Another Point Of View Book

Book containing Images form my Solo Exhibition in 2018

Book containing Images form my Solo Exhibition in 2018


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Another Point Of View


Email: sokari@sokari.eu

Tel: +44 7956191078


About Sokari

A self-trained photographer based in East

London, driven by his passion for architecture,

art, design and the human form. His

photography is inspired by the environment and

world around him, which he uses to showcase a

fresh perspective of his subjects. For him

photography is also an art form used to capture

special moments in time.

Sokari graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in

Philosophy and has an MSc. in Business

Information Technology. He worked for an

investment bank in the City of London for over

16 years, but is now following his passion,


Another Point Of View


Email: sokari@sokari.eu

Tel: +44 7956191078


Another Point Of View

I consider architecture to be an expression of an architect’s artistic stance. Just like other art forms, it is the creation of something

from nothing. I try to interpret these artistic expressions by combining my passion for photography and my love for architecture.

My photography is mainly about showing ways in which architecture can be viewed. This process usually depends on the

conditions around me and where I am positioned at that point in time. I realised that depending on where you are, you tend to see

things differently. As most photographers will tell you, getting the right shot is not always easy. There are times when I have had to

make several trips to one place, just to get the shot I have visualised in my minds’ eye. However there are also times when I have

been lucky to be at the right place at the right time and every click produces the right shot. The is the best part of photography

because that is when the camera and the mind are working together as one.

I also believe there is a relationship between architecture and its surroundings, sometimes it can be positive and blends seamlessly

with the environment, while in some cases, it can be negative and clashes with the surroundings. As a photographer I try to

capture these relationships as I see them and in the process also capture certain characteristic of the buildings.

Another fascinating thing about architecture is how it transforms our lives, affecting the way we live, the things we do, and even

shapes the world around us. This is the gift that I believe architecture gives to us as a society.


About this book

This book is collection of images from my 4th Solo Exhibition - “Another Point of View”, it also include 27 extra images that didn’t

make it to the final exhibition and some from previous shows.

Most of the images you will see in this book are a true representation of the buildings, they have not been amended or changed in

anyway. They may have been shot from different angles to give you a different view from what you would see normally. However,

there are others in here that are a combination of themselves, shot deliberately in a certain way to achieve what you see.

My journey as a photographer has been a very exiting one. It has taken me to many places around the world, chasing works of some

of my favourite architects and discovering works of some new ones. This process has been very enlightening, providing me with so

much information and stories about some of the places and the buildings I have had the privilege to shoot.

The experience has been very rewarding for me as a photographer and as a person and it gives a purpose to some of my shoots. I

remember being on a train journey to Liege (Belgium) and I started a conversation with a lady who happens to be from that city. The

moment she found out I was heading to Liege to take pictures of the new train station (Liege-Guillemins), she beamed with pride and

told me how much she loved the building and how it has transformed the city. But, what struck me the most from our conversation

was when she said……. ”Do you know, even though it is a very large white building, there is not one “Graffiti” mark on it”…… an

indication that the building is so appreciated by the city that, even the Graffiti artists have respected the beauty of it. That remark

stayed with me throughout the period I was shooting. I felt it was my duty to photograph it in such a way that other people would see

the building from the eyes of the locals that love it so much.

As you journey through the pages of the book I sincerely hope you enjoy the works as much as I have enjoyed capturing them. I really

love what I do and I plan to keep doing it for as long as I can hold a camera.

Umeda Sky Building

“Umeda Sukai Biru” is the 19th tallest building in Osaka, Japan. It consists of two 40-story towers that connect at their two uppermost stories, with

bridges and an escalator crossing the wide atrium-like space in the centre. Designed by Hiroshi Hara. Completed in 1993.


Designed in 1951 by architect Oscar Niemeyer, the OCA is an exhibition space with over ten thousand square meters, in Sao Paulo, brazil. Its official

name is Lucas Noguera Garcez Pavilion named after the engineer and Brazilian politician of the 1950s.

