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used widely in the aerospace industry.

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Detail Doctor . ............ 6

What A Detailer Should Know

About Bacteria & Germs

OSHA News . ............. 9

Strictly Business

Business of Detailing . ... 12

Professionalism in the

Detailing Industry

Elbow Grease ........... 14

The Season of ick

Innovations . ............ 18

Industry Dirt . ........... 19

Cover Story . ............ 24

The Color of Money

The IDA Is Taking

You to School . .......... 30

Letter from

the Editor

One More Thing ...

It is no secret that there is a special place in my heart for Mobile Tech Expo. It was my first-ever

event after accepting the position as editor of Auto Detailing News. Shy and awkward, I walked

into my first MTE in the winter of 2016 knowing only a few people in attendance. But, three days

later I left with a rolodex full of esteemed detailing professionals and friends. The recent Mobile

Tech in Orlando was no different. Friendly faces were ubiquitous, and it was like a gathering of

family members at Thanksgiving. No more nervousness, now I walk into the MTE showroom

knowing kindness, inclusion and acceptance is abundant. Along with notes of camaraderie,

laughter and updates, some tears were also shed this year. The International Detailing Association

held its first-ever Hall of Fame induction ceremony and I was able to sit next to a dear friend, and

inductee Bud Abraham. The last time I saw Bud was at the aforementioned 2016 Mobile Tech

Expo where he graciously took me under his wing and introduced me to those in the industry.

When it was time to head home, we shared a ride to the airport and upon saying goodbye, Bud

indicated it was probably his last tradeshow and unless I was willing to vacation in Portland,

Oregon, was likely the last time I would see him in person. It made me sad as he was someone I

would see at least yearly. But, then, as this year’s Mobile Tech Expo came to fruition, I found out I

would get to see Bud again. Not only did we spend time together on the showroom floor, but I was

also able to sit next to him as he accepted his place in the Hall of Fame, along with four notable

and beloved others, which, to put it mildly, was a site to behold. The names Renny Doyle, Barry

Meguiar, Ed Terwilliger and William R. Phillips (who was posthumously honored and represented

by his sons) was a vision of Mount Rushmore-like magnificence. I love this industry. The people

in it make me smile. Along with he notable men on stage and my dear friend Bud, there was a lot

of pride amongst the crowd. People cheering on each other and enthusiastic applause. It was a

wonderful three-day event and I am already looking forward to next year’s.

Vol. 5, No. 1, SPRING 2020

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Letter from the Editor

In other news, my family and I recently

a former governmentagent and also a

traveled to Mexico for winter break.

humanitarian, now spending his time

And, while I would love to expound on

volunteering at local schools. His tennis

the food, the scenery and music, I instead

skills are nothing to shake a racquet at

need to use this space to revel in the fact

either. He teaches tennis and also has a

that I got to meet and hang out with

wealth of knowledge regarding the sport.

an esteemed member of the detailing

On the first full day of our trip, Alan

community. Before we embarked over to

reached out and said he would love to

America’s Southern neighbor, Bud told

show my family and I around the area

me about his friend, Alan Read, who was

he now calls ‘home.’ Later that day, Alan

65-pound son on his shoulders.

content. From the cover story on paint

living down there. He would love to meet

took us on a walk, first to some Mayan

Is there anything this man cannot do?

correction, to protecting detailers from

up with you and your family, Bud said.

ruins, then to the beach and then took

Some people are just magical. They have

pandemic-toxicity, to excellent columns

Now, to put it modestly, Alan is quite the

us to a local eatery where we had the

an unassuming, welcoming aura. Such

from Rob Schruefer and Bud, it is a

prodigy. As Bud said, Alan, who was for

most delicious Mexican food. We talked

people are not in any way panged with

wealth of knowledge and a guidebook for

many years the National Sales Manager

detailing, his years with the PDA, and his

hidden agendas or prejudices. Alan is

success. And, we couldn’t do it without

for Auto Magic, which was one of the

years spent serving our country. A few

one of those people. Once again, Bud,

all of you, our faithful readers.

leading detail chemical companies in the

days later, we met up and at this point, we

I owe you. You not only have helped

Thank you so much and see you in

industry, was a founding member of the

were all pretty exhausted. But, not Alan.

with this magazine, as well as my career,

the Spring!

Professional Detailing Association and

Despite a bad back, an earlier tennis

but you introduced me to a man I now

Until next time,

on the first Board of Directors. He was

lesson, hot sticky weather, and miles

consider a lifelong friend.

also the second president of the PDA.

upon miles of on-foot travel (he ditched

And, one more thing before I go:

Not only that, but Read is a veteran,

his vehicle years ago) he even carried my

This issue is packed full of exceptional



What A Detailer

Should Know About

Bacteria & Germs

Bud Abraham is Founder and President Emeritus of DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems, with more than 40 years of

experience in the car care industry as a manufacturer, operator, distributor and consultant. He writes articles and gives

seminars on the subject of auto detailing throughout the automotive industry. He can be reached at

By Bud Abraham

Have you ever thought about the

bacteria & germs in motor vehicles? If

you haven’t then you really need to read

this article for these reasons:

1. It can keep you, your employees and

your customers safe.

2. It can make you more money by

educating your customers on the need

for regular interior cleaning as well as a

new service called: Interior disinfecting.

3. The coronavirus

When you talk about bacteria and

germs in vehicle interiors most detailers

will think of “biohazard cleaning,” if at

all. Biohazard cleaning is done on interiors

where someone has died in a vehicle

or was shot and bodily fluids are all over

the interior. This type of cleaning is an

entirely different “breed” of cleaning than

normal interior detailing and requires special

training and special safety equipment.

That will be the subject of a future article.

This article will report on a comprehensive

study by Dr. Charles P. Gerba

& Sheri L. Maxwell to determine the

amount of bacteria and molds that build

up in automobile interiors. There were

several variables taken into account in

conducting the study:

✔ Geographic area of the country

✔ Different areas of the vehicle


✔ Type of vehicle

✔ Whether there were children in the


✔ Married or single drivers

✔ Male or female drivers

✔ The authors were kind enough to

grant permission to allow me to

use the results of the study for this


You would be hard-pressed to find a

study that is more comprehensive and

scientific in its scope on vehicle interiors

anywhere in the world.

For the study, 100 vehicles were involved,

conducted in the states of Illinois,

Arizona, Florida, California, and

Washington, D.C. which provided a

good cross-section of climatic conditions

across the country.

Eleven different areas of the vehicles

interior were tested.

Each area of the interior was sampled

with sterile swabs and then immediately

sent overnight, packed in ice, by overnight

courier to the University of Arizona

to be processed. On each of the 11 sites a

4-square-inch area was sampled.

The interior areas tested included the:

✔ Steering Wheel

✔ Radio Knobs

✔ Dashboard

✔ Door Handles

✔ Seats

✔ Children’s Car Seat

✔ Change Holder

✔ Window Opener

✔ Cup Holder

✔ Seat Belt

✔ Food Spills


So, what driver (male or female) in

which part of the country has the most

germs and bacteria?

Watch out men, the results of the test

revealed that a married female in Florida

has an automobile with the most bacteria

and germs.

The cleanest automobile? One that

is driven by a single male who resides in


And it appears that married individuals

and females have automobile interiors

with the most bacteria/germs.

Single individuals and males had the

cleanest automobiles.

Of all the cities tested, Tampa, Florida,

had vehicles with the most bacteria/germs.

And, Tucson, Arizona, has the lowest

bacterial numbers.

For example, people in Tampa had 10

times more bacteria in their automobile

interiors than those in Tucson, Arizona.

These results are obvious as Tampa has

a hot, humid climate conducive to bacterial

growth, whereas Tucson has a very hot,

dry climate that tends to kill bacteria.



As mentioned, several areas of the

interior were tested to determine which

area had the most bacteria/germs.

The radio knob had the least amount

of bacteria/germs.

Food spills, on the other hand, had

the highest number of bacteria, as would

be expected. Great point to make

with customers; that food spills do,

in fact, grow bacteria and should be

removed immediately to prevent

bacteria from growing.

What is interesting is that the dashboard

had the second highest number of

bacteria, next to food spills. The reason:

The movement of air over the dashboard.

Air is drawn in from the dashboard

and bacteria may be affecting the

dashboard as the air is drawn into the air

circulation system.

Another possibility is that this is the

warmest spot in the automobile, in most

cases with direct sunlight shining on the

dashboard most of the day.

Overall bacteria numbers ranged

from 10 to 8.0 x 105 CFU/4 sq. inch.

The dashboard food spills, for example,

had 10 times more bacteria than the radio

knob or the seat belt.

Editor’s Note: While we here at Auto Detailing News admire and appreciate Bud Abraham, please note that his opinions expressed in his Detail Doctor columns do not necessarily reflect

the opinions of Auto Detailing News. If you have a strong opinion about Bud’s article, feel free to write a Letter to the Editor and send it to Debra Gorgos at



More bacteria was found in vans

and SUVs than in passenger cars, which

probably reflects the greater number of

people that ride in the larger vehicles,

as well as the occurrence of children in

these types of vehicles.

As would be expected, greater numbers

of bacteria were found in those

automobiles that carried children on a

regular basis.

The bacteria, **S. aureus was found on

the steering wheel more frequently than on

any other area in the vehicle. This is logical

since the steering wheel is in contact with

the hands more than any other area.

It was also determined the percentage

of automobiles in which both **S.

aureus and MRSA were found. MRSA

was isolated from a car seat and steering

wheel. MRSA was found in 2% of the

vehicles tested.

**Staphylococcus aureus, the “golden cluster

seed” or “golden staph” is the most common

cause of staph infections. It is found in the nose

and skin of humans and can cause illnesses from

minor skin infections (such as pimples), impetigo,

boils and abscesses, to life-threatening disease

such as pneumonia, meningitis, and toxic shock

syndrome (TSS) to name a few.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

is a bacterium responsible for difficult to treat infections

in humans. It is also referred to as multidrug-resistant

Staphylococcus aureus. It is resistant

to large groups of antibiotics called beta-lactams,

which include penicillin and the cephalosporins.


The following is a list of molds that

were identified in the automobiles tested

and the number of times they were isolated.

Members of the genus **Aspergillus

were the most common molds identified.

Genus of Molds Found

in Vehicle Interiors

Aspergillus 37

Ulocladium 5

Alternaria 5

Penicillium 4

Geotrichum 2

Chrysosporium 2

Trichoderma 1

Aureobasidium 1

Geomyces 1

Chrysonilia 1

Number of

Times ID

The isolation of molds was the highest

in Chicago and the lowest in Florida. For

example, the occurrence of molds was 15

times higher in Chicago than in Tampa.

The occurrence of molds in vehicle

interiors was found to be directly related

to each city’s mean temperature in which

the vehicles were located.

The lower the city’s mean temperature

the greater the number of molds in

the vehicle interior.

The number of mold bacteria was

found also to be related to the mean average

monthly rainfall in the city. This is

probably a reflection of the longer survival

of mold bacteria in moist environments.

