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The Star: October 25, 2018

The Star: October 25,

Circulation 92,573 Thursday, October 25, 2018 Scooters make their mark But concerns over speed and injuries • By Ashleigh Monk CONCERN IS growing over the popular Lime e-scooters. Two e-scooter related deaths have so far been recorded in the United States, and some say it’s only a “matter of time” before an incident occurs in New Zealand. ACC has had five Lime scooter-related injuries reported in Christchurch and nine in Auckland since the scooters were launched on October 15. The Lime-user agreement states riders must be over 18-years-old. But that didn’t deter Faith Bennett and Hannah Peart (right), both 17, from hopping on a scooter together and riding through the city centre yesterday. They said they had a few nearmisses. “We’ve had people say ‘be careful’ and ‘don’t fall off’ because we’re on it together going really fast,” Faith said. “We were just going down the road and there were three guys walking towards us, and I was trying to ring my bell, and I was like ‘move, you’re going to get hit’, but the bell isn’t loud enough,” Hannah said. Faith said the pair weren’t aware of the age restriction. “We’ve seen multiple kids on them and thought we were allowed because we had our driver’s licence.” •Turn to page 5 Pokie player thought hold up was a joke • By Sophie Cornish WHEN AN armed robber ordered people playing the pokies to lie on the floor, Jenny Hogg thought it was a joke. But when Ms Hogg saw the offender’s firearm was not a toy gun like she first thought, she realised it was serious. Ms Hogg was playing the pokies on Tuesday night at Coasters Tavern in Redwood when three armed robbers held up the bar. Jenny Hogg During the ordeal shortly before 9pm, one patron, an elderly man, tried to wrestle with one of the robbers. It is believed he was hit in the forehead with the blunt end of a machete. Ms Hogg said he received a cut to his forehead. A woman in her 20s also received a fat lip, she said. A shot was fired during the ordeal, which lasted between five and eight minutes. •Turn to page 3 Summerset at Avonhead coming soon Order your free information pack to join our Friends of Summerset database and be the first to receive information about our brand new retirement village. Visit or call 0800 SUMMER (786 637) SUM1250_6X8