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Head of BU – EK Home,




Richard Barnes


IFA International

IFA 2020 Special Edition:

what visitors experience onsite

IFA 2020 Special Edition is into the final straight

today! Visitors who join the show onsite have

had the opportunity to experience the first global

industry gathering since the corona pandemic

began. Most importantly, IFA 2020 Special Edition

enables face-to-face meetings for building new

business contacts. Visitors are also enjoying a

range of real-life presentations and product

launches. For example, TCL has announced a

number of new high-end QLED TVs featuring a

new processor and pop-up cameras – enabling

videoconferencing, but ensuring intimacy for those

who fear “someone is watching them”. Haier group

launched a new AI-based cooking system, BSH

has a surprising new “PerfectDry” dishwasher,

Miele has launched a range of countertop coffee

makers… the list goes on.

What is more, as part of SHIFT Mobility meets

IFA NEXT, e-kick scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes

and cargo-pedelecs can be tested by visitors on

a specially designed track. Over the course of

the three days, the press conferences, Innovation

Engine stage and SHIFT Mobility Convention

add additional insights and news. Meanwhile,

journalists joining the show virtually via the

“Xtended Space” are able to get in touch with

speakers and exhibitors via the platform

LG CTO Dr I.P. Park appears on stage

in hologram form at IFA 2020

LG delivers a




by Jens

Heithecker Briefing

IFA Business, Retail &

Meeting Lounges 2020:

preparing for the end-ofyear


Welcome to Day 3 of the IFA

Special Edition. I am pleased

to say that this again is THE

place to do business in the runup

to Christmas. Indeed, after

many months without personal

meetings, IFA Business,

Retail & Meeting Lounges

2020 have finally presented

the opportunity for trade and

industry to meet face-to-face

and prepare for the end-ofyear

business in 2020. A large

number of international brands

IFA International is a CLEVERDIS Publication.

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are participating, meaning real

deals face-to-face. Another

important advance has been

made this year. Starting with

the Special Edition, GfK is

providing the IFA community

not only with its trusted

insights, but also with predictive

business recommendations

to help players make the right

decisions. GfK has been working

with IFA for many years and the

cooperation has proven to be

very successful. GfK has also

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Jens Heithecker

Executive Vice President

Messe Berlin Group /

IFA Executive Director

been a trusted partner for the

industry for over 85 years. Their

valued data and analytics are a

real asset to the industry and

trade. Their new proprietary

AI-powered software platform

“gfknewron”, co-developed by

the company’s key clients, will

be a real boon to the market.

And this partnership now

extends to the global IFA family,

including CE China and CE

Week in the USA

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At IFA 2020, LG Electronics presented

a new consumer experience unlike

any previous IFA show. LG CTO Dr

I.P. Park took to the stage in hologram

form to talk about “Life’s Good from

Home”, the company’s vision for the

future. LG’s future vision is centred

on the three core home values

of care, convenience and entertainment.

“These unprecedented times have made

us more uncertain about the future,”

said Dr Park, adding, “LG believes this

presents a unique opportunity to make

real change in the world by realising a

new potential for the home.”

LG’s AI platform, LG ThinQ, continues to

evolve, creating new services, solutions

and business models. “LG ThinQ is

the beating heart of our life-enriching

innovative experiences,” said Dr Park,

who went on to present LG’s CLOi

line of robots, that can provide a safe,

socially distant way to deliver services in

restaurants and hospitals.

Dr Kim Kyung-ho, executive vice president

of the LG’s Business Solutions Europe,

followed Dr Park on stage to introduce

LG ThinQ Home. An actual living space

and complete home solution in the South

Korean city of Pangyo known as Korea’s

Silicon Valley, ThinQ Home is a (totally

energy self-sufficient) real demonstration

of LG’s Life’s Good from Home vision as

the ideal future residence designed to

deliver a safer, more convenient lifestyle

through the company’s latest appliances

and IT technologies





2020 IFA Product Technology

Innovation Award winners unveiled

Global consumer electronics industry to gather pace, spurred by

consumption upgrade

As the industry reaches an inflection point due to the global health

crisis, the 2020 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award (IFA-PTIA)

winners have been announced, representing important product

technology innovations, and identifying key trends of the global

electronics industry.

