Max Beach Cities and Re/Max Palos<br />

Verdes, was formed in the mid 1980s by Jim Van Zanten and Jack Gillespie.<br />

The Shorewood and South Bay Brokers transactions made Vista<br />

Sotheby’s the second largest <strong>Peninsula</strong> real estate broker and the third<br />

largest in the South Bay, behind Keller Williams and Sanders’ Re/Max.<br />

Sanders said she chose not to bid on Shorewood because she thought<br />

she could win over a significant number of Shorewood agents without paying<br />

for the company’s assets.<br />

“And we did. 75 to 80 Shorewood agents joined us,” she said.<br />

In 2012, as the Great Recession receded and South Bay home prices rebounded,<br />

Sanders rebranded Re/Max Palos Verdes as Re/Max Estate Properties<br />

and ditched the cheesy, red, white and blue Re/Max business cards<br />

in favor of black cards with the Re/Max balloon embossed in silver, to reflect<br />

her increasingly wealthy market.<br />

Last year, Re/Max Estate Properties accounted for over 40 percent of the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong>’s 1,280 home sales and over 30 percent of the South Bay’s 7,896<br />

homes sales.<br />

Sanders’ 17 offices, 725 agent and more than $5 billion in annual sales<br />

have surpassed Todd’s levels during the pre Great Recession South Bay<br />

real estate boom years.<br />

Sanders explains her success to new agents by telling them about the<br />

first time she went fly fishing.<br />

“My husband and I went to a lodge in Montana, and I caught 21 fish the<br />

first day. Back at the lodge the other guests were complaining about not<br />

Getting rid of your frown lines is no<br />

different than getting your nails done.<br />

Treat yourself!<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 19

catching any fish. So the next day, I studied why I was catching fish and<br />

others weren’t. The first reason was I had a good guide. He went up and<br />

down the river looking for the best holes to cast in while the other guides<br />

settled in one place.The second reason was I cast left and right. I worked<br />

really hard.<br />

“A good coach and a good work ethic is all you need.”<br />

Sanders’ coach, she said, was the legendary motivational speaker Jim<br />

Rohn.<br />

“I listened to his tapes and what I learned was ‘Work harder on yourself<br />

than on your business.’”<br />

Nothing in Sanders upbringing portended her becoming the most successful<br />

real estate broker in one of the nation’s wealthiest, most competitive<br />

real estate markets.<br />

Beginning with the fact that she is a woman in a field long dominated<br />

by men.<br />

Sanders acknowledged having had her “me too” moments, but insists<br />

they never hindered her career.<br />

“There was an old boys’ club that I was not included in,” Sanders said.<br />

“I can’t say it hurt me, but I certainly noticed that I wasn’t included.”<br />

“When I started, Re/Max had almost no female brokers. And most of<br />

them were partners with their husbands. It’s still that way,” she said.<br />

“But I was never motivated to break through the glass ceiling. I was motivated<br />

to do the best job I could every day of the week,” she said.<br />

“My advice to women is the same I give to men. Color, creed and gender<br />

don’t matter. It’s what’s inside you.”<br />

Sandra McConnell grew up an only child in Minden, a town of 8,000 in<br />

the northeast corner of Louisiana, near Shreveport and the Red River. It<br />

bequeathed her a disarming Southern accent, a supportive husband and<br />

not much else.<br />

Her father, an oil field supervisor, died when she was nine, leaving her<br />

to care for her English-born, epileptic mother Fairy Maurice Barnes Mc-<br />

Connell.<br />

“I had no ambition. I just wanted to be get married and be a housewife.<br />

When it was time to go to college, my mother told me I could be a teacher,<br />

a nurse or a secretary. She was a teacher and hated it and I didn’t want to<br />

be a nurse, so I studied business at Louisiana Tech University.”<br />

At 22, she married Glover Sanders, her highschool sweetheart, who possessed<br />

an engineering degree from Texas A&M.<br />

“Part of the reason I married Glover was he agreed to have my mother<br />

live with us. He must have really loved me because mother was crazy as<br />

well as epileptic,” Sanders said.<br />

When Glover was offered a job at Union Carbide in Torrance, the couple,<br />

with young children John and Diane and her mother moved to a small<br />

home on Spring Creek Road in Rancho Palos Verdes.<br />

After their third child James entered St. John Fisher in 1973, Grover suggested<br />

to his wife that she apply her formidable energy to selling real estate.<br />

“I was bored and just wanted to make some extra money. But, being<br />

competitive, I wanted to do well. After eight months, I had six homes in<br />

escrow, so it became a career.”<br />

She started with the Rockoff brothers’ Robert’s Realty and over the next<br />

10 years worked for a half dozen other <strong>Peninsula</strong> brokers before starting<br />

Re/Max Palos Verdes. She said she affiliated with Re/Max because she<br />

thought its commission structure would enable her to attract the <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s<br />

top Realtors.<br />

In recent years, Sanders has relinquished responsibilities to her sons John<br />

and James and daughter Diane. She’s dialed back her 24/7 days to 10 to 4,<br />

Monday through Friday, leaving her time to swim in her pool at her ranch<br />

style Rolling Hills home.<br />

As her fortune grew Sanders became one of the <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s principal<br />

philanthropist. She served on the Norris Theater Board of Director for a<br />

dozen years and has also contributed to the Palos Verdes Art Center, Marymount<br />

College, St. John Fisher, Rainbow Services and Torrance Memorial<br />

Medical Center. In 2013, The Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce named<br />

her Woman of the Year and last month she received the Norris Theater<br />

Key to Our Heart award.<br />

At 82, Sanders credits her energy to a positive attitude, exercise and moderation.<br />

“I take life as it comes. I think stress ages people,” she said with her understated<br />

Southern sensibility. PEN<br />

20 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>


One of the LOWEST price single family home in the area. 3BR, 2 Updated Baths, modern kitchen with granite counter, spacious family<br />

room. 1,692 SF living area. Zen-like courtyard & tranquil backyard. Walk to <strong>Peninsula</strong> High School, shopping, library.<br />

PRICED TO SELL $ 1,080,000<br />





310.544.7301<br />


BRE# 01729186<br />



LET THE VIEW SPEAK FOR ITSELF! Panoramic queen’s necklace view from Santa Monica, downtown LA,<br />

PV Golf Course to Long Beach. GATED PROPERTY, 6BR, 6.5baths, 9884 SF living area, 48,353 lot size.<br />

North-South facing TENNIS COURT. An aesthetic balance of comfort and design is found in every room of this house.<br />

702VIALACUESTA.COM $8,750,000

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Cancer Support Community<br />

Exceeds fundraising goals<br />

This year’s event surpassed our fundraising goal by more than<br />

$60,000,” said Judith Opdahl, CSCRB executive director and cancer<br />

survivor. “This would not be possible without our generous sponsors,<br />

auction donors, and guests who truly get in the spirit to make Girls Night<br />

Out a tremendous success every year.” Girls Night Out featured its customary,<br />

festive “Rock Your Pink” theme. Attendees donned their fanciest<br />

pink attire to honor the women in their lives who have been touched by<br />

cancer. Each evening kicked off with a silent auction followed by dinner<br />

and a live auction from the stage. Highlights included stays in Mexico<br />

and Palm Springs, jewelry by Kendra Scott, VIP tickets to Ellen, Judge<br />

Judy, and Dancing with the Stars shows and VIP Lakers and Kings tickets.<br />

1. The “Super” ladies of Malaga Bank<br />

Rock their Pink.<br />

2. Judith Opdahl and Rene Gilbertson.<br />

3. Nancy Forman, Pearl Kaperl and Jill<br />

Polliner.<br />

4. Karen Beck, David Plakos and Judy<br />

Shepherd.<br />

5. Jennifer Bernier, Debra Faber, Amy<br />

Friedman, Irma Rendon, Britt Wanek,<br />

Christine Winkler PhD, Beth Bowen<br />

and Suzie Winkler.<br />


6. (Back) Diane Kazan, Larissa<br />

Sonnen Lisa Myers and Betty Peterson.<br />

(Middle) Maria Kazan, Elyse Linn and<br />

Sutha Sachar. (Front) Jan Schlesinger<br />

and Barbara Roth.<br />

7. Sophie Rietdyk, Maureen Hazard,<br />

Jackie Halverson, Marianne Cuttic and<br />

Alicia Henderson.<br />

8. Charmaine Wilson, Charlotte<br />

Ginsburg and Paula Moore.<br />

9. Janet Glazier, Jacqueline Glass and<br />

Jamie Born.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

22 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

1560 Via Leon, Palos Verdes Estates www.turnkeyviewhomePVE.com<br />

Contemporary home built with open floor plan by renowned architect, Ralph Nieto. This sophisticated, mainly one story- split levels Lunada Bay custom residence boasts<br />

lovely ocean, coastline & Catalina views from all main rooms, as well as the master bedroom. High, vaulted ceilings add ambiance & drama to the entry and living room. The<br />

home features a large open formal dining area and a generously-sized family room with fireplace overlooking the pool and spacious backyard. The remodeled kitchen includes<br />

granite counters, Viking appliances, custom cabinetry and two pantries. There is also a spacious master suite with walk-in closet with built-ins and an elegant remodeled<br />

bathroom with separate tub and shower. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout most of the house. A unique atrium in the middle of house, provides light and a<br />

serene atmosphere. Two remodeled baths are shared by three bedrooms -all with modern designs. The backyard is great for group entertaining or just enjoying a relaxing<br />

moment. It has multiple sitting areas and a custom pool with built-in bar stools/swim up bar and spa. This turn-key view home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac near the center<br />

of PVE with wonderful open floor design plus an easily maintained private backyard; truly a great value that can never be duplicated at this price!!! A must see!<br />

Offered at $2,599,000

1414 Paseo La Cresta, Palos Verdes Estates www.VersaillesontheHill.com<br />

Up a long and circular driveway is where you will find this outstanding estate on a spacious 1-acre lot, it was designed to feel like you’re "10 miles West of Versailles." The<br />

interior of this approx.10,000 sq.ft. residence blends visionary design, bespoke attention to detail, and understated elegance. In addition to 7 BR and 11 BA, there is a grand<br />

formal living room and family room with 2-story ceilings, elegant formal dining area, state of the art chef's French country Kitchen that includes a large 6" solid Maple<br />

Butcher Block island and Wolf and Subzero appliances, hidden study and gym, wine cellar, movie theatre, game room, pub, and library. The open floor plan allows living<br />

areas to capture breathtaking views of the ocean, city, sunset, and tranquil picturesque landscaping views. Despite its scale and grandeur, the home remains warm and inviting,<br />

making it a unique retreat for intimate family life that is also appropriate for large-scale entertaining. Exquisite custom finishes, unique features, dramatic and intimate<br />

lighting, and clever details make this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Considered a landmark property in Palos Verdes Estates, this recently updated contemporary classic<br />

home is a perfect reflection of this special community. Great opportunity and exceptional value!<br />

Offered at $8,399,000<br />

550 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 240, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275

Grammaphone<br />

by Ryan McDonald<br />

Amber Corwin and Franklin Farrow have developed a “telepresence” device to tackle loneliness among the elderly. Photo by Ryan McDonald<br />

Call Grampma simplifies calling family while addressing an epidemic of loneliness<br />

Call Grampma’s video phone connects to phones and devices through an app. Photo courtesy Amber Corwin<br />

Amber Corwin started training from an early age to become a champion<br />

figure skater. The sport’s demanding travel schedule meant she<br />

was often a continent away from her <strong>Peninsula</strong> family. Calls to her<br />

grandparents were a rare treat when travelling.<br />

Franklin Farrow grew up in the United Kingdom, where his father<br />

worked was a doctor and saw many of his patients on house calls. The trade<br />

brought him to the homes of rich and poor, and one ailment appeared to<br />

strike the elderly with an equivalent lack of class discrimination: loneliness.<br />

Corwin and Farrow are now married partners in Call Grampma, an easyto-use<br />

device that beams sound and images from a phone or other device<br />

to a tablet repurposed as a video phone.<br />

Corwin and Farrow frame their sales pitch around “Joe and Frida,” a fictional<br />

couple.<br />

“They’re good through their 60s. But as they get into their 70s, they start<br />

to lose some of their appetite for ‘technological complexity,’” Farrow said.<br />

