CosBeauty Magazine #86

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia. In this issue: - The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide - City Skin Detox - Fool Proof Steps for Party Survival - Diet is a Dirty Word - Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman - Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide
- City Skin Detox
- Fool Proof Steps for Party Survival
- Diet is a Dirty Word
- Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman
- Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors


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ISSUE 86 NOV-JAN 2019<br />

city skin<br />

detox<br />



it’s silly<br />

season !<br />



PARTY<br />


Christmas<br />

gift<br />

guide<br />




now<br />

available<br />

with<br />

nicole<br />

As we age, the amount of maintenance required to keep a youthful look will increase,<br />

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entirely new category of laser aesthetic treatments for clients moving along the skincare<br />

continuum. Clear + Brilliant helps prevent and address early signs of ageing, resulting in a<br />

brighter, more even skin tone. Treatments are comfortable, fast, effective and suitable for<br />

all skin types. The results are both immediate and progressive, depending on the age and<br />

condition of the skin. It is also great for those who are looking for short downtime and a quick<br />

skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />





We understand the exceptional importance of vitamin A to skin. This powerful molecule family helps to combat fine lines<br />

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We understand the exceptional importance of vitamin A to skin. This powerful molecule family helps to combat fine lines<br />

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#Itrustmesoestetic<br />

Advanced Cosmeceuticals<br />

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8 Editor’s Letter<br />

10 Beauty Insider<br />

124 Ed’s Faves<br />


22 Who Nose?<br />

It’s hard to tell which celebrities<br />

have had a nose job. You be<br />

the judge.<br />

64 Bare Beauty<br />

After months of jeans and<br />

jumpers, our hair removal<br />

routine often requires some<br />

attention as spring replaces<br />

winter. We look at the best<br />

defuzzing options.<br />

70 Hair Trends From The Catwalk<br />

Zimmermann brought the<br />

Australian summer heat to<br />

hairstyles at this year’s NYFW.<br />

80 Silly Season Survival<br />

Here are our tried and tested<br />

ways to survive this summer in<br />

good shape.<br />

94 Debbie Delgado<br />

Her artistic eye and professional<br />

expertise are key to the<br />

amazing transformations she<br />

achieves with makeup and<br />

passion.<br />

94 2019 Christmas Gift Guide<br />

No matter who you need to buy<br />

a gift for this Christmas, we’ve<br />

got you covered. If you end up<br />

spoiling yourself in the process,<br />

then that’s ok too!<br />

116 Fertility options after a<br />

cancer diagnosis<br />

A cancer diagnosis often comes<br />

out of the blue and starting<br />

or extending your family will<br />

probably be the last thing<br />

on your mind. However, it’s<br />

important to consider your<br />

options for the future, explains<br />

Shonagh Walker.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

24 City Skin Detox<br />

It’s not called ‘The Big Smoke’ for<br />

nothing. Our skin is at the mercy<br />

of pollution and environmental<br />

forces. We show you how to<br />

minimise damage.<br />

32 Eye Wonder<br />

Not everyone is born with a<br />

perfect set of peepers. If you<br />

feel your eyes could do with a<br />

little optical illusion, we live in an<br />

age where the possibilities for<br />

makeup are endless. With a few<br />

expert techniques and products,<br />

a steady hand can create ways to<br />

really make your eyes pop.<br />

36 All Dressed Up & Ready To Go<br />

With the festive season just<br />

around the corner, we’re dishing<br />

out some handy makeup tricks to<br />

keep you looking fierce, fabulous<br />

and oh so fine!<br />

54 Bag It! Makeup In A Stick<br />

We all love fuss-free makeup<br />

sticks and when they come<br />

in such attractive packaging,<br />

they’re a cinch to take with you!<br />

Throw them in your bag to take<br />


88 You Glow Girl<br />

We are all torn between wanting<br />

to look bronzed and glam and<br />

knowing spending time in the<br />

sun is not a healthy choice. Here<br />

we give you the best options for<br />

that ‘juststepped- off-the-planefrom-the<br />

mediterranean’ look.<br />


76<br />

Inner Confidence<br />

Vaginal rejuvenation is often<br />

misunderstood as purely<br />

aesthetic but Adelaide Pelvic<br />

Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

Dr Oseka Onuma explains<br />

how surgery down below can<br />

improve a woman’s life.<br />

112 Diet Is A Dirty Word<br />

Keira Rumble, founder of<br />

Krumbled Foods and a certified<br />

nutrition and wellness advisor,<br />

explains why she never uses the<br />

word ‘diet’.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 7

From the<br />

Editor<br />

Summer is nearly here and I’m a happy girl! I love the warm<br />

weather and the longer days mean I can get out of bed for my<br />

early walk and also enjoy some leisure time in the sun after<br />

work. Perfect!! Now all I have to do is survive the silly season<br />

and thankfully we have a guide to just that in this issue.<br />

We also have plenty of articles to help us look our best at this<br />

time, from party makeup (page 36), sunless tanning (page 88) and city skin detox<br />

(page 24) to endless options for hair removal (page 64).<br />

We also bring you the latest in hair trends straight from the Zimmermann<br />

NYFW catwalk where Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist,<br />

drew upon the fun and beachy hues of the Wavelength collection to create an<br />

inherently Australian summer look (page 70).<br />

Our profile on celebrity makeup artist Debbie Delgado from New Zealand and<br />

her client before and afters highlight the amazing transformational power of<br />

makeup – it’s difficult to believe the difference (page 94).<br />

This year our Christmas Gift Guide is a whopper. We have 12 pages of over 65<br />

beautiful goodies to covet, so if you’re looking for a beautiful present for someone<br />

(or for yourself!), we’ve done the work for you (page 100).<br />

And it’s not just about surviving; it’s about having a fabulous time and enjoying<br />

everything the festivities hold. It’s about family and celebration and enjoying<br />

the company of friends – and being grateful for everything we have in this lucky<br />

country we call home.<br />

From all of us at Bella Media, have a wonderful Christmas season and a safe and<br />

happy New Year!<br />

Issue 86<br />

November 2019 - January 2020<br />

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articles are of genuine patients. It is important to understand<br />

that they represent one person’s experience and there is<br />

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Beauty insider<br />



Inspired by ZOEVA Founder Zoe<br />

Boikou’s vision that every woman<br />

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confident, Zoeva Authentik Skin Natural<br />

Luminous Foundation is designed<br />

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Oil, the foundation glides on to deliver<br />

a medium, buildable coverage with a<br />

silky smooth, and all-day-long finish.<br />

Available in 44 inclusive shades with a<br />

variety of warm, cool or<br />

neutral undertones, the radiant<br />

foundation has an innovative<br />

lightweight formula designed to<br />

maintain the skin’s natural protective<br />

barrier while evening out complexion<br />

and allowing your skin’s natural<br />

luminosity to shine through.Whether<br />

your foundation shade is Brave,<br />

Generous, Magical or Spirited, your<br />

authentic self always shines through.<br />

Launching on 9 September 2019 on<br />

www.zoevacosmetics.com, in-store at<br />

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@cosbeauty<br />




It’s no secret that Aspect and<br />

Aspect Dr have helped shape<br />

the cosmeceutical industry into what<br />

it is today.<br />

Heather Harrison, founder Aspect<br />

Skincare explains: ’When we<br />

launched into the market in 2007,<br />

Aspect was developed specifically for<br />

clinics and salons and Aspect Dr was<br />

developed for physicians and doctors.<br />

It was our aim to develop two superior<br />

Australian cosmeceutical brands<br />

which offered quality home care and<br />

solutions for professionals that target a<br />

wide variety of skin concerns.<br />

‘Today, these two incredible brands<br />

have become the most respected and<br />

widely known brands available. The<br />

huge success of Aspect and Aspect<br />

Dr has led us to streamline our<br />

collections and create a new parent<br />

category called Aspect Skincare.<br />

The process has been rewarding; we<br />

have bolstered the ingredients to our<br />

formulations, we have introduced new<br />

products to each brand category, and<br />

we have also taken some away. We<br />

introduced our newest range Aspect<br />

Sun and we have re-designed our<br />

packaging. There has been a lot of<br />

positive work over the past few years!<br />

‘I believe our new offering is<br />

reflective of who we are – innovative,<br />

premium and superior. Seeing these<br />

brands grow and evolve is truly<br />

exciting. I am extremely proud’.<br />

Kirsty Sinclair, marketing manager<br />

Advanced Skin Technology adds: ‘So<br />

much has been going on behind the<br />

scenes at Aspect Skincare and we are<br />

thrilled to finally unveil our new look<br />

and share, in more detail, our newest<br />

brand category Aspect Sun.’<br />

Introduced in August 2019, Aspect<br />

Sun is a comprehensive range of<br />

SPF 50 and 50+ sunscreens. This<br />

four-piece sunscreen collection has<br />

been designed to be ultra-hydrating,<br />

lightweight and fast absorbing. They<br />

are designed to elevate your daily<br />

routine all year round.<br />


Step out with bronzed, glowing skin this<br />

summer thanks to Great Mousse Tan –<br />

a fast absorbing, moisturising and quick<br />

drying addition to Ella Baché’s tanning<br />

collection that develops into a sunless<br />

golden tan within hours. Get ready for<br />

smooth, nourished and bronzed skin<br />

with this Australian-made mousse tan<br />

available in two easy-application colour<br />

variations, Medium and Dark.<br />

Great Mousse Tan is enriched with<br />

superfood greens - Avocado Oil, Aloe<br />

Vera and moisture enhancing actives<br />

to protect against dehydration while<br />

Green Tea extract protects the skin’s<br />

surface from free radicals.<br />

This super-lightweight, easy-to-apply<br />

tan dries in minutes and won’t transfer<br />

onto clothes or sheets.<br />

Say goodbye to pale skin any time of<br />

the year with Ella Baché’s Great Tanning<br />

range. Personalised to your skin colour<br />

with two natural tones available and no<br />

sun required, the range is perfect for<br />

those who want a rich, bronzed colour<br />

without the sun damaging effects. Ella<br />

Baché’s Great Tanning range gives a<br />

totally natural-looking, golden sunless<br />

tan that lasts for days.<br />

The Great Tanning range also<br />

includes three additional products:<br />

1. Great Facetan Without Sun – A<br />

moisturising self-tan for the face.<br />

2. Great Tan Without Sun – A<br />

moisturising self-tan for the body<br />

and face.<br />

3. Great Sunkiss – A fast absorbing,<br />

moisture-rich body lotion with a hint of<br />

self-tan.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 11

@cosbeauty<br />


Introducing Australia’s ultimate professional<br />

makeup, hair and beauty event, The Show<br />

Sydney. At The International Convention<br />

Centre on 8-9 February 2020, world-class<br />

makeup, hair and beauty experts and brands<br />

will showcase the latest in trends, technology<br />

and techniques to over 5,000 expected<br />

attendees across the weekend.<br />

The brainchild of educational expert<br />

Scott Lattimer and industry professional<br />

Eliza Campagna, The Show Sydney is set to<br />

be so much more than a typical trade show.<br />

Eliza says: ‘The Show Sydney has been created to<br />

be an educational platform that will provide<br />

a unique retail experience showcasing the<br />

best-in-class brands and artists across hair,<br />

makeup and beauty.’<br />

‘Not limited to one category, or level<br />

of experience, our mission is to provide<br />

professionals, enthusiasts through to students<br />

and beauty lovers with the opportunity to equip<br />

themselves with the latest techniques from all<br />

areas, under the one roof,’ adds Scott.<br />

Tickets available from Sunday 27 October 2019.<br />




Get ready to help enhance collagen<br />

formation, improve skin hydration,<br />

firmness, elasticity and support skin<br />

health from within as hivita launches<br />

its all-new luminous skin ultra skin<br />

health booster, a one-a-day skin<br />

rejuvenating supplement.<br />

It includes Fucoidan, an Australian<br />

Seaweed, which is highly effective<br />

at brightening the skin due to its<br />

antioxidant properties. The Australian<br />

ingredient helps to decrease free<br />

radical damage to body cells and<br />

increases skin hydration which<br />

promotes skin regeneration, resulting<br />

in a fresh, radiant, ageless appearance.<br />

Fucoidan grows in the pristine ocean<br />

waters of Tasmania and is handharvested<br />

on an environmentally<br />

sustainable basis.<br />

The two-part skincare advancement<br />

includes unique ingredients with<br />

patented technology to transform<br />

in two ways: The Ultra Skin Health<br />

Booster is a one-a-day skin<br />

rejuvenating supplement; and the<br />

Ultra Renewal Cream is a naturally<br />

derived, luxurious skin renewal cream.<br />

The two products work in harmony<br />

above and below the skin, giving.<br />

improved skin firmness, increased<br />

skin hydration, improved skin<br />

elasticity and improved skin strength<br />

while promoting regeneration and<br />

supporting skin integrity.

@cosbeauty<br />



Dermalist, a Melbourne-based<br />

company creating cutting-edge<br />

cosmeceutical skincare with a<br />

difference, has just launched its first<br />

products to market. Crafted with<br />

professional input from a holistic<br />

line-up of leading Australian experts<br />

in cosmetic medicine, health and<br />

nutrition, Dermalist’s multi-functional<br />

skincare range was primarily<br />

designed to minimise the time,<br />

complexity and costs associated<br />

with achieving beautiful skin, while<br />

delivering exceptional results.<br />

Each product has been formulated<br />

to address multiple skin concerns<br />

at once (including wrinkles and fine<br />

lines, dullness and dehydration), and<br />

contains therapeutic levels of potent<br />

actives that have been expertly<br />

blended to minimise the likelihood of<br />

consumers experiencing a breakout<br />

or inflammation with use.<br />

Dermalist was founded on the<br />

belief that women deserve more<br />

from their skincare — more efficacy,<br />

more transparency and more<br />

conscience. It’s no surprise then that<br />

all of Dermalist’s products are vegan<br />

and cruelty-free, and contain only<br />

the highest-quality, responsibly<br />

sourced and non-toxic ingredients.<br />

While ‘non-toxic’ technically means<br />

that ingredients used are not<br />

poisonous or acutely toxic, Dermalist<br />

goes further. Their products are<br />

free from ingredients linked to<br />

chronic low-dose toxic responses,<br />

known hormone and immune<br />

disruptors, and carcinogens, and<br />

exclude ingredients that contribute<br />

to chronic inflammation or disturb<br />

the skin’s microbiome.<br />

Dermalist has assessed the<br />

cumulative effects of the ingredients<br />

it uses, including how they are<br />

metabolised in the body, and also<br />

the effect they may have on the<br />

environment.<br />

An impressive 90% of packaging<br />

is recyclable, and where this is not<br />

possible due to the need to preserve<br />

the products (like dual-walled<br />

airless packaging which is needed<br />

to preserve the potency of highly<br />

active serums) the brand offers a<br />

refill option, allowing consumers<br />

to repurchase inner recyclable<br />

cartridges which slot into reusable<br />

outer casings, at a reduced price.<br />



Blondi Beach sets out to define<br />

beach cool hair with naturally<br />

derived products formulated direct<br />

from Bondi Beach, Australia – Hair<br />

Rescue Oil and Repair Mini Mask.<br />

Both products are luxuriously<br />

nourishing treatments to help<br />

revive dry and damaged hair.<br />

Botanical oils multi-task to provide<br />

intensive condition to strands.<br />

It will help nourish the scalp for<br />

healthy, strong hair.<br />

Each product is multidimensional<br />

and can work in a<br />

number of ways including:<br />

• Pre-shampoo for an intensive<br />

hair treatment;<br />

• Post-shampoo for a nourishing<br />

hair mask;<br />

• Pre-swim to protect strands<br />

against salt and chlorine effects;<br />

• Style onto dry ends and frizzy<br />

flyaways;<br />

• Apply for perfectly tamed<br />

eyebrows.<br />

Blondi Beach products are<br />

sold exclusively via blondihair.<br />

com, where customers can<br />

also discover beauty tips<br />

direct from Bondi Beach,<br />

Australia.<br />

For more information<br />

www.blondihair.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13

A woman can be<br />

beautiful as well<br />

as intellectual.<br />



The beauty in a<br />

woman is not in the<br />

clothes she wears,<br />

the figure that she<br />

carries, or the way<br />

she combs her hair.<br />

True beauty in a<br />

woman is reflected<br />

in her soul.<br />


I believe in being<br />

strong when<br />

everything seems<br />

to be going wrong.<br />

I believe that<br />

happy girls are<br />

the prettiest girls.<br />

I believe that<br />

tomorrow is<br />

another day, and I<br />

believe in miracles.<br />


featureWhoNose<br />

Jennifer Lawrence<br />

Oprah Winfrey

Britney Spears<br />

Jennifer Lopez<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 21

featurehave they<br />

Jennifer Aniston<br />

Blake Lively

Jennifer Grey<br />

Gwen Stefani<br />

or<br />

haven’t<br />

they<br />

Scarlett Johansson<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

eauty<br />

It’s not called<br />

‘The Big Smoke’ for<br />

nothing. Our skin<br />

is at the mercy<br />

of pollution and<br />

environmental<br />

forces.<br />

e are<br />

becoming<br />

increasingly<br />

aware of the<br />

hazards of our<br />

urban lifestyle on<br />

our skin and the<br />

cosmetics industry<br />

has followed suit,<br />

introducing a new crop<br />

of products laced with<br />

super-antioxidants and<br />

grime-fighting city combatants.<br />

Where scientists have seen a<br />

hole in the ozone layer, beauty

companies have seen an opening in<br />

the cosmetic market.<br />

Spotting city skin is easy, pardon<br />

the pun. It’s dull and congested with<br />

blocked pores and dehydrated with<br />

patches of dryness. Stress has depleted<br />

the skin of nutrients and it’s been<br />

over-exposed to late nights, alcohol,<br />

tobacco and other stimulants. It’s<br />

choked with smoke and ragged thanks<br />

to air-conditioning and other major<br />

contributors to poor skin. However,<br />

by protecting ourselves from ultraviolet<br />

radiation and photo-ageing by<br />

using the correct formulations and<br />

the most effective method to deliver<br />

our skincare, while supplementing<br />

with vitamins and antioxidants, we<br />

can significantly improve sallow skin.<br />

Skin is made up of tiny pores that<br />

ensure the skin can breathe and<br />

regulate body temperature, among<br />

other tasks; but they also filter out<br />

the grime and debris associated with<br />

everyday life. Of course, that means<br />

that we city slickers have skin coated<br />

with a fine layer of nasty toxins from<br />

the pollution.<br />

According to a University of<br />

California, Berkeley study, skin<br />

ailments are most certainly linked<br />

to air pollution in cities. It found<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25

