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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

Prologue Hello and

Prologue Hello and welcome to… To what exactly? I was going to start this guide with the usual bout of congratulations and ‘what an exciting journey this will be for you’ kind of back-slapping. But I realized the opportunity we’re looking at here deserves more than ‘the usual’. Because the crypto currency boom is more than just exciting or a way to make an extra income. It’s an opportunity for you to make a genuine fortune. £50 invested today could really turn into £50,000 down the line. Or more. Keep reinvesting, spreading your bank across the right coins, buying and selling at the right times, and whatever you put in today really could grow into a million-pound+ bank balance. I’m not kidding. This could happen. Just a small investment in one coin could, theoretically, make you a million. I guess you could say that about anything, but it’s far more likely to happen with cryptos than in any other market. Maybe there is a share out there trading for 50p that might shoot up to £10,000 per share on the back of some huge new development. But it’s virtually impossible. Same with gold, same with oil, same with conventional FX. To make a million, you’d either need to take a massive risk, or you’d need to be rich in the first place. But with cryptos, you don’t need either of those things. A few pounds, certainly a few hundred pounds, really can blossom into vast sums of money, which means this is a rare opportunity for the likes of ordinary people like you and me to build a real wealth.

Yes, you can lose your initial stake. If you put £50 into a new coin and that new coin fizzles out, you could lose that £50. In fact clocking up a few loses over the months will be inevitable. But this is NOT spread betting, so you’ll never be risking more than your initial stake. And when it goes right… WOW! Take the grand daddy of the crypto world: Bitcoin (BTC). When I first heard of this, it was trading for cents. In fact, because it was seen as an ideology more than anything else (sticking two fingers up at banks and governments), thousands of bit coin were given away on social media. I bought in when it was trading at $50 – and even though it sounds crazy now – a lot of people thought it wouldn’t get much higher than that. As recently as January 2017 you could have bought bit coin for £900- $1200. A year later it hit highs of close to $20,000. Since then it’s gone up and down like crazy (along with other cryptos), and no one knows where it will end up, not for sure. Some respected traders believe that it could go all the way up to $100,000. Others think it could collapse to $100 before disappearing altogether. Now on a personal level, I’ve totally bought into the idea of Bitcoin and cryptos. And I think they’re going to be around for a long time. But as a trader, I couldn’t care less which way the price goes. In fact I LOVE it when prices are volatile because that’s when we can take fast profits time and time again. During your trial I’ll show you when to buy coins AND – very importantly – when to sell them, every week on my Crypto Hotwire. I’m very happy to give you access to this inner circle because I want you to see how many opportunities there are for us every week to make 5, 6, 10 times our money. Just contact me through Facebook and I’ll accept you as a friend so you can get all my bulletins so you can see how great this is. This is the link you need:

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