The typical customer for their product is a middle-aged adult looking to<br />

buy the device for a parent — someone like Joe or Frida.<br />

The simplicity of the product, they say, is part of its allure. Call Grampma<br />

26 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

comes with all the software uploaded. There are no menus to navigate. On<br />

the videophone, each contact is identified by a picture of the person. That<br />

person, presumably a younger family member, downloads the Call<br />

Grampma app to a smartphone.<br />

The ease of the Call Grampma is what sold Anna Gould, a Redondo<br />

Beach resident whose mother lives in Temecula. She visits her mother<br />

twice a month, and uses the Call Grampma to fill the time in between.<br />

Gould bought the product for her mom as a Christmas present. Her children<br />

had tried to show their grandmother how to use video chatting on a<br />

cell phone, but it never seemed to work. Now, up to four generations of<br />

the family commune without having to battle traffic on the 91 East.<br />

“They were trying to teach her how to Facetime. They probably tried to<br />

show her 100 times,” Gould laughed. “But when we saw this, it was, ‘Oh<br />

my gosh, she just has to push one button?’ When our cell phone rings and<br />

when we pick up she sees our faces and we just talk to her. She absolutely<br />

loves it.”<br />

Fittingly for its low-tech ethos, the humble stand was one of the design<br />

elements Corwin and Farrow tinkered with the most. They initially thought<br />

about including wheels, but worried it would tip over. The current version<br />

is sturdy but lightweight, and is easily positioned at eye-level for a person<br />

sitting down. Most of the weight is in the tablet’s lithium ion battery, which<br />

can hold a charge for as long as three weeks.<br />

The product arrives at a time of increasing concern about the effects of<br />

solitude. Last year, in Farrow’s native United Kingdom, Prime Minister<br />

Theresa May appointed a “Minister for Loneliness.” In the United States,<br />

about 25 percent of men and 45 percent of women over 75 live alone, according<br />

to census data.<br />

Loneliness in this group is associated with a host of medical issues. Some<br />

of these problems stem from physical infirmity, like not having someone<br />

to help with grocery shopping. But other associated conditions, including<br />

higher blood pressure and a greater incidence of dementia, are harder to<br />

explain, and seem to be rooted in the simple lack of people to talk to.<br />

Corwin and Farrow have partnered with Little Brothers, a San Franciscobased<br />

charity that matches volunteers with the elderly. The organization<br />

is launching a pilot program to use Call Grampma to increase contact between<br />

volunteers and the elderly. Cathy Michalec, Little Brothers’ executive<br />

director, said that loneliness among the elderly has long been a<br />

problem. What’s changed, she said, is the graying of the population.<br />

“This organization has been around 27 years. Maybe seniors can’t go to<br />

the senior center because they can’t get down the stairs. Or they can’t drive<br />

anymore. Or they lose their social network when they retire,” she said. “As<br />

baby boomers age, that’s what’s happening. In San Francisco, 25 percent<br />

of population by 2020 is going to be elderly. <strong>People</strong> are just living longer.”<br />

Locally, the Beach Cities Health District is establishing similar volunteer<br />

programs and crafting long-term plans to address the “Silver Tsunami.”<br />

Corwin and Farrow are discovering applications beyond what they initially<br />

imagined.<br />

“It’s not just for a younger person communicating with an older person.<br />

It can be used to set up networks, with multiple elderly people talking together.<br />

Imagine recreating the feel of a family dinner, with a bunch of different<br />

people together,” Corwin said.<br />

The product recently became available on Amazon, and they hope to be<br />

selected for “Shark Tank,” the popular television show in which entrepreneurs<br />

compete for funding. They are looking to attract investors to increase<br />

production.<br />

Corwin and Farrow view their product less as a phone enhancement<br />

than as means for “telepresence.” With its larger screen and elevated position<br />

on the stand, it mimics the feeling of having another person nearby,<br />

like a neighbor, even if the two aren’t talking to one another the whole<br />

time. Farrow said that, by allowing for these more passive interactions,<br />

“hopefully a bit of that wisdom of the elderly will rub off.”<br />

Michaelec, of Little Brothers, said that she too is interested in the “telepresence”<br />

possibilities. She said that at orientations in the organization’s San<br />

Francisco office, she notices that many of the young volunteers seem lonely<br />

themselves. They are often tech workers new to the city, whose work environment<br />

does not provide the social connection humans crave and need.<br />

“This device that Amber and Franklin have shared with us, it’s reciprocal:<br />

both sides are getting something out of it.”<br />

To learn more, visit CallGrampma.com. PEN<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 27

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Providence Little Company of Mary<br />

Honors the Hunt Family<br />

Over 150 donors, executives, physicians, Community Ministry Board and<br />

Foundation members of Little Company of Mary gathered at the Doubletree<br />

Hotel to honor Priscilla Hunt and her late husband, Donald G. Hunt.<br />

The Hunts made a $20 million, transformational gift to the Cardiac Center<br />

of Excellence. This donation is the largest in the history of the medical center.<br />

The hospital’s Heritage Tower will be renamed the Donald and Priscilla<br />

Hunt Tower in honor of this landmark contribution. Priscilla was serenaded<br />

by tenor Ryan Gallagher and presented with over 100 handwritten thank<br />

you notes and a personalized silver heart locket. Dr. Rod Hochman commented<br />

on the strength of the two petite women in the room: Priscilla and<br />

Sister Terrence Landini, LCM. Priscilla shared her views on philanthropy,<br />

and then observed, “Wow. Little Company of Mary really knows how to do<br />

it right. I am truly honored.”<br />


1. The Hunt grandsons Sean<br />

Williams, Saxon Nowotka and Ryan<br />

Moore.<br />

2. Hunt daughter Brenda Nowotka,<br />

Providence Little Company of Mary<br />

chief executive Mary Kingston, and<br />

Priscilla Hunt’s granddaughter<br />

Melissa Moore.<br />

3. Priscilla Hunt explains her<br />

approach to philanthropy.<br />

4. Carolyn Elliott, Paula Del Vicario,<br />

and Debbie and Steve Dinsmore MD.<br />

5. Steve Morikawa and Yvonne Liu.<br />

6. Michele Del Vicario MD, Ron<br />

Johnson and John Armato MD.<br />

7. Janice Brandmeyer and Maureen<br />

Moore.<br />

8. Debbie Greene, Ed and Alanna<br />

Kennedy and Patty Sullivan.<br />

9. Marlene Young, Priscilla Hunt<br />

and Sean Armstrong.<br />

10. Tenor Ryan Gallagher, Sister<br />

Nancy Jurecki OP, Sister Terrence<br />

Landini LCM and Providence Little<br />

Company of Mary chief executive<br />

Mary Kingston.<br />

11. Priscilla Hunt and CEO<br />

Providence St. Joseph Health Rod<br />

Hochman.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9 10 11<br />

32 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 35

Skating away<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian Photos by Tony LaBruno<br />

Daughter Stella’s Princess nursery.<br />

After nearly two decades in the NHL, Stanley Cup winner<br />

Brad Stuart, with sons Logan and Jake, is honored by the Colorado Avalanche upon his retirement<br />

in 2016. Photo courtesy of the Stuart family<br />

In 1998, 18-year-old Brad Stuart, of Rocky Mountain<br />

House, Canada, population 7,000, was drafted<br />

third overall by the San Jose Sharks. Ten years and<br />

five trades later, the top-four defenceman won the<br />

Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings. Stuart recently<br />

retired after playing over 1,000 National Hockey<br />

League games, including a season with the LA Kings.<br />

He said he’s enjoying his new, stay-at-home lifestyle.<br />

“I missed a lot of important school events. I missed my<br />

kids birthdays. You find yourself not wanting to go on<br />

the road,” Stuart acknowledged.<br />

He and his wife Melissa relocated to Palos Verdes<br />

from Los Gatos and selected a home in the Estates at<br />

Trump National Golf Course that was designed by the<br />

architectural firm Archlite and was being built by<br />

Michael Mulligan.<br />

“We were awed by the seaside beauty and having<br />

Catalina Island as the backdrop for our view sealed the<br />

deal,” Melissa said.<br />

The couple, who has three children, was equally impressed<br />

with the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> school system.<br />

During construction, the family rented a nearby home<br />

so they could oversee the construction and the work<br />

with interior designer Lori Dennis on what they call<br />

“kid friendly, California Coastal.”<br />

Brad’s hometown of Rocky Mountain House is close<br />

to Banff and Jasper National Parks and is described as<br />

a “cozy, high altitude, charming town with a main<br />

street peppered with quaint coffee shops and art galleries.”<br />

36 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

The game room features table hockey, and pool and family photographs.<br />

Brad Stuart is ready to enjoy his family and the ocean view<br />

At, 14, he left home for Red Deer, Alberta to pursue his<br />

NHL dreams. “I moved in with my grandparents to play a<br />

better team with more exposure to scouts,” he said.<br />

Stuart described his ice hockey career as a “crazy adventure<br />

of trades.”<br />

“I learned to never order drapes because by the time they<br />

came, we were already packing up and moving to our next<br />

location,” Melissa said.<br />

The Stuarts said they made many friends with coaches<br />

and team managers. But in the end, Brad said, “You are just<br />

a number. We learned never to get too comfortable in our<br />

environment because it was always changing. Two months<br />

after I was granted a two year extension with the San Jose<br />

Sharks, I was traded to the Boston Bruins.”<br />

His new, stay at home lifestyle, is a welcome change for<br />

his family. “This is what a family feels like, this is what normal<br />

is,” Melissa said.<br />

Their new home reflects their new lifestyle. The colors<br />

are warm, it’s open and spacious and the kitchen has a 14-<br />

foot, granite island where the family gathers for meals.<br />

The couple put the barbeque right outside the great room<br />

to make it easily accessible from the kitchen for family gatherings.<br />

Evidence of her husband’s adaption to his new<br />

lifestyle, Melissa said, is “the other day he came home with<br />

a new crock pot.”<br />

The floors are a combination of polished limestone and<br />

wide plank, walnut hardwood. Double, leaded glass entry<br />

doors open to a grand foyer lit by a massive, green tinted<br />

chandelier. Extra wide stairs lead to the second level, which<br />

is spacious and generously lit by skylights. Daughter Stella’s<br />

The Stuart family at the beach having just taken up residence on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

(Photo by Heidi Walter)<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 37

RPV Residents<br />

Backyard balconies overlook the ocean and Catalina Island.<br />

Do you change your automobile oil and filter? If you do,<br />

call EDCO your trash/recycling hauler and arrange for a<br />

free pickup. Then, place your used oil in a tightly sealed<br />

container and your filter in a sealed ziplock bag. EDCO<br />

will pick them up and drop off a free oil recycling kit that<br />

contains a 15-quart drip pan, empty 1-gallon container,<br />

funnel, shop rag, cardboard floor mat and information<br />

on used oil and filter recycling. Call EDCO at 310-540-<br />

2977 or go to www.rpvrecycles.com.<br />

nursery is a Princess room with a crown on the wall by the head of the<br />

crib and a delicate, crystal chandelier that hangs in the center of the room.<br />

The taupe and pastel pinks along with natural cotton and linen fabrics create<br />

a warm feeling in the small room, marked with a capital “S” on the<br />

wall. Boys Logan and Jake have a huge, ice hockey mural in their bedroom<br />

with bunk beds and sports equipment expressive of their love of the sport.<br />

Stuart coaches both boy’s Junior Kings Teams at the Toyota Sports Center<br />

in El Segundo.<br />

The downstairs has white, coffered ceilings with modern details and<br />

wide open living spaces conducive to keeping an eye on the children while<br />

tending to other activities. The kitchen is well appointed, with five bar<br />

Leaded glass doors open to the the grand foyer, featuring a scaled glass<br />

chandelier<br />

Composting Workshop<br />

Sat. <strong>Apr</strong>il 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.<br />

Hesse Park, Fireside Room<br />

Document Shredding Event and<br />

Electronic Waste Roundup plus<br />

Free Mulch Giveaway<br />

Sat. <strong>Apr</strong>il 21 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.<br />