A greater number of mold bacteria

also appeared to be related to warmer

temperatures since the greatest number

of mold bacteria were isolated in vehicles

from Florida, which had the warmest

temperature of all the cities studied.

**Aspergillus is a genus of around 200 molds

found in nature throughout the world.


The conclusions are very interesting

and can provide the detailer with a

great deal of valuable information they

can use to market their services, protect

themselves, their employees, and more

importantly their customers.


1. Married people have more bacteria

in their vehicles than single people.

2. Females have more bacteria in

their vehicles than males.

3. Vehicles with children have more

bacteria than vehicles without


4. Cities with the most bacteria in

vehicles from cleanest to dirtiest:

1. Tucson

2. Oakland/Pleasanton

3. Chicago

4. Washington, D.C.

5. Tampa

5. Individual sites in the vehicle in

order of numbers of bacteria:

1. Radio knob

2. Seat belt

3. Window opener

4. Steering wheel

5. Car seat

6. Changer holder

7. Seat

8. Cup holder

9. Dashboard

10. Food spills

6. Vehicle type in order of number

of bacteria isolated:

1. Van

2. SUV

3. Car

7. Sites where S. aureus was found

from the least amount to the most:

✔ Seat

✔ Change holder

✔ Door handle

✔ Food spills

✔ Radio knobs

✔ Car seat

✔ Window opener

✔ Dashboard

✔ Cup holder

✔ Seat belt

✔ Steering wheel

8. MRSA was isolated in 2%

of the automobiles

9. Areas with the most mold from

the least to the most:

✔ Seat belt

✔ Window opener

✔ Door handle

✔ Radio knob

✔ Car seat

✔ Seat

✔ Steering wheel

✔ Dashboard

✔ Change holder

✔ Food spills

✔ Cup holder

10. The greater the mean temperature

of a city the greater the number of

molds isolated in the vehicles.

11. Florida had the highest overall

numbers of bacteria while Arizona

the lowest. Florida also had the

highest annual rainfall and mean

annual average temperature. Thus,

bacterial numbers are probably

related to a combination of high

humidity and temperatures.

12. Aspergillus species were the most

common fungi isolated in vehicles.

13. Good luck and I hope you make some

money fighting bacteria and germs.


Being aware of the amount of bacteria/germs

in the vehicle interior gives

the astute detailer business owner a

chance to provide a reason (need) for

regular interior cleaning and/or due to

the coronavirus outbreak, a simple wipe

down of the interior with a disinfectant

chemical similar to that used in restaurants

to wipe off tables. (You can find a

number of such chemicals from a janitorial

supplies distributor in your area). If

I were in the business today I would be

marketing an disinfectant wipe-down of

interiors to eliminate the coronavirus in

the vehicle interior, especially mini-vans

that carry children.

While you may not have to “detail” an

interior all the time it is clear that a vehicle

interior needs to be disinfected on

a regular basis. To do this you can purchase,

as mentioned above, a suitable

disinfectant from a janitorial supply company

that kills bacteria and mold on contact.

So all you do is have the customer

come in for a quick interior disinfectant.

Just spray the disinfectant on a towel

and wipe all of the hard surfaces down.

Then spray on carpets, fabric seats,

headliners and door panels. In just a few

minutes you have provided a real needed

service that the customer is aware they

need, but not aware you offer it. Send

out an email to your existing customer

list with the subject line: We offer this

anti-coronavirus service, etc. This can be

an easy sell to health-minded people and

especially those with children.




Strictly Business

Announcing new rules, regulations & business opportunities from OSHA, the SBA & the DOL

OSHA inspections on the rise

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational

Safety and Health Administration’s

(OSHA) fiscal year (FY) 2019

final statistics show a significant increase

in the number of inspections and a record

amount of compliance assistance

to further the mission of ensuring that

employers provide workplaces free of


According to an official statement,

OSHA’s enforcement activities reflect the

Department’s continued focus on worker

safety. Federal OSHA conducted 33,401

inspections—more inspections than the

previous three years –addressing violations

related to trenching, falls, chemical

exposure, silica and other hazards.

In FY19, OSHA provided a record

1,392,611 workers with training on safety

and health requirements through the

Agency’s various education programs,

including the OSHA Training Institute

Education Centers, Outreach Training

Program and Susan Harwood Training

Grant Program. OSHA’s compliance

assistance programs have helped small

businesses address safety and health

hazards in their workplaces. In FY19,

OSHA’s no-cost On-Site Consultation

Program identified 137,885 workplace

hazards and protected 3.2 million workers

from potential harm.

“OSHA’s efforts – rulemaking, enforcement,

compliance assistance and

training – are tools to accomplish our

mission of safety and health for every

worker,” Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

of Labor for Occupational Safety

and Health Loren Sweatt said in a statement.

“I am proud of the diligent, hard

work of all OSHA personnel who contributed

to a memorable year of protecting

our nation’s workers.”

Under the Occupational Safety and

Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible

for providing safe and healthful

workplaces for their employees. OSHA’s

role is to help ensure these conditions

for America’s working men and women

by setting and enforcing standards, and

providing training, education and assistance.

For more information, visit www.

What is the

evaluation/selection criteria?

In evaluating the nomination packages,

the judges will look at the following criteria:

Staying power — a substantiated history

as an established business; including

but not limited to expansion, exporting,

addition of territories, or growth

in square footage occupied.

Growth in number of employees —

Increases over the three years must be

in excess of growth in Gross Domestic

Product as determined by the Bureau

of Economic Analysis (

Increase in sales, net profit, and net

worth for the three prior calendar

years, that is, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Response to adversity — examples of

problems faced in the nominee’s business

and the methods used to solve


Contributions to community-oriented

projects — evidence of the use of

his/her personal time and resources

towards community-oriented projects.

To learn more about Small Business Week,

or to submit a nomination, visit

Penalty levels go up due to inflation

Below are the maximum penalty amounts, with the annual adjustment

for inflation, that may be assessed after Jan. 15 .

■ Type of Violation


Other-Than-Serious Posting Requirements

Failure to Abate

Willful or Repeated

State Plan States

States that operate their own Occupational

Safety and Health Plans are

required to adopt maximum penalty

levels that are at least as effective as

Federal OSHA’s.

■ Penalty

$13,494 per violation

$13,494 per day beyond the abatement date

$134,937 per violation

OSHA also has compliance assistance

specialists in most of their 85 Area Offices

across the nation who provide robust

outreach and education programs

for employers and workers.

SBA modifies method for calculating

annual revenues for small businesses

The U.S. Small Business Administration

(SBA) published in the Federal

Register a final rule to modify its method

for calculating annual revenues used

to prescribe size standards for small

businesses. The final rule became effective

January 6 .

The SBA changed its regulations on

the calculation of annual revenues from a

three-year averaging period to a five-year

averaging period, outside of the SBA

Business Loan and Disaster Loan Programs,

according to an official statement.

The change in the averaging period for

calculating annual average revenues

from three years to five years may result

in firms regaining or retaining their small

business status. To assist small businesses

with this change, the SBA is providing

a two-year transition period while firms

subject to the change may choose either a

three-year averaging period or a five-year

averaging period.

This final rule implements the Small

Business Runway Extension Act of 2018,

Public Law No.115-324, which changed

the requirements for proposed size standards

prescribed by an agency without

separate statutory authority to issue size

standards. The intent of the law was to

allow small business government contractors

more time to prepare for the

transition to the full and open market after

they exceed the size standard.

While the law changed the averaging

period for calculating annual revenues

of businesses in services industries from

three years to five years, the law did not

address the averaging period for calculating

the size of other businesses. To promote

consistency, the SBA is adopting a

five-year averaging period for all of the

SBA’s and other agencies’ revenue-based

size standards, regardless of whether the

industry is for services.

As noted above, this change will not

apply to the SBA Business Loan and Disaster

Loan Programs. The SBA will seek

comment, through a separate rulemaking,

on the appropriate averaging period

for the SBA Business Loan and Disaster

Loan Programs.



DOL sends out New Wage

and Hour opinion letters

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

announced three new opinion letters that

address compliance issues related to the

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA),

according to a press release. An opinion

letter is an official, written opinion by the

department’s Wage and Hour Division

(WHD) on how a particular law applies

in specific circumstances presented by the

person or entity that requested the letter.

The opinion letters issued today are:

FLSA2020-1: Addressing

calculating overtime pay for a nondiscretionary

lump sum bonus paid

at the end of a multi-week training


FMLA2020-1-A: Addressing

whether a combined general health

district must count the employees

of the county in which the health

district is located for the purpose of

determining FMLA eligibility for its


FLSA2020-2: Addressing whether

per-project payments satisfy the

salary basis test for exemption.

The public can search for existing

opinion letters by keyword, year, topic and

a variety of other filters on the department’s

website found at https://www.dol.

gov. The department also encourages the

public to submit requests for opinion letters

to WHD to obtain an opinion or to determine

whether existing guidance already

addresses their questions. The division exercises

its discretion in determining whether

and how it will respond to each request.

These are the 51st, 52nd and 53rd

opinion letters issued by WHD since January

20, 2017 states the press release.

WHD’s mission is to promote and

achieve compliance with labor standards

to protect and enhance the welfare of the

nation’s workforce. WHD enforces Federal

minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping

and child labor requirements of

the FLSA. WHD also enforces the Migrant

and Seasonal Agricultural Worker

Protection Act, the Employee Polygraph

Protection Act, the FMLA, wage garnishment

provisions of the Consumer Credit

Protection Act, and a number of employment

standards and worker protections as

provided in several immigration related

statutes. Additionally, WHD administers

and enforces the prevailing wage requirements

of the Davis Bacon Act and the Service

Contract Act and other statutes applicable

to federal contracts for construction

and for the provision of goods and services.

Who is eligible to be nominated

for this award?

Nominees for this award must meet

both of the following eligibility requirements.

Consult your nearest SBA

district office if you have questions. 1)

Any legal resident of the United States

or its Territories who owns and operates

or who bears principal responsibility

for operating a small business for a

minimum of three years prior to being

nominated may be nominated. Partners

who jointly own and operate a small

business may be nominated as a “team”

so long as the number of individuals in

the team nomination does not exceed

four (4); and 2) Individuals who have

received at least one type of SBA assistance

such as, but not limited to, an

SBA loan, SCORE counseling, Small

Business Development Center (SBDC)

assistance, Veteran’s Business Outreach

Center (VBOC) assistance, Women’s

Business Center (WBC) assistance, government

contracting assistance, disaster

assistance, Emerging Leaders Initiative,

or Boots to Business training.

Small Business Person of the Year Award

Nominees from each of the 50 states,

the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the

U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam will compete

for the title of the National Small Business

Person of the Year, SBA’s signature award.

Nominees must demonstrate success in

business as well as contributions to their local

communities. Previous award winners

include Superstition Meadery, Landmark

Pest Management, Maui Brewing Company,

Equator Coffee & Teas, Pacifica, and

Missouri Star Quilt Company.