City of Arts and Science

This image is a blend of windows and light from a basement restaurant in the City of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain. The Building is designed by

architect Santiago Calatrava.

Lombard Wharf

A residential building located on York Way near Battersea, in the city of London. Designed by architect Patel Taylor.

Ibirapuera Auditorium

The auditorium is a building conceived by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, situated in Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The building has a

volumetric simplicity composed of a single block, but has the form of a trapezoid and in some aspects , the form of a triangle.


The Grade II listed structure was originally constructed in the 1850s, but has now been converted to apartments by architect WilkinsonEyre, in

collaboration with Jonathan Tucker Design. Located next to the Regent’s Canal at the heart of King’s Cross, in the city of London.

Silent Corridor

The back-stage corridor of the El Palua de les Arts Reina Sofia, in the city of Valencia, Spain. This section the building is rarely seen by members of the

public. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.

Florin Court

An art deco residential building in Clerkenwell, in the city of London. Built in 1936 by Guy Morgan and Partners.

Dollar Bay

A residential development in The Isle of Dogs, East London. The area has seen a dramatic transformation over the last 20 years. Designed by Ian

Simpson Architects.

Douglas Fir-clad Spiral Staircase

This staircase in the Walker Court of the Art Gallery of Ontario is a piece of art in its own right. Designer by architect Frank Gehry as part of the an

expansion project of the AGO, in Toronto, Ontario.

Medieval Museum Waterford

A museum for historical artefacts associated with the city of Waterford, in the Republic of Ireland. It is the only museum of its kind in Europe that is built

over two national monuments. Designed by the Waterford City Council Architects.

Teatro Popular

A performance theatre in the city of Niteroi. The opening of the Building in 2007 marked an important milestone for Niteroi, because it was the year the

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer turned one hundred.

Erasmus Bridge

The third bridge across the river Nieuwe Maas in the city of Rotterdam. it is popularly knows as “The Swan” and quickly became the signature of the

city. The bridge is an endless source of inspiration for photographers, filmmakers, advertisers and even poets. It featured in the 1998 Jackie Chan film

“Who Am I?” And in 2005 several planes flew underneath the bridge as part of the Red Bull Air Race” Designed by Berkel & Bos.


A residential development at King’s Cross, London. Designed by Niall Mclaughlin Architects and Weedon Partnership. The building won the RIBA

London award 2017.


The MAC - Neteroi is a museum of contemporary art in the city of Niteroi, Brazil. The 8,790 square feet reflecting pool surrounds the cylindrical base

building “like a flower” , in the words of the architect Oscar Niemeyer.

La Salve Bridge

Originally designed by Juan Bataner in 1972, the bridge was recently updated with the red arch, designed by French artist Daniel Buren, Bilbao, Spain.

Guggenheim Bilbao

Designed by Frank Gehry, the building was hailed by Vanity Fair as a “signal moment in architectural culture, because it represents “one of the rear

moments when critics, academics and the general public were all completely united about something”. - A masterpiece.

Old Town Bilbao

Founded over 700 years ago, Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country. In the early 20th century it was the wealthiest city in Spain due to the

development of strong industrial, mining, steel and shipping industries. Today its focus is on tourism and services centred around the Guggenheim


A Window into Porto

The town that gave its country its name. Porto is Portugals second largest city, built on the hills overlooking the Duoro River. Today it is a UNESCO

World Heritage site. this image captures a glimpse of the old town from a more modern attraction, Teleferico de Gaia.


A residential development in the city of London, designed by Dutch firm UNStudio. The tower was completed in 2015.

The Fifth Element

The Lloyds building in the City of London, designed by architect Richard Rogers, The image is named “The Fifth Element” because I got the inspiration

for it from the 1997 movie by director Luc Besson

Copenhagen Opera House

Another rare opportunity to be in a area of the opera house that is not usually open to the public. The building was designed by architect Henning

Larsen in collaboration with Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller.