RPV Civic Center, 30940 Hawthorne Blvd<br />

(for RPV Residents Only)<br />

Household Hazardous Waste Roundup<br />

Sat. <strong>Apr</strong>il 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.<br />

RPV Civic Center<br />

For More information on Used Oil Recycling, go to:<br />

1-800-CLEANUP<br />

For Weekly Household Hazardous Waste Disposal<br />

(including Sharps, Used Oil and<br />

Electronic Waste Disposal) go to:<br />

Gaffey SAFE Center<br />

1400 N Gaffey St, San Pedro, 90731<br />

Phone: 800.988.6942<br />

Open Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.<br />

38 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

stools in sea green, an extra large,<br />

stainless steel refrigerator and a<br />

butler’s pantry to hold a bounty of<br />

kitchen essentials. The game room<br />

features family photos, a sign that<br />

says, “Family Love,” table hockey<br />

and a pool table. The room opens<br />

up to the backyard playhouse, slide<br />

and pool.<br />

Melissa said there was a lot of<br />

stark white on the walls when they<br />

moved in, and after living with it<br />

for awhile they decided to repaint<br />

with warmer, light seagreen and<br />

peach walls that blend seamlessly<br />

with the furnishings and decor.<br />

The upfront ocean view and<br />

Catalina Island at the back door<br />

step is different from the mountain<br />

where Stuart grew up with and<br />

also a world away from Silicon Valley,<br />

where they last lived.<br />

Stuart said he’s fully satisfied<br />

coaching his sons’ hockey teams,<br />

playing golf, helping with the children’s<br />

carpools and spending time<br />

with his family.<br />

But he hasn’t forgotten how he<br />

got to where he is.<br />

“It’s not about scoring the goal.<br />

It’s about working hard. That’s all<br />

we ask for, I tell my kids,” the Stanley<br />

Cup winner said. PEN<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 39

Our neighborhood,<br />

your home.<br />



310.872.4333<br />

CALBRE#01113145<br />

2204 Via Pacheco Palos Verdes Estates $2,449,000<br />


Horse cents<br />

by Yvonne Liu<br />

PonyApp co-founder Lindsay Douglass competing in Chantilly, France, at the Longines Global Champion Tour in 2017. Photo courtesy of PonyApp.com<br />

“Equestrians needed an app, and we were the best people to do it.”<br />

-- International show jumper Lindsay Douglass<br />

When she was a sixth grader growing up in Rancho Palos Verdes,<br />

Lindsay Douglass would hop on a bus from school to the Rolling<br />

Hills riding stables, where she would ride her palomino pony<br />

Oscar until dark. Now, the 25-year-old international equestrian and Stanford<br />

engineering graduate is developing an app designed to bring order to the<br />

business side of the equestrian world.<br />

One day in 2015, Douglass and her Stanford classmate Lucy Davis, an<br />

Olympic silver medalist, were at the campus stable, the Red Barn, staring<br />

at piles of months-old invoices — many scratched on small bits of papers<br />

— for horse owners. In that moment, the idea for PonyApp was born.<br />

Bookkeeping for horse management is complicated by the fact that multiple<br />

professionals are involved in a horse’s care and training. Douglass<br />

grew up using a binder stuffed with bills from trainers, veterinarians, and<br />

other equine service people.<br />

“Equestrians everywhere deal with this problem. The possibility of taking<br />

the biggest pain point out of their day made us excited. At the very least,<br />

we would solve our own problems,” Douglass said.<br />

Douglass and Davis envisioned an app that would enable everyone involved<br />

with horses — professionals, young riders, old riders, trainers, farriers<br />

and veterinarians — to connect efficiently. They could keep abreast of<br />

the industry and competitions, and most importantly, simplify invoicing<br />

and payments in one place.<br />

Douglass and Davis began while they competed on the western horse<br />

show circuit by asking fellow horse enthusiasts what they would like in an<br />

equestrian app.<br />

Douglass and Davis incorporated the app into their Stanford engineering<br />

Capstone project, an independent senior project that requires students to<br />

address real world problems. Professors and advisors provided guidance<br />

on how to structure their company and raise funds. Douglass and Davis<br />

did the early app design work and then outsourced the engineering to a<br />

Chicago design firm.<br />

Last year, after two years of research and development, PonyApp was<br />

launched at a glittering affair at Two Swans Farm, a luxury horse farm in<br />

Wellington, Florida. Wellington serves as the equestrian hub during the<br />

winter show jumping season when international competitors and trainers<br />

gather.<br />

“Wellington was the ideal place for us to market our app. When the people<br />

leave, they go to the four corners of the world, and they take PonyApp<br />

44 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

with them.”<br />

Douglass said that PonyApp has been downloaded 32,000 times and<br />

there are 50,000 horses in over 50 countries on the app. The app’s revenue<br />

comes from premium subscriptions, transaction fees, an online store and<br />

partnerships with equestrian media outlets such as Horse and Hound and<br />

EuNews.<br />

Professional international show jumper Alden King Giacopuzzi of Rolling<br />

Hills Estates uses PonyApp for her business Alderin Sporthorses, located<br />

at Palos Verdes Stables. She teaches children and adults and trains horses.<br />

“I am trying to organize my business and find an easier way to keep track<br />

of my clients’ lesson counts because I sell my lessons in packages. And I<br />

want a way for all my staff to get all the information needed through the<br />

app on their phones.”<br />

After graduating from Stanford in 2015, Douglass worked in product design<br />

at BMW for a year before turning her attention full time to PonyApp<br />

and to competing in show jumping.<br />

“Growing up in RPV, I was just one of those girls who was absolutely<br />

obsessed with horses,” Douglass said. She started riding at the Portuguese<br />

Bend Riding Club at five years old, and later moved to Rolling Hills riding<br />

stables. Douglass started competing in horse shows at age eight. When she<br />

was 15, she entered her first show on the East Coast and progressed to international<br />

competitions five years later.<br />

Has your home turned<br />

into a “fixer”<br />

over the years?<br />

It happens to the best of us homeowners. Time is taking a toll on<br />

our California houses built and purchased in the rush of the 60’s<br />

as the Traditionalists/Silent Generation born before 1945 started<br />

their families and worked toward their American Dream. Termites<br />

and soft wood, rust in the galvanized pipes, poor quality of copper<br />

water lines, and weeds growing in the seams of terracotta main<br />

sewer lines, our soils that shrink and expand with drought one<br />

year and pouring rains the next causing settlement. The enemy.<br />

ARGH!<br />

Olympic individual bronze and team gold medalist Beezie Madden (center)<br />

with PonyApp co-founders Lindsay Douglass and Lucy Davis at the PonyApp<br />

launch party last winter at Two Swans Farm, in Wellington, Florida.<br />

Douglass decided to specialize in jumping rather dressage or other types<br />

of horse competitions because, she said, “There’s nothing quite like the<br />

adrenaline and excitement of jumping.” She would sneak her horse to<br />

parks and fields so that she could jump higher than her coach would allow<br />

during practices.<br />

While still a teenager, she won the Seahorse Classic Grand Prix at the<br />

Portuguese Bend National Horse Show. “The PBNHS is the show I’ve gone<br />

to for the longest; it’s just so special because there is so much tradition at<br />

the show. You hear about people who competed when they were kids and<br />

now they’re grandparents.”<br />

On the international show jumping circuit, Douglass, who is coached by<br />

renown equestrian coach Mickey Hayden, won a Grand Prix event in Belgium<br />

in 2014. Last year she placed sixth at the China World Cup league<br />

final in the 1.4-meter jump. Douglass and Davis were invited to compete<br />

in China with other top equestrians from around the world. “No one spoke<br />

English, but people were still caring for their horses in the same way. It<br />

reinforced our belief that horse care is universal,” she said.<br />

“Show jumping. It’s our sport, our lifestyle, our everything. It’s all one<br />

and the same. This industry needed an app, and we were the best people<br />

to do it,” Douglass said. “You need just as much passion to start a company<br />

as you need to go to the top levels of a sport. Luckily for me, they are one<br />

and the same.”<br />

Visit PonyApp at ThePonyApp.com. PEN<br />

Over the last several years only “HGTV House Hunter” model<br />

homes were selling. Sellers are investing $25,000 to fix up a house<br />

before putting up the For Sale Sign. But times are changing. The<br />

price of homes are so high that the Millennials are buying the Fixers<br />

again at lower prices to remodel themselves over time. That<br />

is what this Baby Boomer did all through the 70’s and 80’s. My<br />

daughters thought everyone washed their dinner dishes in the<br />

bathroom!<br />


1. Clean the home, mow the grass, pull weeds, wash down<br />

exterior cobwebs.<br />

2. Hire a Certified Home Inspector and Termite Inspector and<br />

provide their Reports to prospective buyers.<br />

3. Your Realtor will find comparative homes that have sold in<br />

the near by area that were in similar original condition or in<br />

need of updates/repairs, using the square footage and lot<br />

size to reasonably price your home.<br />

4. Have the home appraised. Optional. You must do this<br />

normally if the home belonged to a deceased loved one.<br />

5. The more information you provide good or bad, the more<br />

buyers will feel comfortable and safe about making an offer.<br />



7. If priced right you will get multiple offers, my Seller<br />

certainly did.<br />


Realtor DRE#01294739<br />

(310) 544-8455<br />

LKCavette@aol.com<br />

www.LindaCavette.com<br />

Coldwell Banker Palos Verdes and Beach Cities<br />

“Life is a Journey measured and<br />

remembered by the Homes in which we live”<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 45

46 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Front row (left to right): Julia Davis, Madeline Babros, Emily Warter, Adelaide Brannan, Emily Levin. Second row: Catherine Mihm, Marissa Hong, Michelle Renslo, Mia<br />

Daly, Mia Gioiello, Julia Cotter. Third row: Melia Harlan, Helena Ruzic, Tate Robinson, Natalie Watts, Hanalei Emnace; Top row: Kara Lee, Audrey Yun, Daniella Cooper<br />

Evergreen Ball<br />

Las Niñas Gala<br />

Las Madrecitas, an auxiliary of<br />

the Charitable Children’s<br />

Guild of the Orthopædic Institute<br />

for Children (OIC), held its 52nd<br />

annual Evergreen Ball in the<br />

Grand Ballroom of the Beverly<br />

Wilshire Hotel on Saturday, January<br />

6. The evening recognizes<br />

19 high school girls for their community<br />

service and volunteer<br />

service to OIC. Dr. Anthony<br />

Scaduto, OIC’s president and<br />

chief executive officer, presented<br />

each Las Niñas honoree with a<br />

white gold medallion in recognition<br />

of their service. Each member<br />

of the Las Niñas senior class<br />

has contributed several hundred<br />

hours of volunteer service to OIC<br />

and their community throughout<br />

their high school years. PEN<br />

The father daughter dance.<br />


48 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

Anne St. Cyr<br />

310.755.9592<br />

edlergroup.com<br />

Anne.StCyr@vistasir.com<br />

BRE # 01930136<br />

Selling the Neighborhood<br />

We Live, Work & Play

<strong>Peninsula</strong> baseball<br />

mourns Coach ‘Dozer’<br />

by Randy Angel<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> High School was hit<br />

hard when former Panther<br />

player and current freshman<br />

baseball coach Brett Mendoza passed<br />

away, six days following a traffic accident.<br />

Mendoza, 31, suffered traumatic<br />

head injuries during the March 4 accident.<br />

His wife, Savannah, escaped<br />

serious injury during the accident,<br />

which occurred on the border of Redondo<br />

Beach and Hermosa Beach.<br />

The couple resided in Redondo<br />

Beach.<br />

During his senior year at <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>Peninsula</strong> freshman coach Brett Mendoza<br />

(right) with player Edward<br />

in 2005, Mendoza led the Bay League<br />

with a .485 batting average. He was<br />

Rosas. Photo courtesy of Heston<br />

a four-year letterman and two-year<br />

Quan<br />

captain for Coach Dennis Gonzalves<br />

and a three-time All-Bay League selection<br />

Following high school, Mendoza played baseball for Loyola Marymount<br />

University and then was asked to help the <strong>Peninsula</strong> program by varsity<br />

head coach Brian Bowles.<br />

“He was tough on our kids. He challenged them to work hard and do<br />

better, but he was also like a big brother to them,” Bowles said in a Daily<br />

