Faulkner Lifestyle December 2018 Issue


Christmas has always

been my most favorite

holiday! It embraces all

my favorite things … giving,

joy, love and grace.

— Lori Harwell

Among Lori’s favorite items is her

collection of Mark Roberts elves.

“There’s something about being a child

that makes it all magical! I’ve collected

Mark Roberts elves for a long time ...

I love their facial expressions!”

The trees for 2018 includes:

• The front porch. “I wanted it to be

warm and inviting like I felt as a child

when we would go cut down our

family tree. The buffalo plaid and

vintage ornaments make me think of

hot chocolate and loading the perfect

tree on top of the ole minivan.”

• The entry tree is red and turquoise.

“It’s fun and whimsical, kind of like

our family!”

• The living room nutcracker tree is

more traditional.

• The bedroom tree “is gold and

champagne and embraces my favorite

things of Christmas — joy and grace

— with the hymn ornaments.”

• The hunting/fishing tree “is what it

is! My son and husband love to hunt

and fish.”

• New this year is the dining room tree

“because I lost my mom in March,”

Lori said. “Snowflakes are my favorite.

I’ve worked on this tree for a few years

now. I’ve collected snowflakes in all

shapes and sizes so no two would be

the same. There is something about the

snow that reminds me of being a kid

…and my mom. I always loved cutting

snowflakes out of folded paper, making

snow angels and snow ice cream.”

With all her Christmas décor, Lori is

able to build memories for her children

that hopefully will match those she has

from her childhood. “I grew up with

very little. We made the most of what

we had. I have several fond memories

of a three-foot tabletop tree and

unwrapping bubble gum,” she said.

“I know it sounds silly and I don’t say

that for anyone to feel sorry for me. I

say it because sometimes we can get

caught up providing the biggest and

best toy/item for our kids (I have done

it!) and it can bring stress and anxiety.

And that isn’t what Christmas is about

... it’s about the memories and excitement

of being together, reminiscing on

the year and embracing traditions. Most

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