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HEARING SOLUTIONS SO SMALL ALL EXCUSES DISAPPEAR! JOANNA MAGEE Joanna is an accredited ‘EAR’ with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and is involved in educational seminars for Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. Having been a Hearing Specialist for over three decades the most frequently heard request from new clients is to provide a solution that no one else is aware exists. Happily I am able to oblige and explain that with todays’ tiny concealed in the ear hearing devices that a hearing loss is much more conspicuous than a hearing device. Straining to hear, misunderstanding conversation, missing punchlines in jokes are all more conspicuous than the discreet solutions tucked away from sight and packed with technology to enable wearers to hear clearly in some very challenging situations. Client’s find they are more relaxed, more confident and participate much more in life’s activities when they can hear well. Our passion and commitment to providing the best solution for our clients is second to none and we often launch products ahead of other clinics in Australia. This month we are launching the new IQ range of hearing devices which not only enable speech to be heard clearly but give much more spatial awareness which assists clients in determining where the sound they want to hear is located. New micro-processors are quad-core meaning they have 4 tiny processors with independent functions so speech is enhanced and clear and background noise and sudden loud noises are attenuated. Hearing is so precious and fragile that it deserves the best attention we can give it. The ear being referred to as the ‘pathway to the heart’ is so important for those personal connections that as human beings bring joy to our lives. If you want to connect to your loved ones via your mobile phone we have solutions whereby you can hear the conversation directly into your hearing devices. Or maybe you want to Skype with your grandchildren and hear directly from the monitor, or perhaps you don’t want to miss a word of your favourite television show, we have the solutions to enable you to engage and connect directly with the sound source. Whether you are a professional in need of hearing patients quiet voices or a famous performer in need of hearing the lyrics of the songs you sing we can help you. With nothing to lose but your hearing loss and everything to gain, book in for a free hearing consultation to assess your needs and explore the range of options available to assist. Our main clinic is at 125 Grafton Street, Cairns with a new clinic at 3 Cook Street, Atherton. Visiting clinics are at; Mareeba, Innisfail and Mission Beach. For an appointment at any location call us on 4041 7860. A TINY HEARING AID THAT CAN DISAPPEAR? CityLife 72 Magazine

Specialist with a difference Words by Janie Barton LEVEL 2 CAIRNS CENTRAL PLAZA 58-62 MCLEOD STREET, CAIRNS CITY WWW.DRPHOEBEHONG.COM.AU PH: 4230 0030 Dr Phoebe Hong is not your average specialist. While she is a highly skilled obstetrician, gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon she is also friendly, humorous and bubbly. And that warm and welcoming nature is further enhanced when you visit her in her new premises in the heart of the city. Her practice’s new location, at Cairns Central Plaza across from Cairns Central Shopping Centre, is welcoming, soothing and relaxing for patients and their families. Equally important, it is fitted with the lasted equipment to ensure her patients get the best possible care. After graduating with a medical degree from the University of Auckland in 2006, she began her specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology before coming to Cairns in 2013 to work at the Cairns Hospital. Not only did she love her work, she thought Cairns was a beautiful place to live. “I just loved Cairns and I thought if I’m going to stay here then I need to bring something to the city,” she said. So she moved south for two years to complete a two-year fellowship in advanced hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries. While training, she was mentored by a number of advanced gynaecology laparoscopic surgeons, including Dr Alex Ades, who is internationally recognised for his experience in laparoscopic cerclage (placement of cervical stitches through keyhole surgery for women with weak cervixes). During this time, she was also a facilitator at several GP courses and the Basic Surgical Skill course for Junior Obstetric and Gynaecology Trainees. She was also awarded a Covidien Scholarship and completed a Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery at the University of Adelaide. She opened her private practice at Flecker House when she returned to Cairns and moved into her new premises in December last year. “There’s more continuous care when you work in private practice,” she said. “You get to build relationships, and seeing patients’ health improve under your care is very rewarding. “I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to medicine and surgery, as we are all different. We all have unique needs and priorities.” While Dr Hong’s skills at laparoscopic surgery, better known as keyhole surgery, is perfect for ovary and ovarian cyst removal and hysterectomies, she is also high skilled in pregnancy care and management, including complicated pregnancies. “I also get to deliver babies,” said Dr Hong, who also speaks Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese as well as Japanese, which benefits those for whom English is a second language. “What more could you ask for?” CityLife 73 Magazine

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