The Deli #56 - Altopalo, NAMM 2019, Queens takes over Brooklyn

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Fresh Buzz | New NYC Artists<br />

We’ve been saying for years that female indie<br />

musicians have, on average, been producing<br />

a lot more interesting material than<br />

their dude counterparts, and L’Freaq,<br />

the project of bi-coastal electronic singer<br />

songwriter Lea Cappelli, is another piece<br />

in the truly beautiful puzzle representing<br />

NYC women’s musical output in the new<br />

millennium. After premiering on Billiboard<br />

the delicate yet edgy electro-soul ballad<br />

“Weird Awakenings,” the artists has recently<br />

unveiled a darker (and even edgier)<br />

single/video combo entitled “Moonlight.”<br />

Channeling the experimental, noir ballads<br />

of Portishead, the track features a deceivingly<br />

sparse arrangement, blending a killer<br />

plodding and syncopated rhythm section<br />

with an ever-evolving ambient electronic<br />

soundscape. Lea’s vocals not only confirm<br />

her noteworthy pipes and silky tone, but<br />

also reveal her ability to convey character<br />

to a performance and “play” the song’s<br />

part, a trait only few musical performer<br />

possess. (PAOLO DE GREGORIO)<br />

L’Freaq<br />

Soul, Noir Pop, Electronic<br />

CLAVVS<br />

Synth-Pop, Electronica<br />

Synthpop <strong>Brooklyn</strong> duo (via Atlanta)<br />

CLAVVS has been catching a lot of cyber-fan<br />

attention recently by topping the<br />

Hype Machine charts with singles “Lay<br />

Back” and “Slow Dive.” <strong>The</strong> group has already<br />

two well received full length albums<br />

under their belt, but are showing no signs<br />

of slowing down. Atmospheric and easy<br />

on the ear without ever sounding banal,<br />

this year’s singles show a noteworthy<br />

growth in the songwriting department,<br />

which is a promising sign for a project<br />

whose songs aim at moving the listeners’<br />

feelings more than their body, boosted by<br />

vocalist Amber Renee’s soulful and melancholic<br />

alto. (PAOLO DE GREGORIO)<br />

Sloppy Jane is a band with bizarre and<br />

grotesque inclinations and an interest in<br />

translating them into their performances.<br />

Naked bodies, colored dye, and television<br />

screens set a backdrop for melting inhibitions<br />

as the music (and often the musician)<br />

tumbles into chaotic fits. It’s a must-see<br />

for fans of avant-garde, performative<br />

punk. <strong>The</strong>ir 2018 album Willow sounds like<br />

a theatrical post-punk/DIY opera and—allegedly—tells<br />

the story of a “girl who existed<br />

inside of a strip club in Inglewood, who<br />

Sloppy Jane<br />

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez<br />

Avant-Indie, Post-Punk, No Wave<br />

ran away to the desert to hustle pool with a<br />

lion, and who burned herself alive for [our]<br />

freedom.” It’s filled with odd tracks that<br />

develop in unexpected sonic and vocal directions,<br />

without ever sounding disjointed<br />

or randomly assembled. (CAMERON CARR)<br />

If you are stuck with the notion that emo<br />

has become the unbearably whiny expression<br />

of spoiled suburban kids, enter Bay<br />

Faction, and think again. <strong>The</strong>ir 2015<br />

three-track debut EP clearly carries the<br />

genre’s DNA, but slows down its BPM by<br />

a lot, makes a discreet if not spare use of<br />

distorted guitars, and puts a lot of heart in<br />

it. Those early tracks resonated with a lot<br />

Bay Faction<br />

Indie Emo<br />

of kids and gathered <strong>over</strong> a million plays<br />

on Spotify, and so did following 2017 single<br />

“Pendulum”. <strong>The</strong> band is now ready to<br />

release their debut LP Florida Guilt, which<br />

expands the group’s sonic palette with a<br />

more varied production, without betraying<br />

their music’s core qualities. Single “It’s<br />

Perfect” is to date their fastest and most<br />

driven track, but still stylistically hybrid,<br />

with the inwardly tortured voice of singer<br />

James McDermott adding oozes of character<br />

to vague lyrics related to the struggles<br />

of dating. Fans of Pingrove and Forth<br />

Wanderers (two other bands that are taking<br />

emo in new directions) should definitely<br />

check these guys out. (PAOLO DE GREGORIO)<br />

10 the deli Winter <strong>2019</strong>

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