8K and QLED TVs are taking centre stage,

healthy home appliances are achieving

explosive growth, small home appliances

are registering strong growth despite a weak

market environment, and wearable devices are

booming again.

The 2020 IFA-PTIA presented a total of 19

awards, going to 14 brands including Siemens,

Samsung, Midea, Panasonic, BOE, Electrolux,

CHiQ, Honor, Sony, LG, Philips, De'Longhi,

iRobot and Tecno in recognition of their groundbreaking

technology, design or applications in


China-based global consumer electronics

brands have continued to be at the forefront of

innovation of the industry. Midea wins the “Smart

Kitchen Solutions Gold Award” for its new

Ifamily kitchen system and “User Experience

Innovation Product Gold Award” for its Air

Conditioning KFR-35GW/BP3DN8Y-XT100(1);

Honor wins “High-performance Innovative

Laptop Gold Award” for its MagicBook Pro and

“Outdoor Innovation Wearable Gold Award”

for its Watch GS Pro; BOE wins “Innovative

Display Technology Gold Award” for its Flexible

OLED Full-screen Display; CHiQ wins “Design

Innovation TV Gold Award” for its 75Q7ART 8K;

and Tecno wins “Camera Technology Innovation

Smartphone Gold Award” for its Camon 16


Over the years, the IFA Product Technology

Innovation Award will continue to track global

consumer electronics products, empowering

the development of the industry.

Midea’s latest air conditioner

range adopts the 180-degree rotating air

duct technology which, coupled with a large

circulating air volume, solves a range of pain

points such as narrow air sweeping range, high

temperature in areas which cold air cannot

reach, sleep mode leading to high temperature,

and noisiness of other modes.

MagicBook Pro is the first of its kind in

terms of “lightness + performance” in the large

screen market. Thanks to excellent appearance

and screen quality, strong performance and

heat dissipation, comprehensive and balanced

configuration and featured multi-screen collaborative

experience, MagicBook Pro

is undoubtedly the most

versatile compact highperformance

laptop at

mainstream prices in 2020.

The Midea Ifamily system: stove,

ventilator and dishwasher, boasting intelligent

features and also working in linkage with each

other. All the Midea products can be connected

and controlled via the Midea Smart Home Meiju

app, delivering a digital intelligent kitchen.

The HONOR Watch GS

Pro is a sturdy and durable

GPS smartwatch that has

obtained 14 MIL-STD-

810G certifications. It

can withstand harsh

environments such as

low pressure, extreme

cold and heat, sand and

dust. Watch GS Pro has

over 100 work-out modes

and 25-day ultra-long battery

life. In addition to professional outdoor

functions, it boasts impressive performance

in health monitoring and smart functions. In

summary, it features innovative design concepts

and professional sports and health functions.

The Panasonic JX2 Series is

known for high-concentration nanoeX

purification technology that not only

actively purifies the air, kills numerous

viruses including coronavirus, but also

removes bacteria as well as common

household odours, as well as efficiently

decomposing harmful substances of

PM2.5. At the same time, the automatic

dust-exhausting cleaning robot cleans

and prevents mildew from the source and

ensure the air is always fresh.

LG 27GN950 is a latest flagship

gaming monitor, featuring a Nano IPS

screen with 4K resolution, DCI-P3

coverage of 98%, 10bit colour depth,

a screen refresh rate of 144Hz, and a

grayscale response time of 1ms (GTG). In

recent years, IPS has become a preferred

choice for many consumers looking

for screens with powerful all-around


De’Longhi D3G SB has keenly

captured the aspirations of the new

generation of young consumers for

coffee machines and pioneered the TBOI

De’Longhi mellowly extracted iced coffee

technology. D3G can make not only

traditional coffee that previous models do,

but also up to 20 kinds of summer special





Rediscovering the joy of cooking -

thanks to smart kitchen aids

Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor of Miele,

explains new digital applications for the kitchen and how domestic

appliances can be kept up to date

Smart kitchen aids are trending as they make many aspects of our lives easier

for us. We asked Dr Reinhard Zinkann whether his company is showcasing

innovations that may be trend-setters.