National Small Business Week starts May 3

Final rule makes it easier

to offer ‘perks’ to workers

In other DOL news, the agency announced

a final rule that will allow employers

to more easily offer perks and benefits

to their employees.

The rule released in December 2019

marks the first significant update to the

regulations governing regular rate requirements

under the Fair Labor Standards

Act (FLSA) in over 50 years. Those

requirements define what forms of payment

employers include and exclude in

the FLSA’s “time and one-half ” calculation

when determining overtime rates.

The previous regulatory landscape left

employers uncertain about the role that

perks and benefits play when calculating

the regular rate of pay, states the DOL.

The new rule clarifies which perks and

benefits must be included in the regular

rate of pay, as well as which perks and

benefits an employer may provide without

including them in the regular rate of pay.

“This final rule encourages employers

to invest in the American workforce,

to the benefit of their employees,” U.S.

Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia said in the

press release. “In a robust economy with a

million more open jobs than job seekers,

we must allow employers to offer perks

and benefits that will attract talent for

open jobs and compensate employees for

their hard work. This rule is an important

step in that direction.”

“The regular rate final rule provides

clarity that allows employers to provide

more benefits to their employees without

unknown overtime consequences or litigation,”

said Cheryl M. Stanton, Administrator

for the Department’s Wage and Hour

Division. “Allowing employers to offer more

perks at work provides a positive path forward

for employers and employees alike.”

Specifically, the final rule clarifies that

employers may offer the following perks

and benefits to employees without risk of

additional overtime liability:

For more than 50 years, the President

of the United States has issued a proclamation

announcing National Small Business

Week, which recognizes the critical

contributions of America’s entrepreneurs

and small business owners. This year, the

week will take place from May 3 - May 9 .

According to the Small Business

Association (SBA), As part of National

Small Business Week, the U.S. Small

Business Administration takes the opportunity

to highlight the impact of outstanding

entrepreneurs, small business

owners, and others from all 50 states

and U.S. territories. Every day, they’re

working to grow small businesses, create

21st century jobs, drive innovation,

and increase America’s global competitiveness.

More than half of Americans

either own or work for a small business,

and they create about two out of every

three new jobs in the U.S. each year.

The cost of providing certain parking

benefits, wellness programs, onsite specialist

treatment, gym access and fitness

classes, employee discounts on retail

goods and services, certain tuition benefits

(whether paid to an employee, an

education provider, or a student-loan

program), and adoption assistance;

Payments for unused paid leave, including

paid sick leave or paid time off;

Payments of certain penalties required

under state and local scheduling laws;

Reimbursed expenses including cellphone

plans, credentialing exam fees,

organization membership dues, and

travel, even if not incurred “solely” for

the employer’s benefit; and clarifies that

reimbursements that do not exceed the

maximum travel reimbursement under

the Federal Travel Regulation System

or the optional IRS substantiation

amounts for travel expenses are per se

“reasonable payments”;

Certain sign-on bonuses and certain

longevity bonuses;

The cost of office coffee and snacks to

employees as gifts;

Discretionary bonuses, by clarifying that

the label given a bonus does not determine

whether it is discretionary and providing

additional examples and;

Contributions to benefit plans for accident,

unemployment, legal services,

or other events that could cause future

financial hardship or expense.

The final rule also includes additional

clarification about other forms of compensation,

including payment for meal periods

and “call back” pay. It can be viewed here

and will take effect 30 days after its publication

in the Federal Register.

More information about the final rule,

including FAQs and a Fact Sheet, is available

on the DOL website.





in the Detailing


If you follow these four simple steps,

you will find that you will be successful,

not only in business, but also in life.

By Rob Schruefer

Rob Schruefer is the owner of On The

Spot Detailing out of Columbia, Maryland.

He proudly serves on the board of the

International Detailing Association and works

tirelessly to ensure that detailing business

owners receive business development support

to help them achieve their goals.

For many years the detailing industry

has struggled with fragmentation and

in-fighting. There are different schools

of thoughts on techniques and products,

which produce endless amounts of debate

and turbulence. Just a few years ago,

if you went onto any public forum, you

would think that all detailers do is spend

their time putting each other down. Not

only does this look terrible on the detailers

themselves, but the industry. Of

course, there are always exceptions, but

it was difficult to see any type of professionalism

or community in the industry.

Over the past few years, I have seen

the detailing community begin to focus

on creating a united front. Organizations

such as the International Detailing

Association (IDA) have been attempting

to bring the detailing industry together

and legitimize our trade as a whole. No

two detailing businesses are exactly alike;

they can focus on high-end polishing or

car washes, retail or wholesale. What all

detailing companies do need to have in

common is a certain level of professionalism

the clients can count on and learn

to expect. Large and small operations

will benefit from the following four parts

of business: Look the part, act the part,

know the part, and be a part.

Look the Part

The first step to being a true professional

is looking the part. First impressions

are everything, and if you expect

clients to hand over the keys to their vehicles,

or allow you to come to their homes,

it is essential that you appear trustworthy

enough to do so. Detailing is a blue-collar

industry and we spend most of our time

bent over in someone else’s dirty vehicle.

The client would not expect you to arrive

in a suit and tie, but they will expect you

to appear well-kept and clean. Personal

appearance is a key component in any

customer service driven industry. Quite

often you see this simple step not being

taken into consideration. Bathing, trimming/cleaning

fingernails, keeping facial

hair neat, removing extreme amounts of

facial jewelry, and maintaining your hair

are all things that could mean the difference

in whether or not a customer uses

you or the guy down the street.

How the business represents itself is

just as important as how you represent

it. If you are a mobile detailing company,

you want to make sure that your detailing

rig (car, truck, van, trailer) all exude

professionalism. Making sure that it is

always clean, not severely damaged, and

organized inside will give the customer

the impression that is how you intend to

leave their vehicle. Another aspect to a

professional detailing rig is proper lettering

and signage. Not only will this help

with advertising as you travel around,

but it will also leave a more professional

impression when sitting in a driveway

or outside someone’s house for hours at

a time. As a shop operator, cleanliness is

just as important. Customers will look

around your shop, and sometimes ask to

be shown around. Giving the impression

your shop is clean, organized, and ready

for business shows the customer you are a

true professional.

Act the Part

It is one thing to look like a professional

detailer, it is an entirely another to

act like a professional detailer. Every time

you open your mouth or put something

on the internet, you are representing the

detailing industry. The internet is forever.

A statement from 5 years ago could cost

you a potential client in the future. This

means care should always be taken before

making any public statements. The first

instinct in responding to a negative review

is to get defensive and sometimes aggressive,

but that is the worst thing you can do.

If you disagree, ask them to contact you

to discuss the issue. Nothing looks worse

than a business publicly attacking a customer.

That sends a red flag giving potential

clients an idea of what could happen

IF there is a problem.

Acting professionally not only applies

to interacting with customers, but also

to other detailers. The level of bickering

and in-fighting has decreased, but it still

exists on many public forums. Imagine

if doctors, dentists, or lawyers acted in

that manner. Until we still start thinking

of detailing as a professional industry,

and portraying that image, it will never

be taken seriously by the public. There

is a certain level of accountability that

all detailers carry with them. Each detailer

is an ambassador for the industry,

and their dealings with the public should

reflect that. Putting down your competition

publicly or to a potential customer

should always be avoided. You should be

selling the customer on YOUR business,

not disparaging someone else’s. When a

business puts down other businesses, it

looks petty, and could prevent that customer

from using you also.


Each detailer is an ambassador for the industry,

and their dealings with the public should reflect that.



Know the Part

Because the detailing industry is inexpensive

to get into, it attracts a lot of

people who are only looking to start their

own businesses. There is nothing wrong

with this, but it is essential that the time

is taken to learn about detailing; processes,

equipment, and product uses. When

a potential customer is contacting you

about a detailing service, it is because

they are looking for a professional to

help them solve a problem. Having the

knowledge to educate will go a long way

in the customer’s eyes. You should be

able to explain possible solutions to their

problems in terms they can understand.

They are more likely to spend a few extra

dollars with someone who took the time

to educate them, rather than the person

who just spoke down to them for not

knowing the ins and outs of detailing.

For the beginner, there are training

classes that can be attended all over the

country. The classes are a couple days in

length, but will teach you the basics of the

car detailing industry. More intermediate

detailers will want to look to events such as

Mobile Tech Expo, SEMA, or webinars

for continuing education. The classes can

be found on various topics, but will satisfy

a need for continuing education. There are

even more advanced 1-on-1 classes offered

by some of the industry’s top professionals,

that can teach you finer and more advanced

skills. The point is, there is education

out there for every skill level. Anyone

who thinks they know everything there is

to know about detailing has a lot to learn.

Be A Part

The detailing business is rapidly growing

into a strong industry and community.

There are organizations out there that

focus on providing resources to grow the

detailing industry. The IDA is an example

of a trade organization comprised of

volunteers who are looking out for your

detailing business. They hold webinars

on various detailing topics, send out

newsletters to keep you abreast of new

developments, offer seminars at events

for continuing education, and offer ever

expanding levels of certification. Joining

a trade organization and getting involved

shows that you are serious about what

you do, and that you have invested in

making yourself, your business, and the

industry that supports your family, better.

That sort of commitment is what will set

you apart from the rest.

Also, be a part of the community that

you serve. You will often be asked for donations.

Give when you can. The communities

around you help pay your bills, it is important

to thank them for your livelihood.

Join local networking groups and chambers

of commerce, they are great places to

generate leads to grow your business.

If you follow these four simple steps,

you will find that you will be successful,

not only in business, but also in life. Professionalism

is not only how you run your

business, it gives an indication of who you

are. Looking the part, acting the part,

knowing the part, and being a part are all

pieces of being a successful professional.

continued ...




The Season of Ick

While vehicles can be cesspools of allergens, viruses and

germs, taking proper precautions are nothing to sneeze at.

There is a lot of information, and

misinformation regarding germs and

public safety. Public panic and unconfirmed

viral Facebook posts are causing

widespread panic. And, since detailers

are in the business of dealing with sullied

surfaces and are also looking to calm

customers’ concerns over contaminated

consoles, crevices and compartments, it

is important to know the health risks if

dealing with an infected vehicle interior

and/or customer. Thankfully, the risks

of fake news reports are lessened thanks

to four big authorities including the

World Health Organization, the Center

for Disease Control and Prevention,

OSHA and the Mayo Clinic. All

four are continuously updating their

websites, trying to put out timely,

important and accurate information

regarding the recent flu outbreak and

the worldwide pandemic public enemy

number one: The Coronavirus. Days

were spent gathering up the truth about

germs, not only for your benefit, but so

that you can also properly inform and

educate your customers. If a customer

is worried their car is contaminated, a

detailer shouldn’t necessarily bank on

their paranoia, but should properly

inform the customer of the steps taken

to decontaminate the interior. Detailers

also need to know if they are at risk of

getting sick and whether they are sick

already. So, where does the truth lie?

