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The Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide (TTBG, 2009-10)

Trinidad already has the essential infrastructural supports—transport links, affordable industry, ready labour: a foreign company relocating to Tamana will find easily available housing, entertainment, medical facilities and schools. Industrial accommodation will come at keenly competitive rates, and human accommodation will come in the shape of an international-quality hotel and provision for visiting scientists, businessmen and academics. Business-to-business collaboration and opportunities are likely to be strongly promoted at Tamana. In this respect, Trinidad and Tobago’s large global diaspora, much of it centred in the major metropolitan capitals, provides a ready-made network and an interesting investment proposition. Environment The park has been designed to maintain the site’s environmental appeal alongside industrial and technological operations. All utilities are being constructed underground, and include a natural gas ring, a waste water treatment facility and an electrical substation. A highly unusual attraction will be a Butterfly Emporium, an education and research centre for neo-tropical butterflies which eTecK hopes will also appeal to ecotourists. This butterfly-shaped exhibit will cover about 15 acres and will be the main visitor attraction at the park, with over 30 species of local butterflies on show. It will combine entertainment with environmental education, reflecting the new “edu-tainment” trend in eco-tourism. Structure The Tamana site will host eTecK’s green, state-of-the-art “flagship building”. “Green buildings” are quickly gaining approval in the business world because of the energy savings and healthy environment they offer. The eTecK structure is designed to make maximum use of solar energy, and will be equipped with air quality sensors and energy-efficient systems for lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Tenants will also have a highly advanced three-storey building to use at Tamana. It will house a doctor’s office, a gym, a pharmacy, banking services, child care and nursery services for employees and guests, and a special area where children of employees and clients can read, use a library and do their homework. With 15,000 square feet of space, the building will have a state-of the art customisable ICT infrastructure and security system, a benefit to any multinational company seeking to set up a regional headquarters. Along what used to be the airfield’s northern runway, the Linear Park will be an important feature at Tamana, and is due to start construction in 2009. It will traverse the entire width of the site, forming a physical and metaphorical bridge between technology and nature, industry and recreation. It will provide recreational space for tenants and local communities, educational facilities and activity centres. It will also function as a reserve for wildlife and fauna, with a display of moriche palms, as well as providing facilities for seminars and workshops, walking, biking trails, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop and an information centre. eTecK, The Atrium, Don Miguel Road Extension, El Socorro, Trinidad and Tobago. Tel. 868 675-1989, e-mail: 64 TTBG 09/10

MARITIME INDUSTRY Slowdown should not affect shipping development Trinidad and Tobago’s major exports go to market by sea. Most of its imports arrive the same way, whether as final products or as components for assembly or finishing. Unsurprisingly, the shipping industry is pushing for greater efficiency and capacity By Capt. Rawle Baddaloo 09/10 TTBG 65

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