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Spring Bow Wow


THAT PIT BULL NEEDS TO BE TREATED AS NICELY AS A NOT EVERY DOG, OR DOG ARE OFFICIALLY DEFINED as one that actually is trained to help with a disability. That help could include pulling a wheelchair, fetching dropped items and helping rescue you if you pass out. So a dog trained only to run to the sidewalk and fetch the Sunday newspaper won’t qualify. California is a bit murky A disability a physical or mental impairment that physical, mental or social. For exam- to walk or eat or get up from a chair would be a qualifying disability. 26 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

CALIFORNIA DOESN’T CON SIDER EMOTIONAL ISSUES A DISABILITY. SO LYING TO YOUR SPOUSE ABOUT YOUR CHEATING, OR GETTING IN A HUFF WHEN SOMEONE IG NORES YOU IN A BAR, WON’T QUALIFY YOU. If you are diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar disorder, organic brain syndrome, an emotional or men- ities, any of which limits a major life in its list of qualifying mental issues, - drug addiction.) But qualifying isn’t ability. Q: WOULD A DOG WHOSE LICKS MAKE YOU LAUGH QUALIFY IF YOU’RE DIAGNOSED AS CLINI CALLY DEPRESSED? A: WHO KNOWS? So how do you know if that dog chasing the ball down the aisle at Whole Foods (and that really happened folks) lem. (By the way, under state law, or harnessed in public — hint, hint to the woman throwing the ball at mals are encouraged to register them and put tags on their collars that show isn’t required. A business owner or manager can ask if a dog (or miniature horse) is a ser- of a disability. The business owner also can ask what the dog is trained to do. But that’s all. If the business owner kicks out the person with the ADA. The risks are lower for those meet the requirements. In California, animal could get you up to six months $1,000. But the risk of going to court is one most business owners don’t want to take. That explains where the Starbucks on the corner of Santa Mon- look like that window in the front of Healthy Spot, the dog store on Santa in Starbucks must be on a leash). 27

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