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Triple Taught

Prologue Pop! I swear to

Prologue Pop! I swear to fucking God that’s the sound that Wanda’s mouth makes as she pulls her lips off my cock. Like a real-life actual fucking popping sound. Filled with lascivious suction. You know the kind. When you get your lips around a cock real good, and create a vacuum. Maybe you don’t know the kind of sound I’m talking about. You do need a pretty big fucking cock to be able to help make that suction. And baby, I know we just met, but if there is one thing you need to know about Elijah fucking Kennedy, it’s that I have just such a cock. You rolling your eyes yet, darlin? Not another one of these alpha hole billionaires with a fucking 12-inch cock, you’re saying? Had enough? There really seem to be so many of them nowadays, doesn’t there? Can’t go down your Kindle store without them pulling their cocks out and trying to slap you right in the fucking face with them, huh? Well, if I may say so, yours truly is a different breed of billionaire bad boy. “I don’t know, Elijah,” Wanda says looking up at me as she blinks. She’s got a nice trickle of spit running down her chin and she blinks at me a couple times, trying to look slutty. Instead she ends up just looking fucking dumb. “You think we should keep doing this? It feels so right.” I sigh. This little blowjob is starting to cost more than I’m fucking willing to pay. Like shut the fuck up, Wanda, and fucking open wide already. “It feels wrong but that’s what makes it so fucking good. This is your last night of freedom, babe,” I say soothingly to her. “After tonight, you’re going to be married. And you’ll never be able to do this again.” Wanda looks at me for a minute, all conflicted and shit, and I continue. “Wouldn’t you like to have one last suck before you tie the fucking knot?” She nods.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Who the fuck is this asshole getting a fucking blowjob from this woman who is apparently about to get fucking married. I’m going to tell you. But first let me close my fucking eyes and let them roll to the back of my head as Wanda proceeds to wrap her lips around me one more time. I know. I know. You got fucking questions. Let me give you a proper introduction in case you’re not a frequent reader of the New York Daily News business pages. Elijah Kennedy. Self-made billionaire. One of the three founders of the breakthrough biotech company, BioKin. I handle the public relations for the firm and own roughly a 33% stake in the multi-billion dollar enterprise. I work fucking hard to make my money. Regardless of what the tabloids might fucking say about me, it’s simply not true that all I do is get drunk and fuck bitches. I mean that part is true, too. But that’s not the only fucking thing I do. I wake up at fucking 4 am every fucking morning to go for a run around the Central Park Reservoir. I’m in the office by 7 am every day. No matter how late I was up till the night before. And that’s where I start using my silver fucking tongue to sell the public on the marvels of laboratory built scientific miracles. Fuck. It’s the fucking life, baby. I’ll be honest. You can’t have a much better life than me. Penthouse suites. A collection of Mercedes Benz that makes me the top fucking car collector in the fucking world. Private jets at my beck and call. And a silver fucking tongue that spreads the legs and melts the fucking panties off of every girl I’ve ever fucking met. Like slutty little Wanda here who’s moaning like my cock’s the best fucking thing she’s ever put in her mouth. Spoiler: it fucking is. What the fuck kind of name is Wanda, you ask? And why the fuck is she sucking my dick like she’s never going to get some ever again? Let me just put this out there—normally, I don’t fucking like cheaters. It’s one of the reasons I don’t keep girlfriends. I don’t give them a chance to fucking cheat on me. I fuck. And then I leave. I’m upfront. But back to Wanda.

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