Yes, germs can live on surfaces, but

they do have an expiration date. If a

customer had the flu, is a detailer at

risk of cross-contamination? Staying

healthy is nothing to sneeze at and

having an arsenal of concrete knowledge

is paramount during these times

of hysteria, which, unfortunately, is

somewhat warranted.

What Detailers Need to Know

by Josh Buckler CD-SV,

IDA Marketing, Communications

Committee Co-chair

There’s not much better of a time to

discuss preparedness for both personal

and customer health than now. With

the new Coronavirus, COVID-19,

infiltrating 42 countries; there are now

83,379 confirmed cases and 2,858

deaths ascribed to its name. Regardless

of personal opinion, this should serve as

evidence that we are not immune to such

pandemic-like events. Simply because

this is a headline story, we should not

ignore the common flu, which has set a

record number of cases this year as well.

The following information can help

better prepare you, your team, your

customers, and everyone’s friends and

families. Remember, just because one

person’s immune system may fight hard,

the next individual might not be as


As detailers, we understand that the

vehicle can be one of the most bacteria

harboring places people spend any

amount of time in. It is important that

those we serve recognize these hazards

as well. The following items can help

communicate this necessity to the

community you serve.


During studies for the National Institute

of Health, Staphylococcus aureus, the

germ most commonly known for MRSA,

was found on most frequently touched

surfaces in a vehicle, such as the steering

wheel, gear shifter, and center console.

Hot water extraction: The fibers

of the carpet and fabrics inside a

vehicle can embed germs and facilitate

growth. Using an extractor can allow for

embedded germs to be lifted from the

fibers of the carpet.

Steam: Using steam

can kill 99.9% of germs.

Create: Using your

email list, send a brief email

newsletter. Stay away from the

already saturated “Coronavirus”

headline. Use a 4-7 words that

grab their attention immediately

such as “Vehicles get sick too!”, and

“Take your car to the doctor”, etc.

Follow up: Go through your schedule

from 3 months ago. Find the people who

had their interiors completed and reach

out one by one, have the team help, or

even send a mass text using an online

platform. Take it a step further and find

the customers who you know have kids

that also ride in the vehicle regularly.

Share: Reach out to local media outlets

and explain the importance to them.

Most press have a

general place online

to send a story too.

Write up something

educational and email any

you can think of. They’re

looking to stay current with

what is popular. Detailing

provides a quick break from

the negative news and gives

value to their viewers/readers.

Collaborate: Link up with a local business

to go live on social media together

and offer tips to determine if the interior

should be detailed or not. Consider

holding a day long “free check up” at a

local automotive shop. Create a checklist

like an auto mechanics suggestions. To

build rapport, don’t just write the things

you see that need attention, but those

that are positive and complementing too.

This article was provided courtesy of the


International Detailing Association (IDA) and its

entirety was provided to all IDA members. Only

a portion of the article is included here. For more

information, visit the IDA at



According to the Mayo Clinic, cold

and flu virus-laden droplets may remain

infectious for several hours, depending

on where they fall. Viruses generally

remain active longer on stainless steel,

plastic and similar hard surfaces than

on fabric and other soft surfaces. Other

factors, such as the amount of virus

deposited on a surface and the temperature

and humidity of the environment,

also determine how long cold and flu

viruses stay active outside the body.

“It’s possible to catch the flu or a

cold after handling an object an infected

person sneezed or coughed on a few

moments ago. But personal contact with

an infected person — such as a handshake

or breathing in droplets from a cough or

sneeze — is the most common way these

viruses spread,” the Mayo Clinic states.




It is okay to play it safe, even if a vehicle

and its owner do not seem contaminated.

If a customer is coughing or has been

sick, those are obvious red flags, but some

symptoms are not yet present. Therefore,

according to the Mayo Clinic, seek

medical care if you suspect that you have

an infection and you have experienced

any of the following:

• Difficulty breathing

• A cough lasting longer than a week

• Periods of rapid heartbeat

• A rash, especially if it’s accompanied

by a fever

• Swelling

• Blurred vision or other difficulty


• Persistent vomiting

• An unusual or severe headache



Disinfecting is not the same thing as

sanitizing and cleaning is technically not

the right word to use if you’re “killing”

germs. According to the Center for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

there are notable differences between

cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.

Cleaning removes germs, dirt,

and impurities from surfaces or objects.

Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent)

and water to physically remove

germs from surfaces. This process

does not necessarily kill germs, but by

removing them, it lowers their numbers

and the risk of spreading infection.

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces

or objects. Disinfecting works by using

chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or

objects. This process does not necessarily



clean dirty surfaces or remove germs,

but by killing germs on a surface after

cleaning, it can further lower the risk of

spreading infection.

Sanitizing lowers the number

of germs on surfaces or objects to a

safe level, as judged by public health

standards or requirements. This

process works by either cleaning or

disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower

the risk of spreading infection.



There is much more to learn about

the transmissibility, severity, and other

features associated with COVID-19 as

the outbreak investigation continues,

according to OSHA. It is currently

unknown if the virus can live on a surface.



Expand your business offerings, and

join our growing list of franchisees with

opportunities available in multiple states

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U.S. Military Veterans!


At the time this article was published,

information was still being gathers.

However, it is verified that cases have

been reported in New York, Washington

state, and Florida. “Infected people

can spread COVID-19 through their

respiratory secretions, especially when

they cough or sneeze. According to the

CDC, spread from person-to-person is

most likely among close contact (about 6

feet). Person-to-person spread is thought

to occur mainly via respiratory droplets

produced when an infected person coughs

or sneezes, similar to how influenza and

other respiratory pathogens spread. These

droplets can land in the mouths or noses

of people who are nearby or possibly

be inhaled into the lungs. It’s currently

unknown if a person can get COVID-19

by touching a surface or object that has

the virus on it and then touching their

own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes.”

As of March 1, 2020, OSHA released

the following statement: Workers who

conduct cleaning tasks must be protected

from exposure to blood, certain body

fluids, and other potentially infectious

materials covered by OSHA’s Bloodborne

Pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030)

and from hazardous chemicals used in

these tasks. In these cases, the PPE (29

CFR 1910 Subpart I) and Hazard

Communication (29 CFR 1910.1200)

standards may also apply. Do not use

compressed air or water sprays

to clean potentially contaminated

surfaces, as these techniques may

aerosolize infectious material.



While the coronavirus is getting a

lot of attention, the norovirus, the one

made infamous for ruining cruise shipbased

vacations, is one that is definitely

dangerous as it lasts and survives on

surfaces for days and even weeks.

According to the CDC, surfaces

can get contaminated with norovirus in

many ways, including when:

• An infected person touches the

surface with their bare hands that

have poop or vomit particles on them

• An infected person vomits or has

diarrhea that splatters onto surfaces

• Food, water, or objects that are

contaminated with norovirus are

placed on surfaces

• Aerosolized vomit lands on surfaces

or enters a person’s mouth then he

or she swallows it.

• You are contagious from the moment

you begin feeling sick and for the first

few days after you recover.

• Norovirus can spread quickly

in enclosed places like daycare

centers, nursing homes, schools,

and cruise ships.

• Norovirus can stay on objects and

surfaces and still infect people for

days or weeks.

• Norovirus can survive some disinfectants,

making it hard to get rid of.



The CDC recommends using either

chlorine bleach or U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA)approved disinfectants

to control NoV outbreaks. All

disinfectants should be used on clean

surfaces (i.e., surfaces that are not visibly

soiled) for maximum performance.

• Chlorine bleach concentrations for

most nonporous surfaces:

• 1/3 cup bleach in 1 gallon water

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(1:50 dilution).

• For heavily contaminated nonporous

surfaces use 1 and 2/3 cups bleach

in 1 gallon water (1:10 dilution).

• Leave bleach on surface for 10-20

minutes and then rinse thoroughly

with clean water.

• Once opened, bottles of household

bleach will lose effectiveness after 30

days. Use a new unopened bottle of

bleach every 30 days for preparing

diluted disinfectant solutions.

Prepare a fresh dilution of bleach

(only from bleach bottles that have

not been open for more than 30

days) every day of use and discard

unused portions.

• Other disinfectants include heat

disinfection [i.e., pasteurization

to 140° F (60°C)]. Heat has been

used successfully under laboratory

conditions for items that cannot be

subjected to chemical disinfectants

such as chlorine bleach.

• EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial

Products Effective Against NoVs

EPA-registered disinfectants should

be used according to manufacturers’

instructions, including the use of

proper PPE recommended by the

manufacturer when applying the

product. For a list of these disinfectants


list_g_norovirus. pdf).




According to OSHA, contaminated

clothing, tools and equipment should

also be cleaned. It is preferable that

soap and clean water be used when

available. If only contaminated water is

available use the following:

• 1/4 cup bleach.

• 1 gallon of water.

• Immerse objects in the solution for

10 minutes; if clothing, gently swirl

every few minutes.

• If clothing, wring out as much

moisture as possible.

• If tools or equipment, allow the

object to drain and then transfer it

directly to the bleach solution used

for hand cleaning.

• Re-immerse the clothing in the household

bleach solution used for hand

cleaning for 10 minutes with periodic

gentle swirling of the clothing.

• If clothing, wring out as much

moisture as possible.

• Allow clothes to thoroughly dry

before using again.



Surfaces that are heavily contaminated

with mold, feces, or body tissues

should be disinfected using the following

household bleach solution:

• 1 1/2 cups bleach.

• 1 gallon of water.

• Place the solution in a spray


• Thoroughly douse surfaces that have

heavy deposits of contaminants and

allow to stand for 3 minutes.

• Wipe the contaminants from the

surface with a paper towel.

• Discard the towel.

• Douse the surface again but use the

bleach solution that is used for hand

washing and wipe off the residual

contamination with a paper towel.

• Discard the towel and allow surface

to dry.

• Use gloves and eye protection when

cleaning clothes, tools/equipment,

and surfaces. Use respirator protection

(an N-95 respirator is recommended)

when mold is present.

• All containers should be

labeled “Bleach-disinfected water:


CAUTION: Never mix bleach with

products containing ammonia.




Introducing new & improved products for professional auto, boat & motorcycle detailers.

New website unveiled

by Kleen-Rite

Columbia, PA-based Kleen-Rite Corp.

announced the launch of its improved

e-commerce website in December 2019.

The property,, includes

new and redesigned features to optimize

the user experience, save time shopping,

and place orders quickly. Web pages will

load faster than before on all devices.

“Our customers want shopping to be

quick and easy,” stated Kleen-Rite vice

president Keith Lutz. “The new site will

have industry leading speed and be easier

than ever to use. Whether you’re at

your desk or on your phone, we want the

customer experience to be exceptional.”

Customers can now log in to their

accounts on phones using a thumbprint

or facial recognition. Once logged in,

it’s easy to create a “favorites” list of

products, and move some or all products

into the shopping cart with a click

of a button once ready to buy.

Adding personal information, order

notes, and PO #s into the shopping cart

is easier than before for a streamlined

checkout process. The improved “order

summary” section comprehensively

breaks down costs before buying.

Be sure to sign up for the new Kleen-

Rite Rewards Club to earn rewards

points on every purchase, and redeem

points for Kleen Kash discounts and

free shipping offers.