Yes, absolutely. For a start, we are presenting

a broad range of products once again this

year: laundry care with Miele is becoming

even more sustainable and convenient. In

terms of dishwashers, we are showcasing

compact appliances which focus on urban

living in smaller apartments. What’s more, your

favourite coffee now tastes even better thanks

to Miele! I’m certainly seeing a megatrend in the

kitchen: digitalisation is opening up fascinating

new possibilities to enhance inspiration and

enjoyment when cooking – and to this end, we

have some really exciting features in store!

What are these specifically?

Allow me to explain in a little more detail: since

the start of the coronavirus

pandemic, we have all been

spending more time at home

– and in front of the cooker.

Cooking with fresh ingredients

and trying out something new

is very popular. Consequently,

we have seen high demand for

the recipe database provided

in the Miele app. However, our

own abilities in the kitchen

do not always live up to our

expectations! So the new

assistance systems we are

offering for baking, frying and

cooking can provide users with

a helping hand and inspiration


What are these systems?

Firstly, there is Smart Food ID. Here, the camera

in the Miele oven identifies which dish I have

placed in the oven, then all I have to do is confirm

this and it will be cooked fully automatically – with

extremely reliable results, naturally. The second

assistance system is called Smart Browning

Control. It is our programme for cooking the

perfect pizza and is also camera-assisted. The

oven monitors how the pizza browns to identify

when it is done.











Finally, when frying with our new induction

hobs, we have developed CookAssist. With

assistance from our app, CookAssist guides

you through the cooking process step by step,

notifying you on your smartphone when the

pan has reached the right searing temperature,

for example. It also lets you know when the

steak needs to be turned in the pan so that

it is cooked exactly how you like it – whether

rare, medium or well done. In addition to steaks,

CookAssist currently also helps with 14 other

recipes, such as chicken curry, rösti or pancakes.

And more recipes are constantly being added,

also thanks to our cooperation with KptnCook,

a highly successful and innovative start-up in

the cookery sector.

Doesn’t this curb creativity


Absolutely not. Experienced

cooks can work with our

appliances exactly how

they wish and set precise

temperatures within one degree

of accuracy. And this isn’t just

the case for ovens and hobs – it

also applies to steam ovens and

other combination appliances

from Miele. However, for those

who are less experienced

in the kitchen or who don’t

want to have to deal with all

the fine details of cooking the

new assistance systems are a

huge help. Not forgetting the

inspiration factor: I’m much more likely to try out

a new recipe if I know that it’s going to turn out

well thanks to Miele. I’m sure that lots of people

will rediscover the joy of cooking through these

digital features.

How many recipes have the digital aids


Altogether, several dozen at present. But this is

just the start. We are continually expanding the

recipes offered.

Dr Reinhard Zinkann

Executive Director and Co-Proprietor of Miele,

sees great potential in new assistance systems

for cooking

So would it be better if I waited until Miele has

made a larger stock of recipes available?

There’s no need to put off a purchase for this

reason. New applications and assistance

systems are added to our customers’ appliances

via online updates. In practical terms, this means

that a 60 cm Miele oven with camera purchased

in 2019 can be upgraded to include Smart Food

ID in the coming year, and will then have more

functions than when it was new. Our customers

will therefore always be able to benefit from

brand new developments



Hall 1.2, 3.2, 4.2

© Miele




New products

announced for Candy,

Hoover and Haier

At the Haier group press conference on Thursday afternoon,

Yannick Fierling, European CEO of the group, made a number

of key announcements, ranging from innovations in the IoT

ecosystem to the launch of a number of new products and


IFA 2020 was, according to Fierling,

the “ideal scenario to anticipate the

user experience the brand Haier

is working on”, with the launch of

a new range of connected wine

cellar and the debut in the built-in

segment, with the preview of a new

range of ovens, induction hobs and

hoods. The new Series 4 built-in

range is, says Fierling, the first and

only range of products fully Artificial


Candy continues its mission in

providing solutions to simplify

the consumers’ everyday life

with the launch of the new Nova

range of washing machines, that

further evolve the concept of

Smart Washing. Hoover focused

on wellness and healthy lifestyle,

proposing a series of innovations

for the care of the home and the

environment, with the launch of

a new wellbeing ecosystem line

– “H-abitat” – made up of a robot

vacuum cleaner, an air purifier and

a sensor .

