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Surrey.Tennis 2017/2018

A review of all the activities in Surrey Tennis in 2017/2018 Published by Surrey.Tennis

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News rebrand The Rebranding Process rrey.Tennis: Colours and type type n 2016 it was suggested that the previous Tennis Surrey identity I was something that a small proportion of our venues, coaches, BTMs Colour palette were aware of. Therefore it was felt that Primary we need paletteto establish a strong brand identity that will enhance our efforts to CMYK CMYK COACHING 00/87/38/00 98/100/29/51 make venues aware of who we CMYK are and 22/00/72/00 what we stand for. We put together a sub working group to work on a new brand identity to give a County Association a strong platform to Secondary work palette from. This consisted of office staff and Councillors COACHING VENUE ASSISTANCE DISABILITY COMPETITON We worked with a Marketing and CMYK CMYK PROGRAMME CMYK Design 22/00/72/00 Agency, 51/00/13/00 who were CMYK tasked with 13/03/06/18 coming up with a new brand 43/93/16/00 identity. Below: The five colours were developed to represent coaching, venue, disability, competition Secondary paletteand news. VENUE ASSISTANCE CMYK 51/00/13/00 NEWS Together we established four key values that provided the group and the agency a focus for what we wanted our brand to stand for: Approachable: Being approachable to those venues and coaches we work with. Providing a platform for open DISABILITY PROGRAMME CMYK 43/93/16/00 COMPETITON CMYK Font 13/03/06/18 NEWS CMYK 00/87/38/00 communication. Forward Thinking: Looking at new and innovative ways that we can support tennis in the County. Striving to improve. Professional: Setting high standards with everything we Pangram do. Looking Regular to provide a high quality service. Heritage: It is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ important to recognise the rich history we have as a County tennis Association. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz We want a brand identity that portrays the numerous successes we have had, 1/1234567890% and look to continue to achieve. 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% CMYK 00/87/38/00 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% (.,-;:!¡?¿–)·[’‘“”«»] +-=⁄$£†*&§@©®€ The brief was to combine the traditional and modern so that we cater for the diverse Ed tem group veliquam of augiametum tennis nis people doloreet in the County. nim endiam, commod mincill amconse feui tionsent ea feuguerilit. 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% Ed tem veliquam augiametum nis doloreet nim endiam, commod mincill amconse feui tionsent ea feuguerilit. 4 surrey tennis magazine 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Ed tem veliquam augiametum nis doloreet nim endiam, commod mincill amconse feui tionsent ea feuguerilit.

surrey COUNTY TRAINING squad Project supported by supporting tennis locally to grow the game Follow us on Surrey.Tennis @surrey_tennis The colours of Gold and Blue would be the primary colours. This rich deep colour is used to evoke the heritage of Tennis Surrey. David Cianfarani, County Chair, said: “We want to maintain the great work that we are currently doing with the different competitions and hope to increase the standard of tennis players within the County. Surrey Tennis encompasses players of all ages and abilities and we strive to make tennis more inclusive. One way we have done this is by running the inaugural wheelchair tennis competition at this year’s County Championships, which was very well received”. Roy Staniland, County Secretary at Surrey Tennis and British Tennis Development Committee Member, says: “This rebrand is a fantastic opportunity for us as a County to bring the whole community closer together. We feel that the new logo design helps to bring Surrey Tennis into the digital age and will appeal to our younger members and coaches.” Surrey Tennis views the rebrand as a way of finding a new identity that all the clubs, coaches and players can more easily identify with. wilson surrey leagues Captain’s guide Helping you to organise your Surrey league team. The new identity has already been applied to County kit, court banners (top right) and the Captain’s guide (see p.27) The Surrey Tennis Council agreed that not only should the new logo embrace the current social media and digital age, but that we should increase our social media marketing activities as well. Surrey Tennis has therefore boosted its social media activity to improve communications with members, clubs and players across the County and hopes to engage and interact with more people directly as a result. The new visual identity is explained by Lewis Woodham, Surrey Competitions & Social Media Manager: “Surrey Tennis is one of the oldest Counties in the UK for tennis. We believe the new logo, which is a partial representation of a shield, incorporates that history, but brings a contemporary feel at the same time. It is great for Surrey Tennis to have a new image that will appeal to younger generations coming through. The Surrey Tennis rebrand will allow us to improve our relationships with players, parents, coaches, clubs and fans in the County.” Follow Surrey Tennis: Surrey.Tennis @surrey_tennis surrey tennis magazine 5