eauty<br />

the ozone rapidly strips Vitamin E,<br />

an important component of healthy<br />

skin, from the uppermost skin<br />

layer. Skin conditions aggravated<br />

in urban environments include<br />

atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and other<br />

ailments which generate itchy, red,<br />

inflamed and scaly skin.<br />

The researchers examined the<br />

stratum corneum, a thin layer at<br />

the surface that accounts for less<br />

than five percent of the skin. Long<br />

considered an inert layer of dead skin,<br />

the stratum corneum is now receiving<br />

considerable attention as the gateway<br />

to underlying body tissues.<br />

‘Skincare companies know if<br />

you have dry skin, it’s your stratum<br />

corneum that’s in trouble,’ says<br />

Berkeley researcher Dr Jens Thiele.<br />

‘Everything you apply on the skin has<br />

to pass through that layer.’<br />

The urban environment causes<br />

destruction of the skin’s natural<br />

barrier function, which regulates<br />

the movement of materials in and<br />

out of the skin. It is also thought<br />

the increased formation of harmful<br />

chemicals from the breakdown of<br />

the skin’s fatty lipids triggers an<br />

inflammatory response in underlying<br />

skin layers.<br />

Dr Neil Sadick, a clinical professor<br />

of dermatology in New York, agrees:<br />

‘With the changes in the ozone layer<br />

we’re getting more instant ultra-violet<br />

radiation, as well as more damage<br />

from environmental pollutants. In<br />

my practice we’re definitely seeing<br />

more patients, and younger ones,<br />

with damaged skin. To repair it, and<br />

to guard against further threats, the<br />

two major factors necessary are a<br />

broad-spectrum sunscreen and a highpotency<br />

antioxidant formula.’ cbm<br />

1.<br />

26 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Back<br />

to<br />

Cleansers<br />

5.<br />

2. 3.<br />

6.<br />

basics<br />

1. 4.<br />

7.<br />

Fear not – it’s not quite as dire as it<br />

sounds. There are several simple things<br />

you can do to equalise the effects of<br />

city living on your skin. First up, your<br />

epidermis will thank you every day for<br />

a basic twice-daily skincare routine. Get<br />

skin in tip-top condition by cleansing,<br />

toning and moisturising every morning<br />

before applying makeup (it should go<br />

without saying that falling asleep with<br />

your makeup on is a no-no). Exfoliation<br />

to slough away dead cells and brighten<br />

the complexion can be done at home,<br />

or with micro-dermabrasion or a peel at<br />

a salon to remove surface debris.<br />

Improving the skin’s resistance to<br />

pollution is the name of the game. Use<br />

sun protection and a moisturiser rich<br />

with ingredients to improve the skin’s<br />

surface strength.<br />

Cosmetics are often blamed for<br />

clogging pores, but they can actually<br />

protect against pollution because they<br />

provide a fine layer of resistance; so<br />

don’t steer clear of your makeup bag.<br />

Oh, and keep hand cream in your bag<br />

to soothe chapped hands.<br />

1. Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water, $39, 2. Medik8<br />

Micellar Mousse 150ml, $49, 3. Napoleon Perdis Rebirth<br />

of Venus Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil, $39, 4. Skin Health<br />

Science Carbo Cleanser 100ml, $72, 5. Clarins Extra-Comfort<br />

Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream 200ml $52, 6. Skin Regimen<br />

Cleansing Cream, antipollution face wash, $60, 7. Arbonne<br />

Bio-Hydria Gel Cleanser, $35<br />

Masks &<br />

Scrubs<br />

1. Maaemo The Elimination Mask, $49.95,<br />

2. Napoleon Perdis Bentonite Clay<br />

And Kaolin Face Mask, $35, 3. Indie Lee<br />

Clearing Mask, $85, 4. Revision Skincare<br />

Black Mask, $59.99, 5. Retreatment<br />

Botanics Instant Glow Face Masque<br />

75ml, $65 , 6. asap Revitalising Bodyscrub<br />

200ml, $45, 7. Bobbi Brown Instant Detox<br />

Face Mask 75ml, $78, 8. Edible Beauty &<br />

Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse Mask<br />

50ml, $60<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 27

BEAUTY<br />

Moisturisers<br />

&<br />

Sunscreens<br />

1. Medik8 Advanced Day Total<br />

Protect 50ml, $119, 2. La Roche-<br />

Posay Effaclar K+ Anti Blackhead Care<br />

40ml, $31.95, 3. Elizabeth Arden Eight<br />

Hour Great 8 Daily Defense Moisturiser,<br />

$50, 4. Salt By Hendrix Mermaid<br />

Facial Oil, $39.95, 5. Jojoba ultimate<br />

day cream $49.95, 6. asap Revitalising<br />

Bodymoist 200ml, $45, 7. Environ A, C<br />

& E Body Cream, $86, 8. mesoprotech<br />

melan 130 pigment control 50ml,<br />

$79.80, 9. Sisley SisleYouth Anti-<br />

Pollution 40ml, $230, 10. La Mer The<br />

Reparative Body Lotion, $280 11.<br />

Alpha H Essential Skin Perfecting<br />

Moisturiser SPF 15 50ml, $60, 12. Peter<br />

Thomas Roth Potent-C Bright & Plump<br />

Moisturizer $106, 13. Arbonne CC<br />

Cream, $56, 14. Aspect Sun Hydrating<br />

Face SPF 50+ 75ml, $59, 15. Ole<br />

Henriksen ‘PHAT Glow Facial’, $68, 16.<br />

Arbonne Bio-Hydria Gel Cream, $59,<br />

17. Marc Jacobs Beauty Youthquake<br />

Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème<br />

Moisturiser $78, 18. Lancôme Absolue<br />

Soft Cream Refillable 60ml, $400, 19.<br />

Dermalogica Prisma Protect spf15<br />

light-activated skin defense 50ml, $98<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

8.<br />

13.<br />

6.<br />

9.<br />

3.<br />

14.<br />

10.<br />

4.<br />

7.<br />

5.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

15.<br />

19.<br />

17.<br />

18.<br />

16.<br />

28 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Pollution<br />

solutions<br />

Just think of a sliced apple turning brown to<br />

visualise the urban impact of oxidisation on your<br />

skin. Research is increasingly pointing the blame<br />

for ageing and illness towards oxidative cell<br />

damage caused by the environment. Here is where<br />

antioxidants step in to defend the skin, providing it<br />

with a fighting chance of repairing existing damage<br />

and defending itself against future ageing.<br />

Antioxidants are compounds that counteract the<br />

damaging effects of free radicals on cell structures,<br />

as well as cellular DNA. Free radicals accelerate<br />

the ageing process and are the result of oxygen<br />

molecules being oxidised; but they can also be<br />

created by exposure to various environmental<br />

factors, smoking and UV radiation. They are unstable<br />

cells that, if left unchecked, can compromise your<br />

health and potentially lead to cancer.<br />

When pollution damages the skin, the cells release<br />

superoxide free radicals and other molecules that<br />

unleash their energy at random, like a stray bullet.<br />

For years the leading antioxidants in topical beauty<br />

products were Vitamins A, C and E. The list now<br />

also includes alpha hydroxyl acids, hyaluronic acid,<br />

peptides, coenzyme Q10, idebenone, resveratrol<br />

and coffeeberry, many of which are found in the<br />

latest grime-fighting products – from the cosmetic<br />

giants to the natural and organic boutique lines.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29

SERUMS<br />

BEAUTY<br />

1. asap Revitalising DNA Renewal<br />

Treatment 30ml, $129, 2. Aspect<br />

Pigment Punch+ 30ml, $149.49, 3.<br />

Clarins V Shaping Lift Serum, $110,<br />

4. Retreatment Botanics Refining<br />

Face Polish 75ml, $55, 5. Murad<br />

Environmental Shield Rapid Age<br />

Spot Correcting Serum 30ml, $105,<br />

6. Skinceuticals metacell renewal<br />

b3 50ml, $221.95, 7. Skin Regimen<br />

1.0 Tea Tree Booster, Imperfections<br />

Concentrate, $145, 8. Non Gender<br />

Specific Everything Serum 50 mL<br />

$89, 9. mesoestetic aox ferulic 30ml,<br />

$199, 10. The Ordinary Antioxidants,<br />

Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% 30ml,<br />

$7.90, 11. Medik8 Clarity Peptides<br />

30ml, $89, 12. Babor Stress Control<br />

Ampoule 7x2ml, $98, 13. mesoestetic<br />

new pollution defense ampoules 10<br />

x 2ml, $106, 14. Lancôme Advanced<br />

Génifique Anti-Aging Serum 30Ml,<br />

$105, 15. Arbonne Bio-Hydria Liquid<br />

Serum, $66<br />

2. 3.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

1.<br />

5.<br />

4.<br />

30 www.cosbeauty.com.au

OTHER<br />

hydraters<br />

2.<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

1. Burt’s Bees Watermelon Lip Balm, $6.99,<br />

2. Lancôme Advanced Génifique Light Pearl<br />

Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate<br />

20ml, $115, 3. Arbonne Bio-Hydria Eye Gel,<br />

$62, 4. Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm, $15.40,<br />

5. Paula’s Choice Antioxidant Pore Purifier,<br />

$41, 6. Ella Baché Daily Hydration Mist<br />

Coconut 100mL, $39, 7. Lancôme Tonique<br />

Confort Comforting Facial Toner 400Ml,<br />

$89, 8. Maaemo Revitalize Face Mist 100Ml,<br />

$49.95, 9. La Roche-Posay Serozinc 50<br />

mL, $12.99, 10. Neutrogena Hydro Boost<br />

Hydrating Facial Gel Mist, $26.95<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

BEAUTY<br />


















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1.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

1. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara,<br />

$50, 2. Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes 5<br />

Star Mascara, $48, 3. Clarins Supra Volume<br />

Mascara, $42, 4. Napoleon Perdis ‘Phat<br />

Volume’ Madame Fantasia Mascara, $39, 5.<br />

jane iredale Longest Lash Mascara, $60,<br />

6. Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara in Noir<br />

Mirifique, $58, 7. Modelrock Uptown Lash<br />

Mascara, $22, 8. Australis Fake It! Volumising<br />

Mascara $16.95, 9. Ardell Mega Volume<br />

Never Flat Mascara $19.99, 10. asap pure<br />

mineral mascara, $27.30.<br />


It’s the one beauty staple no girl<br />

can live without, yet the next<br />

generation of mascara is anything<br />

but basic. Employing the best in lash<br />

lengthening, volumising and growth<br />

technologies, these innovative<br />

products will work a treat for anyone<br />

who’s not quite ready to commit<br />

to a more durable form of lash<br />

enhancement.<br />

6.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />


FAKE IT<br />

Party up with fake<br />

lashes. They’re flirty and<br />

playful and no amount<br />

of mascara can create<br />

the same drama.<br />

Modelrock uptown<br />

opulence china doll,<br />

$16, Ardell Naked<br />

Lashes, $12.99<br />

13.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

14.<br />

11. Napoleon Perdis eye<br />

pencil in Brown Sugar, $30,<br />

12. Marc Jacobs Beauty<br />

Fineliner Ultra Skinny Gel Eye<br />

Crayon, in Truffled, $36, 13.<br />

Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’<br />

Kohl in Barbarella Brown, $43,<br />

14. Marc Jacobs Beauty<br />

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon<br />

Eyeliner in 80 In the Buff, $36,<br />

15. Bobbi Brown Long Wear<br />

Gel Eyeliner, $40, 16. Clarins<br />

4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette<br />

in Shade-02 rosewood, $68,<br />

17. Marc Jacobs Beauty<br />

Under(cover) Perfecting<br />

Coconut Eye Primer, $37,<br />

18. Fenty Beauty Flyliner<br />

Longwear Liquid Eyeliner,<br />

$30, 19. Modelrock rock<br />

chic wings out loud felt tip<br />

eyeliner, $19.95, 20. jane<br />

iredale Mystikol Powedered<br />

17.<br />

Eyeliner, $52, 21. Kat Von<br />

D Dagger Tattoo Liner<br />

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner,<br />

$20, 22. Clarins Waterproof<br />

Eye Pencil in Shade-06<br />

smoked wood, $38.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

18.<br />

LINERS<br />

An easy way to glam up a bare eye is to intensify your look<br />

with eyeliner. If a smouldering look is what you’re after, use<br />

an eyeliner pencil around the entire eye and on the inner<br />

rim. For a quick smokey look, smudge it off using a crease/<br />

smudge brush. For more of a clean, strong line, create a<br />

winged liner using a gel or liquid eyeliner. This, combined<br />

with generous lashings of mascara, will instantly glam up<br />

your look and get you party ready! A really great makeup<br />

trick is to use eyeliner to fill in the tiny spaces between<br />

upper eyelashes. This helps eyes look fuller and more alive<br />

and lends an amazing frame to the eyes.<br />

22.<br />

21.<br />

20.<br />

19.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

BEAUTY<br />

36 www.cosbeauty.com.au

ALL<br />

dressed<br />

&<br />

up<br />

READY<br />

to go!<br />




www.cosbeauty.com.au 37

BEAUTY<br />

There’s so much to learn about<br />

makeup and beauty even<br />

we fi nd ourselves a little<br />

overwhelmed at times.<br />

But whether you’re a master of the<br />

liquid liner or a beginner who’s still<br />

fi guring things out, our step-by-step<br />

guide to powering up your party face<br />

is guaranteed to have you dazzling on<br />

the dance fl oor come New Year’s Eve.<br />

Lycogel Breathable<br />

Camouflage SPF 30 , $108<br />

PRIME<br />

Perfect party makeup always starts<br />

with a smooth canvas. Airbrush fi ne<br />

lines and pores with a primer to leave<br />

the skin with a soft, velvety fi nish.<br />

This will allow your foundation<br />

to glide on, creating a more even,<br />

radiant looking complexion. In<br />

addition to smoothing fi ne lines,<br />

pores and wrinkles, primer increases<br />

your foundation’s staying power,<br />

ensuring you look fresh all night long.<br />

Clarins Fix Make-Up, $40<br />

Skindinavia The Makeup<br />

Primer Spray 118ml, $49<br />

Lancôme Prep & Hydrate<br />

Illuminating Make-Up<br />

Primer 24h Hydration<br />

25ml, $62

COVER<br />

A quality foundation provides good<br />

coverage and helps conceal any<br />

blemishes, discolouration or uneven<br />

skin tone issues which may be<br />

keeping you from feeling your best.<br />

It’s essential to buy foundation that<br />

is the right shade for your skin tone,<br />

so head over to a beauty counter and<br />

have a professional help you out. For<br />

a glowing look with ultimate staying<br />

power, opt for a base with a longlasting,<br />

dewy fi nish.<br />

When it comes to foundation,<br />

the application process is just as<br />

important as the product itself. Use a<br />

beauty blender or a stippling brush to<br />

carefully blend the foundation onto<br />

the face, down the neck and back<br />

towards the ears.<br />


Use a colour corrector to address<br />

any redness or dark circles before<br />

applying a cream concealer to keep<br />

the area moisturised. Remember to<br />

use a patting rather than dragging<br />

motion when applying both<br />

corrector and concealer, and to<br />

be extra gentle with the delicate<br />

under-eye area. Don’t be afraid to<br />

take your concealer over the top of<br />

your eyelid, as it will help cover up<br />

any veins and act as a great base for<br />

your eyeshadow.<br />

Bobbi Brown Skin Long Wear<br />

Weightless Foundation, $72,<br />

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush<br />

Flawless Foundation, $65,<br />

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid<br />

Foundation SPF 15, $65,<br />

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear<br />

Deluxe Sample 24h Long Wear<br />

Spf 15 Velvet Matte Finish in<br />

Beige Lin, $60<br />

LUV IT!<br />

Frank body Party<br />

Starters Kit, Shimmer<br />

Scrub, Shimmer Lip<br />

Gloss Scrub and Magic<br />

Shimmer Oil, $49.95<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

BEAUTY<br />


One of the best ways to take your<br />

look from average to amazing is to<br />

strategically place highlighter on the<br />

high points of the face. Dab a small<br />

amount of product onto the tops of<br />

your cheekbones – working from the<br />

apple of each cheek up towards the<br />

hairline. This adds light, makes skin<br />

appear more hydrated and decreases<br />

the look of fi ne lines. It will create<br />

a gorgeous pearlescent glow that<br />

fl awlessly refl ects light from all angles.<br />

Dusting a shimmer powder on<br />

your décolletage is another surefi re<br />

way to get the party started. Apply it<br />

beneath the brow bone to lift the eye<br />

or add a touch of product to the eye’s<br />

inner corner for a fresh, modern look.<br />

Softly highlighted cheeks are<br />

always a winner. Using a fan brush,<br />

dust a powdered bronzer onto the<br />

cheeks before applying a shimmery<br />

cream or powder blush. Remember,<br />

creams can work in tandem with<br />

powders once the application remains<br />

light.<br />

Fenty Beauty Killawatt<br />

Freestyle Highlighter<br />

Duo, $54<br />

jane iredale<br />

24-karat gold<br />

dust, $31<br />


Dab a bit of shimmer on<br />

the top of your cheeks<br />

to instantly brighten and<br />

illuminate your face. Be sure<br />

to choose just one feature<br />

to accentuate, so your<br />

highlighting stays subtle.<br />

Clarins Glow<br />

2 Go Blush &<br />

Highlighter<br />

Duo, $44<br />

ICONIC London<br />

Prep-Set-Glow<br />

120ml, $50<br />

Bobbi Brown<br />

Pot Rouge in Pale<br />

Pink, $54<br />

Bobbi Brown<br />

Shimmer Brick in<br />

Rose, $78

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Rich Lustre long wearing<br />

lipstick in Crystal Ball and Sparkling Sand, $56<br />

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds, $49<br />


One of the easiest ways to<br />

acknowledge the glitz and glam of the<br />

party season is to add a pop of colour<br />

to your makeup. If heavy eye shadows<br />

aren’t your thing, use a vibrant lip<br />

shade with a gloss or matte fi nish.<br />

Painted pouts are the ultimate pickme-up<br />

and speak of grooming and<br />

attention to detail.<br />


Our fave colours this<br />

season are beachy and<br />

bold – think fuschias<br />

and corals.<br />


Complete your party look with a<br />

slick of colour on your nails. From<br />

classic red to glittering festive glosses,<br />

applying nail polish is an easy way to<br />

jazz up any outfi t.<br />

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid<br />

Lipstick, $36, Sisley Le Phyto Rouge in 32 Orange<br />

Calvi, $68, Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream<br />

Long-Lasting Lipstick in Bad Blood Ruby, $54<br />

OPI Limited-Edition Neons<br />

in Orange You a Rock Star?,<br />

V-I-Pink Passes, Dance Party<br />

‘Teal Dawn, $22.95 each<br />

Mavala Magic Stardust<br />

Collection in Magic Sari,<br />

Magic Spice and Magic<br />

Snow, $8.50 each<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41

Lancôme Hypnôse Eyeshadow<br />

Palette in French Nude, $85<br />

BEAUTY<br />


An easy way to glam up a bare eye is to<br />

intensify your look with eyeliner. If a<br />

smouldering style is what you’re after, use<br />

an eyeliner pencil around the entire eye<br />

and on the inner rim.<br />

Transition this look into a smokier<br />

style by smudging the eyeliner using a<br />

crease brush. For a sharper fi nish, use<br />

a gel or liquid liner to create a wing.<br />

Combine with generous lashings of<br />

mascara for instant, party-ready glam.<br />


A really great makeup trick is<br />

to use eyeliner to fill in the tiny<br />

spaces between the upper<br />

eyelashes.<br />

This lends an amazing frame<br />

to the eyes, making them look<br />

fuller and more defined.<br />

Napoleon Perdis<br />

Loose Eye Dust in<br />

‘Starlight’, $35<br />


Use a brow powder or pencil to defi ne<br />

your eyebrows and frame the eye. For<br />

a more sculpted look, apply bronzer to<br />

the crevice below the cheekbone then<br />

identify the apples of the cheeks using<br />

your blush of choice.<br />

LASH OUT!<br />

Party up with fake lashes. They’re<br />

fl irty, playful and no amount of<br />

mascara can create the same amount<br />

of drama. If falsies aren’t your thing,<br />

opt for an eyelash curler to create<br />

beautifully curled lashes that will<br />

defi ne, dazzle and enhance your eyes.<br />

jane iredale<br />

PurePressed Eye<br />

Shadow Kit –<br />

Solar Flare, $92<br />

Lancôme<br />

Hypnôse<br />

Mascara in<br />

Noir, $55<br />


Dab a band of concealer<br />

beneath the eyes – starting<br />

from the mid-face and taking<br />

it up towards the temples. The<br />

lighter colour will help lift the<br />

eyes and make your face pop.<br />

42 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Sisley Phyto Eye<br />

Twist in 15 Baby<br />

Pink, $55<br />

Marc Jacobs Beauty<br />

Highliner Glam<br />

Glitter Gel Eye<br />

Crayon in All that<br />

Glitters, $36<br />

Charlotte Tilbury Walk of<br />

Shame Luxury Palette, $80,<br />

Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to<br />

Hypnotise, $120, Clarins Ready<br />

in a Flash Eyes & Brows Palette,<br />

$50, ICONIC London Sunset to<br />

Sunrise Palette, $99, Arbonne<br />

It’s All In The Eyes Eyeshadow<br />

Palette, $86<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

Skin<br />

Sunscreen<br />

that<br />

respects<br />

your skin<br />

type<br />

No longer must we rely on regulation<br />

‘one-size-fits-all’ sunscreen for protection<br />

against the harmful UVA and UVB rays<br />

that can leave skin damaged and feeling<br />

chemically imbalanced.<br />

The latest offering from the mesoestetic Pharma<br />

Group laboratory, headquartered in Barcelona, is a<br />

complete range of next generation sunscreens for<br />

all skin types. The five unique products utilise the most<br />

innovative technology in sun protection and are the result<br />

of months of research and collaboration. mesoprotech ® is<br />

fast becoming the new gold standard for sun protection<br />

through its focus on the unique requirements of different<br />

skin types and corresponding concerns.<br />

‘What makes this line of sunscreens unique is that each<br />

client can find the most suitable product from the range<br />

with a texture that suits their skin type. There is at least<br />

one product in the range suitable for every skin type!’<br />

explains mesoestetic International Trainer, Sabine Wallez.

mesoprotech ® Formulas<br />

All products in the new range feature mesoprotech ®<br />

complex, a broad-spectrum sun protection formula that<br />

combines physical, biological and/or chemical filters for<br />

maximum protection against UVB and UVA radiation.<br />

This combination protects the skin on all fronts from<br />

the harmful effects of sun exposure including actinic<br />

damage, oxidation and premature ageing. All five products<br />

are very high factor sunscreens (SPF 50+) and tested for<br />

water resistance.<br />

Innovative Ingredients<br />

This new range features a number of core components<br />

that place it a cut above other sun-protection alternatives<br />

on the market.<br />

• Mattifying particles eliminate excess oil and shine<br />

and leave the skin with a velvety matt finish.<br />

• Chia seed oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, provides<br />

elasticity and nutrition while strengthening the skin’s<br />

barrier function.<br />

• Hyaluronic acid and silicon provide hydrating action<br />

at the epidermal level and enhance the elasticity and<br />

firmness of tissues.<br />

• Pigment System helps to prevent the appearance of<br />

sunspots and produces a more even skin tone.<br />

• Rosa canina fruit essential oil helps boost epidermal<br />

repair mechanisms.<br />

Collagen Pro-shield<br />

mesoprotech ® ’s five innovative sunscreens are formulated<br />

with the ‘collagen pro shield’ which provides antioxidant<br />

protection that helps to neutralise free radicals. The<br />

collagen pro shield helps prevent photo-ageing and<br />

improves firmness of the skin.<br />

Anti-ageing Sunscreens<br />

1. mineral matt anti-ageing fluid is specifically for<br />

combination, oily and sensitive skin types. The formula<br />

contains mattifying particles and mineral filters that<br />

eliminate excess shine and leave the skin with a velvety<br />

matt finish. It has an innovative non-greasy fluid texture<br />

that turns into a powdery emulsion on the skin.<br />

2. light water anti-ageing veil is designed for normal and<br />

combination skin types. It is formulated with hyaluronic<br />

acid and silicon to provide hydrating action, enhancing<br />

elasticity and firmness. Its ultra-light emulsion texture is<br />

rapidly absorbed to create an invisible protective veil.<br />

3. nourishing anti-ageing oil is intended for dry, mature<br />

skin. It is formulated with chia seed oil and therefore<br />

rich in omega 3 and 6. ‘ There are not many oil-based<br />

sunscreen products on the market and I wear this one all<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

the time,’ said Sabine Wallez. This innovative protective<br />

oil provides elasticity and nutrition to the skin while<br />

strengthening the skin’s barrier function. It has a light oil<br />

gel texture that melts into the skin leaving a dry finish.<br />

Skin<br />

Pigmentation Concerns<br />

melan 130 pigment control is for skin with<br />

pigmentation concerns, skin undergoing cosmetic<br />

treatment, skin affected by hormonal changes,<br />

photosensitive skin and more. It helps prevent the<br />

appearance of sunspots and promotes a more even<br />

and brighter tone. The ultra-fluid texture contains<br />

pigments to avoid leaving a white residue on the skin,<br />

while minimising imperfections and providing a tinted<br />

lightweight, natural tone. According to Sabine Wallez<br />

this is one of her favourites: ‘ This would be the perfect<br />

choice for a woman who wants her sunscreen and at the<br />

same time, a little bit of makeup!’<br />

Maximum protection for<br />

Sensitive Areas<br />

sun stick 100 is specifically for those sensitive areas such<br />

as lips, eye contour, scars, etc. It incorporates rosehip<br />

oil to boost skin regeneration and comes in a practical,<br />

solid stick form that enables application anytime with<br />

comfort and ease. For Sabine Wallez, the sun stick 100<br />

is her number one pick: ‘ It’s my absolute favourite and<br />

is great for extra protection if you’re going out to lunch<br />

and could burn easily on the nose or if you have hyperpigmentation.’<br />

Clinically Tested<br />

Scientists conducted in vivo tests for UVB protection<br />

where a subject’s back was exposed to rays and treated<br />

with the product. The test measured the additional time<br />

during which the sunscreen provided protection before<br />

sunburn occurred. Water resistence was also tested in vivo<br />

where the subject was immersed in water for 20 minutes<br />

with a 15 minute interim. The subject’s skin retained<br />

more than 50% of the protection applied.<br />

In vitro tests were conducted for UVA protection where<br />

a dish treated with the product was exposed to UVA<br />

radiation to evaluate its absorption capacity. The efficacy<br />

of the collagen pro shield was also tested with studies on<br />

human fibroblast cultures.<br />

With its dermatologically tested formulas and<br />

innovative textures designed to suit the needs and<br />

demands of each skin type, mesoprotech ® is at the<br />

forefront of next-generation sun protection against UVA<br />

and UVB.<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

mesoprotech ® is available<br />

at select skin clinics across<br />

Australia. For stockists, visit www.<br />

advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011

[ ]<br />

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Launching soon!<br />

AestheticAdvisor is the brainchild of Bella Media, Australia’s<br />

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AestheticAdvisor is the online destination for everyone<br />

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AestheticAdvisor delivers authoritative information on every<br />

aesthetic treatment and is an integral part of informed<br />

decision making.<br />

The AestheticAdvisor<br />

site provides:<br />

• detailed search functions<br />

with capability to research<br />

by product, treatment or<br />

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• a sophisticated roll over<br />

feature for male and female<br />

procedures;<br />

• tabs to<br />

– locate a practitioner<br />

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– leave or read reviews on<br />

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– join an online forum or<br />

– browse through over 1000<br />

articles on relevant topics.<br />


Skin<br />

A<br />


est<br />

in<br />

class<br />

Vitamin A is arguably the<br />

single-most important<br />

ingredient to prevent,<br />

restore, normalise and<br />

help repair damaged skin.<br />

Medical research shows that ageing of the<br />

skin is accelerated by the loss of lightsensitive<br />

vitamins destroyed by sun,<br />

stress and pollution. These lost vitamins include<br />

Vitamin A, together with key antioxidants and<br />

Vitamins C, E, pro-vitamin B5 and beta-carotene.<br />

These all work to normalise the skin, assisting it<br />

to reverse the signs of ageing, and to make it look<br />

younger and smoother.<br />

Vitamin A in particular helps smooth both<br />

wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing skin<br />

hydration and collagen production. It evens out<br />

skin texture, at the same time as increasing skin<br />

thickness and improving its elasticity. Vitamin A<br />

also improves acne, natural exfoliation and overall<br />

skin tone, diminishing mottled pigmentation.<br />

Since our body does not make Vitamin A, our<br />

skin becomes deficient over time. In particular, the<br />

sun depletes the skin of Vitamin A and this is one<br />

of the reasons those who super-expose their skin to<br />

sun damage age faster than those who do not (and<br />

another reason to always use broad-spectrum SPF<br />

every single day, rain, hail or shine).<br />

Vitamin A (as well as other key vitamins and<br />

antioxidants) need to be replaced every day to<br />

reduce the damage from sunlight. The best way to<br />

replace these vitamins is by topical application.<br />

Formulations containing Vitamin A are<br />

beneficial to skin of all ages as it helps repair<br />

injured skin and improves its water barrier<br />

properties, making it soft and supple. It is also<br />

effective in treating acne, as well as dry, scaly or<br />

cracked skin.<br />

Vitamin A in skincare<br />

As our skin gets thinner with age, it gradually<br />

becomes less effective as a barrier, which leads to<br />

signs of ageing such as lines and rough patches.<br />

Vitamin A is critical in the maintenance of<br />

healthy skin. Regular application of Vitamin A,<br />

which regulates skin cell growth, stimulates the<br />

skin’s renewal process and causes it to thicken and<br />

appear younger and healthier.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 49