Pet hair removal tool

The Fur Eel, available through Buff

Brite, is one of the biggest problem

solvers to come along for the automotive

car care industry in years. Time is

money and that’s exactly what this tool

saves. It will single-handedly cut your

pet hair removal time by 75% or more.

Made of a composite, non-marring,

rubber/latex compound it

heats during use to get

slightly grippy. This

enables it to grab

hair and pull it

from Carpet

and Fabric and

Vacuum it away

and one easy

motion. It makes

a great point of

sale item or a great

tool for any detailer

wanting to save time. It will last for many

cars paying for itself quickly in saved

man hours.

It fits a standard Mr Nozzle crevice

tool or any 1.5-inch round tube. They

also sell their own adapter tool that

adapts it easily to any 1.25-inch or

1.5-inch vacuum hose. It will last typically

15 to 30 cars depending on

the intensity of the pet hair


Solar power

for mobile businesses

Green Cleen Detail of Pensacola,

Florida, has been operating its equipment

on clean, renewable solar power for

several years, and they are now bringing

this technology to others in the ‘we-cometo-you’

services industry.

This new solar-powered system is

called Narwhal, delivering renewable

energy from the sun to an entirely new

application. Narwhal allows companies

such as car detailers, contractors,

handy-man services and lawn care companies

to ditch their noisy and polluting

generator, and to use the free power of

the sun to operate their equipment. This

LSI Industries has launched an enhanced

version of its edge-lit LED panel.

The new luminaire features an innovative

upgrade that enhances its versatility across

numerous indoor applications.

“Our enhanced, edge-lit LED panels

fill a void in the marketplace,” said Mike

Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI

Industries. “They give customers significant

flexibility to customize and optimize

the use of light in different areas throughout

their facilities.”

Customers can select up to three different

options for both color temperature

integrated system is the first of its kind in

the marketplace, helping Narwhal lead a

new front in the rapidly-growing world of

green technologies.

Businesses utilizing Narwhal eliminate

their gasoline dependence, and no generator

means no noise, smell, or high fuel

costs -- reducing operating and maintenance

expenses. The system also positions

businesses to reach the growing number

of environmentally-minded consumers

who are looking to support green products.

Narwhal systems are offered worldwide,

with systems in daily operation in

Pensacola and San Diego, CA.

Edge-lit LED panel from LSI

All new PRO ®

Products catalog

PRO® Products, the professional division

of BAF Industries, has announced

the release of the new redesigned PRO®

Product Catalog and is inviting detailers to

explore. The updated 24 page, full-color

PRO® Product Catalog is filled with new

attention-grabbing auto detail products

and is organized intuitively by product

and wattage, giving them a total of nine

different light settings from a single fixture.

This gives facility managers, and

others responsible for the property, significant

flexibility to customize and enhance

employee workspaces, increase safety and

conserve energy.

LSI’s enhanced LED product produces

light from the sides, not the back. This

makes them extremely thin and lightweight,

which allows them to be mounted

in a variety of applications. Panels are easy

to install and available in multiple sizes, including

1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 feet.

category covering our broad selection of

products including compounds, polishes,

waxes, sealants, coatings, car wash

soaps, solvents/surface prep, tire/wheel

cleaners, degreasers, interior cleaners,

glass cleaners, air fresheners, dressings,

paints and buffing pads for the professional

auto detail industry.





The Car Wash Show

Henry B. González Convention Center

San Antonio, Texas,

APRIL 28-29

HCA’s 37th Annual

Product Show

Prairie Meadows Racetrack, Casino and

Convention Center

Des Moines, Iowa,

MAY 19-20

SECWA Road Show

MGM Grand Casino & Hotel

Detroit, Michigan,

JUNE 8-10

Car Wash Excellence


Hotel Bennett

Charleston, South Carolina.

JUNE 13 & 14

Southern Detailers


Lexington Convention Center

Lexington, Kentucky,

*See Industry Dirt article for more information

on this event

Second Southern Detailers Conference

to take place this June

Following the success of the first-ever

Southern Detailers Conference in 2019,

founder Daryl Lyons is getting ready for

its return this June. The 2019 event attracted

some of the top detailers and detailing

product companies from around

the world. “We designed the event to allow

the attendees more direct access to

meet and discuss ideas and products with

some of the most knowledgeable detailers

in our industry. We provided an environment

which promoted hands on learning

opportunities taught by the best of the

best,” stated Lyons, who is also the owner

of Detail Lex in Lexington, Kentucky.

“The response we received from both

vendors and attendees was beyond positive.

We witnessed discussions and the

exchange of ideas across different vendor

platforms. Detailers from different

shops discussing various techniques and

standards. In these two days, we experienced

an atmosphere of camaraderie that

makes our industry better and stronger.

The 2020 show is slated to have more

vendors, more top names in the industry,

small group training sessions and informational

panels. A press release states that

the event and hotels are just a short and

beautiful walk to numerous restaurant

and local attractions unique to the horse

capital of the world.

According to the website, the schedule

for the event is as follows:


8AM – 8PM Vendor set up

7PM IDA (International Detailing Association)

Meet & Greet (Location TBA)


9AM Conference doors open

9:30AM First class will start (50 min class)

5:30PM End of day

7PM Banquet at the Hilton. 7-8pm Cocktail

hour (Cash Bar), 8pm Dinner

8:30PM –Comedy Show

9:30PM Awards Ceremony

10PM –Dinner will finish, Bar crawl in

Downtown Lexington.


9:30AM First class will start (50 min class)

4:30PM End of day


Hilton Downtown & The Hyatt Downtown

Detail Mafia awards, recognitions, and newly

minted masters inducted at SEMA

JUNE 22-24

Women in Carwash


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

AUG 27-29

Mobile Tech

Expo – Las Vegas

South Point Hotel & Casino

SEPT 14-16

2020 American Car Wash


Georgia World Congress Center

Atlanta, Georgia,

OCT 5-7

Northeast Regional

Carwash Convention

Atlantic City Convention Center

Atlantic City, New Jersey

NOV 3-6


Las Vegas Convention Center,

FEB 4-6, 2021

Mobile Tech Expo

– Orlando

Gaylord Palms Resort,

Renny Doyle, known as “The Detailer

of Air Force One” announced a slew

of award winners, Detail Mafia inductees,

and certified detailing Masters at the

annual meeting of the Detailing Success

Network and Detail Mafia held at the

Specialty Equipment Market Association

(SEMA) show in Las Vegas last Fall.

Jim Goguen, owner of Jim’s Auto

Installations and Detailing Center in Ipswich,

Massachusetts. and one of the original

Air Force One Detailers dating back

to 2007, won the coveted Detailer of the

Year award. Goguen is not only a successful

automotive detailer and business owner,

but vice-president of Doyle’s Detail

Mafia and senior-level mentor to dozens

of members of the network.

Oscar Hernandez of Eight O Five

Detail Shop in Ventura, California, won

Rookie of the Year; Chris Woolman of

Octane Detailing in Reseda, California

won the 2019 Outstanding Service

Award; and William Lara of Miami Luxe

Detailing and Kelly Mankin of Ake Ake

Professional Detailing in Kona, Hawaii,

were both awarded Essence of Mafia recognitions

for their representation of the

Network’s famous Detail Mafia within the

detailing industry.

Doyle also inducted three newly

“Made Men” into the Detail Mafia at the

awards ceremony including Jeff Franzino

of Master of Shine in Woodland Hills,

California; James “Jimmy Buff-It” Akers

of T1Detailing in Manteca, California.;

and Daniel Gill of D&P Auto Detailing

in Wilsonville, Alabama.

In addition, Doyle newly knighted

four longtime members of the group as

Master level detailers – the highest level

of training, certification, and experience

available as an automotive detailer. New

Masters include Chris and Christian

Parker of Detail Boss in Scottsdale, Arizona;

Justin “JL” Labato of JL’s Showroom

Detailing in Melbourne, Florida; and

Bobby Poinsett of Detail Driven in Jackson

Hole, Wyoming.



Keynote Speaker Announced for Car Wash Show

Ben Nemtin has been named the keynote

speaker for the 2020 Car Wash Show,

taking place in San Antonio from April

6-8. The ICA made the announcement

in early January, stating, “Ben Nemtin is

on a mission to achieve the unthinkable.

From playing basketball with President

Obama to dashing down a soccer field,

from raising over $400,000 for charity to

placing a record-breaking $250,000 bet

on roulette—Ben’s bucket list quest has

inspired millions to strive for greatness.”

The ICA stated that Nemtin is a

#1 New York Times bestselling author

thanks to his book, What Do You Want

to Do Before You Die? He is also the star

of the MTV show The Buried Life and

the co-founder of The Buried Life movement.

He has appeared on The Today

Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN,

FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC News, and more.

Oprah Winfrey called Ben’s life work

“truly inspiring.”

Ben weaves the compelling story of

how The Buried Life grew from 100 impossible

dreams scribbled on a piece of

paper into a global movement of millions

and skillfully connects his story to the fabric

of our daily lives, states the ICA.

Ben’s message of radical possibility

combined with his ‘5 Steps to Make the Impossible

Possible’ leaves audiences not only

inspired but also equipped to tackle the

seemingly insurmountable. Ben’s system

of achieving any impossible goal demystifies

daunting tasks and turns “dreams”

into “projects” by creating a digestible

pathway to success. Mediocre is crowded.

Raise your bar and surprise yourself.


In case anyone was wondering, the

past ten Car Wash Shows (called the Car

Care World Expo) have hosted impressive

keynote speakers (My personal favorite

was Magic Johnson. He got up into the

crowd, was humorous and engaging).

2019: Author and leading expert on

happiness and success, Shawn Achor,

2018: NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long

2017: Tom Ridge, first Secretary of

Homeland Security, former governor

2016: Navy SEAL Rear Admiral Scott Moore

2015: NCAA basketball coach Rick Pitino

2014: Daymond John and Robert Herjavec

from ABC’s hit series, Shark Tank.

2013: NBA star Magic Johnson

2012: NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka

2011: NFL quarterback Joe Theismann

2010: There was no keynote speaker this

year, but instead and Honors and Actions

panel discussion featuring distinguished

industry experts.


In other ICA news, registration is now

open for The Car Wash Show 2020, the

largest U.S. gathering of car wash owners,

managers and decision makers. From

April 6-8, more than 8,000 attendees will

gather in San Antonio, Texas, to discover

new products and technologies, enhance

business strategies, and connect with a

range of car care experts—including car

washers, fast lube professionals, detailers,

and more—from around the world.

“The Car Wash Show is the place

where the entire industry gathers to

grow business strategies, collaborate with

peers, and share creative tactics to create

memorable experiences for customers,”

said Kim Vinciguerra, Vice President

of Events at International Carwash Association.

“With all-new programming,

hundreds of exhibitors showcasing a fullrange

of car care needs, and endless networking,

The Car Wash Show 2020 is the

best opportunity industry professionals

have all year to gain knowledge and discover

resources to build the best car wash

businesses in the world.”