Breeze interview.<br />

Mendoza began as an assistant coach for the Panther freshman team in<br />

2016, and became an assistant varsity coach last season.<br />

He served as the freshman head coach this year and also coached middle<br />

school players.<br />

A GoFundME page set up for Mendoza’s family has surpassed the goal<br />

of $15,000.<br />

In addition to his wife, Mendoza is survived by his parents, Martha and<br />

Rudy Mendoza, and sister, Lauren.<br />

A memorial service was held Thursday, March 22 at St. John Fisher<br />

Catholic Church in Rancho Palos Verdes. The <strong>Peninsula</strong> High baseball<br />

team is also planning a ceremony to retire Mendoza’s No. 7 jersey. PEN<br />

Brett Mendoza and wife Savannah. Photo courtesy of GoFundMe<br />

eventcalendar<br />


Compiled by Teri Marin<br />

You can email your event to our address: penpeople@easyreadernews.com<br />

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.<br />

On Going<br />

Tidepool Wonders for the Month<br />

Explore low tides on the rocky shore with Cabrillo Marine Aquarium: <strong>Apr</strong>il<br />

1, 3 to 4:30 p.m.; <strong>Apr</strong>il 14, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.; <strong>Apr</strong>il 15, 2 - 3:30 p.m.<br />

and <strong>Apr</strong>il 28, 1:30 - 3 p.m. with a walk offered in Spanish <strong>Apr</strong>il 15, 1:30 -<br />

3 p.m. Meet in the aquarium’s John M. Olguin Auditorium for a slideshow,<br />

followed by a walk led by CMA Staff. Free; reservations required for groups<br />

of ten or more. Young children must be accompanied by an adult. Non-slip<br />

shoes and outdoor clothing recommended. Discover more about the ocean<br />

in the aquarium’s Exhibit Hall, Exploration Center, Aquatic Nursery and touch<br />

tank. Open weekends 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday, noon<br />

to 5 p.m. 3720 Stephen M. White Drive in San Pedro.For reservations, further<br />

information, or to receive a calendar of events, please call (310) 548-7562<br />

or visit our website at www.cabrillomarineaquarium.org.<br />

Saturday, March 24<br />

12-Steps to a Spiritual Awakening<br />

Identify sources of suffering and unhappiness, experience the resources and<br />

process for healing, learn skills and actions to establish and foster a stable<br />

sense of well-being. This 12-Step methodology promises enlightenment for all<br />

who embrace and incorporate this way of life. 1-5 p.m. $25. (310) 377-<br />

4867 or maryjoseph.org. Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest Rd.,<br />

RPV.<br />

Gathering for the Grand<br />

This marks the 10th annual Gathering for the Grand Gala Fundraiser, celebrating<br />

art, inspiration and education. This year's event, themed: The Beatles:<br />

All You Need is Love, will be held at the Palos Verdes Golf Club at 3301 Vía<br />

Campesina, Palos Verdes Estates, 5 p.m., and features a cocktail reception,<br />

extensive silent auction, elegant dinner, live entertainment, dancing and speakers<br />

and guests. This year GVF will honor Andrew and Adela Silber of The<br />

Whale & Ale British Pub & Restaurant in San Pedro. Attendees are encouraged<br />

to dress in ‘60s psychedelic and mod fashion. Advanced payment and<br />

RSVP required. (310) 833-4813 or grandvision.org.<br />

House of Yahweh “Irish Spring” Gala<br />

House of Yahweh holds its first fundraising gala at the Norris Pavilion, 501<br />

Indian Peak Rd., Rolling Hills Estates, at 5:30 to 10 p.m. Sit down dinner, entertainment,<br />

live auction including two trips, and silent auction. For more information<br />

Kathy Bradford at (310) 265-9812.<br />

Sunday, March 25<br />

ESL Class<br />

No fee; cost of textbook only. Emphasis on conversation and pronunciation.<br />

Learn not only English language but American culture, history and geography!<br />

Adults and high school students are welcome. Sundays, 10:30 a.m. - noon,<br />

thru May 20. <strong>Peninsula</strong> Community Church, 5640 Crestridge Rd., RPV.<br />

www.pccpv. org.<br />

Parent-Child High Tea<br />

Seated high tea party for a maximum of 30 people under the olive trees on<br />

the terrace of Villa Narcissa. Followed by book signing and storytelling of<br />

Katrina Vanderlip’s new book “A Tail of Twin Peacocks”. 4 p.m. Dress for a<br />

party. One child per adult. Adults $100, children $50; includes one book.<br />

RSVP katrinavanderlip@yahoo.com.<br />

Printmaking<br />

Join printmaker and painter Pamela Smith Hudson for a workshop to learn to<br />

make your own mono print, a fun method for kids or first-time printmakers.<br />

50 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

Just listed on everyone's favorite street (Via Palomino in PVE) is this gorgeous 5 bedroom 3.5 bath completely<br />

remodeled (and not cheaply) Cape Cod style home. Meticulous attention to every detail is evident throughout<br />

— all you have to do is move in. There is even a charming outdoor entertaining area with fire<br />

place and barbecue. See all pictures on my website www.DanaGraham.com and call me for a private showing.<br />

Dana Graham<br />

#1 Berkshire Hathaway Agent in PV in 2014<br />

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman's Circle<br />

Prudential Legend<br />

33 years experience<br />

310 613-1076 (cell)<br />

DanaHGraham@cs.com<br />

Palos Verdes Resident Since 1947<br />

DRE #00877973<br />

$2,389,000 $2,289,000

William J. Wickwire, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />

Neal M. Ammar, M.D.<br />

Certified, American<br />

Board of Dermatology<br />



M E D I C A L C E N T E R<br />

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat....<br />

Two Coolscuplting Devices to Treat Two Areas at Once!<br />

Specialists in Skin Cancer Detection<br />

• Skin Cancer • Mole Removal & Mohs Surgery<br />

• Reconstructive Facial Surgery and Scar Revision<br />

• Acne & Accutane Treatment<br />

• Warts, Rashes and Cysts • Leg Vein Sclerotherapy<br />

• Hair Loss & Propecia • Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane,<br />

Juvederm & Sculptra • Botox and Dysport Injections<br />

• Age Spots & Sun Damage • Laser Surgery<br />

• Microdermabrasion • Glycolic and Chemical Peels<br />

• Ultraviolet B & PUVA • Pediatric Dermatology<br />

310-798-1515<br />

www.beachcitiesderm.com<br />

Redondo Beach —<br />

520 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 302<br />

Palos Verdes —<br />

827 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 101<br />

Buy One, Get One<br />

FREE<br />

South Bay’s<br />

best equipped<br />

Dermatology<br />

Center!<br />

All PPOs Accepted<br />

Evening & Sat.<br />

Appts. Available<br />

eventcalendar<br />

Hudson’s mixed media paintings, on exhibit, show how she incorporates printmaking<br />

with collage and other art processes. Free. 2-4 p.m. South Bay Contemporary<br />

SoLA Gallery, 3718 W. Slauson Ave., LA, (310) 429-0973.<br />

southbaycontemporary.org.<br />

Wednesday, March 28<br />

Birding with Wild Birds Unlimited<br />

At George F Canyon. Explore the birds in nesting season making a home in<br />

the canyon. 8:30 a.m. Free and all ages welcome. 27305 Palos Verdes Drive<br />

East, Rolling Hills Estates RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

Pen Seniors Lecture Series<br />

In addition to being the weekday weatherman since 1984, Fritz Coleman is<br />

a comedian and will make you laugh out loud. This talented celebrity is also<br />

a writer, philanthropist, former disc jockey and radio personality. 10:30 a.m.<br />

Arrive early as seating is limited. Hesse Park, 29301 Hawthorne Blvd., RPV.<br />

Mac Users Group Meeting<br />

Lomita VFW Hall, 1865 Lomita Blvd., 6:30 p.m., Beginners Q & A 8 p.m.,<br />

presentation on a subject of interest to all Mac users. See website sbamug.com<br />

for more info, or call (310) 644-3315 email: info@sbamug.com. Free. All<br />

Mac/iPad/iPhone users and potential users are welcome.<br />

Friday, March 30<br />

Nature & Me Storytime<br />

Share the joy of reading with your children and introduce them to the beauty<br />

of our natural surroundings. Geared for 2-5 years. 9:30 – 10 a.m. For more<br />

information contact Marisa Perley at (310) 377-9584 x 238 or email:mperley@pvld.org.<br />

George F Canyon Nature Center, 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. E.,<br />

Rolling Hills.<br />

Saturday, March 31<br />

Oh What A Night!<br />

The exhilarating musical revue, Oh What a Night! returns with the musical<br />

tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. The production has thrilled audiences<br />

across the country with its is boundless energy, nostalgic choreography<br />

and classic hits. 8 p.m. $80-$75. palosverdesperformingarts.com or<br />

(310) 544-0403. Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris Center Dr., RHE.<br />

Music Legends Live<br />

Legends of R & B share the stage for one night in a benefit for St. Jude's Children's<br />

Hospital Foundation. The Dazz Band, Evelyn Champagne King, Side<br />

Effect and Ozone and a bevy of comedic hosts will have you dancing and<br />

singing all the way home. 7 p.m. Tickets $21 - $86 at www.jaymichaelsteamentertainment.com.<br />

Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. 6th St., San Pedro,<br />

(310) 548-2493.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 1<br />

Terranea Brunch<br />

Holiday brunch offers a selection of food, an “eggstravagant” Egg Hunt and<br />

activities are included in admission. Seatings 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Adults: $85,<br />

Children 5-10: $47, Children under 5 complimentary. Grand Ballroom. (310)<br />

265-2836. 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes. terranea.com.<br />

Easter Brunch<br />

Continue your family tradition or start a new one! Enjoy a delicious buffet<br />

brunch and celebrate Easter with family and friends. 10 a.m. Reservations required<br />

by Tuesday, March 27. Adult $27; Children 4-12 $14; Children under<br />

4 Free. (310) 377-4867 or maryjoseph.org. Mary & Joseph Retreat Center,<br />

5300 Crest Rd., Rancho Palos Verdes.<br />

Eggstravaganza<br />

Music, fun and games on the Terranea’s Meadows include a petting zoo, egg<br />

52 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

hunt, arts and crafts, and more! The<br />

Terranea Easter Eggstravaganza<br />

Egg Hunt is complimentary for all resort<br />

guests and included in the price<br />

of the Easter Ballroom Brunch and<br />

brunch at Catalina Kitchen and<br />

mar'sel. The Easter Egg Hunts occur<br />

at 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 2 p.m.,<br />

to accommodate all dining reservations.<br />

Other fun activities 10-11<br />

a.m., 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and<br />

1-3 p.m. For more information:<br />

(310) 265-2836. 100 Terranea<br />

Way, RPV. terranea.com.<br />

Monday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 2<br />

Floral Designers<br />

The South Coast Floral Designers<br />

meet the first Monday of the month<br />

at South Coast Botanic Garden, with<br />

the exception of July and August.<br />

Classroom A. 9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. For<br />

additional information contact Gudy<br />

Kimmel at (310) 530-2382 or Judy<br />

Unrine at (310) 378-0227.<br />

www.californiagardenclubs.org.<br />

26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos<br />

Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

Narcissa paint out<br />

Focus on the art of sketching under<br />

the direction of Katrina Vanderlip<br />

and local artists. Week-long workshop<br />

by advanced reservation only<br />

and will take place at Villa Narcissa.<br />

Katrina Vanderlip will give a tour of<br />

the house and tell you some of the<br />

history throughout the week. Please<br />

contact Katrina at Katrinavanderlip@yahoo.com<br />

to learn how to be a<br />

participant in the paint-out. All profits<br />

from the painting week will go towards<br />

much needed repairs and<br />

maintenance of the estate.<br />

Friday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 6<br />

Grunion run<br />

Dr. Karen Martin of Pepperdine University<br />

presents Surf, Sand and Silversides.<br />

California Grunion will be<br />

compared with other beach-spawning<br />

fishes to show how the rewards<br />

of this behavior may outweigh the<br />

risks. Free, reservations required. 7-<br />

9 p.m. RSVP to lecture@cmaqua.<br />

org. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium,<br />

3720 Stephen White Dr., San<br />

Pedro.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 7<br />

Cactus, Succulent Show<br />

Today and Sunday, Francis Young<br />

Hall will overflow with thousands of<br />

St. John Fisher Catholic Church<br />

Holy Week Services - March 29 - <strong>Apr</strong>il 1<br />

Wednesday, March 28<br />

Penance Service 7:30 pm<br />

Holy Thursday, March 29<br />

7:30 pm<br />

Good Friday, March 30<br />

3 pm, 7:30 pm<br />

Holy Saturday, March 31<br />

8 - 10 pm<br />

Easter Sunday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 1<br />

7 am, 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm<br />

Top of the Hill at Crenshaw and Crest<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

