Faulkner Lifestyle December 2018 Issue


and the warmth we share will continue

through a long winter’s night.

As a descendant of Saint Nicholas,

the original gift giver, my legend

spread throughout the world that on

one special night I would travel the

world over, bringing love and gifts to

those who truly believe. But it goes

well beyond that one night in late

December. The spirit I bring during the

Christmas season is one that we should

harken back to all throughout the year.

We should be kind to others and more

generous — not only during this season

of giving, but always. We should

always believe in others and treat them

with dignity and respect. We should

strive in our daily lives to do what is

right, just, and meaningful. We should

put our utmost efforts into making the

world a nicer place to live. It isn’t hard

to do if you put your mind to it. Daily,

we should work on doing one good

deed for somebody else that will make

a difference in their life. The satisfaction

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