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Pegasus Post: April 17, 2018

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday April 17 2018 Latest Christchurch news at PEGASUS POST News McMaster & Heap Veterinary practice A week of orthopedics pAtients Last week was a busy orthopedic week at the clinic. I love an orthopedic challenge and as a young veterinarian I would have loved to have studied and specialized in orthopedic surgery. Steve and I went to the UK early on in our careers and Steve studied Ophthalmology. I didn’t think seriously about doing a surgical residency back then as Steve and I were desperate to get home to our two dogs, Chief and Tobias. Thinking back it would have been valuable for our Practice, considering how fast we have grown and how many surgical cases we see. I know my limitations and often we need to refer these cases to orthopedic specialists for the best outcome, as long as our client can financially afford this option. First up was Pluto, an adorable 5 month old grey tabby who suddenly came home lame on his right hind leg. No injuries, bruising or swellings were noted, although his stifle felt odd. Pluto was given an anti inflammatory injection and sent home on room rest. He returned a few days later having shown no improvement so I radiographed his pelvis and right hind leg. What I saw took me by surprise. Pluto had completely fractured his patella (knee cap) in half! I tried to splint the leg but cheeky little Pluto got that off in no time. He was cage rested for 1 week and then rexrayed. As you can see the gap has widened between the patella fragments. Currently Im seeking Pluto Baghera advice from a referral surgeon as to what is the best approach for little Pluto. Baxter is the cutest, calmest 6 month old Beagle who presented to me initially 4 weeks ago just sore and stiff in his hindquarters. He had leapt out of the car and yelped and cowered, as if he had Open 7 days Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place phone 338 2534, Fax 339 8624 e. pain somewhere. On examination his left hind leg had limited movement. Baxter was otherwise well, had been fed a premium puppy kibble but I was slightly worried that Baxter may have a degree of hip dysplasia. When Baxter was neutered I xrayed his hips. I noticed a left sided femoral neck stress fracture. We have strictly rested Baxter and the rexray taken one month later showed the fracture was slowly healing. Luckily this will come right with time, premium nutrition Baxter and taking it easy on the exercise front. Baghera, a 6 year old black DSH, was bought in by the SPCA one weekend after being found on the road, unable to move. Luckily he was microchipped so we found his very worried owner that day. He came in very cold, in shock and not able to stand at all. We immediately placed Baghera on intravenous fluid, warmed him up with hotties and a heating pad, administered pain relief and xrayed his hindquarters. He had suffered 2 pelvic fractures – an acetabular fracture to the left hip and a sacroiliac fracture to the right side. Both these prevented him from standing, therefore he couldn’t use his litter tray. He was hospitalized for a few days to make sure he had bladder function and to stabilize his condition. All the surgical options were discussed ( one being referral) with his loving owner and it was decided that we do surgery at the clinic, performed by Dr Steve Heap. So far Baghera is home, mobilizing, tioleting and doing well. Thank goodness for microchips! As you can see we often need to consult the specialists for the best option and outcome for our patients. We have digital xray so can easily email the images to the referral veterinarian and we will often get a report back in a few days. Steve and I are in the early stages of building a large new addition that will join our existing Practice ( we are just waiting for council consents). We are very excited as this will allow us to offer more services to our clients and to employ more vets with specialized skills in particular areas, and a specialized soft tissue and orthopedic surgeon will be on that list. Dr Michele McMaster McMaster & Heap NEW: McDonald’s is considering opening a restaurant on Marshland Rd at the site of the former Raeward Fresh. McDonald’s for Marshland Rd? MCDONALD’S IS planning to open a restaurant on Marshland Rd near Prestons Rd. It has applied to the city council to convert the former Raeward Fresh site at 410 Marshland Rd into a restaurant with a drive-through. It is one of three restaurants McDonald’s wants to set up in Christchurch. Others include one on Woolston’s Ferry Rd and one on Yaldhurst Rd. It comes after parents, schools and •From page 1 However, Mr Zilinskas said personally he was disappointed. “I thought it was a great opportunity to get brand new facilities for our club but also, in my view, I think the whole suburb needs a bit of operation to come back.” Avondale Golf Club president Dave Buchanan has said previously the club was divided over the merger. He didn’t want to comment on the decision to not go ahead with the plan. Coastal Ward city councillor Glenn doctors pleaded with the city council in 2016 to introduce a bylaw to stop fast food outlets opening close to schools. The restaurant would also feature a Mc- Cafe and a playland area for children. The Marshland Hall Trust is disappointed said member Sian Ruth after having its eye on the site for a potential community centre. The current Marshland Hall is not fit for purpose and the trust is considering options for a new site. Golf clubs won’t merge Livingstone is pleased Regenerate Christchurch had listened to opponents of the plan. “This is an encouraging sign for the future development of the red zone; that the local host community’s views matter and are taken into account.” Said Regenerate chief executive Ivan Iafeta: “The same land could be used in Ivan Iafeta other ways that would provide greater overall outcomes consistent with the vision, objectives and land use assessment criteria.” Mr Iafeta said housing may still be included in the plan for the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor regeneration area. Dyers Road Landscape & Garden Supplies • Barks • Peastraw • Composts - we supply the best available • Aggregates - Chip, Round and Basecourse • Pavers & Schist products • Pungas • Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks • Trailer Hire first hour free with purchase • Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered David, Carol & Mike We will deliver! 