Skin<br />

Cell-communicating ingredients use receptor<br />

sites or cellular pathways to interact with skin<br />

cells to signal them to function optimally.<br />

Retinoids (including retinol), which are<br />

derivatives of Vitamin A, are the best known.<br />

They act as antioxidants and neutralise the<br />

free radicals that result from exposure to ultraviolet<br />

light. In addition, they increase cellular<br />

turnover, stimulate a thickening of the epidermis<br />

and promote the removal of excess pigment.<br />

Retinol is a Vitamin A (retinoic acid)<br />

derivative that is an effective and widely used<br />

topical anti-ageing solution. It has been shown<br />

to reduce many visible signs of skin ageing,<br />

especially fine lines and wrinkles, encouraging<br />

better cell turnover in the upper layers and<br />

normalising skin turnover.<br />

In the form of stabilised retinol (retinol<br />

molecular), it enables surface hyper-pigmented<br />

cells to be sloughed off evenly, in addition<br />

to reversing the damaging effects of UV<br />

light on the skin cells, which result in hyperpigmentation.<br />

Retinoids are also responsible<br />

for tyrosinase inhibition, reducing clumping<br />

of melanin and reducing melanosome size to<br />

further improve pigmented spots.<br />

Medical research has also documented that<br />

the use of retinol on the skin can create new<br />

collagen deposition, greater proliferation of new<br />

blood vessels and capillary formation. Dramatic<br />

improvements have also been observed with<br />

regard to skin smoothness, evening of skin tones<br />

and overall skin rejuvenation. Retinol also plays<br />

a role in conditioning the skin prior to many<br />

cosmetic procedures such as facial surgery, laser<br />

resurfacing and chemical peels.<br />

‘<br />

It has been shown<br />

to reduce many visible<br />

signs of skin ageing,<br />

especially fine lines and<br />

wrinkles.<br />

’<br />

Varying forms of<br />

Vitamin A<br />

It’s well known skin rejuvenation can be<br />

achieved by applying Vitamin A to the skin;<br />

but sometimes the various types of Vitamin A<br />

on the market may make it confusing when<br />

selecting which type to use on the skin. There<br />

are a number of related molecules with Vitamin<br />

A activity and these are classed under the family<br />

name of retinoids.<br />

Prescription retinoids include tretinoin (trans<br />

retinoic acid); the over-the-counter retinoid is<br />

retinol. Both convert to retinoic acid in the skin.<br />

Trans retinoic acid is the most irritant form of<br />

Vitamin A.<br />

It’s no secret that a common side effect after<br />

starting topical Vitamin A treatment is temporary<br />

redness, irritation and flakiness; most users will<br />

need to build up a tolerance to retinoids over<br />

several weeks. Retinol skincare has fewer side<br />

effects than retinoic acid prescription products<br />

due to lower biological activity, among other<br />

factors. It also goes without saying that stabilised<br />

high-concentration retinol formulations will be

Did you know?<br />

Retinol is proven to be a<br />

potent tool in treating acne, by<br />

preventing the cells that line<br />

the follicular canal from sticking<br />

together and creating the<br />

solid impactions that block the<br />

follicle - thereby addressing the<br />

underlying mechanisms that<br />

contribute to acne.<br />

more effective than run-of-the-mill<br />

retinol products, but will also typically<br />

be more irritating to the skin.<br />

Thankfully, any irritation at all may<br />

be a thing of the past. Manufacturers<br />

are now developing different effective<br />

forms of Vitamin A which are less<br />

irritating, if at all.<br />

It’s no wonder that Vitamin A (in<br />

its various forms) is an important<br />

and necessary ingredient in all<br />

quality anti-ageing product lines.<br />

And with new molecules and new<br />

product formulations constantly being<br />

developed, this skincare stalwart is<br />

fast becoming the gold standard antiageing<br />

product.<br />

The facts about<br />

Vitamin A<br />

1.<br />

Vitamin A is a central driving<br />

factor in the development of<br />

normal, healthy human tissue,<br />

including all parts of the skin. This<br />

continues from conception to death.<br />

If Vitamin A disappeared tomorrow,<br />

no more humans would be born in<br />

the normal, recognisable form.<br />

Skin becomes thin because of a<br />

2. general lack of Vitamin A, sun<br />

damage, loss of sex hormones and<br />

general ageing.<br />

Retinoids (class of Vitamin A<br />

3. derivatives) are a proven method<br />

to increase the thickness of the<br />

dermis – the deep layer of skin where<br />

wrinkles form.<br />

Despite contrary belief, retinoids<br />

4. do not make skin more sensitive<br />

to the sun. The reason some product<br />

labels recommend ‘pm’ use only is<br />

because retinoids are unstable in<br />

sunlight, thereby rendering daytime<br />

use ineffectual.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

Skin<br />

The<br />

Answer to<br />

Youthful<br />

Skin is<br />

Crystal<br />

Clear<br />

heads are turning for<br />

the truly incredible<br />

skin-tightening<br />

benefits of Medik8’s<br />

award winning antiageing<br />

serum, Crystal<br />

Retinal.<br />

Vitamin A is a powerful<br />

skincare ingredient that helps<br />

effectively fight visible signs<br />

of ageing. Medik8’s next-generation<br />

anti-ageing product, Crystal<br />

Retinal is a ground-breaking night<br />

serum which helps firm, plump and<br />

resurface the skin, visibly minimising<br />

fine lines and wrinkles to deliver a<br />

more youthful-looking and eventoned<br />

complexion.<br />

Crystal Retinal is formulated<br />

with retinaldehyde, a super-charged<br />

derivative of Vitamin A that works<br />

in synergy with skin to help promote<br />

cellular turnover.<br />

Retinoids may cause mild irritation<br />

when you start using them including<br />

redness, irritation and flaking. This<br />

is normal and a sign that your skin<br />

is adjusting to having an abundant<br />

source of beneficial Vitamin A.<br />

However, Medik8’s time-release<br />

stability system ensures that Crystal<br />

Retinal TM is released slowly and<br />

steadily throughout the night,<br />

meaning it won’t overwhelm the<br />

skin. It’s also now easier to help<br />

your skin adjust to the powerful<br />

effects of retinaldehyde with a<br />

recent expansion of the Crystal<br />

Retinal family.<br />

The range now incorporates four<br />

different strengths of the serum which<br />

provide a stepping-stone to the higher<br />

and more effective levels of Crystal<br />

Retinal 6 & 10. Medik8 Head of<br />

Research, Daniel Isaacs, explained<br />

the importance of building up the<br />

level of Vitamin A over time: ‘It is<br />

extremely important to ease your skin<br />

into using retinoids gently. Starting<br />

52 www.cosbeauty.com.au

at a lower level will allow your skin some<br />

time to get used to Vitamin A, and you<br />

can then introduce higher strengths as<br />

your skin becomes accustomed to it.’<br />

Other non-prescription Vitamin A<br />

treatments, such as retinol, have a similar<br />

beneficial skin-lifting effect; however<br />

this needs to be converted into retinoic<br />

acid by the skin before it can take<br />

effect, a process that requires a two-step<br />

conversion. Unlike retinol, Crystal<br />

Retinal only requires one conversion to<br />

retinoic acid which means it can deliver<br />

results up to 11 times faster!<br />

Crystal Retinal works by<br />

capturing the powerful active ingredient,<br />

retinaldehyde, into a crystal molecular<br />

vehicle that is broken down by the<br />

skin’s natural enzymes upon contact.<br />

This unique action controls the release<br />

of Vitamin A-rich retinaldehyde to<br />

ensure that the formula remains stable<br />

and is absorbed constantly throughout<br />

the night.<br />

At the same time as delivering the<br />

powerful anti-ageing benefits of Vitamin<br />

A, Crystal Retinal contains multiweight<br />

hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E<br />

which hydrates the skin and reinforces<br />

the skin’s barrier to keep moisture locked<br />

in tight.<br />

Unlike many other forms of Vitamin A,<br />

retinaldehyde also boasts direct, powerful<br />

anti-bacterial properties, making it the<br />

ideal anti-ageing product for blemishprone<br />

skin. When used over time, Crystal<br />

Retinal helps to diminish P. acnes,<br />

the bacteria responsible for breakouts,<br />

promoting a healthy-looking, balanced<br />

complexion. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Medik8 is available at select<br />

skin clinics across Australia. For<br />

stockists, visit www.medik8.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011<br />

Retinol Q&A with Medik8<br />

Director of Research<br />

Daniel Isaacs<br />

What is Retinol?<br />

Retinol is the form of Vitamin A traditionally used in<br />

skincare products throughout the beauty industry.<br />

There are different types of retinol derivatives such as<br />

retinol, retinaldehyde, retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate<br />

and retinyl retinoate.<br />

What sort of retinol is in Crystal<br />

Retinal?<br />

We use retinaldehyde in the Crystal Retinal range, a<br />

form of Vitamin A which has been proven to improve<br />

skin condition in credible studies published in scientific<br />

journals. This is why we do not use traditional retinol<br />

esters such as retinyl palmitate, where clinical trials show<br />

little-to-zero effects.<br />

How does Crystal Retinal work?<br />

Retinaldehyde in Crystal Retinal works up to 11 times<br />

faster than traditional retinol and has anti-bacterial<br />

properties which are great for blemish-prone skin<br />

types. It works directly on the skin to produce a plumping<br />

and tightening effect and helps speed up<br />

the skin renewal process.<br />

Why use Crystal Retinal at night<br />

time?<br />

Retinaldehyde is inherently sensitive to the sun. When<br />

exposed to UV rays it breaks down and becomes<br />

ineffective. Applying retinaldehyde in the morning may<br />

cause it to breakdown before producing those really<br />

beneficial effects of Vitamin A and therefore we always<br />

recommend applying the serum at night time.<br />

Are there side effects?<br />

Retinoids can cause mild irritation when you first start<br />

using them, but this is completely normal and is an<br />

indication that your skin is adjusting to having an<br />

abundant source of this beneficial vitamin. These side<br />

effects include redness, irritation and flaking of the skin<br />

as the retinoid is stimulating skin renewal. This is why it<br />

is so important to utilise the different strengths within<br />

the Crystal Retinal range and ease into the benefits of<br />

using Vitamin A on your skin.<br />

Who should not use Retinol<br />

Products?<br />

Retinol products are not advised for use during<br />

pregnancy and breastfeeding.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 53

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MAKEUP<br />

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Bobbi Brown Long Wear<br />

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blusher stick, $44<br />

Fenty Beauty Match<br />

Stix Shimmer Skinsticks,<br />

$32, Sisley Phyto-Blush<br />

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cream-to-powder<br />

blush in Fushia, $82,<br />

Clinique Chubby Stick<br />

Cheek Colour Balm in<br />

Plumped Up Peony, $25<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 55

Shining<br />

Skin<br />

the light<br />

on<br />

Dark Spots<br />

Although prevention is better than cure, and<br />

sunscreen and a hat are our ‘must-haves’ in summer,<br />

when the damage is already done cosmelan ® from<br />

mesoestetic ® is our first choice for treating<br />

hyperpigmentation and dark spots.<br />

Most people are bothered<br />

by hyperpigmentation at<br />

some point in their life. In<br />

its various forms, hyperpigmentation<br />

affects over 80 per cent of women over<br />

the age of 25 and is rated the number<br />

two skin concern after facial wrinkles.<br />

As we age and expose ourselves to the<br />

sun, brown spots and marks tend to<br />

appear more frequently and have in the<br />

past proven difficult to treat.<br />

There are four major types of<br />

hyperpigmentation:<br />

Post-inflammatory<br />

hyperpigmentation<br />

(PIH)<br />

This is caused by trauma to the skin<br />

like a cut from shaving, acne or some<br />

aggressive aesthetic treatments. In<br />

response, the skin initiates a healing<br />

response or inflammation, and there is<br />

a healing rush of immune cells, blood<br />

and nutrients to the site of attack.<br />

PIH usually heals of its own accord,<br />

although in some cases it can last for a<br />

long time, and may need treatment<br />

to encourage its resolution.<br />

Age Spots<br />

(or liver spots)<br />

These are the annoying spots we<br />

accumulate with age from exposure<br />

to the sun or pollution. Unlike PIH,<br />

age spots occur with no incidence of<br />

trauma; instead their creation stems<br />

from years of just living in our harsh<br />

environment. Stressors such as UV<br />

light and air pollution accelerate the<br />

ageing of the skin cells, causing the<br />

production of melanin. Many say<br />

this form of hyperpigmentation is a<br />

tell-tale sign of age, but now you<br />

can treat it effectively.<br />

Freckles<br />

Our freckles are caused by an excess<br />

of melanin on the skin. They can be<br />

the result of genetics or from excess<br />

sun exposure. Many of us love our<br />

‘beauty spots’ but others find them<br />

uncomfortable to live with.

www.cosbeauty.com.au 57

Skin<br />

Melasma<br />

Sufferers of melasma often<br />

seek treatment for this type of<br />

hyperpigmentation. It sits deeper in<br />

the skin’s dermis and often appears<br />

on the face as larger brown patches<br />

with a non-distinct border. More<br />

common in women, the exact cause<br />

of melasma is unknown but is often<br />

linked to hormonal imbalances.<br />

It can be made worse with sun<br />

exposure, some medications,<br />

pregnancy and stress.<br />

To prevent future<br />

hyperpigmentation, make sure<br />

to apply a high sun protection such<br />

as mesoprotech ® , which has five<br />

innovative formulations, each with<br />

the ‘collagen pro shield’ to provide<br />

antioxidant protection that helps<br />

neutralise free radicals. All products<br />

in the mesoprotech ® range combine<br />

physical, biological and/or chemical<br />

filters for maximum protection against<br />

UVB and UVA radiation.<br />

Treating<br />

pigmentation<br />

We recommend cosmelan ® for<br />

the professional treatment of<br />

troublesome pigmentation spots.<br />

Developed by mesoestetic ® and<br />

distributed in Australia by Advanced<br />

Cosmeceuticals, cosmelan ® is a new<br />

generation depigmentation treatment<br />

that finally offers clinically proven<br />

results in all types of pigmentation,<br />

including melasma. It is a ‘one-off’ in<br />

clinic treatment with a home<br />

care regime, that not only helps<br />

visibly reduce dark spots, it also<br />

restores radiance and luminosity<br />

to the skin while equalising skin<br />

tone. The treatment works by<br />

helping to decrease the skin’s<br />

melanin production.<br />

cosmelan ® has an impressive<br />

clearance rate, helping to reduce age<br />

spots by up to 95% in nearly all cases.<br />

The treatments are suitable for all<br />

Fitzpatrick skin types and can be<br />

used all year around.<br />

And it gets better – cosmelan ®<br />

has a dual action. It has a short-term<br />

action to improve the appearance<br />

of superficial pigmentation via<br />

chemical exfoliation and a longer<br />

term action which gives it an<br />

advantage over other products, in<br />

that its ingredients actually help to<br />

reduce melanin production.<br />

Although you need to prepare<br />

yourself for some downtime, if you’re<br />

a lifelong pigmentation sufferer, you<br />

will know the possibility of having<br />

smooth and clear skin far outweighs<br />

the short downtime.<br />

cosmelan ® uses kojic acid (KA),<br />

which is a natural chelation agent.<br />

This KA complex is partnered<br />

with a high antioxidant vitamin<br />

complex, which can help the skin<br />

look rejuvenated and renewed, and<br />

diminish the appearance of age spots<br />

and pigmentation.<br />

A vegetable extract complex is<br />

used to hydrate and soothe the skin.<br />

Notably, cosmelan ® also includes an<br />

exfoliating agent to help accelerate<br />

the natural renewal of the skin’s<br />

upper layers and further reduce the<br />

appearance of age spots.<br />

The cosmelan ® Professional<br />

Treatment affords an effective and<br />

fast track solution to the clearance of<br />

melasma pigmentation. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

cosmelan is available at select<br />

skin clinics across Australia.<br />

For stockists, visit www.<br />

advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011<br />

What to expect<br />

The cosmelan ® treatment<br />

consists of two phases and<br />

it is imperative both be used<br />

according to the directions to<br />

achieve complete success.<br />

Phase 1 – in the<br />

clinic<br />

The cosmelan ® 1 mask is applied<br />

in the clinic and left on the skin<br />

for a period of time, which is<br />

determined by the professional<br />

according to your skin colour<br />

and type. This is usually around<br />

8-12 hours.<br />

Phase 2 – home<br />

maintenance<br />

The mask is removed at<br />

home with warm water and<br />

followed by an application of<br />

melan recovery. cosmelan ® 2<br />

maintenance cream is applied<br />

at home according to the<br />

recommended protocol of the<br />

professional. The objective of<br />

this highly effective maintenance<br />

cream is to help the continued<br />

brightening of the complexion,<br />

while restoring luminosity.<br />

Follow daily with melan recovery<br />

and mesoprotech ® melan 130<br />

pigment control.<br />

Peeling of the treated skin<br />

begins in approximately<br />

48-72 hours and lasts about<br />

three days. hydra-vital factor<br />

k is provided for multiple<br />

applications during the day<br />

and night. Follow up is in 7-10<br />

days and the cosmelan ® home<br />

maintenance program must be<br />

adhered to for effective results.