Guggenheim Bilbao

One characteristic feature of this building by Architect Frank Gehry, its the way the building changes its colour depending on the time of day.


Part of the City of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain. The L’Umbracle is a sculpture garden and landscaped walk with plant species indigenous

to Valencia. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.

Conen Lumire

A residential block in Canning Town, East London one of the earlier high rise buildings, which forms part of the regeneration of the area.

Millau Viaduct

A cable-stayed bridge on the River Tarn near Millau, in southern France. It was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2011 for being

the tallest bridge in the world. Designed by Sir Norman Foster, and Dr. Michel Virlogeux.

The Harp

A section of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, Neatherlands. The bridge spans the river Nieuwe Maas and connect the northern and southern parts of the city.

Designed by Berkel & Bos.

Ibirapuera Auditorium

Part of a collection of buildings in Sao Paulo’s biggest park (Ibirapuera) was designed by Brazil’s most cherished architect Oscar Niemeyer. The red

marquee in painted metal covers the main accessories and gives the building its Identity, differentiating it from the other buildings in the park.

City of London Information Centre

Replacing a circular kiosk originally designed for the festival of Britain, the new Centre is located near St Paul’s Cathedral. Designed by make



A new perdestrian/cycle tunnel in Amsterdam Central Station that connects the city and the waters of the IJ-river. The tunnel is clad on one side by

nearly 80,000 Delft blue hand-painted tiles by Irma Boon. Designed by Bentherm Crouwel Architects. It was completed in 2015.

Rotterdam Central Station

This cycle/pedestrian tunnel in Rotterdam Central station, located at Station Square, was officially opened in March 13th 2014, by King Willem

Alexander. The station is one of the four main stations in Netherlands and is well connected with cities all over the country.

Douglas Fir-clad Spiral Staircase

This staircase in the Walker Court of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canada. Designer by architect Frank Gehry as part of the an expansion

project of the AGO, in Toronto, Ontario.

London Aquatics Centre

An indoor facility with 160 feet swimming pools built as one one the venues for the London 2012 Olympic games. The centre was designed by Pritzker

Price winning architect Zaha Hadid, who unfortunately passed away in 2014. She was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Price in 2004. The design

is inspired by by Dollan Aqua Centre in east Kilbride, Scotland

Residential building in the city of Valencia, Spain. (Architect Unknown)

Residential building in the city of Valencia, Spain. (Architect Unknown)

King’s Cross StationLombard Wharf

The departure concourse of the London King’s Cross station, designed by architect John McAsian.

The MAC - Neteroi

The interior of the museum of contemporary art in the city of Niteroi, Brazil. It is one of the city’s main landmarks, completed in 1996. the building was

designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Royal Albert Wharf

As part of the regeneration of the Royal Albert Dock, these dockside apartments are the latest additions to this area in East London. The dock was

originally constructed in 1880, and was the largest dock at the time. it closed to commercial traffic in the 1980s.

The Roman Forum

The ruins of several important government buildings at the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. The inspiration for this image is from the skeletons of fish.

The Kings Stairs Passage

A passage way next to the King’s stairs Gardens along the Thames Jubilee Walk in the city of London.

Spiral Stairs.

A spiral Staircase in the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia opera house in the city of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain. Designed by Santiago



A residential development in Royal Victoria Docks in East London. The was designed by architect CZWG. This image is inspired by the shape of flower



Another image from the Roman forum, which are ruins of several important government buildings at the centre of the city of Rome, Italy.

Niagara Falls (Day)

Waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States. Located on the Niagara River, which drains Lake Erie into Lake

Ontario. The combined falls forms the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America and has a vertical drop of more than 165 feet.

Niagara Falls (Night)

City of Arts and Science.

A spectacle of light and colours in the City of Art and Science in Valencia, Spain.

City of Bilbao

A spectacle of light and colours in the city of Bilbao, Spain.

All works by Sokari Higgwe

All rights reserved 2018

© Sokari Higgwe



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