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PEGASUS POST Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday April 17 2018 5 News Safety to be addressed by removing Westhaven trees • By Sophie Cornish A NEW report has found fewer trees in the Westhaven area need to be removed than originally thought. In October, a city council assessed 314 trees in the area and found 168 which were recommended for removal. Of the 168, 138 could be replaced and 30 could not. However, a new report by city council has found that 90 trees of the original 168 can be retained for around five to 10 years. The trees have become oversized and the roots are causing damage to infrastructure including footpaths, kerbs, vehicle crossings, driveways, walls, fences and letterboxes. The issue is causing public safety issues and involves 24 streets. City council arborist Dieter Steinnegg said only 78 need to be removed at this stage. “This will lessen the immediate impact to the community and the environment in terms of loss of trees.” Of those 78, 39 can be replaced in the same location and 39 potentially elsewhere within Westhaven. “The repairs to city council owned infrastructure will still be able to progress at the same level.” LINWOOD AVENUE School pupils have voiced their support for the proposed Linwood-Woolston Pool site in Smith St. They even delivered their submissions directly to local community board members. Accompanied by their teacher, Jane Thomson and deputy principal Trevor Proctor, the 26 pupils walked to the favoured pool site on the corner of Linwood Ave and Smith St to hand over their individual feedback to Linwood- Central-Heathcote Community Board CRACKED: Trees causing damage in Westhaven will be removed, however less now than originally thought. The majority of the trees within the Westhaven area were planted in 1998 and 50 per cent of those trees are now considered to be in poor condition. The tree species involved are chairwoman Sally Buck and deputy chairman Jake McLellan. Several youngsters read their project submissions to the board members, making their case for the indoor pool site in Smith St. The year 5 and 6 students delivered their plea on the final day of site submissions, saying they had included several facility suggestions. Year 6 pupil Reine Pene, 10, strongly supports “the plan of putting the new pool on the corner of Smith St.” “It is important to know how to plane, elm, birch and liriodendron trees. Species being considered for the replacement include nyssa sylvatica, acer rubrum and magnolia grandiflora. SPOTTED: A rare white heron at Bottle Lake Forest. Rare heron swoops into Bottle Lake Forest Park A RARE white heron has made a surprise visit to ponds near Bottle Lake Forest. The bird, which is endangered and one of a population of about 150 around New Zealand, has been spotted in the area by city council park ranger Jason Roberts. City council ornithologist Andrew Crossland says it’s the first time he has heard of a white heron visiting the ponds. Work that has been carried out by city council rangers in recent years to create wetland habitats and attract native birds seems to have been effective, he says. “It’s a bit of a coup to get an iconic native bird like this one in the area. White herons are found in the estuary, at Lake Ellesmere and at Travis Wetland but not swim,” she said. “If we are lucky enough to have the pool in Smith St, I would also like a diving board to encourage people to conquer their fear. I would also like a pool for swimming lessons so people know how to survive,” she said. Ms Buck said the youngsters have highlighted their support for an indoor pool in Smith Street. “We want the children to come to the community board meeting and present their case for the new pool site, underlining its importance for the area,” she said. Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk usually in these dune lakes near Bottle Lake Forest. “What we’re trying to do is create a chain of wetlands that go along the coastline and link up the Avon-Heathcote Estuary and the Brooklands Lagoon. We’d like to get birds that are passing through to stop and spend time here.” “Before the city council started this work there was nothing but seagulls around there, but now there are pukeko, native ducks, pied stilts and other water birds that have colonised these ponds. This heron is the rarest and most impressive of the new species that have been attracted to the area.” Mr Crossland says the heron is an adult in non-breeding plumage and is likely to have come here from breeding grounds on the West Coast to feed. Pupils back idea of pool for Linwood-Woolston SUPPORT: Chairwoman Sally Buck accepts a pool site submission from Linwood Avenue School pupil Reine Pene, 10. ​ $10 PIE, MASH, PEAS AND GRAVY STEAK & MURPHY'S MOROCCAN LAMB PORK AND APPLE CHEESE & SPINACH 03 260 0325 - Cnr of Worcester St & Stanmore Road