With brand new education sessions,

The Car Wash Show 2020 will provide

industry veterans and first-time attendees

with actionable skills and strategies needed

to stay competitive. The 2020 Show

will feature two options for passes that

will allow attendees to customize their experience

to fit their needs and gain fresh

perspectives from professional speakers,

fellow operators, and suppliers.

Professional Grade Drying Cloth





In Use!

Honeycomb pattern

glides without grabbing.

Thick cloth has

extreme absorbency.






Nano Glass Fortified Technology!

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Available only through

CAR Products


With the Basic Pass, attendees will get

first-hand product knowledge in 20-minute

Quick Hits and product demonstrations

in the Partner Solution Sessions.

Attendees will also have the opportunity

to talk shop with colleagues during Peer

Sessions. And of course, they have access

to the trade show floor for all three days.

With the Premium Pass, attendees will

be able to attend everything included in

the Basic Pass as well as exclusive access to

the Premium Education Program. Here,

they will deep dive into one of five areas:

Technology | Business Strategy | Marketing

Talent Management | Fast Lube.

Each area features an impact session followed

by focused courses to mix and match.

With the Premium Pass, attendees will also

gain industry insights and inspiration at the

State of the Industry and Keynote Address.

The Show will also provide many opportunities

for attendees to network with

peers in the car wash, fast lube, and detailing

arenas. During the Opening Night

Party, Booth Crawls, and other engaging

events, all attendees will have a platform

to renew and develop relationships with

peers to build a global network and address

any challenges they are facing.

The 180,000-square-foot trade show

floor will grant attendees access to more

than 400 exhibition companies showcasing

the latest technology and products to

help streamline business, increase efficiency,

and improve the bottom line. Attendees

will find exhibits in categories spanning the

car care industry, from solutions, product

updates and live updates, and one-on-one

discussions that will help them take business

to the next level.

For those who want to further enhance

their show experience, attendees can also register

for one of the pre-conference seminars

on Sunday, April 5. Attendees can choose

from a full-day course in Management Fundamentals,

the New Investor Seminar, or the

Certified Detailer Exam from the International

Detailing Association (IDA).

The Car Wash Show 2020 is presented

by International Carwash Association

(ICA), the Automotive Oil Change

Association (AOCA), and the Western

Carwash Association (WCA). For more

information and to register visit: www.

The ICA has also made an announcement

it is looking for nominees for its

Emerging Leader Award.

“Have an up-and-coming leader

on your team who you would like to reward?”

asks the ICA. “Perhaps a manager

you can’t live without?”

This year, five deserving recipients will

once again win a Premium Pass to The

Car Wash Show and three nights’ accommodations

at a host hotel in San Antonio

– a package valued up to $1,000.

If you, or an employee, are an up-andcoming

leader under 45 consider applying,


to view the requirements. Applications must

be received no later than February 14 .

Malco Products announces

management changes

Seth Glauberman has been named

President of Malco Products, Inc. He succeeds

his father, Stuart Glauberman, who

has transferred from day-to-day management

to an advisory position within the

Barberton, Ohio-based company after 32

years of leadership. Malco Automotive, a

division of Malco Products, provides professional

solutions that improve vehicle

appearance with passion and innovation,

offering the most comprehensive line of

automotive detailing products and accessories

on the market.

“I am excited to continue the success

of our family business and carry on the

legacy,” said Seth. “I had a great teacher

in my father and will still have access to his

guidance and experience for the foreseeable

future.” Seth started out in the Malco

automotive division in 2004 and served

15 years as vice president of automotive

sales. He graduated with a Mechanical

Engineering degree from the University

of Colorado at Boulder and earned his

Master of Business Administration from

Case Western Reserve University.

Stuart said the company has been working

toward succession for several years and

is confident the time is ripe to turn over the

reins to the next generation. “My goal over

the next few years will be to support our

new leadership and identify opportunities

to strengthen our overall business.”

Stuart, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon

University in Pittsburgh, joined the

company in 1973 and served as president

for 32 years. He began planning two years

ago to step down from the company’s

leadership role in January 2020 as part of

a succession plan. His new title is Chief

Change Agent, a reference to his longtime

request asking every employee to be



IDA Certified Detailer-in-a-Day Event

Room: TBD | SUNDAY, APRIL 5 | 1:00PM - 5:00PM


This event includes a four-hour comprehensive

and intensive educational seminar

that provides attendees with all of the

information needed to pass the International

Detailing Association’s Certified

Detailer Examinations. The exams will be

administered and checked on-site. This

session is available for any pass type for

$350 at registration.

Revolutionize Your Express Detailing

Room: Quick Hits Theater | MONDAY, APRIL 6 | 4:00


New innovations in detailing chemicals,

equipment, and techniques allow us to

clean customer vehicles faster and better.

Turning Conversations into Customers

Through Chat Marketing

Room: TBD | MONDAY, APRIL 6 | 10:30AM-11:30AM


We will teach you how to connect with

people who are searching online for your

business, what to say for the highest conversion

rate, and how to continue the conversation

after they leave your business so

they will come back for more.

an agent of change.

Stuart’s daughter, Lauren Osina, also

works at the company and will continue as

Digital Marketing Manager. She earned a

Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of

Colorado at Boulder and has her Masters

in Reading and Literacy from Ohio State

University. “I have been fortunate to have

two children committed to the ongoing

success of our family business,” Stuart

said. “Over the years they have gained

the first-hand knowledge, experience and

leadership qualities necessary to maintain

the strength of our company. Both Seth

and Lauren have a deep understanding

of the culture, values and heritage of

Malco that they will carry forward into

the decades to come”

Tapping into Your Emotional Intelligence

to Succeed in Work and Life

PREMIUM PASS | Talent Management Path

Monday, April 6 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Monday, April 6 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Presented by Sara Ross

Emotional intelligence is a powerful predictor

of performance and a distinguishing

competitive advantage, but EQ can be a

nebulous trait to teach. Leadership expert,

vitality advocate and “street scientist” Sara

Ross shares insights from her work on how

to redefine professional and personal success.

She will share scientific research and

personal experiences from her past role

as vice president and global head of leadership

at international training firm IHHP.

Learn how EQ can help you manage intense

and stressful environments; increase

productivity and profitability; drive innovation

and strengthen relationships.

Using Facebook to Grow Your Local


PREMIUM PASS | Marketing Path

Tuesday, April 7 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Tuesday, April 7 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Presented by Andrea Vahl

Sponsored by QualChem

What is working now on Facebook for

local businesses? How do you reach the

right people and get more traffic to your

location? Andrea Vahl will share the specific

tactics and examples on how to get

more organic visibility including Facebook

Live, Videos, and when to post. You will

also learn how to use Facebook Ads the

right way so that you reach your perfect

local customer without wasting money.

You’ll walk away with a plan on how to

approach your Facebook Marketing Strategy

for your business.

The Most Human Company Wins

PREMIUM PASS | Marketing Path

Tuesday, April 7 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Tuesday, April 7 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Presented by Mark Schaefer

Sponsored by QualChem

This program will change the way

companies and organizations look at

marketing, sales, advertising, and overall

customer experience.

Based on his brilliant new book, Marketing

Rebellion: The Most Human Company

Wins, Mark Schaefer takes the audience

on a discovery of surprising consumer realities.

Weaving research with entertaining

stories, Mark shows how an entirely new

mindset is needed to meaningfully connect

with customers in a rebellion against marketing,

advertising, and PR.

Attendees will leave with new inspiration

and new information on how they can

incorporate strategies such as live experiences,

people and culture, and story into

their marketing, sales, and customer service

processes at their car washes.

The company has been in the same

family for four generations. Stuart’s father,

Murray Glauberman, who was a chemist,

founded Malco Products, Inc., in 1953 in

Akron, later welcoming his father Abe and

brother Lionel into the family business.

His legacy continued to a third generation

with his sons, Stuart and Jay Glauberman.

Murray’s initial investment of $1,300 was

for the purpose of manufacturing janitorial

and industrial specialty chemicals. Together

the father and sons embarked on a

series of expansions that would eventually

take the company from a single product

to one that manufactures and markets a

broad line of specialty chemicals domestically

and internationally.


True All-In-One Performance.

Compatible with all tool movements.


531 South Taylor Ave

Louisville, CO 80027

T +1- 877-224-5750



Learn more


The Color

of Money

Hear from four experts on how and why detailers should

be offering paint correction services.

Tony Pando of Dr. ColorChip

For the past seven years, Tony Pando has been with Dr. ColorChip, a company founded by Dan McCool in 2003 that specializes in paint chip repair systems. McCool

was Pando’s neighbor and he thought he had an excellent product and business model. Pando had previously been representing golfer Jack Nicklaus, doing licensing/

branding and special make up products under the Nicklaus/Golden Bear Brands worldwide. Combining his commercial experience with McCool’s product and business

model proved serendipitous and today, they have grown the business in a new direction with detailers, car washes, auto dealer detail departments, and internationally.

■ What are some of the main

causes of paint damage?

Stone Chip and scratch damage happens

daily to vehicles. Driving on the freeway,

snowy conditions with sand/ gravel

on the roads, a key scratch from someone,

damage in your home garage or door

chip in a parking lot. But mostly, damage

comes from daily driving on the highway.

■ What are some of the wrong

ways detailers are correcting paint


Paint chip repair products have a long

history of a bad reputation. Obsolete

products leave unsightly paint blobs, do not

have proper color match, or are very difficult

to use. Dr. ColorChip disrupts the “old

way” of fixing paint chips and scratches.

■ Is paint correction something

that detailers should offer on their

menu or should it be done through

a contracted service?

Considering every daily driver car will

get chips, yes. A very common comment

from detailers is, “when I detail a car and

it looks awesome, there is invariably a few

stone chips that make the repair look not

complete.” Considering the ease of Dr.

ColorChip application, this is something

every detailer can have in their offering,

and generate higher ticket sales and have

a more complete repair done.

■ How has paint correction

technology evolved over the


Historically, paint chip repair

products were only regular automotive

paint in paint pens or small bottles

purchased at a dealership. These can be

difficult to apply and require significant

time for a simple repair. In other words,

repairing 6-8 chips on a hood using the

“old way” would require applying the

paint, letting it dry for 30-45 minutes,

then wet sanding, applying the clear and

buffing. Total repair time 1-1.5 hours…

■ What are the biggest mistakes

detailers are making when it

comes to paint correction?

Detailers with little experience or

knowledge of paint can literally burn

through clearcoats and into the paint if

they are not careful with buffing. This

can cause significant damage. Hence

why the “old way” has a bad reputation.

One needs knowledge of the effects of

heat on paint and the clearcoat. Hence,

why avoiding a buffer is best/safest way

for simple stone chip repairs.


■ What are some of the biggest

misnomers regarding paint


That you need to go to a body

shop for chip/scratch repairs and pay

$600-$1000+. Depending on one’s

expectations, a detailer can provide a

very good repair at a fraction of the cost.