Fierling spoke of the launch of the

new hOn App, which can manage all

the group’s products and services

with a single solution — flanked

by a series of major partnerships

with technology and digital service

providers, the latest of which is

the one signed with Vivino, that

Yannick Fierling - CEO, Haier Europe presents new Haier AI cooking range

will allow users to recognise and

catalogue thousands of wines,

to optimise the functionality and

experience of the Haier premium

range of Wi-Fi wine cellars.

"Haier is the world's first and only

IoT ecosystem brand", said Fierling,

adding, "We were also the fastest

growing company in Europe in

2019... and the growth continues"



Challenges and

opportunities – the

roadmap for successful


Exclusive Interview - Jochen Pohle,

Head of Business Unit EK Home,


The support of members during Covid-19 lockdown has

been one of the biggest challenges for EK/servicegroup. We

asked Jochen Pohle, Head of Business Unit EK Home how the

organisation tackled the issue.

Even in the run-up to the business

closures, we informed the dealers

about the immediate measures to

secure liquidity, such as talks with

banks and landlords, and provided

them with the corresponding

sample letters on topics such

as short-time work, exemption

regulations, immediate assistance,

tax hours, etc.

The suspension of invoice

settlements was then certainly one

of the most effective measures to

ease the tight liquidity situation. At

the same time, it was of course a

question of boosting e-business.

Within a very short time, we

installed online shops with the

dealers, pushed the connection to

our own and external marketplaces

such as Amazon and ran advertising

campaigns - especially on social

media. The message here: "We're

here for you online."

We then accompanied the

restart with an extensive range of

services, including health care. This

included the checklist for health

prevention as well as the supply of

breathing masks, cough protection

or disinfectant stands and the

expansion of contactless payment

options. And the video tutorial on

the production of self-made mouthnose

protection masks was not

missing either.

What will be the secrets to

successful business in the coming


The most important thing is that in

the fight against the virus, we do

not allow ourselves to slacken our

distance and hygiene measures.

Furthermore, the current situation

shows us that we need to become

more flexible in many areas. What is

required is a better understanding

of customer needs and much faster

adaptation to changes in consumer

behaviour in times of crisis. To

achieve this, we need to get even

closer to our customers, especially

digitally. At the same time, it is

necessary to think and act much

more quickly when determining

assortments and delivery times.

Which product groups are moving

best at the moment?

In times of home office, the retreat

into the private sphere and the

questioning of basic attitudes to life,

products that make the home more

beautiful and more comfortable

are booming. In addition, there are

articles that support work from

your home desk. We are seeing

exceptionally good development

in kitchens and accessories. Large

and small electrical appliances are

also doing well.

What products do you expect to be

the “sweet spots” for Christmas?

In these times, people want more

than ever for themselves and their

loved ones to be doing well. We

therefore expect that there will

be a strong demand for wellness

articles and technical equipment

with the right mix of functionality

and emotional added value at


What are your thoughts about the

fact that IFA management has

decided to do a “real” show this

year, despite all the difficulties?




An update from TP Link's mesh system with Wi-Fi 6, the Deco

X96 2pack can cover an area of up to 560 sq m with Wi-Fi.

Deco X96 supports 6GHz band for lag-free data transfer with up

to 7800Mbit / s available for more than 200 devices. Through

the device's targeted increase in efficiency, it

ensures an expansion of capacity for parallel

running applications.

Thanks to this technology, bandwidth-intensive

experiences such as streaming TV, gaming

and smart home communication are possible




Hall 1.2 / Stand 211

The rapid expansion of digital

sales and communication

channels is undoubtedly a positive

consequence of the crisis situation,

but despite the mask, the personal

conversation is irreplaceable.

Business between people requires

trust, emotions and, from time

to time, a shared laugh. Thus,

networking in "real life" remains the

key to successful entrepreneurship.

