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Message from the President

by Suzanne MacNeil

April General Meeting—Vote!

by Suzanne MacNeil

April! The tulips have emerged from

their winter slumber, the pop-up restaurants

at Scheveningen are popping

up, and the change in seasons is palpable.

Just as April promises so much, so does the

Club. We will be celebrating Rembrandt at a

discussion about his work that will be hosted

by our Arts Chair, Jane Choy, at her home

on Wednesday, April 3.

I caught ‘FAWCO Fever’ at the

conference in Edinburgh!

If you’ve recently moved to the

Netherlands, you definitely want to attend

one of our most popular events for newcomers.

The Dutch Products class is offered in

the spring and fall and is taught by long-time

Member Carol Slootweg, who is also a chef,

and will be joined by Greetje Engelsman.

The two will share the substitutes for your

usual items that aren’t sold in the country,

along with explaining some of the new-to-you

food that you’ll see at your local markets. I

only recently took the class (after more than

six years as an expat) and finally solved a

problem I hadn’t been able to resolve when

washing towels. It’s never too late to learn

and I suggest saving Monday, April 8 for

the class!


Are you going to

Madurodam on

Saturday, April

13? I hope to

see you that

evening for the

Club’s annual

major philanthropic


The Benefit

Committee has

been working for

months to organize

and create

a night that will

continue our

legacy of giving

back to our

host country. The


Lives, from

Trafficking to


will benefit Not for Sale. The organization

is fighting to end modern day slavery and

the benefit evening will be busy with a sitdown

dinner, music and dancing, live and

silent auctions, and a scavenger hunt through

Madurodam. It is going to be a great evening

and the committee hopes the guests will help

us make a generous donation to Not for Sale.

April also hosts two major holidays,

Passover and Easter, and if you celebrate

either, I hope you’ll spend time with family.

If not family, then with friends, who are our

surrogate family while we’re on this expat


One of the most important April events is

our General Meeting on Thursday, April 11

when Members vote on the slate of officers.

Many thanks to Lindsey Turnau, the chair

of the Nominating Committee, and those who

sat on the committee. The Members who have

volunteered to serve on the Board deserve

your attendance at the meeting, especially

if you have not yet met those who are on

the slate. It’s important to know who will be

charged with continuing the Club’s legacy,

whether it’s financial prudence, philanthropy,

or working to provide Members a wide range

of events and activities.

The key component of the April meeting

is the vote for our Board, so we don’t

invite an outside speaker. However, once the

vote is complete, Julie Mowat, our FAWCO

(Federation of American Women’s Clubs

Overseas) rep, will present about the >>33

Voting for your Board is one of the key

responsibilities of being a Member

of our AWC. The Board oversees all

aspects of the Club with the help of committees

and volunteers. As a nonprofit organization,

we are registered with the KvK

(Chamber of Commerce) and must follow

all laws pertaining to nonprofits. If you’re

not able attend the April meeting, you are

still able to vote by filling out a proxy ballot,

in accordance with our Bylaws. The vote

will count only if we have a quorum of 15%

of the voting Members of the Club. Please

download the proxy ballot from our website

under the ‘About Us’ tab. From there

you’ll see ‘Club Documents’ and it’s there

that you’ll find the ballot. Please download

by Jan Essad and Sunita Menon

The construction on Johan van

Oldenbarneveltlaan is now just outside our

front door!

According to a Dutch website, works will

possibly continue until July. However, we

hope they will finish early. Due to this ongoing

construction, parking will be limited

and public transportation is recommended.

Parking is available on the southside of the

street and on the one-way streets off Johan

the document, complete it, and send it with

a Member who is attending the meeting, or

scan and send it to

Our Parliamentarian, Georgia Regnault,

will oversee the voting.

Thursday, April 11

10 a.m. – Noon

AWC Clubhouse

Construction Around the AWC


van Oldenbarneveltlaan. However, public

transportation is highly encouraged.

The Clubhouse is accessible via tram #16,

tram #1, and bus #21. Consult www.9292.

nl for the best means of travelling to the

Clubhouse from your area.

We sincerely hope this minor inconvenience

won’t keep you from coming to the

Clubhouse to enjoy scheduled activities and

great company. See you at the Club!

APRIL 2019 9

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