skin<br />

Deep<br />

Skin<br />

hydrafacial results<br />

in such smooth and<br />

radiant skin It may well<br />

be the only facial you’ll<br />

ever want again!<br />

The HydraFacial is no ordinary<br />

facial. It incorporates<br />

spa therapy with medical<br />

technology to create truly<br />

exceptional skin revitalisation<br />

results. It’s a facial cleanse, microdermabrasion,<br />

skin resurfacing<br />

treatment and antioxidant boost i<br />

n one quick, easy and pleasant<br />

skincare session.<br />

Suitable for all skin types, the<br />

HydraFacial improves the appearance<br />

of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and<br />

enlarged pores, oily or acne prone<br />

skin, hyper-pigmentation and brown<br />

spots. Each treatment noticeably<br />

decongests and shrinks pores, and<br />

plumps the skin with antioxidant<br />

and hyaluronic acid infusions.<br />

Even the most sensitive skin<br />

can benefit from a HydraFacial<br />

treatment. The skincare professional<br />

conducts a comprehensive skin<br />

evaluation and sensitivity test,<br />

then chooses the specific serums to<br />

customise the treatment for your<br />

unique skin conditions and needs.<br />

In addition to helping problem<br />

skin, the HydraFacial can be used<br />

to revive dull, dehydrated or lifeless<br />

complexions. Best of all, it is suitable<br />

for women and men of all ages and<br />

requires no downtime.<br />

Immediately after a HydraFacial the<br />

skin looks and feels dewy and gently<br />

plumped. Fine to moderate lines are<br />

smoother and less visible, and there<br />

is a notable glow or radiance from<br />

the complexion. Makeup is easier<br />

to apply, which is what makes this<br />

treatment so great to have before an<br />

important social event. With repeated<br />

treatments over time, the skin not<br />

only looks healthier, but behaves<br />

better – congested skin settles down,<br />

pore size reduces, texture and tone<br />

improve, and pigmentation becomes<br />

more even.<br />

While totally non-invasive,<br />

relaxing and gentle, the HydraFacial<br />

remains amazingly effective. Its<br />

results are not only seen on the skin’s<br />

surface, but also in the machine’s<br />

waste jar, where the dirt and dead<br />

skin cell detritus is collected and can<br />

be viewed after treatment. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

To find a HydraFacial<br />

practitioner in your area, visit<br />

www.likeyourlook.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 59

skin<br />

fPut<br />

your<br />

ace<br />

forward<br />

best<br />

for summer

I<br />

enjoy the benefits<br />

of skin tightening<br />

and the softening of<br />

wrinkles and fine<br />

lines with No Needles<br />

and No Surgery.<br />

t’s not all talk, there really is a way to<br />

effectively combat the ageing effects of<br />

gravity and oxidation on your skin<br />

without surgery.<br />

Thermage FLX is the #1 provider of<br />

skin tightening treatments worldwide and<br />

addresses the visible signs of ageing in<br />

minutes. Thermage’s newest generation of<br />

advanced skin repair technology, the FLX<br />

is a skin tightening treatment with more<br />

than two million procedures worldwide<br />

under its belt. Thermage FLX works by<br />

stimulating the formation of collagen<br />

to tone and tighten, giving you a more<br />

youthful appearance.<br />

Thermage FLX’s improved level of<br />

comfort sets it apart from previous<br />

treatments with its vibrating handpieces<br />

and cryogen-cooled applicator tips. Each<br />

session is also 25% faster with a typical<br />

face and neck treatment taking under<br />

an hour and an eye treatment taking<br />

around 20 minutes. Thermage FLX is<br />

perfect for treating the whole face and<br />

neck, the abdomen, buttocks, arms,<br />

knees and thighs.<br />

This exciting device uses patented<br />

skin tightening technology that not only<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 61

FACE<br />

FACE<br />

Softened lines lines around the the mouth, eyes, eyes, forehead;<br />

Softened<br />

improved lines<br />

definition<br />

lines around on<br />

the on jawline<br />

the mouth, and and eyes, under forehead;<br />

the the chin. chin.<br />

improved definition on on jawline and and under the the chin.<br />

FACE<br />

Softened lines lines around the the mouth, eyes, eyes, forehead;<br />

improved definition on on jawline and and under the the chin. chin.<br />

skin<br />

B efore B efore Thermage<br />

After After Thermage<br />

B efore B efore<br />

EYES<br />

EYES<br />

Thermage<br />

Reduced wrinkles and and decreased "hooding" for for a a<br />

BEFORE B efore B efore Thermage<br />

Reduced<br />

more more awakened wrinkles look.<br />

and look. and decreased "hooding" for for a a<br />

more awakened look.<br />

EYES<br />

AFTER Thermage After After Thermage<br />

Reduced wrinkles and and decreased "hooding" for for a a<br />

more more awakened look. look.<br />

After After Thermage<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER Thermage<br />

stimulates existing collagen to produce<br />

instant results, but also promotes the<br />

production of new collagen growth<br />

over time so that your skin’s appearance<br />

† †<br />

† †<br />

† †<br />

continues to improve after treatment!<br />

Impressive results are achieved using<br />

radio frequency energy to heat deep<br />

layers of the skin, making them contract<br />

and tighten over a 4 to 6 month period.<br />

Areas are softened and rejuvenated<br />

around the mouth, eyes and forehead<br />

with improved definition to the jawline<br />

and chin.<br />

Thermage FLX is also effective<br />

for reducing cellulite around the<br />

stomach and thighs. For most patients,<br />

measurable results appear gradually in<br />

the two to six months following a single<br />

treatment session and can last for 1-2<br />

years depending on your skin condition<br />

and ageing process.<br />

The obvious advantage to this newgeneration<br />

skin treatment is that it has a<br />

genuine tightening effect without surgery<br />

or injections and little to no downtime<br />

– and only one treatment is typically<br />

required for lasting results. Best of all,<br />

results continue to improve over time.<br />

Looking as young as you feel has never<br />

been so effortless, so embrace tighter,<br />

healthier, more beautiful skin instantly<br />

and easily with Thermage FLX. CBM<br />

B efore B efore Thermage<br />

BEFOREB efore B efore<br />

BODY<br />

BODY<br />

Thermage<br />

Improved B efore<br />

B efore Thermage<br />

contours and and appearance of of crepey After After skin; Thermage skin;<br />

Improved<br />

smoother contours<br />

skin skin on on the<br />

and the and<br />

abdomen<br />

appearance and and of<br />

legs.<br />

of legs. crepey skin; skin;<br />

smoother skin skin on on the the abdomen and and legs. legs.<br />

Improved contours and and appearance of of crepey skin; skin;<br />

smoother skin skin on on the the abdomen and and legs. legs.<br />

WHERE<br />

BODY<br />

TO GET IT<br />

After After Thermage<br />

AFTER ThermageAfter<br />

After Thermage<br />

The Clinic<br />

Bondi Junction, Sydney – 02 9386 1533<br />

www.theclinic.net.au<br />

Skin Renu Balmain<br />

Balmain, Sydney – 02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions<br />

Sydney City – 02 9283 5344<br />

Wahroonga – 02 9489 1633<br />

Bwww.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

efore B efore Thermage<br />

After After Thermage<br />

BAll Babyface efore BAll before before Thermage<br />

and and after Skin after photos photos Renu have have not not been been retouched.<br />

After After Thermage<br />

Individual<br />

Haymarket, results results may<br />

Sydney<br />

may vary. vary.<br />

All<br />

– 02 8385 5268<br />

B All before B Thermage and and after after photos have have not not been been retouched.<br />

After After Thermage<br />

Individual results may may vary. vary.<br />

All MiYoungs All before before and and after after Skin photos photos Clinic have have not not been been retouched.<br />

Individual Sydney results City may – may vary. 02 vary. 8283 1635<br />

www.miyoungs.com.au<br />

Bare Laser and Skin Clinic<br />

Hampton, Bayside Melbourne – 03 9598 5495<br />

www.barelaserandskin.com.au<br />

Thermage<br />

Thermage<br />

Thermage<br />


9<br />

THR.0035.AU.19 G247-84801

feature<br />

B<br />

are<br />


After months of jeans<br />

and jumpers, our hair<br />

removal routine often<br />

requires some attention<br />

as spring replaces winter.<br />

We look at the best defuzzing<br />

options.<br />

With bikini season just around the corner, the<br />

thought of slipping into shorts after winter can<br />

be daunting. It’s easy to neglect hair removal<br />

when you’re covered in layers, but it’s not so easy to hide<br />

while you’re sitting at the beach.<br />

Being hair-free no longer seems to be a trend, but the<br />

norm. Doctors have seen a steady increase in the number<br />

of patients requesting permanent hair reduction, with the<br />

‘Brazilian’ still among the most popular treatments for<br />

female patients.<br />

Depending on whether you want to fight the war on<br />

body hair every few days or no more than once a month,<br />

there’s a hair removal method that’s right for you.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 65

feature<br />

Shaving<br />

Shaving is a quick, convenient option<br />

for those of us who live busy lifestyles.<br />

However, shaving only cuts the hairs, it<br />

doesn’t remove them from the root. The<br />

hairs also tend to grow back much faster<br />

than other hair removal methods. You’ll<br />

probably find you need to shave every<br />

day or so to maintain silky smooth skin.

Philips SC1983<br />

Lumea Essential<br />

IPL Hair Removal<br />

System, $549<br />

Epilator<br />

Delivering the same smooth results as waxing,<br />

epilators feature tiny tweezers that grasp multiple<br />

hairs and pull them out as you roll the epilator<br />

over your skin. Be sure to exfoliate before and<br />

after epilator treatment, as dead skin cells can<br />

clog the affected hair pores to form pimples and<br />

irritation on the skin.<br />

Depilatory creams<br />

Once known for their nasty odour, depilatory creams have come a long way.<br />

Now these creams smell like tropical blends or spa treatments, and they<br />

commonly possess moisturising and nourishing properties. Like shaving,<br />

depilatory creams fail to remove hair from the root, so hair will grow back<br />

quite quickly. It is important to use depilatory creams towards the end of<br />

your shower or bath, as hydrated hair is easier to remove than dry hair.<br />

Waxing<br />

After waxing, you will generally be<br />

left with silky, smooth legs for up to<br />

six weeks. However, when hair does<br />

grow back, you’ll need to let it grow<br />

to a certain length (at least half an<br />

inch) before the next wax. Because<br />

waxing removes hair from the root,<br />

hair shouldn’t feel spiky as it returns<br />

and regular waxing has the potential<br />

to reduce the amount of hair that<br />

does grow back.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 67


Laser<br />

The most permanent method of<br />

de-fuzzing, laser hair removal lends<br />

long-term results in achieving silky,<br />

hair-free pins.<br />

Today, a variety of lasers and lightbased<br />

devices can be used to reduce hair<br />

growth in unwanted areas. Although not<br />

a permanent solution to hair removal,<br />

after a treatment cycle only occasional<br />

maintenance is needed.<br />

The laser designed for hair removal<br />

releases a wavelength of energy which<br />

is absorbed by the pigment in the hair<br />

follicles. By targeting the pigment,<br />

the surrounding skin is not damaged<br />

as the energy is absorbed by the hair<br />

follicle only.<br />

Prior to laser hair removal, it’s<br />

important not to wax or pluck the<br />

treatment area for at least six weeks.<br />

This ensures hair is present, as without<br />

it the laser will not achieve the desired<br />

effect. The hair growth cycle plays an<br />

important role in the success of laser<br />

hair removal, and therefore multiple<br />

treatments will be needed in order to<br />

achieve long-term hair loss.<br />

Hair follicles grow in a cycle, which is<br />

commonly described in three stages. The<br />

fi rst stage is referred to as anagen, or the<br />

growth phase. Around 85 percent of all<br />

hairs are in the growing stage at any one<br />

time and, depending on the individual,<br />

this may last for between two and three<br />

weeks. Anagen is followed by catagen, or<br />

the transitional phase, when the follicle<br />

shrinks, and is partly destroyed. Finally,<br />

the telogen phase describes a period of<br />

rest, when the hair does not grow.<br />

Laser has the greatest effect on growing<br />

hairs. Because not all hairs are growing at<br />

the same time – some are in transition,<br />

and others are resting – it can take a<br />

number of treatments to successfully<br />

reduce the hair in any one area. Multiple<br />

treatments are therefore typically spaced<br />

several weeks apart to ensure the growth<br />

phase of the hair is targeted. CBM<br />

How to<br />

prevent<br />

ingrown<br />

hairs<br />

Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around<br />

and grown back into your skin instead of rising<br />

up from it. Sometimes, dead skin can clog up a<br />

hair follicle, forcing the hair inside it to grow<br />

sideways under the skin rather than upward and<br />

outward.<br />

For those pesky red bumps and other<br />

irritations caused by shaving and waxing, daily<br />

application of ingrown hair creams can prevent<br />

them happening. Using an exfoliating scrub or<br />

pumice stone on soapy skin should also help<br />

reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

1.<br />


3.<br />

2.<br />

1. Remington i-LIGHT Smooth<br />

Sense, $899.95<br />

4.<br />

2. Medik8 Nourishing Body<br />

Cream 250ml, $66<br />

3. mesoestetic stemCell<br />

Body Serum 200ml, $120<br />

4. Philips SatinShave Advanced<br />

Wet & Dry Electric Shaver, $69.95<br />

5.<br />

5. Philips BRI956/00 Lumea Prestige<br />

IPL Hair Removal Device, $799<br />

6.<br />

Our<br />

picks<br />

6. Braun SE9980 Senso Smart<br />

Silk 9 Epilator, $329<br />

7. Aspect Soothing Gel 118ml, $33<br />

8. Nair Hair Removal Cream<br />

with 100% Coconut Oil and<br />

Vitamin E, 357g, $15<br />

9. Nair Leg Mask, 227g, $15<br />

10. PCA Skin Body Therapy, $104<br />

11. Skinstitut Laser Aid, Cools,<br />

reduces redness and swelling, $49<br />

7 .<br />

10 .<br />

12. Dermalogica Thermofoliant<br />

Body Scrub $87.50<br />

9 .<br />

8 .<br />

11 .<br />

12 .<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 69

feature<br />

hair<br />

trends<br />

from the catwalk<br />

Zimmermann brought the Australian summer<br />

heat to hairstyles at this year’s NYFW.<br />

The Wavelength collection, inspired by the<br />

excitement of summer as a child in the 60s<br />

and 70s, explores vibrant summer hues, from<br />

burnt oranges and citruses, to sea foam green,<br />

aqua and magentas. The collection’s warm colours are<br />

supplemented by the season’s hero poster print, where<br />

Zimmermann features girl surfers, along with Batik and<br />

Ikat developed prints, shell adornments and shark tooth<br />

accessories, emanating from the surfer culture of the<br />

Australian summer.<br />

Nicky Zimmermann, Creative Director, Zimmermann<br />

said, ‘We wanted a collection that was fun, sexy and a little<br />

cheeky. Something that embraced a mood of neverending<br />

summers. Our looks needed to embody the Australian<br />

summer, the heat and the waves.’ ‘Renya and the Wella<br />

Professionals team were amazing as always this year,<br />

knowing exactly how to create a look that embodies the<br />

sexiness and fun of our Zimmermann girls. Once again<br />

they helped bring our vision to life, finishing the looks with<br />

vibrant, surfy styles that took us back to the 70s, with a<br />

modern twist,’ adds Zimmermann.<br />

Hair styling by Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist

www.cosbeauty.com.au 71

the look<br />

feature<br />

Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Global Creative<br />

Artist drew upon the fun and beachy hues of the<br />

Wavelength collection to create an inherently<br />

Australian summer look for Zimmermann. Using<br />

the EIMI Ocean Spritz salt spray to enhance texture<br />

at the root area, Renya created a loose, beachy<br />

wave. She then used EIMI Mistify Me Strong to<br />

set the hair into a textured wave and layered with<br />

EIMI Dry Me, to work into a manageable, matte<br />

texture. Taking the tousled, beachy waves and<br />

complementing with SP Luxe Oil and Reverse<br />

Regenerating Spray Conditioner, Renya finished<br />

the look with a polished shimmer. Renya says of<br />

the look, ‘This style is true to my heart and very<br />

Australian. I know it’s something wearable, cool and<br />

sexy and echoes the vibrancy of the Wavelength<br />

collection.’ ‘I wanted to create something that<br />

refreshed and modernized the surf wave to evoke<br />

a true Aussie vibe, while also celebrating the<br />

beautiful and effortless style of Zimmermann’s<br />

beach girl,’ she adds.<br />

72 www.cosbeauty.com.au

www.cosbeauty.com.au 73<br />

Hair styling by Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist

feature<br />

74 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Hero hair products used at Zimmermann NYFW:<br />

• EIMI Ocean Spritz<br />

• EIMI Mistify Me Strong<br />

• EIMI Dry Me<br />

• EIMI Glam Mist<br />

• Wella SP Luxe Oil<br />

• Wella SP Reverse Regenerating Spray Conditioner<br />

Hair styling by Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75


Inner<br />

confidence<br />

Vaginal Rejuvenation is often<br />

misunderstood as purely aesthetic, but<br />

Adelaide Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

Dr Oseka Onuma explains how surgery down<br />

below can improve a woman’s life.<br />

Sexual health has a massive influence over women’s<br />

mental health and psychological wellbeing. Even<br />

though it is not openly discussed in mainstream<br />

media, or even between friends, genital surgery can<br />

often help alleviate pain and improve quality of life for<br />

many women.<br />

Questions surrounding the appearance and function<br />

of the vagina and urinary system can plague women of<br />

all ages, yet talking openly about these concerns can be<br />

challenging. A blanket of taboo means there is a lack of<br />

open and honest public dialogue that makes it difficult<br />

for some women to seek successful treatment – or even<br />

know there are treatment options available.<br />

Adelaide gynaecologist and pelvic reconstructive<br />

surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma believes vaginal rejuvenation<br />

has been misrepresented in mainstream media and, partly<br />

because of this, women receive little support in making<br />

a decision that may be necessary to ease discomfort or<br />

improve self-confidence.<br />

‘The number of women patronised by mainstream<br />

media and even by some members of the medical<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

‘<br />

I believe in empowering<br />

women through knowledge,<br />

choice and access to<br />

world-class care.<br />

’<br />

wellness<br />

Vaginal<br />

Rejuvenation<br />

for Sexual<br />

DYsfunction<br />

What are the options?<br />

Some women suffer from a lack of sexual<br />

pleasure due to significant vaginal laxity, offhandedly<br />

referred to as a ‘loose vagina’. This is<br />

often a direct result of childbirth and can deeply<br />

impact upon relationships and women’s overall<br />

mental well-being. These days women don’t<br />

have to put up with sexual dysfunction, surgical<br />

and non-surgical procedures can help.<br />

“Surgery for female sexual dysfunction<br />

should only be contemplated when a physical<br />

cause for that dysfunction has been clearly<br />

identified,” stresses Dr Onuma.<br />

There is a range of surgical and non-surgical<br />

options available that can address and hopefully<br />

resolve these problems. For example both<br />

surgical or laser reduction labioplasty can<br />

sculpt the elongated or unequal labial minora<br />

as desired. The vulvar structures (including<br />

the labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis,<br />

perineum, entrance to the vagina and hymen)<br />

can be surgically enhanced, both functionally<br />

and aesthetically.<br />

Non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation<br />

can effectively enhance vaginal muscle tone,<br />

strength and control. For example a nonsurgical<br />

treatment can be used to treat prolapse<br />

and/or relaxation of the vaginal walls, which<br />

results in dyspareunia or reduced sensation.<br />

“Female sexual dysfunction is complex and<br />

does not always imply abnormality. Affected<br />

women should seek help – women should never<br />

accept that it’s ‘just part of being a woman’,” Dr<br />

Onuma concludes.