Of course, always taking all

necessary precautions






Panasonic’s German “Dream Team” at the Business, Retail & Meeting Lounge

area – (L-R) Managing Director, Kai Hillebrandt, with Sales Director, Michael

List and Head of PR, Michael Langbehn

Deals - face to

face at IFA

The IFA Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges have been

a major success at this year’s IFA Special Edition. Over

the three days of the show, this “trade only” area in the

City Cube enables meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the hundreds of

pre-registered retailers and

distributors from Germany,

including representatives of

EK/servicegroup, Euronics,

expert, EP:Electronic Partner,

Telering and Media-Saturn

Deutschland GmbH, more than

250 international retailers and

trade visitors from more than 50

countries registered to attend.

Participating brands include

Panasonic, Sinotunity GmbH,

Neato Robotics Inc., IDCP BV,

Simfer ic de vis Ticaret A.S.,

LG Electronics Deutschland

GmbH, Bleu Jour Sarl, Grundig

Intermedia GmbH and Beko


The Business, Retail & Meeting

Lounges are supplemented

by a reseller area, which has

been bringing together trade

visitors and exhibitors as a

B2B marketplace for 20 years

in cooperation with the Global

Fairs TT fair.

In the Panasonic area, we spoke

with Kai Hillebrandt – Managing

Director for German speaking

countries at Panasonic – and

new Chairman of the Advisory

Board of the German Industry

Association gfu. He says the

team from Panasonic Germany

has been very busy throughout

the show: “It’s been a unique

chance to talk to all our business

partners. All the main players

are here from Germany’s

buying groups, but also from

a number of other countries”,

says Hillebrandt. “It is of vital

importance for us to have a

presence here. We are doing

business. But touching and

experiencing the products is

highly important, which is why

we are really looking forward to

IFA 2021.”

Meanwhile, Jessica Schnabel,

Public Relations Expert,

Grundig Intermedia GmbH, told

IFA International the show had

been a success for her company

– with back-to-back meetings in

the lounge with trade reps and



A revolutionary solution

for smelly shoes

For those tired of stinky shoes,

Creative Technology from Japan

has developed a solution thanks

to to its own brand ataraina.

More than 30 years of research and

production in the semiconductor

industry form the background of

this brand, which aims to make

everyday life easier with the help of

electrostatic technology.

Thanks to Deodorant One, ataraina

now provides the solution for bad

smelling shoes:

The user simply inserts the device

into the shoe and presses the

button. After only 15 minutes, up

to 90% of the bacteria in the shoe,

which are originally responsible for

the bad smell, are eliminated. It is




Entrecôte Gaststätten GmbH

Schützenstraße 5,

10117 Berlin Mitte/

Am Checkpoint Charlie

Tel: +49 30 20 16 54 96


Metro: U Kochstrasse U6


The Entrecôte

also effective against Trichophyton,

the cause of athlete's foot.

The principle behind Deodorant

One is the "radical sheet", which

produces ozone and ions that break

down odour particles and bacteria.

UV rays, which are well known for

sterilising shoes, are effective only

on the sections exposed to light,

but Deodorant One has an effect

on the entire shoe's innersole

Hall 1.2 / Stand 206



Ataraina Press Conference :

Today at 10:15 am Conference Room 3.2



Effective on entire interior

of shoe

Bespoke ozone technology

Environmentally friendly

The Entrecôte is a restaurant and brasserie

right in the heart of Berlin, reflecting the spirit of Paris. While the “brasserie lifestyle

spirit” can normally only be found in Paris, loved by many poets, writers and artists,

The Entrecôte has brought this esprit to life in Berlin.

You will find in their great offer of typically French cuisine, dishes such as saumon

fumé, escargots, foie gras, huitres fines de Claire. Entrecôte has maintained its

independence, and has not copied the interiors of its Parisian cousins. There is no

fake Art Deco here, the visitor is perfectly aware of being in Berlin. The modern and

elegant but very comfortable interior is a priority of the management. This does not

in the least impair the lifestyle, quite the opposite.This is what makes the Entrecôte so


Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to midnight;

Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 pm to midnight

© Thomas Keller


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