310-377-5571 www.sjf.org<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 53

sculptural, rare, colorful and beautiful<br />

cacti and succulents. Cactus & Succulent<br />

Society members and growers<br />

will be on hand to help you select<br />

plants to best meet your needs—indoors<br />

or outdoors and for drought-tolerant<br />

landscapes. Free with Garden<br />

admission. southcoastcss. org for<br />

more information. South Coast<br />

Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw<br />

Best of The Beach 2017 Winner<br />

Best Eclectic, American Contemporary<br />

Daily Breeze “2015 South Bay’s Favorite”<br />

American Restaurant & Bar<br />

“ Best New Restaurant”- Richard Foss of Easy Reader<br />

Favorite Soul Food of 2015- Daily Breeze( yeah, we were surprised<br />

too)<br />

Hey! We like to party, especially with YOU! Call us for your next<br />

Occasion. We’ve got a Banquet Room perfect for any celebration<br />

Call 310-378-8119 for details<br />


"Its Like You’re There All Over Again"<br />

Blvd., Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>, (310)<br />

544-1948 or southcoastbotanicgarden.org.<br />

Family Guided Walk<br />


Sunday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 8<br />

Family Science & Stories<br />

Gather the kids for a hands-on science<br />

experience about the elusive<br />

gray fox of Palos Verdes. See rare<br />

footage of local foxes, examine taxidermy<br />

specimens and pelts, and<br />

learn about how this beautiful animal<br />

thrives in our canyons and hills.<br />

Followed by related storytime. 10<br />

a.m. Free. All ages welcome.<br />

George F Canyon, 27305 Palos<br />

Verdes Dr. E., Rolling Hills. For more<br />

information, (310) 547-0862 or<br />

RSVP at: www.pvplc.org.<br />

Second Sundays At Two<br />

Rolling Hills United Methodist<br />

Church's concert series presents:<br />

Berlin-based Israeli pianist Einav<br />

Yarden at 2 p.m. Admission is free.<br />

26438 Crenshaw Blvd, Rolling Hills<br />

Estates.<br />

Finalists perform<br />

Have you ever heard a tuba concerto?<br />

Are you ready for a high-qualeventcalendar<br />

Bring children for an easy, beautiful,<br />

walk in George F Canyon. Free. 9<br />

a.m. 27305 Palos Verdes Dr. E.,<br />

Rolling Hills. (310) 547-0862 or<br />

RSVP at: www.pvplc.org.<br />

Volunteer Day<br />

Help restore the unique canyon habitat<br />

at Alta Vicente Reserve, home to<br />

many threatened and endangered<br />

wildlife species. 9 a.m. to noon.<br />

30940 Hawthorne Blvd., RPV. Sign<br />

up at pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Going native<br />

Featuring guided tours of 3 native<br />

and drought tolerant gardens in<br />

Palos Verdes. Great opportunity to<br />

see and learn about California native<br />

plants from experts. $25 members<br />

$30 non-members. 9:30 a.m.<br />

or 1:30 p.m. For info and reservations<br />

call: (310) 629-0500 www.sccnps.org.<br />

At South Coast Botanic<br />

Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd.,<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

Ultimate Eagles<br />

Thrill to the high-flying harmonies,<br />

stellar songwriting and guitar riffs of<br />

the most authentic Eagles tribute<br />

group in the country, On the Border.<br />

8 p.m. $75-70, plus facility fee.<br />

Please note: there is no elevator for<br />

balcony access. App.artspeople.com<br />

or (310) 544-0403 x<br />

221. Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris<br />

Center Dr., Rolling Hills Estate.<br />

54 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

This tastefully refined home located in the Malaga Cove section of Palos Verdes Estates has a timeless elegance<br />

that shows class and quality both inside and out. The 4,919 square foot home’s original Spanish villa theme was<br />

redesigned and expanded by well known Hollywood architect Gerard Colcord in the 1970s. Sitting on nearly a<br />

half acre lot, this two story home has ocean, city, and mountain views from both levels, and all 4 bedrooms and 3<br />

of the bathrooms are downstairs. On the upper level is the expansive grand salon with beautiful high open beam<br />

ceilings, and and impressive mezzanine, along with the 4th half bathroom. Your chance to own a home for the<br />

ages is here now. For a virtual tour, please visit www.2720ViaElevado.com<br />

Laurie Hurley-Fuszard & Tim Hurley<br />

(310) 994-7250 or (310) 982-5628<br />



CalDRE #01044261 CalDRE #01956953<br />

2720 Via Elevado, Palos Verdes Estates<br />

For an actual tour, please call us and we will be happy to personally show you more!<br />

Offered at $3,990,000

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Kentucky Derby gala<br />

For <strong>Peninsula</strong> Heritage School<br />

Parents and friends of <strong>Peninsula</strong> Heritage School<br />

joined faculty and administrators at the annual<br />

“Kentucky Derby” Winter Gala on February 24 at<br />

Brouwerij West in San Pedro. A silent auction, a rousing<br />

live auction, along with dinner, dancing, and even several<br />

video horse races provided the Derby-attired guests<br />

a delightful evening. Proceeds will benefit the school’s<br />

science and visual and performing arts programs.<br />


1. Scott and Zisha Yamano.<br />

2. Jett and Aubrey Abramson.<br />

3. Maria and Art Auerbach, Patricia and Alain Cailler.<br />

4. Melissa Camouse and Nicole Tangen.<br />

5. David and Kylie Esturain, Faith and Bruce Trotman.<br />

6. Brian, Melissa, Nancy and Fred Lovell.<br />

7. Erik and Rachel Swanholt.<br />

8. Goran Visnjic and John Teng.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3 4 5<br />

6 7<br />

8<br />

56 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 57

eventcalendar<br />

ity, free concert? The five finalists in the <strong>Peninsula</strong> Symphony’s <strong>2018</strong> Edith<br />

Knox Young Artists Competition will perform for professional judging. Firstprize<br />

winner announced at the end of the program and will solo with the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Symphony at its June 17 concert. Free. 2 p.m. Redondo Union High<br />

School Auditorium, 631 Vincent St., Redondo Beach.<br />

Beethoven with a C<br />

Beethoven carried the tradition of Joseph Haydn’s Masses with his Mass in C,<br />

work commissioned by the Esterhazy Family. This Mass is scored for soloists,<br />

chorus and orchestra. Join the Joanna Medawar Nachef Singers as they salute<br />

this giant of the Classical world of Music with this magnificent masterpiece. 7<br />

p.m. $40-$20, plus facility fee. 310-544-0403 Ext 221, app.artspeople.com.Norris<br />

Theatre, 27570 Norris Center Dr., Rolling Hills Estates.<br />

Tuesday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 10<br />

AARP Driving Classes<br />

Join the sponsored program to receive a state mandated discount on auto insurance.<br />

You must call (310) 377-3003 for a reservation. Bring your CA driver’s<br />

license and attend both sessions (today and Thursday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 12) to obtain<br />

the certificate for insurance discount. 8:45 a.m. $15 for AARP members; $20<br />

all others. (310) 377-3003 or for <strong>Peninsula</strong> Newsletter for Active Seniors go<br />

to: pvseniors.org. Hesse Park, 29301 Hawthorne Blvd., Rancho Palos Verdes.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 11<br />

Woman's Club<br />

The Palos Verdes Woman's Club meets at noon at the Rolling Hills Country<br />

Club, 1 Chandler Ranch Road, Rolling Hills Estates. For the program Peter<br />

Small will present "Historical Characters Brought to Life." $38. For reservations<br />

and information call (310) 378-1349.<br />

Kiss Me<br />

Brush up your Shakespeare with Cole Porter’s musical comedy Kiss Me, Kate,<br />

presented by the Palos Verdes High School Drama Department. Performances<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il 13-22. <strong>Apr</strong>il 13-14 and 21 at 7 p.m., <strong>Apr</strong>il 15, 21-22 at 2 p.m., and<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il 20 at 3 p.m. $20 for adults; $15 for students and can be purchased at<br />

www.pvhsdrama.com or at the door if seats still available. In the MPR at Palos<br />

Verdes High School, 600 Cloyden Road, Palos Verdes Estates. For further information,<br />

visit the website, or call (310) 378-8471, ext. 237.<br />

Thursday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 12<br />

Fleet Foxes<br />

Fleet Foxes is Robin Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christian<br />

Wargo, and Morgan Henderson. 8 p.m. $45. Warner Grand Theatre, 478<br />

W. 6th St., San Pedro, (310) 548-2493.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 14<br />

Guided Walk<br />

Appreciate some of the best wildflower viewing and geological formations on<br />

the cliffs of a former basalt quarry. See faults, folds and igneous intrusions.<br />

Moderate to strenuous walk. 9 a.m. Free and open to the public. Park along<br />

Forrestal Dr. or park in lot at Ladera Linda Community Center. Meet near gate.<br />

32201 Forrestal Drive, RPV. For more information, contact (310) 541-7613<br />

ext. 201 or sign up at www.pvplc.org.<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

At Portuguese Bend Reserve, Ishibashi Trail, RPV., 9 a.m. – noon. Help restore<br />

important wildlife habitat while looking out at a beautiful view! Sign up at<br />

pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

White Point Stories<br />

Share the joy of storytelling with your children with retired Children’s Librarian<br />

Carla Sedlacek for stories and activities featuring nature themes, exciting props<br />

and songs. 10 a.m. Free. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro.<br />

58 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

www.pvplc.org.<br />

Wed., <strong>Apr</strong>il 18<br />

Birding<br />

Explore the birds in nesting season<br />

making a home in the George F<br />

Canyon. The program is free and all<br />

ages welcome. Presented by the<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy<br />

and Wild Birds Unlimited.<br />

8:30 a.m. 27305 Palos Verdes<br />

Drive East, RHE. www.pvplc.org.<br />

Can you Dig it?<br />

The Diggers Garden Club meets the<br />

second or third Wednesday of the<br />

month, 10 a.m. to noon. For more<br />

information, contact Sharon Ratterree<br />

(424) 558-0919 or<br />

sacat4@aol.com. South Coast<br />

Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw<br />

Blvd., Palos Verdes Pen. southcoastbotanicgarden.org.<br />

Friday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 20<br />

Soulful Living<br />

Weekend retreat provides opportunities<br />

to access your inner wisdom<br />

through prayer experiences, ritual,<br />

dreamwork and film. Renew, nourish<br />

and energize. 7 p.m. to Sunday at<br />

1:30 p.m. Shared $245 ($230 if<br />

paid by March 30); single $340<br />

($325 if paid by March 30). Mary<br />

& Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest<br />

Rd., Rancho Palos Verdes, (310)<br />

377-4867 or maryjoseph.org.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 21<br />