The Australian Centre for Female<br />

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

community when seeking help is disappointing,’ he says.<br />

‘The majority of my patients seeking vaginal rejuvenation<br />

are not motivated by the aesthetic, but a growing<br />

dislike of pain during intercourse or discomfort when<br />

participating in everyday activities.<br />

‘I believe in empowering women through knowledge,<br />

choice and access to world-class care,’ he continues.<br />

‘Many people say “it’s all part of being a woman”<br />

and “just put up with it”, but why should you, when<br />

you have options?’<br />

Oversized, elongated or asymmetrical labia minora can<br />

also lead to aesthetic concerns and self-consciousness.<br />

It can cause discomfort during sex and hinder certain<br />

activities such as bike riding and horse riding, and often<br />

makes wearing certain clothes such as swimwear, jeans or<br />

tights uncomfortable.<br />

‘Genital surgery can increase a woman’s confidence<br />

in herself and her relationships,’ Dr Onuma explains.<br />

‘Women may not find it easy to talk to strangers, doctors<br />

or friends about a loose vagina, labial discomfort or lack<br />

of vaginal sensation but these issues need to be raised and<br />

explored in order to provide the options for improving<br />

quality of life.<br />

‘Some women live with the discomfort of oversized<br />

labia for many years, and often when they come to see<br />

me for a labiaplasty they have only recently become<br />

aware they can have something done to improve the<br />

situation,’ he says.<br />

In some cases, functional and cosmetic concerns go<br />

hand-in-hand in genital surgery. The shape and anatomy<br />

of genitalia are unique to every woman and the effects of<br />

child bearing and age can take their toll on some women<br />

more than others.<br />

Many women suffer problems with their genitalia<br />

after childbirth that can contribute to feelings of selfconsciousness<br />

and affect their relationship with sexual<br />

partners. ‘With childbirth, the shape and tone of vaginal<br />

tissue changes, sometimes resulting in embarrassment<br />

or loss of sexual satisfaction,’ Dr Onuma says. ‘After<br />

childbirth, there can sometimes be a reduced ability to<br />

contract the vaginal walls and a feeling of “looseness” or<br />

reduced sensation during intercourse.<br />

‘Each patient will have different motivations, concerns<br />

and expectations in seeking genital surgery,’ Dr Onuma<br />

explains. ‘It is important to listen to the concerns of<br />

the individual patient, assess them with appropriate<br />

examinations and offer a series of potential solutions.’<br />

There are a number of options available, both surgical<br />

and non-surgical, to address these problems. Taking<br />

action can help restore self-confidence, boost self-image<br />

and improve quality of life. csbm<br />





Gynaecologist and Pelvic<br />

Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,<br />


4 Robe Terrace,<br />

Medindie SA 5081<br />

08 8344 6085<br />

reception@dronuma.com.au<br />

www.dronuma.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 79<br />


feature<br />

silly season s

urvival<br />

Here are our tried<br />

and tested ways<br />

to survive this<br />

summer in good<br />

shape.<br />

another year has passed<br />

and it’s that time again.<br />

Christmas parties, New<br />

Year celebrations, day<br />

after day of hot weather<br />

and school holidays<br />

conspire against the<br />

best efforts to stay trim,<br />

healthy and, above all,<br />

sane. Here are some<br />

ideas for making it<br />

through in one piece.<br />

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Pick your battles<br />


It’s neither fair nor feasible to maintain a strict diet<br />

all the way through the party season. Choose two<br />

or three occasions when you will allow yourself<br />

to indulge and then revert back to healthy eating<br />

for the remainder of the summer. For example,<br />

sticking to a salad and a mineral water at the office<br />

Christmas lunch might do more to damage your<br />

relationship with colleagues than a blow-out would<br />

to your waistline. No one likes a party pooper.<br />

Christmas calorie<br />

catastrophes<br />

The old-fashioned Christmas feast with roast turkey, hot<br />

vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, all smothered with<br />

lashings of bread sauce and rich gravy is a delightful idea<br />

for those dining in the chilly Northern Hemisphere.<br />

However, for those celebrating in the sunshine of an<br />

Australian summer, it just doesn’t make much sense.<br />

Follow the lead of clever Aussie families by abandoning<br />

hot and heavy Christmas lunches in favour of a summery<br />

selection of seafood and salad. In terms of calorie counting,<br />

a light lunch of lobster, prawns and salad doesn’t even<br />

compare with the old-fashioned Christmas fare. Make sure<br />

you have some treats for guests who aren’t worried about<br />

their weight. A cheese board is a great idea, as it can be left<br />

out from the time guests arrive until the end of the day. As<br />

a guide, include a good cheddar, a creamy Brie, a mild blue<br />

vein and perhaps a hunk of something strongly flavoured.<br />

Accompany that with some sliced pear, dried fruits, quince<br />

paste and a selection of crackers.<br />

For dessert, put out platters of seasonal summer fruits<br />

such as strawberries drizzled with balsamic vinegar, sliced<br />

melon, mango, kiwifruit, pineapple and paw paw and big<br />

bowls of cold grapes in different colours. Set out a couple<br />

of dipping bowls of King Island Creme Fraiche for a bit of<br />

extra indulgence.<br />

If you’re hosting the festivities, get rid of the leftovers<br />

when your guests depart. Often it isn’t Christmas Day that<br />

adds the extra kilos; it’s the week that follows of grazing<br />

endlessly on all the goodies left in the fridge.

Liquid calories<br />

A huge health trap to watch out for during the<br />

holiday season is alcohol consumption. Even if<br />

you watch what you eat and sometimes even<br />

skip meals as the year winds up to warp speed,<br />

all the celebratory drinks will add up and<br />

eventually take their toll on your weight and<br />

your health. Alcohol is loaded with calories in<br />

the form of carbohydrates. One 200ml glass of<br />

white wine contains around 135 calories – that’s<br />

the same calorie count as a bowl of Coco Pops.<br />

Stick to one glass of your chosen tipple at<br />

any party (aside from the few you’ve chosen as<br />

your ‘blow-out’ events) and opt for low-calorie<br />

drinks where possible. Choose a diet mixer<br />

rather than the full sugar version and light<br />

beer instead of full strength. Avoid drinking<br />

sparkling wine on an empty stomach, as the<br />

bubbles encourage the stomach to absorb the<br />

alcohol more quickly.<br />

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The morning after<br />

feature<br />

Despite your best efforts, there will<br />

inevitably be mornings during the<br />

coming season when you’ll wake a<br />

little the worse for wear. Hangovers<br />

are the result of a number of factors,<br />

most commonly lack of sleep,<br />

dehydration of the brain, thiamine<br />

(Vitamin B1) depletion and high<br />

levels of intermediate metabolites of<br />

alcohol still in the blood.<br />

Thiamine is essential for<br />

metabolising carbohydrates<br />

(including alcohol) and for the<br />

membrane polarisation and<br />

depolarisation process involved in<br />

nerve transmission.<br />

Without sending your brain into<br />

a tailspin, here’s what happens<br />

when you drink more than two or<br />

three alcoholic drinks in one sitting.<br />

All available thiamine in the body<br />

is diverted away from the brain<br />

to metabolise the alcohol as it is<br />

consumed. By-products of the<br />

alcohol breakdown, many of which<br />

are toxic in large quantities, float<br />

around the body and enter the brain.<br />

Once the body’s supply of<br />

thiamine is exhausted, the alcohol<br />

in the blood is converted to fat. The<br />

body draws water from its tissues,<br />

including the brain, in an effort to<br />

dilute the excess alcohol and the byproducts<br />

of its breakdown.<br />

The drinker wakes up the<br />

following morning with a pounding<br />

headache (the result of a shrivelledup<br />

brain), nausea, a dry mouth and a<br />

few extra fat deposits.<br />

The best plan for cheating a<br />

hangover (aside from not drinking<br />

too much in the first place) is twofold:<br />

Firstly, load up on thiamine<br />

before you start drinking. Keep<br />

levels up throughout the night<br />

and then replenish your stores<br />

the following morning. The other<br />

obvious rule is to stay hydrated. For<br />

every glass of alcohol you drink, add<br />

a glass of water.<br />

Thiamine-rich foods include<br />

Vegemite, pork (hence the classic<br />

bacon breakfast cure), brown rice,<br />

wholegrain cereals and beer nuts. It’s<br />

also readily available in supplement<br />

form from chemists and health food<br />

stores. Thiamine is water soluble so<br />

you can’t overdose – any excess will<br />

simply be excreted by the body in<br />

your urine.<br />

This takes care of the hangover<br />

from the inside. The outside,<br />

however, might take a little more<br />

work. Staying hydrated should help<br />

with the problem of dull, dry skin<br />

the following day. If you can manage<br />

it, remove your makeup and apply<br />

a rich moisturiser before you go to<br />

bed. Keep some makeup removal<br />

wipes and a night cream on your<br />

bedside table, in case a trip to the<br />

bathroom to wash your face is just<br />

too much to handle.<br />

The next morning, start your day<br />

with a cool shower and finish up with<br />

a blast of icy water on your face. This<br />

should get your circulation flowing<br />

and help reduce any puffiness<br />

around the eyes.<br />

If your face still looks like a halfdeflated<br />

party balloon, lie down<br />

with a cold compress over your<br />

eyes. Buy a reusable gel eye mask<br />

and keep it in the fridge ready for<br />

beauty first aid emergencies. Failing<br />

that, soak a face washer in icy cold<br />

water with a dash of elderflower<br />

water, lie down and place it over<br />

your whole face. Banish puffy bags<br />

and dark circles with cold slices of<br />

raw potato or wet tea bags straight<br />

from the fridge.

Incidental<br />

exercise<br />

December and January fly by in<br />

a flash, with gym sessions easily<br />

replaced by parties, long lunches and<br />

lazy days by the pool. If you don’t<br />

want to suffer the consequences come<br />

March, make sure you get in as much<br />

incidental exercise as you can.<br />

Instead of catching up with friends<br />

for a boozy lunch, suggest a day of<br />

tennis (okay, with maybe a Pimm’s<br />

afterwards). Walk instead of driving<br />

or catching public transport. Enjoy<br />

the sunshine and the warm balmy<br />

evenings while they’re here and go<br />

for a stroll. Climb the stairs instead of<br />

taking the lift.<br />

Use grocery bags as weights and<br />

do some bicep curls on the way<br />

home from the supermarket. Clench<br />

your bottom cheeks together while<br />

you’re standing in line to see Father<br />

Christmas with the kids. Brace<br />

your stomach muscles as you walk,<br />

wherever you are, to improve your<br />

core strength.<br />

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feature<br />

Slip slop slap<br />

No feature on surviving summer<br />

holiday season would be complete<br />

without hammering the point of sun<br />

protection. You. Must. Cover. Up.<br />

Every single day. It’s as simple, and<br />

as inconvenient, as that.<br />

Item one on your summer<br />

shopping list should be a broadspectrum<br />

sun block. Broad-spectrum<br />

protection blocks both UVA and<br />

UVB rays from the sun, and an SPF<br />

factor of at least 30 is essential.<br />

Sun protection isn’t just an issue<br />

at the beach or by the pool. Every<br />

morning apply a sunscreen to all<br />

exposed areas, including your<br />

face. These days there are plenty<br />

of good-quality sunscreens for the<br />

face, so there’s no excuse for not<br />

applying one. To boost protection,<br />

apply a topical antioxidant serum<br />

containing free-radical guzzling<br />

goodies such as Vitamin C.<br />

Reapplying during the day is<br />

admittedly not a viable option for<br />

those who wear makeup to work.<br />

To keep your protection levels<br />

going, touch up with mineral<br />

makeup, which acts as a sunblock,<br />

during the day.<br />

If you’re in the sun for an<br />

extended period, you’ll need to<br />

cover up with more than just a<br />

lotion. Wear loose long-sleeved<br />

clothing, sunglasses with UV<br />

protection and a hat.

Don’t sweat it<br />

Whether you sweat, perspire or glow,<br />

it’s a normal and<br />

essential bodily<br />

function that<br />

prevents us from<br />

overheating when it<br />

gets too warm; but damp<br />

patches under the arms, runny<br />

makeup and lank hair are not good<br />

looks for the party season.<br />

Here’s how to keep your cool:<br />

• Wear an anti-perspirant as opposed to a<br />

deodorant. An anti-perspirant contains<br />

aluminium, which temporarily blocks<br />

the pores from which your perspiration<br />

flows. A deodorant only masks the odour<br />

of perspiration.<br />

• Carry a pack of wet body wipes in your<br />

handbag to freshen up during the<br />

day. Personal hygiene is a must during<br />

summer. Daily showers are essential<br />

and, as the days start to really heat up,<br />

a shower before bed. Body powder<br />

helps to soak up excess perspiration on<br />

the feet, body and scalp. There are talc<br />

and talc-free options available, with or<br />

without fragrance. Dust yourself after your<br />

morning shower to stay fresh throughout<br />

the day.<br />

• Stay hydrated. The more you perspire, the<br />

more dehydrated you become. Not only<br />

that, essential salts are excreted. If you<br />

perspire too heavily without replenishing<br />

what you are losing, the result might be<br />

muscle cramps and headaches.<br />

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eauty<br />

You<br />

Glow<br />

Girl<br />

We are all torn between<br />

wanting to look bronzed and<br />

glam and knowing spending<br />

time in the sun is not a healthy<br />

choice. here we give you the<br />

best options for that ‘juststepped-off-the-plane-from-the<br />

mediterranean’ look.<br />

A<br />

little on the milky side? More than<br />

57 percent of women say a tan makes them<br />

feel more attractive, confident and slimmer.<br />

Put simply, a tan makes everything look<br />

better and can make your skin look flawless<br />

and more toned. Get a gorgeous glow the right way<br />

– that is, with a spray tan or self-tanning product.

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BEAUTY<br />

Self tanning<br />

Bali Body Self Tanning<br />

Mousse, $29.95<br />

Bali Body Gradual Tan, $25.95<br />

Sunescape Instant Self-Tan<br />

Mousse, $44.95<br />

We all know how harmful the sun’s rays can be, so<br />

why not bluff your way to being a bronze goddess?<br />

There’s nothing like a faux tan to make legs look<br />

longer, leaner, shapelier and detract attention<br />

from lumps, bumps, veins and other perceived<br />

imperfections.<br />

In the past few years, fake tans have come a long<br />

way so there’s less chance of turning out the colour<br />

of a carrot. The fi rst rule of a fl awless fake tan is<br />

exfoliation. The night before your tan, use a body<br />

scrub or exfoliating lather to remove any dry, fl aky<br />

skin. This will ensure that your tan is applied to<br />

a smooth, even canvas, resulting in a consistent,<br />

natural-looking glow.<br />

Before applying fake tan, slip on latex gloves<br />

or a tanning mitt; orange palms are an obvious<br />

fake-tan giveaway. It’s also important the gloves<br />

fi t tightly, as loose gloves may leave streaks when<br />

applying tan to skin.<br />

Wait at least 15 minutes for the fake tan to dry<br />

before putting clothes on. Most tans take between<br />

two to eight hours to develop, so try to stay dry –<br />

don’t shower, swim or work out – before then.<br />

And remember: by keeping your skin hydrated<br />

with a quality moisturiser every day, your skin will<br />

be less likely to peel and the precious pigment will<br />

be sealed in for as long as possible.

