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Triple Taught

Sofie “Oh my god. You

Sofie “Oh my god. You look like a hooker!” I stop midway through applying my eyeliner to grin at Chloe in the mirror. Her reflection smiles back at me. “Don’t be a bitch. You know I look good.” I go back to finishing my eyeliner. I don’t want to put on too much, but I’m still going for that Fuck Me look. I finish my eyes and put a light layer of rouge on my cheeks. Just enough to emphasize the contours. Normally, I don’t wear this much makeup, but this is a special occasion. I take one more appraising look in the mirror and blow a kiss at my perfect reflection. Then I turn and shoot some shade back at Chloe. “I’m just so excited for your first auction! There are going to be a ton of guys there. And you know you’re getting a super high bid, right?” She leans over my shoulder to put on her lipstick, and I feel her hair lightly graze my neck. “So, what are you going to wear?” I grab my dress from her bed and hold it up in front of me. It’s a modest little number from a fall catalog of a store I can’t remember. I like the colors, and I think it will make me stand out a bit tonight. Chloe isn’t impressed. “Huh. And you think this whole granny image is gonna work for you? You got some butterscotch candies in a big bag you keep with you, too?” “This is the sexiest thing I own. What’s wrong with it? I think it’s cute!” “Girl, you’re not going to attract a dragon cock with that thing on! More like a droopy cock. If you want these boys to bring out the fat stacks, you’re going to have to give them something worth bidding on, babe. You have to get them all hot and bothered so they feel like they have to have you!” I hold up the dress to look at it. “And…I can’t do that in this?” “Sure, if this was 1957.” She rolls her eyes. “Fuck no, woman, you can’t do it in that! Let me ask you something: do you feel sexy when you’re wearing it? Like you’re ready to be fucked? Or do you feel like you’re on your way to a librarian’s convention?” I giggle and blush a little. God, Chloe doesn’t hold back, does she?

“Maybe I’m not aiming for sexy. It’s a smart choice because I want to stand out, and I thought it would make me look classy and intelligent. You know, since it’s a charity thing.” “Sweetie, they’re not bidding on your brains. It’s okay, I can fix this. Let’s see what Miss Chloe has for you.” Chloe looks through her closet. We’re pretty close in size, both having a somewhat lithe frame. The biggest difference in our bodies is that my chest is bigger. My breasts are large enough that I should have a bra on, but young enough that I can still get away without it. And babe, let me tell you, I’m going to get away with that shit as long as I can. “Mmhmm, this will do just fine.” She pulls out a simple little black number, but it’s cut high and fits tight in all the right places. “It would look perfect with my black lace La Perla. But, I can’t wear your dress tonight— the top will be so tight that I’ll burst right out of it.” “Girl, the only thing you can’t do tonight is show up looking like a fucking granny!” Fine. Taking the dress from her, I pull it on over my head, if only to appease her for the moment. Chloe has a little more junk in her trunk than I have, so I don’t expect it to fit perfectly. At first, the cool fabric gently hugs my curves. It takes a bit of effort to get my breasts seated in the right place, though. I know I’m going to stretch it out, but I can already feel that it’s totally worth it. I look at my reflection in the mirror and am amazed. “Oh, wow. Okay. I do feel…kind of sexy.” This dress could probably make anyone look good, but I’ve been blessed with a lot to work with. I look fucking amazing. Chloe gives me another once over, spending an extra second or two really checking how the dress sits on my ass and tits. Even though it’s only Chloe, it feels kind of good to have someone really look at me, to feel them drink my body in. I bend over to start fastening the straps on my black six-inch stilettos, and I can feel the bottom of the dress ride up and expose my panties. I notice she’s still watching me. “Mmhmm, babe, you look totally fuckable. They’re gonna love you! But you better not bend over in that dress, or they won’t even have to bid!” Chloe laughs and turns back to the closet to finish getting herself ready. “Maybe it would drive the bids higher.” It’s bad, but I sort of like that idea.

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