■ What is the potential profit for a


Many detailers now do ceramic

coatings, and other protection films. In

addition to the chips being repaired on a

simple detail —prior to applying coatings

— chip repair is an additional profit center

and something a vehicle owner would

gladly want to get done for a more complete

repair. The profit for a detailer can be

fairly significant. It depends on number of


chips, depth of a scratch, etc., but additional

charges for this service are warranted

and gladly accepted by the vehicle owner.

■ What happens if a customer

says they think they can buy a

paint correction system and do it


In many cases, and the “old way”

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) paint correction

was difficult, timely and somewhat dangerous

to the paint if one did not know

how to buff properly…

■ Is there anything else you think

our readers should know?

I would highlight that fixing stone

chips increases the value of a vehicle

(especially a lease return), protects

against rust, and improves the overall

appearance of the vehicle.


Jose “Joe” Fernandez of Superior Shine

Based out of Arcadia, California, Superior Shine owner Jose “Joe” Fernandez said they work on vehicles valued at $600K or more. Having started out in the early 90s with his

original business, Fernandez Detailing, Fernandez had always had a love of working with cars having worked in his father’s auto shop since the age of 6. Years later, he joined

the U.S. Marine Corps where his love for cars was further supported as he was able to detail cars during his visits across the globe. After his discharge he became a detailer at

the famous Hill and Vaughn restoration facilities in Marina del Rey where he was racecar driver Phil Hills’s personal detailer. Superior Shine has been around since 1992 and

Fernandez says his most requested services are paint correction and maintenance services.

■ You mentioned that paint

correction is one of the most

requested services at your

business. What kinds of

correction services do you offer?

I primarily perform paint correction

and do very little auto detailing. Most of

my customers hire me to paint correct

their new vehicles. It would be reasonable

to expect that all brand-new vehicles

finish would be in perfect condition,

but unfortunately this is rarely the case.

The paint correction is even more important

when the vehicle is going to be

ceramic coated. We will want to the finish

look its best before we apply a coating to it.

The type of paint correction I perform

is very thorough. Most jobs include

between 15 to 20 hours of polishing.

■ What are the most common

paint problems customers in

your area (Arcadia, California)

come in with?

On new vehicles the most common

defects are bad polishing work either performed

at the vehicle manufacturer or the

dealership. These types of defects range

from wet sanding marks to hologram/

buffer trails that remain in the finish.

On a used vehicle, defects that are most

common are ones that are the results of improper

care, such as poor washing practices.

■ Can you explain to our

readers who are just starting

out what paint correction is?

Paint correction is removing any paint

defect or imperfection from a vehicle finish.

This is most often done using compounds

and polishing products on a machine


■ If a detailer is thinking of

offering paint correction,

what advice do you have?

First, determine if it is the proper fit for

your business. Paint correction is a specialized

service that is very labor intensive. Most

of the general public are not aware of paint

correction and care little about having a

perfectly polished finish. Paint correction is

a unique niche that must be marketed properly

in order to be profitable.

Secondly, any new detailer will want to

be formally trained. This is essential. Any

kind of paint correction work has to be done

correctly and efficiently. Personally, I think

the Rupes Bigfoot Car Detailing Academy

is an excellent place for such training.

■ What is one of the

biggest mistakes a detailer

should avoid when it comes

to paint correction?

By far the biggest mistake is not charging

enough for their services. Paint correction is

a specialized labor-intensive service that too

often is [undervalued] and underpriced.

Since 1953


Less Steps. Less Effort. Brilliant Finish.



The EPIC Paint Correction System

combines the ease of use of a

dual-action orbital polisher with

compounds that can finish in one step.

From expert detailers to first-time users,

achieve a brilliant finish every time.


MALCO PRODUCTS, INC. | 361 Fairview Avenue | Barberton, Ohio 44203 | 800.253.2526 |

@MalcoAutomotiveProducts @malcoproducts Malco Automotive Malco Automotive

0000 Malco Auto Detailing News Ad.indd 1 2/19/2020 3:53:48 PM


Bob Wiener of Finer Details

Along with being a select team member of the Air Force One Detailing Team, Bob Wiener is also the owner of Finer Details of Long Branch, New Jersey. Wiener is a retired officer

and he, along with his wife, Lisa and her family have been in the car wash industry for over 50 years. In a recent interview with Auto Detailing News, Wiener said, around 2010 after

having been a police officer for 17 years, he was looking for a business to start and build preparing for his retirement. He researched training centers and found Renny Doyle. Wiener

is now one of the esteemed members of The Detail Mafia. In 2017 he received his master’s Certification at the Annual Detailing Success Meeting & Continuing Education Event at

the SEMA show in Las Vegas and has also obtained International Detailing Association (IDA) certification and a Detailing Success Business, Skills, & Paint Correction certification.

■ What kinds of correction

services do you offer?

Most of my customers are just

looking for shiny paint and don’t

understand full paint correction. We

offer a 1 step polish that can remove

approximately 40% of the minor

surface imperfections. If a customer

wishes to have more done in terms of

corrections, I will then evaluate the

paint and determine how many steps

it will take to achieve the results they

are looking for.

■ What are the most

common paint problems

customers come in with?

Most customers have swirls and

scratches and some holograms

■ Can you explain to our

readers who are just starting

out what paint correction is?

Paint correction is the process of removing

surface imperfections by polishing,

compounding and possibly sanding

in order to bring the vehicle’s paint to

its maximum potential.

■ If a detailer is thinking

of offering paint correction,

what advice do you have?

Be sure to invest in a paint thickness

gauge*. It is important to know

how much paint/clear coat is on the

vehicle so you can safely remove imperfections

while leaving enough clear

coat to ensure the future integrity of

the paint system.

Jason Yard, marketing manager of Malco Products, Inc.

■ What is one of the biggest

mistakes a detailer should avoid

with paint correction?

Don’t over promise and under deliver.

It is important to set your customers’

expectations. Not all paint can be

brought to perfection or near perfection.

You want to make sure that you

know your limitations and understand

that you may not get every scratch out.

I would much rather explain to the customer

why I could not safely remove

an imperfection than go too far and

burn through the clearcoat and have to

then repaint the vehicle.

Malco Products, Inc. of Barberton, Ohio, has been providing professional car detailers, car washes, car dealerships

and more with the powerful cleaning and detailing products since 1953. Yard was recently hired as the company’s

marketing manager.





A precision instrument

which uses either

mechanical or electronic

means to measure the

thickness of paint film

applied over a substrate.

Measuring the depth

of your paint will allow

you to see how thick the

clearcoat is, which will

allow you to determine

exactly how to treat

it. (source: Detailers

Dictionary, by

Christopher Evans).

■ For those who don’t know,

what is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of

restoring the top layer of single stage

paint or clear coat to a factory or better

than factory finish. The process

involves cutting compounds, polish

compounds, and a buffing tool with

pads. There are many options including

rotary or dual action buffers and a

large variety of compounds that offer

a variety of applications.

■ What are the common

reasons a vehicle’s paint is


Paint can become damaged from

environmental factors, weather and

natural contaminants. Car washing

can also play a role, even a careful

hand wash can impart scratches in the

finish. All of these micro scratches and

contaminants can dull the paint.

■ If a detailer is thinking of

offering paint correction, what

advice do you have? What are

mistakes to avoid? How should

they market their services?

Step one is proper education.

There are many opportunities to learn

paint correction throughout the industry.

The IDA, through a sponsored

event or through your local distributor.

Even with proper training, practice is

the second key. Because there are so

many different products and different

types of clear coat, it can take years to

master but at minimum a few months

to get a good grasp of the ins and outs.

Always do your first several on your

own car or friends and family’s cars.

It’s a good idea to provide a menu

of services, where the paint correction

is the top level of detailing and receives

a premium price. Many expert

detailers will not quote a paint correction

without seeing the vehicle first. A

standard advertised price could lead to

lost money when a severely damaged

car comes in and takes twice as long as

a typical correction.




Presenting some of the best detailing discussions from The Car Wash Forum (formerly

known as Please Note: Some posts feature minor edits for

readability.) Please note, opinions and statements made here are by each forum user

and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Auto Detailing News.

Advice for Beginners

Looking for advice on starting a detail

business. We have 2 express tunnel

washes and at each wash location room to

establish a detail business line - basically

already there. Previous owner did - but I

guess did not charge enough and found it

to be unsuccessful. Yet we call around to

detailers in the area and they are booked

3 weeks out. Please let me know your

thoughts and advice on the best steps to

take to set it up successfully.

IMO you should start by getting set up and

have guys trained and ready. I’ve just been

helping someone set up a hand wash bay at a

self-serve, and he had his plan of operation in

place first, prices second based on how long

the job would take. MEP001

Have you reached out to the IDA (international

detailers association) I’m sure they have some

folks in your area that could offer advice on

setting things up, training etc... pricing is

directly linked to the type of detail you are

offering and the time it will take. Where are you

located? I might know a few people.


IMO a good detail manager is key. A sales

incentive helps keep productivity high. Managing

quality is another issue you need to address

continually. Develop an order of operations.

Buy high quality products. Machinery needed:

carpet extractor, steamer, air tools ( tornador,

typhoon guns, rotary shampooer brushes).

Good vacuums, plenty of towels, rags, separate

window towels. Blend station for diluting chems

consistently. It’s like Marcus Lemonis says; it’s

about people, products, and process.

For years I priced my detailing too low.

Not any more. My detail manager prices the

jobs, books the work and collects the money.

Someone told me that the owner should stay

away from the cash register and they are right. I

make far more on detailing than I ever did when I

did the pricing and work myself. Waxman

Simoniz has a detailing system you may want

to check into. Greg Pack

IMO the key is finding a great buffer man or

woman. With today’s automotive finishes if they

don’t know what they are doing they can do

more damage than good. If they can buff black

and not burn the clear coat off the vehicle they

are a keeper. 99Roadking

Bad review versus bad customer

Well I feel as though I’ve turned this older around. Get many positive comments from my customers. I’ve had

two people leave a review on google saying the place was a mess, overpriced, and poor quality. I know for a fact

that these are bogus. And since I’ve owned it less than a year and the previous owners were clueless about the

business there are a lot of older bad reviews. So my question is do any of you know how to reset the reviews and

remove the false ones? I do respond to them all but if you just glance at our rating it’s low.

If it’s on Google Business good luck

getting Google to remove fraudulent

reviews I damn near learned 3 new

foreign languages with all the people

I had to go through to get mine

removed. DiamondWash

I had a lady leave a 2 star review this

week before contacting us about

the $10 hold on her CC. After we

explained it would drop off she still

left the 2 star review. If people knew

how much hard work went into

making a car wash the best it can

be, they wouldn’t leave bad reviews.

My wife and I strive for the best for

our washes. APW

I’ve learned to just run the best

wash that I can, and not worry too

much about reviews. Very little can

be done about them anyway. Yelp is

just a complainer website. Axxlrod

I was lucky when I bought the

[business] I currently own. The

previous owner required me to

change the name (which I gladly

did) and that allowed me to start

over with Google and punt all of his

terrible reviews.