Earth Day Celebration &<br />

Film<br />

The Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land<br />

Conservancy invites the community<br />

to a special Earth Day Celebration<br />

and film. The two-part event begins<br />

with volunteer day and choice of<br />

family activities at White Point Nature<br />

Preserve, 1600 W. Paseo del<br />

Mar, San Pedro. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. At<br />

5 p.m. enjoy free screening of acclaimed<br />

documentary JANE at the<br />

Warner Grand Theatre, 478 West<br />

6th St., San Pedro. www.pvplc.org.<br />

Nature with a Naturalist<br />

Enjoy coastal views and learn more<br />

about the plants, animals, restoration<br />

area and more! 9 a.m. Meet at the<br />

information White Point kiosk between<br />

parking lot and Nature Center.<br />

1600 W. Paseo Del Mar, San<br />

Pedro. RSVP (310) 541-7613 or<br />

www.pvplc.org.<br />

Temple Emet ~ Feel the Difference!!<br />

Programming<br />

for all<br />

We are more than a Synagogue<br />

We are a Family!<br />

They say you can't choose your family<br />

But, you can choose your friends<br />

We are there for you when others can't be<br />

We travel together, dine together, go to movies, theatre, cruise, bowl,<br />

do paint & game nites, we are there for simchas and shivas, hospital and home visits,<br />

we share, care, and are truly there for each other.<br />

Are you ready for something more in your life? Something different?<br />

Try us! Temple Emet! We are Truly Unique.<br />

Youth to those<br />

young at<br />

heart!<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 59

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Cirque by the Sea<br />

Vistas for Children Fashion Show<br />

Over 350 guests gathered for a spectacular 18th Annual Vistas Boutique<br />

and Fashion Show. Vistas has been helping children for over<br />

40 years. This year they celebrated at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza<br />

Hotel’s Coral Ballroom in Redondo Beach. Guests shopped the more<br />

than 25 carefully selected vendors for the Vistas Boutique. During the<br />

luncheon guests enjoyed a fashion show organized by Suzanne Von<br />

Schaack and the magical theatrical Vistas children production. Dancers<br />

and models showcased the latest LA fashions by designers who included<br />

Kentaro Kameyama, winner of the 16th season of television’s Project<br />

Runway.<br />

1. Velveth Schmitz and her children.<br />

2. Mayra Harris and Lori Burzminski.<br />

3. Gretchen Privett, Julie Beckman,<br />

Carolyn Perry and Linda Perry.<br />

4. Pat Heybl, Cindy Percz, Vanja<br />

Kapetanovic, Jenna Hills and Brenda<br />

Snyderham.<br />

5. Kim Vallee, Judy Brilhart, Selmira<br />

D’Angelo and Pam Secor.<br />

6. Diana Ozolins, Guadalupe<br />

Doumerz, Loretta Thompson and<br />

Nancy Ozolins.<br />


7. Madeline Jordan and Antonia<br />

Lavender.<br />

8. Susan Brooks and Cindy Percz.<br />

9. Pam Branam, Cindy Percz, Rene<br />

Berliner, Brenda Betty and Olga Arana.<br />

10. Alex Angelino and Pam Branam.<br />

11. Claire Campbell, Kylie Lazar and<br />

Olga Mangual.<br />

12. Cirque By The Sea Performance.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11 12<br />

60 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

Coming Soon: Luxury Ocean View Malaga Cove Home<br />

Visit 801ViaConejo.com for more information<br />

Coming Soon in Valmonte ▪ Visit PVDriveNorth.com for more information<br />

Kyle Daniels ▪ Ericson Beach Real Estate ▪ 310.483.3998

Earth Day Composting<br />

Join the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy<br />

for an composting presentation by Denise Epport of<br />

Triformis Corp. Free. 11 a.m. White Point Nature<br />

Preserve, 1600 Paseo del Mar, San Pedro. (entrance<br />

only via Western Ave.) RSVP:<br />

www.pvplc.org.<br />

Piano music<br />

Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay concludes its<br />

season at the Norris Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Featured<br />

soloist is pianist Rufus Choi, Gold Medal winner of<br />

the 2007 Iturbi International Competition. Preview<br />

Talk by Stephen Richards starts at 6:45 p.m. Single<br />

tickets $63 (includes facility fee) and available<br />

through the box office, (310) 544-0403, ext. 221<br />

or online at www.palosverdesperformingarts.com.<br />

www.mycosb.org.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 22<br />

Wonderland Tea Party<br />

Put on your Cheshire grin and imagination cap (or<br />

top hat) for an adventure through the South Coast<br />

Botanic Garden’s wonderland of trails and hidden<br />

treasures. Search for rabbit holes, dare to play an<br />

Eat Me, Drink Me game, and brew and sip rose tea<br />

in the Rose Garden. 1-4 p.m. Free with membership<br />

or Garden admission. RSVP highly encouraged.<br />

26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

(310) 544-1948 or southcoastbotanicgarden.org.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 25<br />

Birding<br />

Explore the birds making a home in the George F<br />

Canyon. Free and all ages welcome. Presented by<br />

Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy and<br />

Wild Birds Unlimited. 8:30 a.m. 27305 Palos<br />

Verdes Drive East, RHE. www.pvplc.org.<br />

Thursday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 26<br />

Spirit of Ireland<br />

Las Candalistas presents Celebrate the Spirit of Ireland.<br />

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enjoy the history and culture<br />

of Ireland, performance by the Celtic Irish<br />

Dance Academy, traditional Irish music by<br />

singer/guitarist Denis Murray. Enter a chance to<br />

win a trip for two to Ireland, valued at $5,250!<br />

Enjoy a gourmet luncheon, shop boutique vendors,<br />

Las Candalistas Creations, Garden Shoppe and<br />

Gourmet Pantry and silent auction items. www.lascandalistas.org<br />

for online reservations or call (310)<br />

798-7499 for more information. Catalina View<br />

Gardens, 6001 Palos Verdes Dr S, RPV.<br />

Friday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 27<br />

H.E.L.P. Gala<br />

eventcalendar<br />

H.E.L.P.’s Wild, Wild West Gala Fundraiser begins<br />

at 6:30 p.m. and will be filled with music, auctions,<br />

lots of fun and dinner. To make reservations call<br />

(310) 533-1996. Help4srs.org. Held at the Palos<br />

Verdes Golf Club, 3301 Via Campesina, Palos<br />

Verdes Estates.<br />

42nd Street<br />

Come and meet those dancing feet in a glittery and<br />

glamorous production of the classic of a small town<br />

dancer who becomes a Broadway star. $80-$30.<br />

Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday,<br />

2 p.m., through May 13. Palos Verdes Performing<br />

Arts Norris Theatre, 27570 Norris Center Dr., RHE.<br />

Palosverdesperformingarts.com or (310) 544-<br />

0403x221.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 28<br />

Ritual and Labyrinth<br />

Using media, music, art and your feet, experience<br />

a day filled with ritual and fun with Sue Ballotti.<br />

Dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. 9 a.m.<br />

to 3 p.m. $50 ($45 if paid by <strong>Apr</strong>il 20) Lunch included.<br />

Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, 5300 Crest<br />

Rd., RPV. (310) 377-4867 or maryjoseph.org.<br />

Needle Artists by the Sea<br />

Shoreline Stitchers’ Showcase, a judged needlework<br />

show and boutique. A variety of needlework<br />


• Are you in or approaching retirement?<br />

• Do you want to stop worrying about your<br />

investment portfolio?<br />

• Do you lose sleep wondering if you may<br />

outlive your nest egg?<br />

• Do you want to know if you are on the<br />

right path financially?<br />

• Do you want to take control of your<br />

finances?<br />

• Do you feel you need a second opinion on<br />

your portfolio?<br />

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the<br />

above questions, you may need to contact<br />

me, to provide you with a personal financial<br />

plan designed to help you take control<br />

of your finances, reduce anxiety and ultimately<br />

achieve your financial goals. There<br />

is no cost or obligation for the initial meeting,<br />

as it is an opportunity for you to learn<br />

more about me, and for me to determine<br />

if I can help you achieve your financial<br />

goals and objectives.<br />

As a fee-only financial planner I will be<br />

compensated solely by my clients, I do not<br />

accept commissions, referral fees, or<br />

compensation from other sources, and I am committed to acting in<br />

your best interest.<br />

Abbas A. Heydari, CFP®<br />

Certified Financial Planner<br />

and Registered Investment Advisor.<br />

Providing Financial Services<br />

in Torrance since 1986<br />

21515 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 1020<br />

Torrance, CA 90503<br />

E-mail: aahfp@Yahoo.com<br />

Web: www.aaheydari.com<br />

Phone: (310)792-2090<br />

62 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

will be on display. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.<br />

Admission $10. Sponsored by Needle Artists by the Sea, of the American<br />

Needlepoint Guild. www.needleartistsbythesea. org. South Coast Botanic Garden,<br />

26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos Verdes.<br />

Native Plant Sale<br />

At White Point Nature Education Center, noon – 2 p.m. Plants sold on firstcome,<br />

first-serve basis. White Point Nature Preserve located at 1600 W. Paseo<br />

del Mar in San Pedro. For more information call (310) 541-7613.<br />

Spring Fling<br />

Destination: Art’s first big exhibition of <strong>2018</strong>. Gala Public Reception, 4 – 7<br />

p.m. for a special show and sale celebrating local natural beauty and the<br />

work of local artists. Explore your “personal art signature” as you begin, or<br />

enhance, the use of art in your home. 1815 W. 213th St., #135, Torrance;<br />

(310) 742-3192. www.destination-art.net.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 29<br />

Strings vs Winds<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Symphony’s 51st season concert, A House Divided, features Händel’s<br />

Music for the Royal Fireworks (version for winds), and Shchedrin’s Carmen<br />

Suite for strings and percussion. Doors open 6 p.m. Pre-concert lecture<br />

(members only) at 6:15, concert at 7 p.m. Concert and parking are free. Redondo<br />

Union High School Auditorium, 631 Vincent S., Redondo Beach (PCH<br />

at Diamond). For information call the Symphony Office at 310-544-0320, e-<br />

mail music.pensym@verizon.net, or visit Pensym.org.<br />

Full Moon Yoga<br />

Enjoy yoga for all levels on Terranea Resort's Ocean Lawn overlooking the<br />

Pacific Ocean. Bring your own mat. 7 p.m. Suggested donation $20 to support<br />

the PVP Land Conservancy. 100 Terranea Way, RPV. PEN<br />

around&about<br />

Freedom4You youth contests<br />

n Winners of the Freedom4U Youth Photography contest had their work exhibited<br />

at Paul’s Photo in Torrance during March. On May 22, Freedom4You and Hitchcock<br />

Automotive Resources will host the annual South Bay Teen Idol Vocal Contest.<br />

The entry deadline is May 1 for submissions of one minute, one song videos. Entrants<br />

must be from the South Bay/Harbor area and be ages 13 to 18. For details<br />

visit FreedomCommuity.com<br />

30 Year Anniversary<br />

The Palos Verdes Flower Talking Clock donated by<br />

Michel Medawar and his family, celebrated its 30th<br />

Year on the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

Your clock reminds you of its presence every time<br />

you wind it. If the accuracy of the clock is not<br />

what it used to be, or the chimes are not as<br />

strong or rhythmic, or maybe it just stops; that means<br />

your clock is talking to you and telling you that its endless<br />

life is in jeopardy.<br />

It is imperative to maintain and service your clock<br />

regularly. Oil gets old and dry forcing the train of gears<br />

to work twice as hard to accomplish their goal. This results<br />

in damage that drastically shortens the life of a<br />

fine timepiece.<br />

Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of<br />

timepieces for over sixty years as his father did sixty<br />

years before. He is the inventor of the first talking clock<br />

in the world. He is a graduate from Patek Philippe in<br />

Geneva, Switzerland, The Theod Wagner Clock Co. in<br />

Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Howard Miller Clock<br />

Co. in Zeeland, Michigan. Call him so that he may<br />

come to your home and offer you a free estimate for<br />

servicing your clock. Or bring your wall or mantel<br />

clock to our store to see our showroom and receive the<br />

same complimentary diagnosis.<br />

We are located at 810C Silver Spur Rd., in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca.<br />

90274. Or call us at (310) 544-0052<br />

Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday<br />

810C Silver Spur Road • Rolling Hills Estates • CA 90274<br />

Call 310.544.0052<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 63

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Mad Hatter High Tea Party<br />