Ella Baché Great Mousse Tan<br />

Dark 150ml, $29 and Great<br />

Tanning Mitt, $9.90<br />





Jergens<br />

Natural Glow<br />

Wet Skin<br />

Moisturiser<br />

221ml, $14.99<br />

1.<br />


Use an exfoliating mitt and product to<br />

slough off the dead skin prior to using<br />

self-tanner. Concentrate on the thicker<br />

areas such as the heels, elbows and<br />

knees to avoid product build up. TIP:<br />

If you have sensitive skin, shave the<br />

night before you apply, as even the most<br />

sensitive self-tanners could possibly<br />

irritate your skin.<br />

2.<br />


Before you do anything, make sure<br />

your skin is dry and avoid applying<br />

moisturisers to anywhere apart from the<br />

backs of your heels, elbows and knees.<br />

And remember, no deodorant!<br />

3.<br />


The best way to apply fake tan is in<br />

sections, massaging skin in a circular<br />

motion to achieve a natural, even look.<br />

4.<br />


A MITT<br />

To avoid orange palms or having to<br />

wash your hands after applying each<br />

section, a tanning mitt is your best bet!<br />

5.<br />

DRY IT OUT<br />

Wait at least 10 minutes before<br />

getting dressed. For the next few<br />

hours wear loose, dark clothing<br />

and try to avoid sweating.<br />

St Tropez Self Tan Watermelon<br />

Infusion Mousse 200ml, $59.95<br />

St Tropez Gradual Tan Watermelon<br />

Infusion Moisture Miracle Body<br />

Lotion 200ml, $34<br />

TanGO Exfoliating<br />

Mitt, $22.95<br />

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eauty<br />

Bronze<br />


Bronzers are like sunshine in a jar.<br />

A subtle golden glow in the cooler<br />

months can add a touch of radiance<br />

and highlight your own beauty.<br />

A strategic and gentle application<br />

will create soft diffused warmth.<br />

Try using a metallic bronze as a soft<br />

liner under your lower lash line. You<br />

can also lightly sweep a dusting of<br />

shimmery shadow on upper lids – but<br />

try not to go above the crease line<br />

with highly metallic shades.<br />

One of our favourite looks is softly<br />

highlighted cheeks. Dust on a powder<br />

bronzer with a fan brush fi rst, then go<br />

over it with either a shimmery cream<br />

blush or another powder blush in a<br />

bright shade.<br />

It’s fi ne to mix textures – creams<br />

can work in tandem with powders if<br />

the application is light. Dab a bit of<br />

shimmer on the top of your cheeks<br />

to instantly brighten and illuminate<br />

your face.<br />

Be sure to choose just one feature<br />

to accentuate, so your shimmer<br />

stays subtle and undetected. It’s all<br />

about slowly building layers of colour,<br />

so avoid heavy application<br />

of metallic shadows!<br />

A nifty highlighter is perfect to<br />

combat dull or dehydrated skin<br />

(especially after work). Dab small<br />

amounts on top of your cheekbone –<br />

from the apple of the cheek and up<br />

through to the hairline. This makes<br />

skin look hydrated while the diffused<br />

light decreases the look of fi ne lines.<br />

Also use small amounts on the inner<br />

corner of the eye to add freshness and<br />

under brow bone to lift the eye.<br />

Accentuate your cheekbones by<br />

applying a bronzer under them, to<br />

create a more sculpted look.<br />

Bronze all over in all the spots the<br />

sun would touch (if we’d let it!). Do<br />

it in a number 33 pattern – forehead<br />

then under cheekbones then down<br />

to the jaw line and fi nally under the<br />

chin for sculpting.<br />

Fenty Beauty<br />

Sun Stalk’r Instant<br />

Warmth Bronzer in<br />

Caramel Cutie, $46<br />

Bali Body<br />

Shimmering<br />

Body Oil, $29.95<br />

La Mer The<br />

New Glow<br />

Highlighter $140<br />

Iconic London<br />

Illuminator 13.5ml,<br />

in Glow, $68<br />

Napoleon Perdis<br />

Matte Bronze $60<br />

jane iredale Moonglow<br />

Bronzer Refill Only RRP<br />

$83 and Moonglow<br />

Bronzer & Silver<br />

Compact, $103<br />

Charlotte Tilbury<br />

Supermodel Body, $88<br />

Marc Jacobs<br />

Beauty O!Mega<br />

Bronzer Perfect<br />

Tantric, $72<br />

Marc Jacobs<br />

Beauty Dew<br />

Drops Coconut<br />

Gel Highlighter<br />

in Tantalize<br />

24ml, $64<br />

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Debbie<br />






Debbie Delgado is a<br />

professional makeup<br />

artist, educator and<br />

entrepreneur with<br />

25 years international<br />

experience. With a<br />

global career in the beauty<br />

industry, Debbie has worked<br />

in Peru, Venezuela, the United<br />

States, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.<br />

Widely respected as New Zealand’s<br />

top eyebrow threader, Debbie has made<br />

her mark nationwide with television &<br />

magazine appearances displaying her<br />

remarkable beauty techniques.<br />

Debbie continually strives to provide

Photographer @chanelledickinsonphotography<br />

fresh ideas through her craft, and is<br />

passionate about uplifting<br />

and supporting women to be the<br />

best they can be.<br />

She explains: ‘My passion for<br />

makeup goes beyond making people<br />

look good; my goal is also to make<br />

them feel good about themselves.<br />

Makeup can transform a woman’s<br />

look and increase her confi dence<br />

levels. With just a few strokes of a<br />

makeup brush and a splash of colour,<br />

a woman can enhance her natural<br />

beauty or create a whole new look’.<br />

BRIDES<br />

With a wealth of experience in<br />

the beauty industry including<br />

advertising, TV and fashion, Debbie<br />

Delgado understands the unique<br />

requirements of bridal make-up<br />

and the value of having long<br />

lasting and fl awless make-up that<br />

looks spectacular for hours, both<br />

in person and in photographs that<br />

last a lifetime. Debbie often travels<br />

internationally to be a part of many<br />

a bride’s special day.<br />

Debbie Delgado is famous for her<br />

‘before’ and ‘after’ transformations.<br />

Images speak for themselves, and<br />

there is no trick photography or<br />

surgical intervention.<br />

Debbie’s philosophy with these<br />

make-overs is to capture the best of<br />

you and capture it forever (when<br />

combining these makeovers with<br />

a photoshoot), working with your<br />

natural attributes to capture your<br />

inner beauty.<br />

The amazing results are a<br />

transformation from the ‘everyday<br />

you’ to an enhanced, more<br />

radiant and ‘picture perfect’<br />

version of yourself.<br />


One of Debbie’s passions is teaching<br />

and sharing her skills with as many<br />

women as possible. She travels<br />

around New Zealand doing several<br />

make-up workshops a year where<br />

she shares her craft with hundreds<br />

of women.<br />

She notes: ‘The application of<br />

make-up is a skill that women are<br />

expected to possess, and yet one in<br />

which they very rarely receive any<br />

formal training. We are often reliant<br />

on a process of learning through<br />

trial and error; often an expensive<br />

path in a world where products are<br />

marketed on the basis of brand, not<br />

their suitability to different skin tones<br />

or bone structure. The secret of a<br />

beautiful face isn’t an expensively<br />

assembled make-up bag, or<br />

complicated application techniques;<br />

it’s about using the right products in<br />

the right places to bring your natural<br />

beauty to the fore.’<br />

Debbie Delgado’s make-up lessons<br />

are designed to help strip away the<br />

mystery of make-up, and simplify the<br />

number of products and application<br />

techniques that are right for you as<br />

an individual.<br />

Debbie Delgado Cosmetics: After<br />

many years working with the best<br />

make-up brands, Debbie decided<br />

it was time to create her own, to<br />

ensure she was going to achieve the<br />

best results. A big part of getting an<br />

amazing, long lasting result when<br />

doing makeup, is using good quality<br />

products. Debbie Delgado Cosmetics<br />

prides itself on quality and holds<br />

the mantra that beauty should not<br />

come at the expense of animal<br />

testing. Debbie Delgado Cosmetics<br />

can stand up against the top players<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95

Photographer @chanelledickinsonphotography<br />


in the industry, but without the ethical<br />

compromise. Debbie Delgado Cosmetics<br />

are available for worldwide shipping from<br />

www.debbiedelgado.co.nz<br />

Social media<br />

In the last few years Debbie has become<br />

an ambassador for several well known<br />

brands in New Zealand and has a large<br />

following on several platforms. Instagram:<br />

@bydebbiedelgado / Debbie Delgado<br />

Facebook page. Also recently, she has<br />

started a new Facebook Group ‘Debbie<br />

Delgado VIPs’ where every Saturday<br />

she does LIVE make up tutorials, so<br />

people around the world can have free<br />

access to her classes.<br />

Debbie’s influence across her<br />

extensive social media and marketing<br />

platforms has provided many<br />

opportunities and developed an<br />

experienced and strong skill set<br />

in modelling, public speaking and<br />

promotion, event production, and closest<br />

to her heart, charity contributions.<br />

Debbie practices and promotes her<br />

highest ethic of grattitude throughout<br />

her life. Debbie views her authentic<br />

audience as a privilege and is passionate<br />

and committed to utilising her skillset<br />

to uplift, enhance and promote others<br />

to a better self. This is evidenced in her<br />

commitment to her projects, content<br />

creation, audience connectivity and<br />

retention and regularity in reach and<br />

response. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

IS IT?<br />

For more information or to buy<br />

products contact Debbie on<br />

+64 272218686 or email<br />

debbie@debbiedelgado.co.nz<br />

instagram: @bydebbiedelgado<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97

feature<br />

Indian<br />

Brides<br />

with indian weddings lasting at least<br />

three days, or even a week, the bride is the<br />

showpiece for the myriad of guests and<br />

colourful celebrations. since her face will<br />

be on show and in hundreds of photos, her<br />

makeup needs to be spot on.

www.cosbeauty.com.au 99<br />

Photographer @chanelledickinsonphotography


2019<br />

Gift<br />

Christmas<br />

Guide<br />

no matter who you need to buy a gift for<br />

this christmas, we’ve got you covered. If<br />

you end up spoiling yourself in the process,<br />

then that’s ok too!<br />

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3.<br />


1.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

6.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />


1.Jean Paul Gaultier Holiday Collectors, Classique, $169, 2.Lancôme La Vie Est Belle En Rose EDT 100ML $159, 3. Viktor<br />

& Rolf Flowerbomb Christmas Limited Edition 100ml $210, 4. Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Ribelle 50ml, $122 &<br />

100ml, $167, 5. Ralph Lauren Woman Intense EDP $199, 6. Jo Malone London Rose & Magnolia Cologne 100ml, $199, 7.<br />

Trudon EDP 100ml, $299, 8. Amouage Portrayal Woman EDP100ml, $449, 9. Alien Couture Set, $112.<br />

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3.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />


4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />


8.<br />

9.<br />

7.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

10.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

1. Keratin Protect Undone Waves, for the beach wave fanatic, $39.95, 2. VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler,<br />

for the vivacious and voluminous gal, $99.95, 3. Frizz Defense Straightening Brush, for the girl on the go, $69.95, 4.<br />

Mermade Hair Waver, $89, 5. VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum, for the curl lover, $129.95 6. Cloud Nine The Alchemy<br />

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wellness<br />

Diet<br />

is a dirty word<br />

Keira Rumble, founder of<br />

Krumbled Foods and a<br />

certified nutrition and<br />

wellness advisor, explains<br />


WORD ‘diet’.<br />

eto, Atkins, Paleo, 5:2, Intermittent Fasting,<br />

low carb diet, are all buzz diet words we see<br />

flashed across our screens and magazines<br />

daily, and with those New Year’s resolutions<br />

fast approaching, get ready to see the ‘new<br />

year, new you’ phrase popping up more<br />

and more.<br />

So why is the word ‘diet’ such a dirty<br />

word? Technically speaking, the word<br />

diet should refer to the way someone<br />

eats, not what they eat to lose weight.<br />

Yet in today’s day and age, the word

diet is tightly linked to weight loss<br />

and restrictive eating, which can lead<br />

to body image issues, body shaming,<br />

eating disorders and other mental<br />

health issues.<br />

After seeing first-hand just how<br />

detrimental being fixated on a specific<br />

diet could be for your mental health,<br />

I personally refuse to use the word<br />

‘diet’ in my vocabulary. Instead, my<br />

approach to food is to live life in<br />

balance, focusing on micro-nutrients<br />

just as much as macro-nutrients,<br />

being active, being conscious about<br />

how much sugar is in pre-packaged<br />

snacks, looking after your mind, and<br />

most of all, getting guidance from a<br />

qualified professional when you feel<br />

you need help with your health.<br />

What scares me even more about<br />

the ‘weight loss industry’ is the shift<br />

from the word ‘diet. The word has<br />

been replaced with clever marketing<br />

spin, coining up new names like keto,<br />

Atkins, paleo, no grains and so on.<br />

Now, that is not to say that I don’t<br />

think ‘diets’ don’t work, that isn’t the<br />

point of this article. My point is that<br />

the word ‘diet’ has been manipulated<br />

over the years to represent something<br />

much more than what you are eating;<br />

it now in my opinion, can lead to<br />

an array of mental health and body<br />

image issues.<br />

With summer fast approaching,<br />

it is so easy to fall into the idea<br />

of a quick summer shred. But<br />

rather than a quick fix that will<br />

result in restrictions, here are my<br />

tips for a year-round healthy lifestyle<br />

that is manageable.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 113

wellness<br />

Get moving<br />

No matter what your fitness<br />

level is, waking up a little<br />

bit earlier and going for a<br />

morning walk, or doing a<br />

5-10 minute stretch before<br />

the family wakes, is a great<br />

way to start your day with<br />

movement.<br />

Colours on your plate<br />

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your meals! I am a big<br />

believer that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! We live<br />

in a wonderful digital world where there are literally millions<br />

of recipes that will inspire us to move outside of our comfort<br />

zone with beautiful fresh produce. So rather than focusing solely<br />

on your macros (if that is your thing), expand that into micronutrients,<br />

and look to food as something to nourish you from the<br />

inside out.

How much sugar is<br />

in your snack?<br />

Sugar is huge part of our day-to-day<br />

consumption; according to studies 1 the<br />

average Australian is consuming over 14<br />

teaspoons of sugar a day. Sugar can not<br />

only lead to obesity, but can also play<br />

a huge roll in your mental health. A<br />

simple way to reduce your sugar intake<br />

is by looking at the back of packets. Be<br />

cautious of foods labelled as ‘healthy’, as<br />

there are a lot of products on the market<br />

that actually have more sugar than your<br />

standard Mars bar.<br />

This rise in ‘healthy snacks’ that<br />

actually weren’t healthy was a reason<br />

why I started my food business Krumbled<br />

Foods. I set out on a mission to create low<br />

sugar, functional natural foods. My Beauty<br />

Bites have only 2.8g sugar per serve<br />

(opposed to other collagen products that<br />

have over 18g sugar per serve – which is<br />

nearly your recommended sugar intake per<br />

day in one bar). CBM<br />

Opt for low<br />

sugar health<br />

snacks like<br />

Beauty Bites<br />

1. https://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/<br />

4364.0.55.011main+features12011-12<br />

WHERE<br />

TO FIND<br />

BEAUTY<br />

BITES?<br />

For more information visit<br />

www.krumbledfoods.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 115

feature<br />

Fertility<br />

options<br />

after a<br />

cancer<br />

diagnosis<br />

A cancer diagnosis often comes out of<br />

the blue and starting or extending your<br />

family will probably be the last thing on<br />

your mind. However, it’s important to<br />

consider your options for the future,<br />

explains Shonagh wAlker.<br />

A<br />

cancer diagnosis is a<br />

frightening enough prospect,<br />

not to mention the thought<br />

of months of gruelling treatment.<br />

On top of this, many young girls<br />

and women discover they have just<br />

a tiny window to decide on their<br />

future fertility options. It’s something<br />

they may not have even planned<br />

to consider for many years to come,<br />

particularly if they’re pre-pubescent.<br />

However, with medical<br />

advancements and technology being<br />

more effective and more readily<br />

available than ever before, this<br />

window of hope is widening and<br />

allowing increasing numbers of cancer<br />

patients the chance to realise their<br />

dreams of starting or extending their<br />

family. Here, experts share their best<br />

advice on preserving your fertility in<br />

the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Don’t be afraid to<br />

ask questions<br />

For many women, the situation is<br />

daunting enough, so important questions<br />

can frequently be forgotten. Also, there<br />

are some doctors who aren’t wellversed<br />

in the fertility issues surrounding<br />

cancer treatments, or who may see the<br />

importance lies in treating the disease<br />

first and foremost. The lesson here is,<br />

‘there are no silly questions’, so ask<br />

everything and anything!<br />

Naturally, cancer is a scary prospect for<br />

any woman to face, says Krystal Barter,<br />

founder and CEO of Pink Hope. ‘For<br />

those who develop cancer at a young<br />

age or carry a genetic predisposition, it<br />

is often doubly scary,’ she says. ‘You are<br />

dealing with your own health, difficult<br />

decisions and are often confronted with<br />

the very real likelihood that the decisions<br />

you make will affect your ability to have<br />

children in the future. All this at an age<br />

where having children mightn’t even be<br />

on the radar.<br />

‘Taking preventative measures often<br />

means that high-risk women can live<br />

cancer free and go on to have happy,<br />

healthy pregnancies,’ says Krystal.<br />

‘However, for many women in the Pink<br />

Hope community impacted by a highrisk<br />

mutation or carrying a BRCA gene,<br />

cancer can strike at a young age and<br />

aggressively, leaving you little time to<br />

make the necessary decisions about future<br />

family plans.<br />

‘Women and their partners need more<br />

information and better consultation<br />

with their doctor around their fertility<br />

before considering preventative measures<br />

and, most importantly, women with<br />

cancer need to be given urgent fertility<br />

preservation opportunities,’ she says.<br />

What are your<br />

options?<br />

For the majority of women facing<br />

a cancer diagnosis and subsequent<br />

treatment, hope for a family is tangible,<br />

especially if they are of fertile age, stresses<br />

Dr Raewyn Teirney, Australia’s leading<br />

fertility specialist and gynaecologist.<br />

‘Couples, and indeed single women,<br />

should know that all is not lost,’ says Dr<br />

Jess and Travers on their wedding day with their ‘groomsdog’ Ari.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 117