That said, it still took weeks for

Google to take down his old listing

and make my new one official for

that address. They are a royal pain

in the a$$ to work with, due mainly

because most of their “customer

care” phone bank operators

moonlight as goat herders in

Uzbekistan. KleanRide

I have signs ...asking for 5 star

reviews if they like our wash. The

sign also says that if they’re not

satisfied or something is wrong to

please email or text me and I include

my contact info. Like KleanRide,

I changed the name when I took

over a year ago. The rating was one

star. Fast forward a year and we’re

4.6 stars. Only one dude left a very

negative review which was clearly

bogus. Car Wash Newbie

Yelp keeps contacting us to try to

get us to advertise with them and

confirm our business listings with

them. I then told them to hold on

while I checked into something

(reviews of yelp itself)... Then I told

them that I refuse to do business

with anyone with reviews of only 1.5

stars! That made me happy. JGinther

I once got a bad review on a wash.I

sold 3 years earlier that had been

torn down a replaced with a retail

store. Took Google 6 months to get

rid of the review. Soapy

A friend (geek) who helped me set

up my website says that Google

reviews matter mostly for search

relevancy, and that sites with the

higher review averages pop up

closer to the top, and more often,

when someone searches “car

wash” in your area. Not sure if

that’s accurate but it seems logical.


Had one review claim female cashier

was rude, Told yelp it must have

been for some other business

since we don’t have any female

employees. They refused to remove

it. Magic words when they call me

to advertise “Remove me from your

call list”. Earl Weiss

All those reviews from Google and

Yelp are mainly people that are

drunk at 2:00 in the morning and

have nothing else to do. Think

of how many times a customer

comes up to you at your wash and

compliments you. To me that means

more than most of these idiots

leaving 1 to 3 star reviews that are

mostly bs. Damoni88

Only thing I can recommend to

minimize this is have a phone

number readily available on

the site. Sometimes they call,

sometimes they don’t. I’ve got a

google voice number now which

is free and allows options such as

call forwarding and a transcript of

voicemail sent to email.. Greg Pack

One thing I do is to go on my

Google Biz Page and respond to the

reviews. Some of the jerkier ones I

ignore, like you do with a bad dog.

Sometimes there is no sense in

arguing. Waxman

Whenever I get a lower review

on Google I then search out the

reviewer and see all their other

reviews of businesses. Almost

always their other reviews are low

as well. Had one lady give me a

one star review (no explanation or

comment). I looked her up and she

had given over 100 one-star reviews

on Google. That was the only rating

she gave anyone. Look up your poor

reviews and see what those same

people are reviewing everyone else.


I myself do not worry about bad

ratings. I believe most people only

seek out reviews just to see how

their experience matches up to

others to reinforce their opinion.


There is not much you can do for the

bad reviews. ... I know I have tons of

happy customers who keep coming

back. To those customers I say,

“I’m trying to boost my presence

online, and appreciate it if you do a

good google review. Also for your

trouble I’ll give you a free $10 Value

Card after you do your review”



Since 197777

Lake Country Manufacturing delivers premium polishing & buffing pads and accessories.

Our products help you get the job done perfectly. Every time.

Lake Country Manufacturing, Inc. | Oconomowoc, Wisconsin



The IDA Is Taking

You to School

Get Your Detailing Education

from the IDA

By Erin Reyes,

IDA Communications Coordinator

Spring break may be right around the corner,

but the opportunity to learn never stops

with the International Detailing Association

(IDA)! So, grab your pencils and paper because

it’s time to take some notes on how to make the

most of the IDA’s many educational offerings.

One of the most easily accessible forms of

education is the IDA’s monthly webinar series.

Each month from February through November,

the IDA hosts an educational webinar,

with topics ranging from best business practices

to marketing strategy to technical detailing

skills. A few recent presentations have covered

business ethics, determining your shop rate,

and the value of traditional marketing methods.

These webinars are hosted by experts in

the field, many of whom have helped build

the industry from the ground up. Attendees

are given the chance not only to ask questions

to the presenter and receive answers in

real time, but also to interact and chat with

other attendees and learn directly from their

peers. Because of the open exchange of information,

attendees can be confident they will

always come away from a session with newfound

knowledge to apply to their businesses

or careers in general.

As an exclusive IDA member benefit,

webinar registration is offered free of charge

(non-members can register for $25), along

with access to a complete archive of webinar

recordings. The replays can be watched

whenever and wherever is convenient for the

viewer, making it a great option for those

busy on-the-go detailers who cannot attend

the live webinar or those who just simply

want to watch it again. Currently, there are

more than 40 recordings available, with a

new one added almost every month. Attending

live webinars or watching recordings

(and completing a brief related survey) is an

easy way for Certified Detailers to earn their

required continuing education credits for

IDA recertification.

If you are interested in hosting a future

webinar or have ideas for topics or speakers,

please visit the IDA website to submit your

proposal or suggestions.

Educational seminars are not restricted to

online sessions – you can also find IDA members

presenting on detailing-related topics at

conventions and tradeshows throughout the

year, such as Mobile Tech Expo (MTE) Orlando

and the Southwest Car Wash Association

(SCWA) Convention & Expo. Last year, IDA

members were also invited to give educational

presentations at the inaugural Mobile Tech

Expo Las Vegas, including 2019 President

Jonathan Munsell, CD, and IDA Recognized

Trainers Jim Lafeber and Prentice St. Clair.

As with the IDA’s webinar series, typical topics

range from building and operating a detailing

business to technical-related sessions.

Attending educational sessions at detailing-related

events such as MTE can also earn

credits for IDA recertification. Up to four hours

(one credit for each hour) are permitted in a

day, so at daylong events like MTE’s Education

Day, it is simple for Certified Detailers to knock

out half of their biannual required credits in a

single day.

Holding educational sessions at large

tradeshows like this has the added benefit of

reaching a wide audience, potentially even beyond

those in the detailing field, thus educating

non-detailers about the profession. Sometimes

IDA members present at auto industry

shows that are not explicitly detailing-related.

For example, last January, former IDA Tradeshow

& Education Committee Chair Prentice

St. Clair, CD-SV, RT, was accepted to speak

at the National Automobile Dealers Association

(NADA) Show on the topic of detailing

faster and better, an important issue in the

car dealership world. To be able to give such

a timely and relevant presentation to a room

full of auto dealers was great exposure for the

detailing profession and certainly educational

for those in attendance.


The IDA Celebrates

Industry Leaders

The IDA recently held its Annual Business Meeting

and Awards Presentation at Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando.

During the ceremony, the IDA recognized industry

leaders by announcing the 2020 IDA Award winners and

inducting the first class of the IDA Hall of Fame.

IDA Awards

The IDA strives to recognize individuals and companies

who go above and beyond the call of duty

to help promote the detailing community. The IDA

Awards honor the highest examples of hard work,

passion, and dedication to the industry displayed by

detailing professionals across the globe.

Detail Shop of the Year: Detail Lex (Lexington, KY)

Detailer of the Year: Claude Harris, Jr., CD (Final

Appearance Auto Detailing – Santa Fe Springs, CA)

Detail Supplier of the Year:

Professional Detailing Products (Canton, OH)

Mobile Detailer of the Year:

Pro & Local Detailing Inc. (Westfield, MA)

Outstanding Service:

Daniel Baker, CD (Ziebart Corporation – Troy, MI)

IDA Hall of Fame

During the meeting, the IDA also inducted the

Class of 2020 into the newly established IDA Hall of

Fame. The following individuals were nominated by

their peers and inducted for their significant and lasting

contributions to the professional detailing industry

in the areas of Innovation, Advancement, Education,

and Leadership.

Robert L. “Bud” Abraham (Founder, Detail Plus)

Renny Doyle, CD-SV, RT (Owner, Detailing Success)

Barry Meguiar (President, Meguiar’s)

William R. Phillips (Founder, P&S Sales)

Ed Terwilliger, CD-SV, RT (Instructor, Cypress College)

The IDA frequently recruits members

to present on behalf of the organization

at industry tradeshows. If you have a

topic you are passionate and knowledgeable

about, keep an eye out for the next

round of speaker solicitation and be sure

to submit your proposal. New speakers

are welcomed and encouraged – attendees

are always looking for fresh insights.

In fact, at MTE Orlando 2020, Raymond

Harrison, Sr. – a 20-year industry veteran

and first-time presenter for the IDA

– had the highest attendance of the day

(it was standing room only) for his session

on paint correction. This just goes

to show that it is never too late to begin

sharing your knowledge and perspective

with your peers, especially when you have

years of experience under your belt.

While webinars and educational seminars

at tradeshows are great sources of

education, the IDA recognizes that not

everyone has the time or money to attend

these events, so the association offers more

readily accessible forms of education,

too. For example, The Detail Dialogue,

IDA’s free monthly e-newsletter, includes

helpful business and marketing advice. If

you have not yet done so, make sure to

subscribe to the IDA newsletter to receive

the latest detailing education each month

straight to your inbox.

Additionally, in each issue, the IDA

features an educational article written by

and for its members, which means you

are getting information straight from the

experts in the field, who are looking to

help make your business the best it can

be. However, while the IDA’s newsletter is

public, educational articles are restricted

to members only. To access the IDA’s archive

of more than 100 educational articles,

with a new article added each month,

please visit the IDA website to become a

member. Conversely, if you are willing to

share your expertise with fellow members,

you can visit the IDA website to submit

your article for an upcoming issue – bonus:

writing newsletter articles also grants

credit towards IDA recertification.

Another exclusive, members-only educational

opportunity is the IDA Facebook

Group. Conversing directly with your

peers is a great way to learn from others

who understand your needs and questions.

The IDA Facebook Group provides

a space where members can share insider

tips with one another, ask questions, and

get instant and honest feedback. Members

discuss things such as successful marketing

campaigns, customer conundrums,

and tools and techniques to take their

business to the next level. There are also

several designated groups for the IDA’s

international Chapters, in which Chapter

members can converse in their preferred

language and discuss the challenges and

highlights of their local market. Members

also have the ability to chat online via the

IDA’s website forums or social feed.

But if connecting online is helpful for

one’s education, connecting face-to-face

is even better. Some of the best lessons

come from informal, in-person meetings

where participants can speak freely and

candidly. The IDA provides these types

of opportunities through member Meet

& Greets, participation at tradeshows, the

Annual Business Meeting, and more gatherings

throughout the year.

While IDA educational opportunities


are available to all levels of members and

non-members, the association actually offers

a student membership to individuals

who are currently enrolled in a professional

detailing or automotive restoration

course at an accredited school or institution.

That means student members do

not have to wait until they are owner/operators

to start taking advantage of IDA

education – they can learn concurrently

while still working toward their degree or

certificate. Interested parties should visit

the IDA website to learn more about requirements

and to apply.

If planning IDA educational offerings

sounds like something in which you

would be interested, consider joining the

IDA Tradeshow & Education Committee,

which is responsible for brainstorming

and implementing ways to help you

learn how to become better detailers and

business owners. Visit

Involved to volunteer today!




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