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Spring Bow Wow


WHEN IT COMES TO DIVERSITY, WEHO’S DOGS HAVE GOT THEIR OWNERS BEAT Caucasian, and ings -- about 84% of us are white, 3% African American, 5% Asian and 11% Hispanic or Latino of any race – WE ARE INCREDIBLY DIVERSE WHEN IT COMES TO OUR CANINE RESIDENTS. Data compiled by the Los Angeles Times and KCRW shows 128 different breeds in the 90069 and 90046 ZIP code zones. Those zones don’t conform to the city limits, which makes an exact WeHo calculation impossible. For ex- West Hollywood but also includes the Bird Streets to our north. The 90046 - fact that many of us don’t register our mento Bee in 2011 reported that 84% of their dogs. WHAT ARE THE DOGS IN WEHO? But let’s assume our neighbors share our do those who don’t bother to register their pooches. Our most common canine residents identify as Chihuahuas – with 246 registered in the 90069 and 90046 Zip zones. Still, that’s only 10.1% of the total. 246 REGISTERED 203 REGISTERED 30 BOW WOW!: SPRING 2018

, 128 The next largest breed is the Labrador resenting 8.3%. Then there are terriers, with 175 accounting for 7.2%. German shepherds make up 5.8% with 140 in that breed. 175 REGISTERED 140 REGISTERED 31

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