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TOTT 22 March 2018

TOTT 22 March

SAPS WARNS PUPILS ON CYBER-BULLYING AND ONLINE PREDATORS – PAGE 3 Thursday Mar ch 22, 2018 R5.50 2871 Port Alfred - (046) 624 4356 or (046) 624 2293 - E-mail advertising: or editorial: CRUEL LOSS Poacher’s trap kills pet dog in suburban area ROB KNOWLES IT was at about 3am on Tuesday when Kristen Waters and Kim van Zyl found their 18-month-old dog, Peanut, behind the small complex in which they live off Beach Road, his front left paw caught in a metal trap. “I was so upset,” said a visibly shaken Waters. “We searched for over an hour before we found him.” Waters and Van Zyl had been finishing their shift and cashing up at the Tab on Wharf Street and only arrived home at around 2am. “As there are no cars about at that time of the morning we usually let the dogs run around a little before going to bed. But we couldn’t find Peanut anywhere, even though we called to him,” explained Waters. They put the leash on their other dog, Storm, also still a puppy, so they could continue their search, and were almost dragged to the place where Peanut lay, bleeding from his mouth and with his front paw caught in the trap. Waters picked the dog up and, still with the metal trap and chain attached to his leg, walked him back to their flat. “He was still breathing, but b a r e l y, ” Waters explained. “I felt the life leave his little body as I carried him back home.” Earlier during their search the couple had seen a man they know sitting close to where they eventually found Peanut, and he had told them to look at the other end of the complex. They suspect this might have been the man who laid the trap in the first place. Back at home the couple called the SPCA to find out what to do next and were told to call the police as well as the community protection services directorate of the municipality and report the incident. This they did and, by 11am on Tuesday morning both the police and the municipality were on the scene. In the meantime, they had taken the now lifeless puppy to PA Vet’s Leon de Bruyn to have the trap removed. Commenting on the blood apparently coming from the puppy’s mouth, Waters said De Bruyn stated that this sometimes happens when an animal is caught in a trap and was a sign of shock. “We had thought that someone had perhaps kicked the dog in the face to keep it quiet,” said Waters. “It is [at least] good to know that might not have been the case.” De Bruyn’s practice confirmed that he would perform a post-mortem examination on Tuesday afternoon to ascertain the exact cause of death. DEATH TRAP: Peanut, the 18-month old pocket Yorkie, was caught in an illegal metal trap in the early hours of Tuesday morning and died a few hours later as a result of shock and his injuries Picture: ROB KNOWLES SPCA chairman Derick Kleynhans, said inspector Anel Slabbert would attend to the matter when she returned from holiday next week. He added that this was a despicable act perpetrated by a person who had no feelings or sensibilities when it came to the lives and safety of animals. “I am disgusted,” said Kleynhans. “Trapping animals in this way, and particularly in a complex in a residential area where animals and children play is not just illegal, it is unethical and reprehensible.” Provincial SAPS spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender was contacted for comment and she responded that she would find out the police’s position on the incident and report back. R 49 .99 R 79 .99 R 59 .99 R 19 .99 R 59 .99 R 29 .99 Pork Rib or Loin Chops per kg Frozen Hake Extra Large Fillets per kg Nescafé Classic 200g each Tastic Rice 2kg each Coastal View UHT Milk 6x1L per pack Bigger Burger Beef or Chicken each PRICES VALID - 23 - 25 MARCH 2018 AT PICK N PAY PORT ALFRED & GRAHAMSTOWN ONLY Customer Care 0800 11 22 88. Toll free landline only. Cellphone rates apply.

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