feature<br />

Teirney. ‘I regularly see patients<br />

with cancer to help them continue<br />

or begin their fertility journey once<br />

their treatment is complete and they<br />

are in remission.<br />

‘Women are sent to us for urgent egg<br />

retrieval and we can then harvest and<br />

freeze their eggs, which at a later date we<br />

can inseminate with their partner’s sperm<br />

and create a beautiful healthy baby.’<br />

According to Dr Teirney, there are<br />

typically two options available:<br />

1. Egg freezing<br />

‘We often do this for single women<br />

who are about to undergo chemotherapy<br />

for cancer, which can send them into<br />

menopause,’ she explains. ‘It gives<br />

them peace of mind that they may be<br />

able to have a healthy, happy family<br />

later in life, either with donor sperm,<br />

or a future partner.<br />

‘If a woman is diagnosed with cancer,<br />

their oncologist can refer them for this<br />

procedure typically within 24 to 48 hours.<br />

IVF Australia has methods in place to<br />

fast-track such cases, as we understand<br />

just how stressful these situations can be.<br />

We also have minimised your out-ofpocket<br />

costs for your fertility preservation<br />

treatment, which can be discussed in<br />

more detail during your appointment.’<br />

2. Embryo Freezing<br />

‘We look at this for couples,’ explains<br />

Dr Teirney. ‘We look at having an urgent<br />

IVF cycle and creating embryos that<br />

we then freeze for couples to implant<br />

at a later date. The uterus is normally<br />

unaffected by most cancer treatments<br />

and to implant an embryo, we administer<br />

hormones to maintain a healthy<br />

pregnancy, teamed with regular checkups<br />

and the correct pregnancy vitamins.’<br />

While every case is an individual one,<br />

the younger the woman and her eggs, the<br />

better the chances are of a pregnancy and<br />

healthy baby. Dr Teirney estimates that:<br />

• For a woman aged 35 or under, one<br />

stimulated IVF cycle would result<br />

in the collection of 10 to 12 eggs, of<br />

which between seven and nine would<br />

be suitable for vitrification and storage;<br />

‘<br />

Jess and Travers regularly campaign to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.<br />

IVF Australia has methods<br />

in place to fast-track such<br />

cases, as we understand<br />

just how stressful these<br />

situations can be.<br />

Dr Raewyn Teirney and one of<br />

her specialised fertility nurses.s.<br />

Dr Raewyn Teirney<br />

• Approximately 80-90% of eggs<br />

would survive warming in the future;<br />

• Approximately 50-80% of surviving<br />

eggs would fertilise;<br />

• Approximately 80-90% of fertilised<br />

eggs would develop into embryos;<br />

and<br />

• A single embryo would have a<br />

20-35% chance of developing into<br />

a pregnancy.<br />

(Source: IVF Australia)<br />

‘So, we see that medically, many<br />

women who have been diagnosed with<br />

cancer are able to achieve their dreams<br />

of conceiving, enjoying a healthy<br />

pregnancy and becoming a mother,’<br />

says Dr Teirney.<br />

Often there are only a few days<br />

between diagnosis and beginning<br />

treatment, explains Professor Bill<br />

Ledger who heads up the Fertility<br />

Research Centre at the Royal<br />

Hospital for Women in Sydney. ‘It is<br />

something the oncologists want to<br />

do quickly for obvious reasons. If the<br />

cancer is aggressive, they might not<br />

have much time.<br />

‘The likelihood of these women<br />

achieving their dreams of having a<br />

family is generally quite good,’ says<br />

Professor Ledger. ‘If we can freeze<br />

five or six embryos, or 12 eggs from<br />

someone under 35, then her chance of<br />

having at least one child is better than<br />

fifty-fifty. You can never guarantee,<br />

of course. Things can go wrong –<br />

eggs don’t always fertilise, embryos<br />

don’t always implant, but if we get a<br />

reasonable number in the bank and she<br />

is younger, then it is a better chance.<br />

If a woman is 40 or over then of course<br />

the chances aren’t as high.’<br />

Pre-teens and<br />

pre-pubescent girls<br />

But what of girls who haven’t yet<br />

reached puberty? What are their<br />

options? Australian-led technology<br />

is proving to pave the way globally<br />

for such patients, by freezing ovarian<br />

tissue from pre-pubescent girls with<br />

the plan to graft it once cancer<br />

treatment is completed and when<br />

fertility is required. Melbourne fertility<br />

specialist, Dr Kate Stern, is leading<br />

the advancements in this area and,<br />

to date, her group has taken tissue<br />

from over 400 women and young girls<br />

facing infertility as a result of their<br />

cancer treatment.<br />

‘We have been storing ovarian<br />

tissue for 20 years now,’ she says.<br />

‘Obviously, in the early days, we<br />

weren’t as confident of success,<br />

but in the last few years there has<br />

been enormous progress in research.<br />

Our first birth – twins – was in 2014.<br />

We have now put tissue back into<br />

around 26 patients and have had<br />

five babies. We have only been<br />

storing tissue taken from young<br />

girls for a few years, in collaboration<br />

with the team at the Royal Children’s<br />

Hospital. We have not yet had<br />

any requests to graft tissue into<br />

women who were children at the<br />

time of their cancer treatment.<br />

These patients have not yet reached<br />

an age where they are ready to<br />

become parents, however we are<br />

optimistic that the technology will<br />

be very successful’.<br />

We now get referrals to help<br />

preserve fertility for children and<br />

young women, especially those with<br />

breast cancer, which is one of the<br />

commonest cancers in women of<br />

reproductive age. For these women<br />

with breast cancer, we mainly still<br />

do egg freezing. However there have<br />

been some women who have not<br />

had enough time, so we have taken<br />

ovarian tissue. For some women we<br />

do both.<br />

‘We also currently have a grant<br />

with the Sony Foundation which,<br />

for young patients aged between<br />

13 and 30, covers the cost of transport<br />

and processing, allowing young<br />

people now the opportunity for best<br />

practice fertility preservation, even<br />

if they live a long way away from a<br />

major city. This is such an exciting<br />

opportunity to expand access to care<br />

for all young people who need our<br />

specialised services.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 119

Jess’s Story<br />

feature<br />

Two days after her 30th birthday in<br />

2017, Jess Braude was riding high.<br />

She had just enjoyed wonderful<br />

birthday celebrations with beloved<br />

family and friends and was looking<br />

forward to a year of happiness,<br />

love and joy with her childhood<br />

sweetheart Travers Marony, also 30 at<br />

the time. Neither of them could have<br />

imagined their world would be turned<br />

upside down just two days later.<br />

But then, the unthinkable<br />

happened. Doctors found a lump in<br />

her breast.<br />

‘It was two days after my birthday<br />

– can you believe it?’ she asks with<br />

a wry smile. ‘I mean, I knew there<br />

may have always been a chance – I<br />

discovered that I had the BRCA2<br />

gene in October 2016, so I was having<br />

six-monthly testing anyway. But to<br />

find out so close to my birthday was a<br />

bit of a rude shock!<br />

‘On my second-ever test in July<br />

2017, they found a one-centimetre<br />

lump. It turned out to be breast<br />

cancer, specifically triple-negative<br />

breast cancer. Triple-negative breast<br />

cancer is a cancer that tests negative<br />

for oestrogen, progesterone and HER2<br />

receptors.<br />

‘Put simply, it’s the worst kind, as<br />

it’s considered to be more aggressive<br />

and have a poorer prognosis than<br />

other types of breast cancer, mainly<br />

because there are no targeted<br />

medicines that treat triple-negative<br />

breast cancer.’<br />

If there was a silver lining, it was<br />

probably that Jess and Travers had<br />

been together for over a decade,<br />

so the conversation about fertility<br />

preservation wasn’t as highly<br />

pressured as it might be for those<br />

who’d just started a relationship, or<br />

indeed, those who are single.<br />

‘Travers and I had been together<br />

for 12 years, so we were in a lifelong<br />

Jess and Travers remain positive and bouyant

Jess when she was undergoing cancer treatment.<br />

‘<br />

commitment anyway,’ says Jess. ‘I am<br />

so lucky I was in that position. I have<br />

spoken to other women who aren’t in<br />

relationships and it is an added layer<br />

of complexity having to have that<br />

conversation. It is hard enough to<br />

meet someone without knowing you<br />

have to explain all of this too!’<br />

With a family history, Jess was well<br />

armed with the facts.<br />

‘My paternal grandmother had<br />

died of breast cancer at 34, when my<br />

dad was five years old. We had heard<br />

of this testing and my cousin was<br />

keen. She had mentioned it to my<br />

family, so my dad and uncle did the<br />

genetic screening first and both had<br />

Jess’s positivity stayed with<br />

her throughout the entire ordeal<br />

and she remains as buoyant<br />

as ever today.<br />

’<br />

the BRCA gene. My sister then got<br />

screened and, yep, we both have the<br />

gene too.’<br />

From there it was a matter of<br />

screening every six months. Rather<br />

than wallow in self-pity or fear, Jess<br />

and her sister decided to make a sixmonthly<br />

event of the tests.<br />

‘We thought we would have<br />

this ‘date’ every six months, to do<br />

something for ourselves and make<br />

it special. That way it was no more<br />

routine than a pap smear, but we also<br />

had some sisterly bonding to look<br />

forward to.’<br />

‘You have a mammogram and<br />

an ultrasound, and at six-monthly<br />

intervals, an MRI. I had the<br />

mammogram and ultrasound in<br />

December and had the MRI in July,<br />

which is when they picked it up. It<br />

was deep within my breast and wasn’t<br />

detectable to touch. Because of my<br />

age and dense breast tissue it may not<br />

have been there six months before,<br />

but it may have been and was just not<br />

detectable.’<br />

Jess’s positivity stayed with her<br />

throughout the entire ordeal and she<br />

remains as buoyant as ever today.<br />

‘I am one hundred per cent one of<br />

the lucky ones – for some reason fate<br />

had it and I knew to have the test. A<br />

lot of people don’t have the luxury of<br />

being able to intervene so early. It was<br />

the family thing that threw us a little<br />

though.<br />

‘At some point, of course we<br />

wanted a family, but I wanted to be<br />

the one to choose when the time<br />

was right. Travers and I are both very<br />

practical. We are not deep talkers –<br />

we didn’t even talk about it. We just<br />

knew we were going to go down the<br />

path of fertility preservation. Neither<br />

of us had the energy or time to have<br />

an in-depth conversation about it.<br />

We were told that ‘this is what we<br />

should do’, so that is what we did!<br />

‘I was told early on that chemo<br />

could ‘fry my eggs’. My biggest fear<br />

was that chemotherapy would place<br />

me into early menopause and I<br />

would become infertile. I had the<br />

opportunity to do one round of IVF<br />

before chemotherapy started, but<br />

I experienced a looming sensation<br />

that that was the only option I would<br />

have.<br />

‘I was given a monthly injection<br />

of Zoladex, which switches off the<br />

ovaries and puts them to sleep. I<br />

had that and even though there<br />

was every chance it wouldn’t work;<br />

it was successful, and I was able to<br />

do another round of IVF after my<br />

chemotherapy was over. I was so<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 121

feature<br />

lucky that my breast surgeon, Dr<br />

Kylie Snook, was open with me from<br />

the start and was well schooled in all<br />

options available to me. She was the<br />

one who made me the appointment –<br />

she was like my case manager.<br />

‘Straight after my first surgery she<br />

told me I would need to do a round<br />

of IVF as an ‘insurance policy’ as<br />

chemotherapy was the only treatment<br />

for my type of cancer and she made<br />

me an appointment to see the IVF<br />

doctor. And then of course, my IVF<br />

doctor recommended I take Zoladex<br />

during chemotherapy, which turned<br />

my ovaries off through the duration of<br />

the treatment and protected my eggs.<br />

‘Even though Travers and I were<br />

in a long-term relationship, having<br />

children was way down the list of<br />

priorities for both of us at the time.<br />

We had just moved to Singapore<br />

for his work and I was about to<br />

start a two-year master’s program.<br />

The doctor recommended creating<br />

and freezing embryos as there was<br />

a higher success rate when it came<br />

to implanting them. Obviously, this<br />

was not my area of expertise, nor my<br />

partner’s, so we basically went with<br />

what the doctor recommended.<br />

‘And so, I had a lumpectomy<br />

followed by one round of IVF, which<br />

took about two weeks. The following<br />

week I started chemo. The most<br />

painful part was having to deal with<br />

the fact that suddenly I was staring<br />

down the barrel of a future I’d had no<br />

part in writing.<br />

‘In terms of the medical side,<br />

I basically became a human pin<br />

cushion. There were daily injections<br />

for two weeks to stimulate my<br />

ovaries, along with blood tests and<br />

ultrasounds every couple of days to<br />

track my progress. This was followed

‘<br />

Despite her traumatic ordeal, Jess<br />

remains hopeful and happy and is<br />

overjoyed that through her experience,<br />

she can help others.<br />

’<br />

by day surgery under a light sedation<br />

to retrieve the eggs. Other side effects<br />

I experienced were bloating, stomach<br />

cramps and mood swings.’<br />

Despite her traumatic ordeal,<br />

Jess remains hopeful and happy<br />

and is overjoyed that through her<br />

experience, she can help others.<br />

‘It helped me to connect with<br />

other young women who were going<br />

through this and that is how I found<br />

the Pink Hope community. My<br />

friends and family, as supportive as<br />

they were, had no idea what I was<br />

going through and were not able to<br />

provide me with advice.<br />

‘Pink Hope fosters a community<br />

where there is no judgement –<br />

something that is rare among young<br />

women in today’s society. Through<br />

this community I have met other<br />

young women who have provided me<br />

with the knowledge, coping skills and<br />

support to get me through what has<br />

been the hardest time of my life.<br />

And as for her future, Jess holds<br />

nothing but high hopes!<br />

‘I am really lucky that the<br />

injections I had during chemotherapy<br />

worked for me, and Travers and I just<br />

completed a second round of IVF.<br />

This is because we were fortunate<br />

enough to be able to genetically test<br />

the four embryos we create at the<br />

start of this process. Less fortunately,<br />

three of them had the BRCA gene,<br />

which meant we were left with one<br />

embryo that had a 40 per cent chance<br />

of working. During this second<br />

round we were able to get five more<br />

embryos, three of which don’t have<br />

the gene. This places us in a really<br />

good position to be able to have a<br />

family!’<br />

‘Travers and I got married in<br />

October last year, and my little dog<br />

Ari was in the wedding party. We<br />

know have four embryos that we<br />

can use to start our family. Everyone<br />

wants to know when we are going to<br />

start. It is a hard one because we were<br />

living overseas when it was diagnosed.<br />

I had come back for my 30th and to<br />

get the MRI and I was not at a time<br />

in my life where I could have a child.<br />

Not that there is ever a good time!<br />

‘Cancer ruined my fricken plans!!<br />

There is still a lot to do before I have<br />

kids and can’t do what I want to do.<br />

This sounds selfish but it is the way<br />

it is. The ‘kids’ are there ready to go<br />

when I need them! At the moment,<br />

I need my sleep. I can’t be up all<br />

night with a crying baby. Maybe in<br />

six months, maybe in a year… at the<br />

moment it’s a bit daunting.<br />

‘I am back at work full-time and<br />

I feel really good. I am trying to get<br />

back into a normal routine, although<br />

my energy levels are not where they<br />

were. But I am doing really well, and I<br />

am so grateful!’<br />

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