Villa Narcissa Style<br />

The Portuguese neighborhood guests and curated outliers were the invitees<br />

to the Katrina Vanderlip Mad Hatter Tea Party to benefit the Vanderlip<br />

Heritage Fund. Joan Shriver had the funniest get up with a spoon<br />

faced mask and top hat while her son Steve sported a flourescent yellow<br />

and black striped spider hat with orange fluff and a blue feather scarf. The<br />

venue was the Villa Narcissa, and the guests were asked to share one of<br />

their most embarrassing moments at the dining room table. After a few<br />

glasses of champagne, the roars of laughter could be heard from outside.<br />


1. Steve and Joan Shriver.<br />

Edward Perlberg and Jackie Balestra.<br />

2. Brian and Diana Anderson, Corinne 4. Sharing stories.<br />

Gerrard and Katrina Vanderlip. 5. The tea.<br />

3. Katrina Vanderlip and husband 6. The bites.<br />

Betty Raley Wing<br />

7/21/1923 ~ 2/4/<strong>2018</strong><br />

Wing, a prominent business<br />

man and inventor. Together<br />

they traveled the world and<br />

supported many worthwhile<br />

causes.<br />

She was preceded in death by<br />

three husbands, one brother<br />

and two sisters. From her first<br />

two marriages she is survived<br />

by sons Edward and Stephen<br />

and three grandchildren. From<br />

her marriage<br />

with George, she<br />

is survived by his<br />

children from a<br />

Betty Raley Wing passed<br />

away on February 4,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. She was ninety<br />

four.<br />

Born in Colorado,<br />

Betty was<br />

a long time resident<br />

of the South<br />

Bay and deeply<br />

involved with<br />

the Palos Verdes<br />

Art Center. She<br />

was a founding<br />

member of The<br />

Circle, a key support<br />

group of the<br />

Center and<br />

served as its<br />

president twice.<br />

She also served<br />

on the Art Center board of directors.<br />

Betty was married to George<br />

previous marriage,<br />

George IV,<br />

Suzanne, Zola<br />

and Judi, six<br />

g r a n d c h i l d r e n<br />

and ten great<br />

grandchildren.<br />

Betty was an<br />

elegant, gracious<br />

lady, always imp<br />

e c c a b l y<br />

dressed. She dazzled<br />

a wide range of people<br />

with her sparkling conversation<br />

and sharp wit.<br />

She was loyal to friends and<br />

family and a fierce defender of<br />

deeply held principles. Donations<br />

may be made to fund established<br />

in her name at the<br />

Palos Verdes Art Center.<br />

1 2<br />

3 4<br />

5 6<br />

64 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

around&about<br />

Ek Kardia Serving the Community<br />

n The <strong>2018</strong> high school senior class members of Ek Kardia were recently honored<br />

for their service to the South Bay. Ek Kardia, which means "from the heart" in<br />

Greek, is a faith-based mother-daughter service organization designed to foster a<br />

lifelong practice of giving from the heart.<br />


After practicing law in the<br />

Manhattan and Hermosa Beach area for<br />

over 28 years I'm pleased to announce the<br />

relocation of my offices to Palos Verdes.<br />

Please call for a free consultation.<br />


Attorney At Law<br />

655 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 125<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

(310) 544-2255<br />

Majoneslaw.com<br />



(Front row) Natalie Watts, Leah Heffernan and Emma Wendorff. (Middle<br />

row) Hayley Zakman, Megan Colaruotolo, Rebecca Schubert,<br />

Angelina Norris, Kara Lee, Kaitlyn Tang, Karly Galosic, Eliza Steere,<br />

Amanda Houtz and Claire Malit. (Back row) Nicole Yee, Nicole Vogel,<br />

Christina Vogelzang, Christine Miller, Elise Hall, Camille Fechner,<br />

Alyssa Yeh and Rachel Hood.<br />

Trojan League South Bay<br />

n Fun Times and the “Fight On” spirit were shared at the Trojan League of the<br />

South Bay Luncheon at the Palos Verdes Golf Club. Celebrating their 44 year anniversary<br />

as well as their two-term past presidents who have contributed their time<br />

and resources so generously. Eighteen of the twenty-two presidents were in attendance<br />

including four of the charter members: Sigrid Allman, Jea Baran, Donna<br />

Gibbs, and Regina Leimbach. They reminisced how times have changed before<br />

email, technology and Facebook. But what has not changed is their life-long<br />

friendships and support of their alma mater… USC! PEN<br />

Front Row-Sara Jane Bettge, Pam Bowers, Jody Murdock, Alice Remp, Jea<br />

Baran, Suzanne Krapf and Regina Leimbach Back Row-Melody Nishida,<br />

Dale Harbour-Day, Nancy Lovell, Paula Hawkins, Julie Haynes, Sigrid Allman,<br />

Kathie Chapman, Donna Gibbs, Beth Petak-Aaron, Helaine Lopes<br />

and Patti Johnson.<br />


APRIL 22, 11:00am – 2:00pm<br />

$40<br />

Palos Verdes Golf Club - 3301 Via Campesina, PVE<br />


Call for details<br />

**********************************************<br />

**********************<br />

Meeting- Tuesday March 27, <strong>2018</strong><br />

11:00am – 2:00pm<br />

Palos Verdes Golf Club - $40<br />



TOPIC<br />

Cleaning up the corruption in the voting process in<br />

California. L.A. has approximately 144% voter<br />

registration. It is impossible to have more people<br />

registered to vote than are eligible to vote.<br />

Join Mark in his quest for Election Integrity.<br />



RSVP – (310) 544-9810 or<br />

bahart09@verizon.net<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 65

ONCE IN A<br />

RED MOON<br />

The housemade crusty bread<br />

served on seating<br />

shows Luna Rossa is putting its<br />

woodfired oven to good use<br />

Luna Rossa manager Augusto Cali.<br />

Photo by Brad Jacobson (CivicCouch.com)<br />

by Richard Foss<br />

Iwas reminded to visit a restaurant by an eclipse. No, really.<br />

You might remember that we had a super blue blood moon a<br />

while ago, and my wife and I got up before dawn to see it. It<br />

was worth a few moments of contemplation before going back<br />

indoors to get warm.<br />

Somehow, when we went out for dinner the next evening it<br />

must have been in my mind. We went to Luna Rossa, which of<br />

course is Italian for red moon, on the second floor of the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Promenade. I had last visited in 2012, about a year after they<br />

opened, and at that time the food was uneven but showed promise.<br />

I had meant to get back soon to find out how the place matured,<br />

but somehow it took an eclipse to jog my memory.<br />

It had been so long that I actually forgot where the entrance<br />

was – the first sign you see as you exit the parking structure is<br />

for their private dining room. (They really ought to have a sign<br />

somewhere near the bottom of the stairway pointing to the main<br />

entrance, because we weren’t the first to go all the way to the<br />

top of the stairs and then discover that you can’t get in there.)<br />

Go around the building to the right and you’ll find the escalator<br />

that will actually get you to their second floor location.<br />

Once you‘re inside the atmosphere is old-school Italian, with<br />

a formal looking dining room just past the clubby bar by the<br />

entry. The yellow walls and natural light make the environment<br />

stylish and comfortable for a mall location.<br />

The menu is slanted toward Northern Italy and includes the<br />

traditional pastas and both grilled items and pizzas from a woodfired<br />

oven. This isn’t the place to go for arcane regional dishes,<br />

and the comfort food is a good match for the décor. They bring<br />

out very good housemade crusty bread to start, which shows that<br />

they’re putting that oven to good use.<br />

My wife and I were decided to start the meal with the salmon<br />

and potato salad but decided that something lighter was in order<br />

and split a small Caesar. A generous portion of anchovies is $3.50<br />

extra and worth it, because the sharp flavor completes what is<br />

otherwise a very mild dressing. I added a gentle sprinkle of pepper<br />

too, and my wife who usually prefers hers without agreed<br />

that it was an improvement. The portion was generous as a salad<br />

for one person and enough for a light starter for two.<br />

We had ordered the small salad because we liked the look of<br />

two of the entrees but also wanted to try something from that<br />

oven, so had pizza as a second course. The thin, crisp crust was<br />

very good and the portion of sauce and topping moderate so no<br />

one element overshadowed another, which is true to the tradition<br />

of Naples rather than the Italian-American more-is-better idea.<br />

We had chosen the pizza that is a house specialty, a vegetarian<br />

item with eggplant, zucchini, artichoke, olives, tomato, onion,<br />

and bell pepper, and though we asked for the bell pepper to be<br />

omitted it was still a well-balanced set of flavors. The pizza was<br />

quite large and with a salad would have been a good lunch or

light dinner for two.<br />

For main courses we chose a mushroom risotto and a bowl of tortellacci<br />

pasta filled with wine-braised short rib meat in a truffled Alfredo sauce.<br />

That latter item is probably the most unusual item on the menu, since it’s<br />

a bit counterintuitive to braise beef in red wine and then stuff it in pasta<br />

in a white sauce. It works well because the shaved truffles in that sauce<br />

add a slight muskiness that is a very good complement to meaty flavors.<br />

Our server offered some grated parmesan. It wasn’t essential but added<br />

nicely to the flavor.<br />

The risotto was well-made and had a rich, full mushroom flavor balanced<br />

with garlic in the white wine sauce. I think I might have liked a dash more<br />

herbs in it to add complexity, but it was quite decent as it was.<br />

We paired our meal with glasses of wine from an unexpectedly short<br />

and California-centric list. There are a many very good Italian wines available<br />

at a price that makes them an attractive proposition by the glass, and<br />

it was surprising not to find them in a place that otherwise celebrates Italian<br />

authenticity.<br />

We had just a little room left for dessert so decided to split what was referred<br />

to as a mini-tiramisu. The portion was actually larger than we expected,<br />

and even though we liked the light but rich cake we wouldn’t have<br />

wanted a larger portion. Unlike most of the rest of the desserts, this one is<br />

made in house and made very well, with the sweetness of the cream, slight<br />

wine flavor, and bitterness from chocolate and espresso all harmonizing.<br />

We were also offered a complimentary last item of a fritter called a frappe.<br />

This is just fried dough topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, a crisp<br />

little finish to the meal.<br />

Dinner for two with three glasses of wine ran $130, about what I’d expect<br />

for this caliber of food in this location. Luna Rossa isn’t groundbreaking<br />

but the cooking is solid, and you shouldn’t wait for a sign from the<br />

skies to stop in.<br />

Luna Rossa is at 550 Deep Valley Drive in Rolling Hills Estates. Opens daily<br />

11:30 a.m., closed 9 p.m. Sun.-Thur., 10 p.m. Fri.-Sat. Full bar, corkage $25,<br />

some vegetarian items. Menu at lunarossapv.com (warning: website blasts<br />

music). Phone 310-377-0202. PEN<br />

JoAnn DeFlon<br />

SRES, Palos Verdes Specialist<br />

310.508.3581 call/text<br />

joann.deflon@VistaSIR.com<br />

CalBre #01943409<br />

Home is what you choose to surround yourself with,<br />

Family, Friends, History, Views,<br />

Vista Sotheby's International Realty-Uniting extraordinary<br />

homes with extraordinary lives<br />


Call me to discuss your extraordinary adventure.<br />

Each office is independently<br />

Owned and operated<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 67

• Serving the South<br />

Bay for over 35 years<br />

• Full Service Contractor<br />

• Complete Installation<br />

• New Construction<br />

• Remodeling<br />

• Second Floors<br />

• Additions<br />

• Cabinets<br />

4203 Spencer St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310)214-5049 • www.pevelers.com<br />

Appointments Are Recommended<br />

Showroom Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-5 • Friday 9-3 • Monday by Appointment<br />

Closed Saturday and Sunday • License #381992<br />

Visit Our<br />

Kitchen &<br />

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q<br />

HOME &<br />


r<br />

1st Windows low prices, high quality<br />

Find 24/7 convenience at 1stwindows.com or visit the Signal Hill showroom. 1st<br />

Windows promises the best prices in the South Bay. No games, no commissioned<br />

salespeople, no high-pressure sales. A volume, repeat-business dealer since 1995,<br />

