Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2018 / Vol 41 No2

Distributor's Link Magazine Spring 2018 / Vol 41 No2


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53 Freedom Rd. Painesville, OH 44077<br />

TEL 1-800-680-3600 EMAIL salesquotes@dysoncorp.com WEB www.dysoncorp.com<br />


For over 125 years, Dyson Corp. has remained North<br />

America’s leading producer of high quality, 100% domestic,<br />

large diameter fasteners and forgings. Serving the critical<br />

markets of Renewable Energy, Marine and Military, Oil and<br />

Gas, Infrastructure, State Departments of Transportation,<br />

Mining, Hydropower, General Construction, and Bridge<br />

Construction/Restoration, their products are present in some<br />

of America’s most notable projects.<br />

All products manufactured at<br />

the company’s Painesville, Ohio<br />

facility are strictly 100% melted and<br />

manufactured in the U.S.A., and are<br />

produced to various specifications<br />

including ASME, ASTM, SAE, MIL,<br />

ANSI and DIN… making Dyson<br />

America’s number one source for<br />

domestically produced parts for<br />

use on large scale projects.<br />

“All Dyson products are of the<br />

highest quality standard and are<br />

fully traceable back to raw material production” claims<br />

Mike Robinson, Head of Dyson Sales for Construction<br />

Components.<br />

Recently, Dyson made a significant investment in two<br />

high-speed bolt forging presses. This new capability allows<br />

them to rapidly produce blank bolts, cap screws and clevis<br />

pins 30% faster than prior manufacturing methods. Dyson<br />

can hot forge bolts up to 2.25” in diameter, and with their<br />

own on-site heat-treating facility, the company is able to<br />

stock bolts in multiple grades and specifications.<br />

“Our new bolting capabilities allow us to respond<br />

to large or small orders effectively and provides our<br />

distribution partners with even faster turn-arounds,” says<br />

John Hocevar, Head of Dyson’s Forged Technology line.<br />

Hocevar further declares “Dyson is distinct among<br />

other fastener manufacturers in that it is the only<br />

manufacturer to duel certify ASTM-A194 grade 2H/<br />

ASMT-A563 grade DH heavy hex nuts.”<br />


This benefits Dyson’s distribution customers by<br />

allowing them to better manage their inventory, ultimately<br />

cutting their number of stocked sku’s in half since they no<br />

longer have to stock 2H and DH nuts in their warehouses.<br />

“Our 2H/DH heavy hex nuts save our customers money,<br />

time and space,” states Hocevar.<br />

Dyson’s dual certified nuts are available in diameters<br />

1.25” up to 4” in plain finish, as<br />

well as galvanized. They can also<br />

forge up to 6.5” diameter heavy<br />

hex nuts and can accommodate<br />

customized requirements.<br />

In addition to their duel<br />

certified 2H/DH nuts, Dyson Corp.<br />

is also unique in the industry due<br />

to their various patents. They are<br />

the patent holder of the original<br />

D-LOC and M-LOC free spinning<br />

lock and seal nuts which are widely<br />

used on applications that require<br />

vibration or liquid leakage minimization such as the mining<br />

industry. Most major mining companies use Dyson’s<br />

D-LOC nuts on their crusher and shaker equipment, and<br />

they’re also commonly used on other vibration prone<br />

applications such as railway systems.<br />

“Dyson is the only manufacturer to produce D-LOC<br />

heavy hex nuts where complete thread engagement is<br />

achieved. This fully forged nut provides maximum strength<br />

and tension values for extreme working environments,”<br />

explains Patrick Linehan, Director of Engineering at<br />

Dyson Corp. Linehan further clarifies, “Dyson’s D-LOC<br />

nuts distribute the bearing load on irregular surfaces and<br />

locks the bolt and nut assembly together. It also creates<br />

a water-tight seal. Vibration cannot loosen the assembly<br />

due to the locking element of this product.”<br />

Find out how Dyson can help fulfill your forging<br />

and fastener needs by contacting Chelsea Johnson at<br />

cjohnson@dysoncorp.com.<br />


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