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Where did you grow up and get your education?

I grew up and graduated from Cabot, and attended UCA.

What brought you to Faulkner County?

College and my husband brought me here.

How did you end up in this business?

I’ve always worked in the customer service industry in

some way, working at department stores while in high

school and college. I began working in the Mortgage

Servicing industry in 1985, and moved to the Mortgage

Origination side a few years later. I started out processing

and closing, and later became an underwriter and now

do loan origination.

What do you love most about working/living here?

Faulkner County and the communities inside it have a lot

of service organizations. I love seeing people help people.

I love helping people in a place I call HOME.

To what do you attribute your success?

Customer service and the ability to listen to people and

try to discern what they need. Also being available when

they need me. I have a good knowledge of the industry

guidelines, but I’m always open to learn more.

How are you involved in your community?

I am a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church, where I

serve as a Deacon’s wife and the church treasurer. I am

a member of Conway Regional Women’s Council and

serve on the Dazzle Daze Committee.

Tell us about your family.

I am married to Allen Bristol, and just celebrated our

34th anniversary. We have two adult sons (Bryan and

Brandon) who both work and live out of state.

Valari Bristol

Bank of England Mortgage

Sales Manager/Loan Officer

We aren’t in the business

to tell people no — we want

to help people if we can.

—Valari Bristol

What does the future hold for you here?

Faulkner County is my home and I hope to continue to

serve for many years to come. People come to Faulkner

County for its colleges and stay.

Any advice for someone just starting out?

If you are starting out in the mortgage business, stay tuned

into the changes. Be willing to learn, and ask lots of questions.

Develop personal relationships with your business

partners. With any business, seek the advice of others

before you. Strive for wisdom and be honest. Be willing

to go deep in the guidelines and research for the customer.

There is usually a loan out there for most everyone, if the

Loan Officer and customer are willing to work hard for it.

Remember we aren’t in the business to tell people no —

we want to help people if we can.

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