1st Windows is known for its straightforward and efficient service as well as its<br />

quality products, lines and workmanship.<br />

(562) 494-9069<br />

1858 E. 20th Street, Signal Hill<br />

Catalina Paint<br />

Catalina Paints, formerly known as Supreme Paints, is a destination for top quality<br />

house paints as well as wallpaper and window coverings. The Manhattan Beach<br />

location recently started carrying Farrow and Ball paints, and both the Redondo<br />

Beach and Manhattan locations carry Benjamin Moore, Cabot Stains, Hunter<br />

Douglas and a whole lot more. For a complete list of products and locations,<br />

please visit:<br />

Catalinapaintstores.com<br />

1002 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach, (310) 540-4456<br />

708 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, (310) 376-2444<br />

Custom Design & Construction<br />

makes remodeling fun and easy<br />

Custom Design & Construction takes the stressful process of home remodeling and<br />

makes it fun and easy. Beginning with the Discovery phase, CDC’s award-winning<br />

team works with you to explore all options within your budget range. By working<br />

Highest Quality at a Fair Price<br />

1815 W. 213th St, #135, Torrance<br />

310-742-3192<br />

• Stamping<br />

• Driveways<br />

• Pool Decks<br />

• BBQ/Firepits<br />

• Patios<br />

• Stonework<br />

• Pavers<br />

• Foundations<br />


Casey Lindahl - Founder & President of Lindahl Concrete Construction, Inc.<br />

] u<br />

t<br />

310-326-6626 LindahlConcrete.com<br />

Lic.#531387<br />

Showroom Available<br />

68 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

q<br />

HOME &<br />


r<br />

with a single company that provides both design and construction all under one<br />

roof, you don’t have to be the middleman and your exact final price is in place<br />

before work even begins. That means no surprises down the road. Ask about<br />

easy in-house financing and if you aren’t sure where to start, please attend a free<br />

home remodeling seminar or stop by the Design Center. Call Custom Design &<br />

Construction today! License #524561<br />

(310) 815-4815<br />

2001 E. Mariposa Avenue, El Segundo<br />

VisitCustomDesign.com<br />

Vinyl Windows<br />

Replacement and New Construction<br />


AND SAVE BIG $$$<br />



Lowest Prices Up Front • No Games<br />

Show Room 562-494-9069<br />

CONTRACTOR REFERRAL • Fax 562-494-2069<br />

70 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong>

q<br />

HOME &<br />


Best Paints and<br />

Window Coverings<br />

1002 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach | (310) 540-4456<br />

708 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach | (310) 376-2444<br />

r<br />

Destination: Art<br />

Experience Destination: Art’s first big art exhibition of <strong>2018</strong>, “Spring Fling.” Art<br />

lovers, interior designers, and home and garden enthusiasts are invited to a Gala<br />

Public Reception Saturday, <strong>Apr</strong>il 28, 4 - 7 p.m. for this special show and sale,<br />

celebrating the natural beauty of the South Bay and the work of local artists. This<br />

event can help you explore your “personal art signature” as you begin, or enhance,<br />

the use of art in your home. Visit this unique studio and gallery concept,<br />

open Thursdays through Saturdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays noon to 4<br />

p.m.<br />

(310) 742-3192<br />

1815 W. 213th St., #135, Torrance<br />

destination-art.net<br />

Beautiful pools, spas and outdoor<br />

living space by Horusicky Construction<br />

Beautiful swimming pools, creative spas and artistic masonry work of all sizes are<br />

offered by Horusicky Construction. Started by Michael Horusicky, Sr. and now<br />

run by Mike Jr. and his sons, the family has been in business for over 45 years<br />

and is known for its quality work. Offering complete new pool and spa construction<br />

and remodels, hardscape, decking, outdoor kitchens, brick and stone projects of<br />

all sizes as well as landscaping. Horusicky Construction can meet all of your<br />

hardscape needs with the experience and expertise that you can trust. Log onto<br />

Horusicky.com to see their photo gallery and customer comments and reviews.<br />

Call or email to schedule a free estimate.<br />

(310) 544-9384<br />

Whether it is real wood Or composite wood<br />

Call The DexPerts at Learned Lumber<br />

South Bay’s oldest lumber yard.<br />

South Bay’s oldest lumber yard<br />

• Trim<br />

• Doors<br />

• Siding<br />

• Decking<br />

• Lumber<br />

• Windows<br />

• Hardware<br />

• Referrals<br />

Free parking in our 6th Street lot<br />

635 Pacific Coast Highway - Hermosa Beach<br />

310-374-3406<br />

Stocking Dealer<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 71

Suzy Zimmerman, Agent<br />

Insurance Lic#: OF71296<br />

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite<br />

103<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

Bus: 310-377-9531<br />

www.zimziminsurance.com<br />


Plumbing<br />

Since 1990 • License # 770059, C-36 C-34 C-42<br />

D E P E N D A B L E • P R O F E S S I O N A L • A F F O R D A B L E<br />

w w w . m a t t u c c i p l u m b i n g . c o m<br />

That’s when you can count on<br />

State Farm®.<br />

I know life doesn’t come with a schedule.<br />

That’s why at State Farm you can always<br />

count on me for whatever you need –<br />

24/7, 365.<br />



1101198.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL<br />

V ilicich<br />

Watch & Clock<br />

Established 1947<br />

Celebrating<br />

Our<br />

70 th<br />

Anniversary!<br />

(310) 833-6891<br />

We Buy<br />

Watches!<br />

714 S. Weymouth Avenue<br />

San Pedro, CA 90732<br />

Not affiliated with Rolex USA<br />


$ 9 8 0<br />

Residential Water Heater<br />

40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available)<br />

Includes hot & cold water supply lines<br />

Expires May 31, <strong>2018</strong><br />





$ 7 5<br />

Rooter Service - Main Line<br />

Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply.<br />

Expires May 31, <strong>2018</strong><br />

F R E E<br />

E S T I M A T E S<br />

M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n<br />

s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t .<br />

3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1<br />

q<br />

HOME &<br />


Kitchen Collection team creates timeless results<br />

Jackie Balint, CKD, has been a designer in the kitchen and bath industry since<br />

1981 and is the owner of The Kitchen Collection in Riviera Village in Redondo<br />

Beach. She and her daughter Debra offer years of expertise in practical and personalized<br />

kitchens and baths. They work with clients and contractors to create<br />

timeless projects, utilizing quality products and providing personal attention from<br />

concept to completion. Jackie and Debra have worked on projects throughout the<br />

country and have had many of their projects featured in architectural publications.<br />

The Kitchen Collection is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association<br />

and the Bath & Kitchen Buying Group. Jackie has served on the boards of both<br />

organizations.<br />

Thank You<br />

For Your<br />

Vote!<br />

ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />

72 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong><br />

2013<br />

r<br />

(310) 540-4090<br />

241 Avenida del Norte, Redondo Beach<br />

TheKitchenCollection.com<br />

Lindahl Concrete’s work is legendary<br />

Lindahl Concrete is the leading concrete and masonry company in the South Bay.<br />

They value good relationships with their customers and produce the highest quality<br />

work. View their work of driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, barbecues,<br />

city work, stone work, and more at their website. They are stamping, pavers and<br />

sand/washed finished concrete specialists. Visit their garden showroom to see<br />

samples of colors and finishes. Workman’s Comp & General Liability Insured. Call<br />

Casey Lindahl, Founder and President of Lindahl Concrete Construction. Lic.<br />

#531387.<br />

(310) 326-6626<br />

lindahlconcrete@aol.com<br />

Lindahlconcrete.com<br />

Mattucci Plumbing<br />

At Mattucci Plumbing, the level of service you receive is a guarantee. For plumbing<br />

repairs and installations in the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles, Mattucci’s professional<br />

technicians are all about making services and equipment work as great<br />

as possible. Customer satisfaction is their #1 priority. Call today or book an appointment<br />

online. Their professional team is available whenever you need them<br />

and a live person will gladly assist you 24 hours a day. Call today for your free<br />

estimate.<br />

(310) 543-2001<br />

mattucciplumbing.com<br />

Pete Fer Plumbing,<br />

Heating & Air offers<br />

repairs, remodels<br />

Pete Fer Plumbing is a complete mechanical<br />

contracting company, providing<br />

plumbing, heating and air<br />

conditioning for new construction, remodeling,<br />

service and repair to commercial<br />

and residential customers.<br />

They provide 24 hour service, seven<br />

days a week through an automated<br />

emergency dispatch paging system.<br />

Mention <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> to one of<br />

their service technicians and receive<br />

$20 off your first service call.<br />

(310) 831-0737<br />

2020 S. Mesa St, San Pedro<br />


Classifieds Your Local Expert Community 424-269-2830<br />


Healthy<br />

Japanese<br />

Cooking<br />


Concrete & Masonry<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

310-534-9970<br />

Lic. #935981 C8 C29<br />


Thank You South Bay for<br />

50 Years of Patronage!<br />

Residential • Commercial • Industrial<br />

POOLS • SPAS<br />


New Construction<br />

& Remodeling<br />

Excellent References<br />

Horusicky Construction<br />

310-544-9384<br />

www.Horusicky.com<br />

Credit cards accepted<br />

Lic #309844, Bonded, Insured<br />

Two Month Classes<br />

One Day Class<br />

Private Classes<br />

Catering is available<br />

for parties<br />

www.sushischool.net<br />

310-782-8483<br />


EG<br />

Concrete • Masonry<br />

Landscape • Pools<br />

Spa • Waterfall<br />

BBQ • Firepits<br />

310.420.7946<br />

Lic#611186<br />

Call us to Discuss the<br />


Extreme<br />

Hillside Specialist<br />

Foundation Repair Experts<br />

Grading & Drainage<br />

Retaining Walls,<br />

Fences & Decks<br />

310-212-1234<br />

www.LambConBuilds.com<br />

Lic. #906371<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />


Reserve<br />


your space in<br />

the next<br />

Call direct 424-269-2830<br />

Pub Date: <strong>Apr</strong>il 28<br />

Deadline: <strong>Apr</strong>il 13<br />

s<br />

magazine<br />


LYNCH<br />

ELECTRIC &<br />

General<br />

Building<br />

Contractors<br />

• Residential<br />

Troubleshooting<br />

• Remodel Specialist<br />

Scott K. Lynch<br />

P.V. Native<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />

Cell<br />

310-930-9421<br />

Office & Fax<br />

310-325-1292<br />

www.LynchElectric.us<br />

Lic 701001<br />



Handyman<br />

Services…<br />

Fix It Right<br />

the<br />

First Time<br />

What we do…<br />

Plumbing,<br />

Electrical, Drywall,<br />

Painting & more.<br />

Valente Marin<br />

310-748-8249<br />

Unlic.<br />


Vocal Technician<br />

Piano Teacher<br />

Vocalist<br />

Jeannine McDaniel<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

20 year experience<br />

All Ages<br />

310-544-0879<br />

310-292-6341<br />

Jeannine_mcdaniel2001@yahoo.com<br />


Plumbing 24/7 • Heating<br />

Air Conditioning<br />

pfplumbing.net<br />

800-354-2705 • 310-831-0737<br />

Your Ad Here<br />

25,000 Readers<br />

424-269-2830<br />

• Venetian Plastering<br />

• Ceiling Removal<br />




Tile Reroof and<br />

repair specialist<br />

310-847-7663<br />

Family owned<br />

business since 1978<br />

Lic 831351<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />

Patch Master Plastering<br />

Patch Plastering • Interior • Exterior<br />

• Drywall Work<br />

• Acoustic Ceiling Removal<br />

• Water & Fire Restoration<br />

310-370-5589<br />

Lic. # 687076 • C35-B1<br />

G<br />

D<br />

Remodeling<br />

Design<br />

Kitchens<br />

Bathrooms<br />

Room Additions<br />

New Construction<br />

Charles Clarke<br />

Local Owner/General Contractor<br />

Ph: (310) 791-4150<br />

Cell: (310) 293-9796<br />

Fax (310) 791-0452<br />

“Since 1990” Lic. No. 810499<br />

classifieds<br />

424-269-2830<br />








ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />


310.543.2001<br />


Lic. #770059<br />

C-36 C-20 A<br />

2013<br />

<strong>Apr</strong>il <strong>2018</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 73

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