How to Fix HP Computer When it Emits an LED or Beep Code?


Get reliable instructions in order to fix the LED or Beep code problem with your HP computer. Apart from this, you can also contact our certified technicians by dialing HP Support Phone Number +1-877-645-7494. Our technicians are 24/7 available for instant help.

How to Fix HP Computer When it Emits an LED or Beep Code?

If your HP computer makes one or two short beeps before startup or boots up, this indicates that your

computer was successfully started. But in case you’re the beep continues for a long time it indicates

that there is some technical problem with your HP computer. Here, in order to have quick help and HP

Technical Support you should contact the reliable helpdesk.

If your computer beeps and does not start then it means that there is some critical hardware issue

occurring. Below the support, the document contains information that can help you to know more

about the issues and the solutions to resolve the problem quickly.

Performing a power reset if your computer does not start:

You need to reset all power to the device if your computer does not start. Hopefully, the problem could

be resolved successfully by the following steps-

In the first step, you need to disconnect all peripheral devices like printers, scanners, USB and

other media cards. Disconnect the power cord from the computer.

Now, press and hold the power button for few seconds until the power LED on the power supply

is off.

Further, you need to reconnect the power cord, and then press the Power button.

Here, simply listen for sounds of drives and fans turning.

If the computer still fails to start and emits beeping sounds, then try another solution –

Removing dust from cooling areas on your computer:

Over time, vents of your computer could get covered with dust. Airflow can be blocked by too must

dust, due to which your computer system can encounter some sensitive components to overheat and

fail. Here, cleaning dust is important to make your computer work properly as it is important to remove

dust that might have accumulated. Do this while wearing complete eye protection, use canned air or the

end of a vacuum cleaner in order to remove the dust from vents.

Writing down the LED condition or beep code for troubleshooting:

Turn on your computer system. Then check the condition of your computer system. If the light blinks,

then you need to count the number of times it blinks between pauses. Check out the loud beeping

noises and if you get to hear a beeping noise, note the type and number of beeps between pauses.

Here, consult the support description section in order to find the exact hardware issues. Moreover, you

can also consult our customer support available at HP Tech Support Phone Number +1-877-645-7494.

We are right here in order to deliver the reliable and best support over your desk with wasting your

single minute.

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