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Insulate Magazine Issue 12 - November 2017

The 1st Birthday issue of Insulate magazine titled "Round 12 with Recticel" features an exclusive interview with Recticel's commercial Director Kevin Bohea. If that wasn't enough we have a great exclusive inside the BBA, featuring an interview with BBA Chef Executive Richard Beale.

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The only independent insulation industry trade magazine BBA Exclusive Behind the Scenes at the BBA with Richard Beale The Insulate Magazine team was invited to the BBA headquarters in Watford to meet with their newly appointed Commercial Director, Richard Beale. Managing Editor, Colin Heath interviewed Richard and the team were given a tour of the facility, here’s what happened….. Hi Richard, Thanks for having us, could you give us a brief overview of your career to date? You’re welcome, thanks for taking the time to come along. I began by studying at the University of Brighton where I gained my degree in civil engineering. I immediately joined Metsec, selling lattice joists and beams, and was soon promoted to National Sales Manager, after which I became International Sales Director for Cable Management Systems. I was then promoted to Sales Having spent upwards of 20 years in the manufacturing space, I felt I had sufficient knowledge of the in-depth manufacturing process, new product development and the significant investment required to bring quality products to market. I felt that this activity should be recognised by all the players within the supply chain, from Specifiers to Contractors and Installers, and that certification is the driver to do this. The rigorous BBA process provides third party reassurance to the industry and gives credibility and confidence in the use of applications, and in so doing improves standards in the sector. As Commercial Director, how do you see your role developing and driving the BBA forward? Director for the last 6 years of my 15 years tenure. In 2008, I joined Marshall Tufflex as Commercial Director where I was responsible for all commercial activities for the group, which covered construction products ranging from underfloor systems to PVC trunking. I subsequently joined the BBA in June 2017 as Commercial director. So a career in construction products finds you now here at the BBA, what was the draw to the product certification space? The new BBA strategy sets clear growth targets that expand beyond our traditional core business of certification. The expansion of our product portfolio into new product areas, and the development of new go-to-market approaches represents a change in the way the BBA does business and will require the alignment of the whole organisation to market and meet client requirements. The Commercial Director role was created specifically to drive this growth by being the central coordination point for all business development initiatives. Much has been made recently of the testing of insulation products both at the BBA and other testing organisations. What can the industry do to assist in the development of these products/tests and ensure that they are fit for purpose? We know that what matters to our clients, more than anything else, is that their new products get to market as quickly as possible, and we can help them achieve this 10 providing we get an early “heads-up” on their plans and ideas. Sometimes we will be invited to look at a product and will know instantly that more work needs to be done to get it to the point where it can be successfully assessed. This situation is now being routinely avoided by clients coming to see us as soon as they get their ideas onto the drawing board. The other challenge for our clients is marshalling all the documentation and testing that they need to demonstrate that their product or service meets a required standard. Again, we can help by pointing out what will be needed. Exciting work with The BIM Store and CIT amongst others, lots of development occurring here, do you have any up-coming projects you can share with us? In the last year, we opened our new office in Cardiff and early next year we will open our new office in Dublin. We have a series of technical seminars planned which will bring together the UK’s experts on a range of projects. We will also be working with industry partners to develop new standards and assessments for some of the very innovative construction products that we are now beginning to see coming into the market. And of course, we continue to provide expert advice to Government departments and Housing Associations. BBA Certification is regarded as one of the most widely recognised forms of system certification. What factors do you believe are key to this recognition and how do you aim to sustain this in to the future? The BBA’s reputation is founded on 50 years of technical excellence. We invest significantly in the development of our Staff and this will never change. We actively campaign on behalf of our clients and seek to influence government policy to realise the potential of our clients’ innovations. Big ideas go nowhere if there is no access to the market, and our reputation allows us to speak to agencies and governments alike. In fact, we are involved in an ongoing campaign to persuade them to permit the use of new products and services. We stand by our clients and their products, and we are proud to do so. We have never forgotten our duty to protect the interests of the public and we continue to offer impartial advice to our colleagues within local authorities and housing associations, as well as designers and specifiers alike. In simple terms, how would you explain what the BBA does and the value it brings to a business or specific system? 11