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it's not just the camera...

Smartphone Photography 101

Professional photographers are a key asset to any business that sells material

goods. However, the importance of constant and quality social media presence

means that a significant portion of your content will be created in-house.

Here are some tips from a former pro to make the best of what you've got!

Tip #1 : Get A Device With A Well-Performing Camera.

- Not all smartphone cameras are built alike, and megapixels matter less than lens

quality and processing power

- Top performers include Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. If you

can't afford the latest model, don't be afraid to buy an earlier one.

- Many high-end phones from 2016 still out-perform budget phones of 2018, and at

a similar price point


by Deci Belfry

BLU R1 HD, 2017

$100 on Amazon

100% zoom

Details unclear

and discolored

Google Pixel, 2016

$195 used on eBay

✓100% zoom

True to color

Most details intact

These two photos were scaled to the

same size, not cropped.

The R1 HD had to be held much farther back than the Pixel

to get the same shot. A wider angle helps get more

information in the photo - especially important in small


This is the difference between a quality flagship phone and a

budget phone.

* These were the two devices the author had on hand.

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